Biker Bash for the Wii U is an arcade racing game made by the developers of Project Cars. Biker Bash features a cartoony style and draws inspiration from games such as Road Rash and MotorStorm. The objective is not only to get first across the finish line, but to eliminate your opponents as well. The Biker Bash Wii U version will be a downloadable title available via the Wii U eShop. Biker Bash is developed by Slightly Mad Studios and is expected to be released in early 2013 on the Wii U and other platforms.

Biker Bash Wii U features

Biker Bash Wii U
At its core, Biker Bash Wii U is a racing game featuring motorcycles of all sorts. However, the game also focuses heavily on combat, and players can find power-ups and weapons along the race tracks to use against their opponents. Biker Bash will feature 10 levels and a dozen different riders and bikes. Players will be able to upgrade their motorcycles with bigger engines, better armor, suspension, and more. The Biker Bash Wii U edition will make use of the tablet controller, although specific details and features remain unknown. Biker Bash will feature online multiplayer on all platforms, including the Wii U.

Biker Bash gameplay

In addition to racing and combat, Biker Bash will feature unique “Elimination Moves”, which are special quick-time events where the player can completely eliminate an opponent from the race. Elimination Moves have to be completed within a certain time frame, and if the opponent breaks free, the elimination is canceled. The game will also feature “Lock on”, ability, where two players’ bikes get “locked” together during race. This initiates a combat sequence where each have to kick and punch each other away.

Biker Bash screenshots

The Biker Bash screenshots show off the game’s cell-shaded, cartoony style. However, it still have somewhat realistic renderings of the motorcycles, both classic bikes, and more modern race versions.