Jul 27th, 2012

Developer Slightly Mad Studios, currently working on Project Cars for the Wii U, has announced a new downloadable racing/fighting title called Biker Bash for the Wii U and other systems. Biker Bash will feature a similar gameplay to the old N64 classic Road Rash, where races took place on motorcycles and players not only raced, but fought each other with a variety of weapons. Biker Bash will feature a Rage mode where players will earn rage points by attacking and eliminating opponents. The game will feature 10 race tracks set around the world, and each map will have power-ups and weapons players can pick up during the race. Players will be able to upgrade their bikes with better engines, suspension, armor, and more.

The game will also feature online multiplayer with several game modes and online stats tracking. The Biker Bask Wii U version will likely feature Wii U specific controls utilizing the tablet controller, although its unknown what kind of features those might be. There was no mention of a Biker Bash release date. Check out the first few screenshots of the game below:

Biker Bash Wii U

Check out a full PDF announcement of the game here.

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  • SuperShyGuy

    I played the original Road Rash on the Genesis even though I had a SNES my buddy had a Sega that game was fun

  • Mid-core Gamer


  • Tizastatico

    I just love that “No more heroes” look.

    • Matthewmc685

      That was such an AWESOME game, and thay want to make the new one on the Wii U! (Wii U Daily needs to get some info on NMH3)

  • Tristan

    Looks lame

    • Alienfish


      • Alienfish

        Find your own username, loser.

  • Sikora


  • dudes09880

    gonna try it out 🙂

  • ConCity Soldier

    I used to play Road Rash on Sega Genesis & Road Rash 3 was one of my favorite games on the Genesis.

  • mac

    just here to try out my gravatar

    • mac

      -_- how bout now

      • mac

        Y IT NOOO

        • mac

          third times the charm

          • mac

            -________________- wiiudaily please delete this comments in taking up space -______-

          • Sikora


          • Alienfish

            I am also here to try out my gravatar

          • Alienfish

            mac your gravatar sucks

          • joe


  • Marq

    Love the hell out of Road Rash, so this game is now on my radar.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Wow I haven’t heard the name road rash in ages like since the n64 days but that game was pretty cool the no more Heros look is the reason I’m getting it looks awesome 🙂

  • Ryu

    I wanna Play this

  • gPadWatcher

    I can see EA President Gibeau pulling his hair in frustration. Slightly Mad Studios have hit the motherload. Biker Bash for the Wii U is gonna be a huge BLAST!!!!!! Roadhog heaven, here we come!!!!!!

  • Skozo

    Looks fun, though they should have the Classic Biker (Big, scruffy, scary and tough).

  • gtmacc

    Loved road rash and would love to see that again on console with the same retro feel. the graphics for this game don’t look that great so will probably avoid on that basis

  • Paul

    road rash was a classic on the old consoles, will deffo buy it if its under £15

  • nucima

    First I thought: “yay finally a motorcycle game”. Then I seen just choppers on the screenshots.

  • codplayer

    typo:”The Biker Bask”.

  • GalaxyWaffles

    Nice online! Even better for displaying the Wii U’s online potential.

  • joe

    This game looks good, I’d get this one….I’d like to see “Excite Truck U”

  • DA BOSS!

    Looks like something I wouldn’t get, but more indie and more download games the better for peeps who like them. Although it looks like CRAP!

  • Umpiresoft

    not fan with the art  graphics of the picture but if its just like road rash than hell yea i love to get wii u or any other console