Apr 10th, 2013


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is currently at the top of the charts in both the United States and Europe, making it one of the most successful Wii U games to date. Capcom have acknowledged that there is room for improvement however, as an April update will bring Off-TV play and cross-region online multiplayer. Nintendo UK have confirmed the date to be April 16th.

This is great news for people who might want to take the fight to a smaller screen instead of tackling relatives in a monster hunt. For those who have friends across the pond, you’ll finally be able to show off all that amazing gear you’ve acquired and take down Brachydios together.

Are you happy to hunt monsters off screen? Let us know in the comments.

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  • TheGuyWhoLies


  • Yeeeessss… I’ve been waiting for this! Now I can play after my room mate goes to sleep :3

    • Jerry Garcia

      We all know what happens after your *cough* roommate goes to sleep…..

      (Plays funky music to the FAP)

      • >.> So I fap to monster hunter. Who doesnt?

        • Zelly Jeffers


          Great Jaggi gets me going.

          • Nathaniel Lopez


          • Arthur Jarret

            Gobul for me… hmm dat mouth…

          • Zelly Jeffers

            A bit a prick though, no?

            A friend and I killed him online just last night.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Yeah, but he doesn’t chew – so it isn’t that bad (check out the ‘day in gobul’s life’ video unlocked in the gallery)

          • s’allright. we all do it

  • MehAtYourComment

    If they don’t do something about those damn servers I’m not really interested in cross region play (since I can’t even join 90% of europe’s rooms -.-)
    Off-TV play will be awesome. I always was more into playing MonHan on smaller screens (and especially at night lol) than on TV. Don’t know why, though.

    IF they manage to fix the problems with their servers (/error-code 106) I will definitely look forward on playing with people from the US since this means more potential “hunting bros” xDD

  • ChiwawaBoi

    I really want off screen for Lego City too. 🙁

    • blah

      Wouldn’t really work for lcu though. At least I don’t want to wait every time someone’s calling

      • ChiwawaBoi

        I might be possible. for video calls you can kust hear the audio. the video wasnt really anything special.

  • Nintedward

    An already masterfull game is getting better! Now I can play with more English speaking peeps which is nice and play the game off screen.

  • Ducked

    Great news! Whats a better update? Why the Wii U speed update.

  • Zuxs13

    I still can’t even figure out how to fight in this game (well the demo) 🙁

    • blah

      Demo sucks *cough*

      • Zuxs13

        true, apparently I suck at this game too lol

        • David Rampa

          it has a steep learning curve, but its very very worth the trouble, trust me bro. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6iYOHaGGKk hes a good guy

          • Zuxs13


          • Dominic Coradazzi

            Ah, ProJared, yeah his guide really does make it become somewhat simpler

          • David Rampa

            it helped me out a lot, and its my first real monster hunter. the previous ones, i never udnerstood what i was doing. i never got to fight those cool monsters like in the videos. but now i finally can xD its so awesome

        • MehAtYourComment

          Well If you really put some time into the tutorials (read EVERYTHING lol) it’s actually easy to get used to the game mechanics and everything.

          It was worse in Tri believe me. Tri Ultimate is really “newbie friendly”. But in the end it’s your choice if you want to buy it and MH is definitely not a game that people should be talked into ^^

  • ICHI

    Woooooooo. Cant wait dont get to play as much as i would like at the min due to only having one tv. I love my Wii U!!!!!

  • david jarman

    Nintendomination has begun!

  • Link Slayer

    this is good news

  • David Rampa

    yay now i can play in bed xD

    • David Rampa

      well, after the 16th i can xD

    • blah

      AND on toilet, just like in good ol’ PSP times xDD

      • David Rampa

        haha, hell yea xD

  • fireheartis1

    This is great news for a whole lot of people. As for me I don’t really play games until Wednesdays. I really don’t have anytime until Wednesday night which I have to stay up late, so I can be ready to go to work Thursday at 10:00PM MST. I do most of my game playing then. I have the time from when my wife goes to bed to 5:00AM to play what ever game I want for as long as I want. That’s usually 6 hours to play, and since I got this new awesome game I’ll be playing it the whole night with the TV to myself.

  • Zelly Jeffers

    Yes! Gimme!

  • kevin nun—-

    April 16 is my bday, same day BO2’s second pack will release and MH3U will get an update and a couple of other games and events on previous days like April 11, yet I cant afford any of them. Annoying, but I am pretty sure saving for college will pay off someday. I love April, its an awesome month, something new in it, every year.

  • Johny

    FINALLY 😀 i’ve been waiting SOOO hard for this…
    capcom is AWESOME for featuring these two features purely because of a demand of the fans

  • Jorge Ortega Espinosa

    My T.V. ain’t HD; with the update I’ll finally be able to understand what the hell are the NPC’s saying XD

  • Kirzan

    It’s really good to see “just awesome news” for once. Look at this community! Beautiful.

  • John Madsen

    see this is why i waited to purchase monster hunter with the game needing this update the experiance will be better

  • The Wii U has flopped. Pay special attention to the second paragraph!


    • Rick van der Linde

      We are not your parents, go see them for your lack of attention. Cya.

    • Nintedward

      ”You know things are bad when Best Buy is bundling the $60 Nintendo Land game with the entry-level system at no additional cost to the $300 price tag. Amazon.com has several merchants selling new Wii U basic systems for less than November’s price.” You mean the game that Nintendo were giving away for free with the deluxe wiiu ? I don’t see how that’s bad at all.

      People buying a Wiiu now should get it a bit cheaper than the launch day adopters.

      Moot article is moot. You can’t flop months into a 6-7 year console cycle. Counting the Wiiu out at this point before any of its big games come out is retarded and to add to that it has sold more in the same time frame as 360 and ps3.

      Were the PS3 and 360 both flops ?

    • Silent

      I talked to the psychologist and she arranged you an appointment for ASAP. I think you should go.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Now I can finally play this game with all my US friends!!!

    I wish I had US friends…

    or even european ones…