Dec 27th, 2012

When Nintendo revealed the first Wii U sales numbers last month, they announced that the Wii U Deluxe set was by far the best seller, accounting for some 80% of sales. The Deluxe set includes a copy of Nintendo Land (check out our Nintendo Land review), some accessories and 32 GB of storage space.

This means that a lot of Wii U Basic sets were left on the store shelves and in online inventories at the various retailers. It appears that Best Buy has lots of Basic sets in stock, because they are now offering a pretty good online deal: a Wii U Basic set with a free copy of Nintendo Land.

So if you’re interested in a Wii U with Nintendo Land, you don’t have to fork over the $50 extra needed for the Deluxe set (unless your need the extra storage). You can order the Wii U with Nintendo land on Best Buy’s site here.

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  • Chris C

    The price drops are already coming.  Not a good sign. And sorry to the Basic Set buyers who didn’t get a free game.

    The fact Best Buy feels they have to bundle a game with the Basic set just to move units is troublesome.

    But Nintendo’s goal was to ship 5.5 million Wii U’s by the end of March. Given that it’s already significantly behind goal, and how consoles sell over the Jan-Feb-March time-frame (not well), I’d be surprised if we didn’t see a $50 price cut in late January on both the basic & deluxe, just to move units.

    That would be a big loss for Nintendo, who said they learned from their mistake with the 3DS, but it doesn’t appear that they have at all.

    With the Wii U the issue isn’t really the pricing. It’s the Marketing strategy Nintendo’s taken (to not really market the console), plus the negative publicity in the press (Wii U publicity is overwhelmingly negative by and large), plus the controversy the name “Wii U” itself is causing, and – the actual issues with the console like 3rd Party support, games, software patches, and incomplete services like TVii.

    Not to mention the Fiscal Cliff – which looks like Washington can’t compromise on, will hit Americans on Jan 1, raising taxes on everyone and cutting spending on big Federal programs, so families will have less money to spend.

    On the positive side the Japanese Yen is weakening dramatically compared to other currencies. That means Nintendo makes more profit from international sales – so that could help Nintendo keep its price-points, we will see.

    But if I’m a betting man, my bet is on a near-term price reduction on both the Deluxe & Basic consoles, a slap in the face to early adopters, and another black-eye for Nintendo.

    • there doing that because the basic set wasn’t as popular there not making price drops there just throwing in a free game 

      • Chris C

        It’s tantamount to a price-drop.  

        • I said something similar on YouTube about the PS Vita getting games with the same price as a regular one and folks said I was an idiot. Besides, this is only a Best Buy thing and probably just for the holidays or something.

          • Chris C

            Well I respect the opinion.  I could be wrong. I think it’s a sign of things to come.

            I also think Best Buy wouldn’t do it unless they had to.  If the Basic was priced correctly, or the demand for it was high enough, then there would be no “free” anything.  

            But we’ll see.

          • sdmac200600

            it’s the fact that the deluxe is more bang for you buck. 299 is a great affordable price point. it’s the fact that you can get 4x as much storage, a stand for the gamepad, a stand for the console, a charging cradle, and a copy of nintendo land for just 50 bucks more, it makes perfect sense for you to buy the deluxe than the basic.

          • ConCity Soldier

            Yeah, the basic consoles are not selling as much as the Deluxe. I’m buying the premium edition myself come next month. 

    • Jeremy Eustice

      Only the damn deluxe is selling since it’s far superior than the basic. This is why best buy is doing this. Talked to a guy at the Best Buy by my house the other day and he said, “More deluxes are being sold than basic due to the fact the children with their parents persuade them, or the adult purchasing it knows that he or she is getting a better bargain”

      • Chris C

        Sooo….if the Deluxe is “Far Superior” at $350, what would you say the Basic is worth?  $250? $275?

        Yeah, again, price-drops.

        Or would you rather Nintendo just stop making the Basic models and produce only Deluxes moving forward?

        Maybe Nintendo will just bundle a game with all Basics moving forward.

        • Jeremy Eustice

          Whatever happens, happens. Seeing as Nintendo is already 2/5ths of their way to their slashed goal I’m assuming they’ll be fine for the time being.

        • Laud

          I think you’re that cynical negative guy who comes along just to put in his 2 cents knowing everyone disagrees. 

          Anyway, I disagree with you because the console is being sold at a loss which means a price cut is NEVER coming, maybe a year or two from now but definitely not until q3 or q4 of 2013 and it won’t even be a significant price cut only like $279 for basic and $319 for deluxe.

          Nintendo’s not doing bad, on the contrary, they’re doing better than the other companies when it comes to sales. 

          I also doubt that Nintendo is doing this, it’s obviously just best buy wanting to move basic units to order some more. You have a really cynical and pessimistic view of things, you aren’t the marketing expert guiding Nintendo, you’re just a guy with a notsowell thought out opinion. 

          If it is true that Nintendo made a mistake pricing the consoles at $299 and $349 then Microsoft and Sony are in for a huge surprise when they launch their consoles after the collapse of the economy. They might as well just give up now, really. 

          The Deluxe is far superior, don’t put quotations around it as if to say that it’s debatable, it isn’t. The Deluxe version is one hell of a deal.

          • Chris C

            Well, again, the free bundled game is tantamount to a price-drop.

            I used quotations…because I was quoting someone directly.

            You think I’m cynical, I’m not. But who cares.  I think you’re incapable of thinking for yourself, dismiss facts when they disagree with your preconceived notions, and go along with the crowd.

          • Laud

            Hey now, an optimist I am but a fanboy hell yeah I am, proud of it too. 

            You are cynical, and now I also see you’re in denial. 

            I’m very capable of thinking for myself, I just happen to agree with most of the people here. You have given no facts you’ve only stated your opinions which if you remember, are pessimistic and full of cynicism also uneducated. 

            Going with the crowd doesn’t necessarily mean something is bad, it just means the majority believe in what they say is right.

            You weren’t using quotations to quote somebody because if you were to quote somebody you would at least quote the entire statement, what you did was use your snappy little quotations to show that you disagree while at the same time being sassy, like a child.

            Wanna see me do it?

            Sooo if you aren’t “Cynical” -Insert rolling eyes emoticon here- Is it just coincidence that your name is Chris C-YNICAL?

      • DemonRoach

         It’s the same machine.  50$  for 24gb of memory is not really worth it.  You can get a HD off ebay for $50 that will work a lot better.

        • sdmac200600

          you forgot about the charging cradle, wii u stand, gamepad stand and a game that retails for $60…..

    • flair11

      This is a good deal. I prefer the Basic set anyway because I already have a USB Hard Drive and I don’t want the stand.

    • Th3PANO

      wow, are you always painting the devil on the wall? seriously, calm down. deluxe set is doing really good. when the great games hit, the console will sell even more. and my guess is that Nintendo has still something special they don’t told us. that’s for sure. and if you really think that the wii u is doing so bad i think Nintendo would have been more serious with advertisment.

      • Chris C

        Just calling it like I see it.  

        So, you take bundling a game for free at this point, which is tantamount to a price-drop, a good sign?

        I do think globally the Wii U is selling well so far. 1.8 million in 4 weeks is really good in my opinion.

        I don’t always have bad things to say. In fact, no one is rooting for Nintendo to succeed as much as me.  

        That doesn’t mean I’m a cheerleader though.  I want Nintendo to get things right.

        • wiiu4life

          CC your killing me smalls. If you are going to hate like a sony or microsoft fanboy man up. All you are is a broken record reporting what others say he with nothing to back up what you say. When you see the xbox and ps4 come out with high price tags remember there not going to sell. Then watch developers move to intendo because it will truely be the less expensive next gen console. Nintendo is smart to leave the price alone. because guess what when the others systems come out with at least 2oo bucks more the wii u will seem like a  great deal fancy graphics or not.

          Also take into account that your not paying the same price for a chevy volt and a infinity g37. Infinity may be a better car  but they can’t make money selling it at 17,000.00/

          So Nintendo keep doing what you do because you just put microsoft and sony in a bad position.

    • DemonRoach

       Nintendo will be at ~2million units by year end, that leaves 3 months to get the other 3.5.  We’ll see.

      • Th3PANO

         it had 1,8 million by the end of 12.15. so it will probably sold about 2.5 millions.

    • Billy_Perry

      I concur that their marketing strategy is abysmal. The adverts in the UK are simply not the same sort of advertising that the British public are used to, the adverts come across cheesy. The only good thing is their events of showcasing the Wii U before launch. Also Patcher makes the valid point that Nintendo have the surplus cash lying around to ‘turn on’ the marketing if they feel they need to. If Nintendo feel like they are falling behind targets, I’m sure the first way they will respond is with a marketing strategy rather than a drop in price.

      I disagree with you on the price cut however, this is because they have already stated that they will not make a price cut for a few years, like the Wii. But also, they have had strong sales, they have sold around 2 Million units worldwide currently. Slightly below expectations but not so much to justify a price cut, let alone one of $50! The reason that Best Buy feel they must offer a deal to sell the Basic set is because it is simply not selling as well as the Deluxe, that does not mean the console is not selling, just one model of it. The obvious answer is therefore not to cut the prices of both as the Deluxe is selling very well, simply make the basic model more appealing to the consumer. Also, this is not bad news for Nintendo, as they still get there money for the wholesale of stock to Best Buy, it is Best Buy who is reducing their mark up, not Nintendo. It’s a simple good old fashioned price war, I would expect other USA retail competitors to respond appropriately. The Wii U’s sales are what I would expect, Its a decent console, not so much of a phenomonen as the Wii, so sales trail slightly, but at the same time is a million times better than Xbox and PlayStation  and is thus outselling their launches by a shit load. (Source: ) Also, another point, this is pure speculation, but Nintendo may still be aiming slightly on the ‘Casual Market’ whilst luring back the ‘Hardcore Market’ with more mature titles. If this is the case, (Which I suspect it is) casual gamers prefer to be able to watch an advert and then go out and buy the product, this is the case for iPhone/Android games which are only advertised when they are available. This would then make sense for Nintendo to advertise the console when they have it available to purchase, rather than building hype before its launch and during its ‘Launch Window’, as it will allow the consumer to simply go out and buy it when they see the advert. I would suggest that the Wii U is selling fine, Nintendo are fine, everythings fine. Peace – x

    • What gives you that silly idea that a price drop is coming. Its no surprise the basic white Wii U console would not sell anywhere close to the deluxe version. So I understand retailers trying to get that model to move. 

    • sdmac200600

      they sold 1.8 mil in a month. if they keep selling that amount for the 3 months they will be the only 100,000 below their goal. im pretty sure thats on track

    • Adam Porter

      nobody show you the sales figures?? this thing is selling better than the 360 and ps3 did COMBINED!!! YOU LOSE SIR, GOOD DAY TO YOU……………….I SAID GOOD DAY!!!!

    •  This isn’t a price drop. It’s likely just Best Buy trying to save their asses.

    • Haize

      You know I’m really sick of all the negativity and the know-it-alls regarding Nintendo, their marketing strategy, and the Wii U. I swear, regardless of what they do or don’t do, there is always some higher being forcing their opinion on everyone and calling it a fact.

      I’ve read almost all of your posts on this page and there are so many things with your cynical (and don’t bother arguing that you’re not, because based on everything you’ve said, your obviously are) argument that I have no choice but to pick them apart one by one.

      First of all, this is NOT a price cut. It’s not tantamount to a price cut, it’s not kind-of like a price cut or anything else in between.

      Price cuts are decided and announced by the company (the product owner), not the retailer. Even more, when price cuts are announced, they affect all major retailers, not just one. What this is, however, is a promotion. Pay attention because this is when things get real complicated. A promotion is something a retailer can do in order to drive consumers to their store. Wal-Mart does it all the time with their ongoing ‘Roll-Back’ nonsense. Best-Buy has likely come up with this promotion in order to get people to buy more software upon the purchase of the Wii U. And, if they’re lucky, maybe some consumers will spend money elsewhere in the store.

      Secondly, what exactly did Nintendo NOT learn, in your opinion, since the launch of the 3DS? Based on your statements, nothing in particular pops out, so you are obviously just saying random opinionated comments rather than providing factual information.

      Third, you mention that part of the problem is the console having the name, ‘Wii U’. What’s this about? How is this different (other than the numbers vs. letters) than Xbox/Xbox 360, PS2/PS3, iPhone 2/3/4/5? Nintendo has simply taken a well known and well received product and tried to expand on it just like the ones mentioned above. Everybody knows what an iPhone is, so when Apple announces a new iPhone and slaps the next number behind it, everyone knows that it’s the latest and greatest. Just imagine the confusion behind the launch of the iPhone 5 if it had been named something entirely different, such as i5 or Apple Dialer. Regarding Nintendo; Where Wii 2 would have been boring, they expanded on their original naming of the Wii and added a U. GASP!

      Fourth, your ignorance regarding the Fiscal Cliff further proves my point. The term ‘cliff’ is very misleading and makes the situation sound dire, but in reality, it’s not as bad as it sounds. What will most likely happen is the government will meet a middle ground so that spending isn’t cut too much and taxes aren’t raised too drastically. If they did, it would only prevent growth and plunge us back into a recession. And January 1 is not some sort of dooms day. The entire issue has been delayed (ignorantly) due to the election. Washington will most likely create some sort of extension so that a decision can be made after 1/1/13.

      And finally, your overuse of the word ‘tantamount’ is incredibly annoying. Using it once is fine, I guess, (although it’s not very casual talk on a casual website) but using it over and over just makes you sound absurd. Sometimes people learn a new word, a big one, and try to use it too often in order to sound intelligent. The irony here is that it actually makes you sound stupid. Look up some synonyms or something.

    • ConCity Soldier

      It’ll sell more then 5.5 million by the end of March.

  • Mickey Mouse

    I didn’t fork out an extra $50 just for the insignificant extra flash memory anyway, and I don’t think anyone else does either. They’re buying the deluxe for the 10% discount on downloads and the accessories that don’t come with the basic, and of course the bundled game.

  • DemonRoach

    Great deal.  Hard drive is required to download games on any version anyway since a blue ray game is larger than the capacity of either hard drive. Also, they are probably trying to get rid of all the white machines. I’m sure they will stop manufacturing them too.

  • I think it’s pretty much a fair deal from Best Buy. I think Nintendo should have added nintendo land on both Basic and deluxe from the start, the deluxe has a bigger storage capacity already and it comes with a game + the rest.

  • CheckItNow12 AtScratch

    Anybody have any Nintendo Network IDs? My username is CheckItNow12.

  • tronic307

    Nintendo should make one 32GB SKU, in white and black, and price it at 329.99. The only reason to get the basic is if you really, I mean REALLY like white. Why do the three extra stands missing from the ‘noob pack’ cost around $20 each separately? All 3 should come in one box for $20 and be available in white. I was already asking myself these questions while watching the Japanese Nintendo Direct in September, so of course the value gap occurred to Nintendo, they just thought the mass market wouldn’t bother doing the math. The only insight Nintendo seems to have gathered from the 3DS launch price debacle is the assumption that their audience is nearly as cheap as they are.

    • I bought the basic.  It had all i really needed, the console and a controller. MOst gamers are going to need a hard drive  at some point because even 32gb won’t be enough

    • Anders Ellegaard Hansen

      Well spoken Tronic307…
      It´s all about the $ here in the west. But price-drop or not, BestBuy can be leading the path to a such thing. I think that others will follow by throwing in free accessories or even more games like Super Mario Bros. U ….. Which is definitely a good thing for us consumers. About the colors: A Wii should always be white whether one likes it or not 😉

  • AlienFanatic

    At Costco today, they had about ten of the Wii-U basic sets.  (This being two days after Christmas, it surprised me that they had them at all.)  Nintendo must be struggling to convince people to buy it, or the white Basic set looks so similar to the original Wii that people pass it by thinking they already have it.

    • wiiu4life

      I went to your costco today saw 10 vitas no wii u’s  that must

  • Desiderio Lazaro

    Will you please stop bragging like friggin´ economists/speculators? WiiU is THE best machine out there, Nintendo THE best software maker, plus 50, minus 50…Jesus, enjoy your games! Played ZombiU(amazing) Fifa13 and NSMBU, help me deciding between Darksiders II, ME3 or AC3! Thanks in advance

    • darksiders 2 is kind of repetitive but the game world is amazing! I”ve loved every bit of ME3 so far. The gameplay is smooth and the storytelling is fantastic.  Ac3 is very very slow at the beginning which made it very hard to get into.  I just found it a chore to fully beat AC3. Hope that helps!!

      • Desiderio Lazaro

        Thanks Benny. I´m looking for immersive gameplay, I just got 2 times Batman for Christmas so I need to trade one of those. So, imagining I´m gonna play Batman what could be a good balancing game? I heard DsII is Zelda-ish, ME3 RPG with shooting but I can´t seem to find a straight opinion about AC3. I want a 30+ hour playing game, but still satisfying.

        • I’d say go with ME3. Very immersive sci fi universe and there is pretty good replay value( six different classes, paragon or renegade choices) The comic at the beginning does help you get up to speed on the most important events from the first 2 games and if you dig multiplayer ME3 has that as well. Hope that helped

  • Lets face it though, who doesn’t need the extra storage. Not worth it…

  • Paul Tanner

    yeah the price of the consoles have been heavly discounted in the uk as picked up a basic model with sonic all stars racing for £219.98 at grainger games and the deluxe set is £259