Apr 28th, 2014

Best Buy has the weirdest Mario Kart 8 pre-order bonus

Usually game pre-orders carry some incentives, in addition to securing a copy on launch date. You might game some in-game content, or perhaps some stickers or some smaller figurine.

But Best Buy is taking a rather weird approach when it comes to pre-orders of the upcoming Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U. If you pre-order your copy with Best Buy, they’ll give you a $10 coupon. Towards gas. Actual real world gasoline that you put in your car.

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The gift card can be used at any gas station that accepts Mastercard as payment. $10 these days buys only a few gallons of gas, which might be just enough to pay for your trip to Best Buy if there aren’t any nearby.

Mario Kart 8 will be released on May 30 exclusively for the Wii U. So far it looks like Best Buy are the only ones that offer some pre-order incentive to gamers. We’re sure that GameStop and other retailers will join in as we get closer to launch.

It’s been rumored that Nintendo is preparing a Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle for Europe as well. We’d be surprised if the bundle didn’t find its way to North America.

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  • SmashFinale

    I thought the 100 lives thing on Sonic Lost World was strange but this…. Doesn’t even do anything for the game itself. Except get it to your house i guess…

  • Yen

    What is this “real world” you speak of? Is it a new game?

  • Sdudyoy

    I don’t know what to think of this, this could get me 2 gallons of gas, I guess it’s a free 2 gallons of gas…

    • WT Herrod Jr.

      Well, it seems better than anything else I’ve seen so far… NewEgg was offering a gift card (I don’t shop NewEgg that often). This will get me almost 3 gallons of gas, just not real sure $10 is worth the hell-traffic I’ll have to run to get to Best Buy on a Friday to pick up my pre-order.

      • asymptoteman

        Target is giving a $5 giftcard with MK8 preorder.

        • WT Herrod Jr.

          Target is next door to Best Buy in my area! XD

          Amazon is running a promo for a discount on a gaming headset with a MK8 preorder. I may go that route as the ear buds I use for my DS don’t do anything to block out my wife’s TV shows when I’m playing on the game pad.

  • triplegamer3K .

    I just noticed the smiley face at the bottom of the pages on wii u daily.

  • Byrong1

    In the “real world” this amounts to a ten dollar discount since I know I’ll be using it. Sign me up Best Buy!

  • RyuNoHadouken

    i actually ordered this yesterday. 10 bucks for gas is 3 free gallons around these parts!! and how is this weird? Karts run off GAS!!!! SMH

  • Daniel

    In canada ebgames is giving away posters

  • Officer Raichu

    parents would want gas cards which would make them might want this for there kids

  • jjbredesen

    It makes sense!

    Mario Kart is a racing game and karts need gas xD and who does not want free gas? Kinds will ask for the game and then the parents will buy it for the free gas.

    • Officer Raichu

      i say best buy fr=or once is A GENIUS

    • Steve

      Yup! But oops! They just wasted it on the trip to Best Buy lol

  • Jason

    Well this would be useless where I live, because no one has a car, because there’s always too much traffic.

    • Wren Justin Umlauf

      Lol I know what you mean, but I think your comment kinda contradicts itself

      • Jason

        Yeah, it’s a joke from Futurama.

        • Wren Justin Umlauf

          ahhhhh ok lol

  • wiimenonowiiu

    This is awsome pre ordered free gas to speed to best buy

  • Wren Justin Umlauf

    Considering the marketing Nintendo did with Pennzoil, I think this makes plenty of sense. And since plenty of retailers aren’t giving any incentive to preorder the game, a $10 gift card seems pretty nice, and for something no one likes buying.

  • simkenno

    The Mario kart 8 bundle isn’t rumoured anymore it is confirmed and will be released on May 30th alongside the game. Nintendo will also be releasing a new wiimotion plus peach pink and yoshi green version of the wiimote.similar to that of the red and green released for Mario and Luigi last year πŸ™‚

  • John Andalora

    So what you’re saying is that Best Buy will give me the gas to get to Best Buy to get my game?
    That’s original, to say the least.

    • Steve

      Your reward is: the trip to best buy is on them. Lol

  • LordiMcKill

    I remember when EA did a similar thing in 2008 to promote Mercenaries 2, giving away free petrol for anyone who came to the petrol station the day it was released in Britain.

  • For Europe it’s not a rumor anymore, there will be a Mario Kart 8 WiiU bundle here. Just check the link below.


    I got the link from the Dutch website and changed .nl for .co.uk and voila same page only in english as not much people here read dutch I suppose, only a limited few πŸ™‚

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    this isnt all that bad marketing, this is preatty clever, we see how many more people now buy a wii u just because of the gas coupon xD

  • Serria

    So maybe I’m confused, but I keep hearing about promotions for MK8 abroad, but nothing for North America? Or did I miss something?

    • Daniel

      Canadians get posters from ebgames

      • Serria

        I should have been more specific….what will the US be getting for a promo?

        • Steve

          GAS! :)w

    • Steve

      Didn’t you read the article? We get free GAS! Lol

  • Old School

    Dumbest marketing I have seen


  • I<3supermario3DworldandimAgirl

    These are the selection menu screens and not all but tires karts bikes and gliders

  • DragonSilths

    Meh. Canada never gets Nintendo Pre-order bonuses anymore, even the crappy ones like this. Last pre-order bonus we got was for Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7…yup…that long ago.

  • Rinslowe

    Total waste of 30 seconds…

  • Guys, it’s punny, cause it’s… cars… Vroom Vroom!

  • Mario

    Whhaa…..!? O_o

  • steveb944

    They have my money so far.

  • Nookling

    Giving money for gas is smart, cuz nobody can even afford it rn.

  • WiiUltra

    Oh I get it, very clever. Mario kart is a racing game so they are giving out gas because go karts use gas

  • gamerinexile

    Why is it weird? It’s a racing game. Get it? And it’s free gas. Who doesn’t want free gas?

    • Steve Jellaman

      “Who doesn’t want free gas?”

      People who don’t drive.

      • gamerinexile

        Thanks, smart guy. Do you have aspergers or something? For the majority of people buying this game who DO drive, free gas is a nice thing.

        • Steve Jellaman

          Honestly, I was just speaking to the people who are interested in the game, but don’t drive. Honestly if a kid, say 10-12 years old, that has enough money saved up can buy the game, but would find the gas coupon irrelevant and redundant can just buy the game without having to preorder it.

          Also, the point of a preorder bonus is to promote the game. I’d rather do the Target preorder bonus, I get a $5 Dollar gift card and a cool keychain, than go to BestBuy and preordering it. I take the public bus and it only cost me 2 dollars to get from Point A to Point B. Like I said before in a previous comment, Europe is getting a nice collector’s edition and the worst part about it is the Europeans are bitching about it.

          “Why is it weird? It’s a racing game. Get it? And it’s free gas.”

          If we are going by this logic, then maybe Target should offer free bananas for new Donkey Kong games or free eggs for Yoshi games. After all, it is just bananas and eggs, right? I am sure all video game fans and collectors would be proud to have added preordered food in their collection.

  • The bundle was confirmed for europe. God why do I know this

  • Arthur Jarret

    “You might game some in-game content”.

    How do you game in-game content, exactly?
    Also… punctuation, you’re using it wrong.

    “It’s been rumored that Nintendo is preparing a Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle for Europe as well. ”

    It’s confirmed.
    By Nintendo.
    On their official site.
    5 days ago.

    • brian

      You’ve got to understand, WiiUDaily is a 5th grader’s computer project.

  • iamserious

    This isn’t weird. Nintendo has partnered with Best Buy before and I certainly wouldn’t mind some free gas money.

  • Dark-Link73

    Shoot, by the I drive to my closest Best Buy I’d have spent $15 or more in gas. Unless we get the blue shell bundle, I’m DLing this one and get the 10% eShop cash back.

  • gamingpalooza

    cuz, best buy is awesome… lately they have a better selection of wii u games then crappy gamestop

  • Steve Jellaman

    This is the worst preorder bonus ever. Why would anyone want free gas? If I wanted gas money, I would either sell back my college text books or just have a garage sale. Aren’t preorder bonuses supposed to be like promotional items, being that they promote the game? And what better way to promote the game than having a cool statue, figure, art book, or at least a keychain for pete’s sake.

    U.K. and Europe get a free blue shell figure and a collector’s edition, U.S. gets stuck with a gas coupon. To people saying this is free gas, nothing in life is free. There is always an equivalent exchange. That being said, people are practically paying BestBuy to buy their gas by preordering the game and getting the coupon, if that made any sense…