Dec 9th, 2013

Now through this Sunday, December 15 Best Buy is having a discount on all Nintendo eShop cards. If you wanted to own that eShop or Virtual Console title you’ve been sitting on, now your chance to grab them with a nice discount. Best Buy is offering a $20 eShop card for $16, or a $50 card for $40. That’s an extra Virtual Console game anyway you slice it. Now you have no more excuses not to buy Earthbound or any of the upcoming virtual console games. Remember, these cards work with both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS and once the 3DS update is live, you’ll be able to use them on either device with united balances.

What are you picking up with your extra cash?



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  • With the merge of Wii U and 3DS eshops coming soon, this is a good deal to pick up on!

  • Denison Guizelini

    Best Buy send codes per email?

    • FoxMulder900

      I don’t think so, they mail you the physical card. Which is kinda silly, but still a good deal.

    • Brennero Pardo Centanaro

      Nop, that’d be perfect for people not living in the US

  • Kevin Malone

    Already decided on getting Oracle of Seasons and Link’s Awakening DX along with a few more titles this week since I just got payed, so I may as well take advantage of that offer.

    • Andrew Chambers

      Do you already own Oracle of Ages? If you’re only going to play one of those two is should be Ages. I would say it’s better to play both with a linked game though.

      • Kevin Malone

        Yeah, I have Ages. As I told the guy above who also replied to me, I am hoping I can still link the games for the “actual” ending even though I have started with Ages and am almost done.

        • Andrew Chambers

          I have both and you can link them with passwords.

    • I just finished Link’s Awakening DX and I am about mid way through Oracle of Seasons. Both are amazing games. I would get both Seasons and Ages then play Seasons first and use the code for Ages after you finish the game.

      • Kevin Malone

        Thanks for the reply. Ooh, too late, I got Ages already. I wonder if I can still get that “secret” ending for when the two games are “linked” by password, I believe (if what I read in Wikipedia is right).

        • No problem always willing to help out the Wii U Daily community with my retro game knowledge. Yes you can still get the most out of both games, doesn’t matter the order you play them. I just recommend Seasons first since Ages can getting really difficult towards the end.

  • Even though I still have like $80 left in my eShop from when I bought the $100 promo Nintendo had a while back I may pick up another $50 card just cuz it is a good deal.

  • Fred

    Best Buy also has several of their Nintendo Published games on a buy one get one 50% off sale

  • Fuzunga