Dec 19th, 2013


Whether you’re holiday shopping or just looking for a bargain, Best Buy’s upcoming deal on eShop cards is almost too good to pass up. From December 22nd to 28th the blue and yellow retailer will be offering a 20 percent discount on eShop cards, which now play nice across the 3DS and Wii U.

Since eShop cards can be used to buy games, you’ll be able to go the digital route on some new titles if you don’t mind skipping out on physical media.

[via NeoGAF]

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  • Sdudyoy

    Cool, but I never buy these or go to best buy, they always have great deals though.

    • Fred

      You don’t have to go to best buy. Go to their website free shipping.

  • Laud

    Hey! You guys misspelled ‘by’!!!!! =(!!!!!!! FIX ITTTTT


    You fixed it =)!!!!

  • Ryan Kent

    They had the same offer last week

    • Fred

      Yes and I missed it. I’m so glad I can redeem myself.

  • Agent721

    I recently ordered two of these at best buy via a similar promo. When I got the cards, I mistakenly used a key to scratch off the code which made it impossible to read & input the code. After 2 hours of trying to guess what the missing letters were, I decided to call the Big N for some help (they are not returnable to the retailer). Within 2 days of me speaking to N over the phone, they had credited my account the full value of the card. Despite it being my error, Nintendo gave me superb customer service. Now that’s customer service with Power!

    And now, the reverse story from Microsoft. I recently ordered two copies of the last Gears of War from the MSFT store. During shipment, the games were stolen while in UPS possession. UPS informed right away and said MSFT would contact me shortly, as thye have also been notified. I waited 2 weeks for MSFT to contact me, but I got nothing. So I called them up…they had no idea what happened, refused to refund my account or send me replacement games, and told me they couldnt refund me the money until they got the games back. The games I never received in the 1st place & the games UPS lost. After an angry hour on the phone, getting no where, I hung up on them and called Capital One, whose credit card I used to buy them. Capitol One refunded my money in 5 minutes and indicated that MSFT was breaking the law, given that I had never received the item in the 1st place.

    So Nintendo makes me whole, despite it being my fault, while MSFT shipping partner loses a game, and even though its not my fault, they want me to bear the brunt of a problem between UPS & them? As Capital One said, what were they thinking??!!

    Th is is why Nintendo will always hold a special place in my heart. They truly care…MSFT? Not so much!!

    • JB

      That’s happened to me once with a copy of Tomb Raider. That’s why I hate calling Microsoft about anything with all the hassle they give you. My goodness don’t try to cancel an order through them, you would’ve sworn you’re being interrogated with all the info they want.

    • anhell

      I got the same offer you’re talking about it was a deal of the day. That’s why I already got 3 cards for 50 dollars each. I saved 30 dollars ^_^ and I’m happy with that

      • Agent721

        If you have the digital deluxe promo, it’s even better!

        • anhell

          Ohhh yeah thats right!! I forgot deluxe owners can have more discounts with the promotion codes. Yes!! I think I have some codes to redeem 😀 thanks for remind me that :D!

    • darkcreap

      That’s bad. Amazon usually sends you a new copy whether they get the original copy back or not. No questions, no doubting the customer’s word: just another copy.

      Regarding Nintendo: great for them!!! That is great customer service.

      • Agent721

        I’ve used their customer service dating back to the 80s when they had a hot line for game tips & probably several time each decade since. From a broken Wii, to a request to buy a Wavebird after they were no longer on sale, to this issue, they have ALWAYS met my requests. Promptly, with courtesy and with a smile your can hear through the phone. They’re great.

    • Adrian Brown

      Oh man, I know what you’re saying. I used to work for CapOne, and each time a customer said the word “Microsoft” we knew there were problems. For example, those guys had a music service for the XBox which ended years ago, but they still were charging people for no reason. I had to cancel and reissue a lot of credit cards thanks to those bastards.

      • Adrian

        It’s Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

        • Adrian Brown

          hey me

      • Agent721

        WTF is wrong with MSFT??!!

    • TheAquacharger

      I had to get my Uncharted GotY DLC code replaced as it was missing 3 letters. Sony demanded I fax them my DLC code pamphlet, a picture of it next to my reciept (both readable and time stamped), a picture of it next to me time stamped, a picture of it and the box with the barcode showing (again readable), and even with that it took 3 hours of yelling on the phone (it started out really polite as I work customer service), several e-mails going back and forth for 2 weeks, and another phone call (2 hours) before I finally got my damn DLC code to unlock a few skins. I didn’t even use the skins. I just wanted what was advertised to come with my game.

      • Agent721

        I’m highly disappointed to hear that. I use a PS3 all the time…sucks to hear Sony is another MSFT.

    • bizzy gie

      Crap! I scratched off a 3DS card to an unreadable point once, but I didn’t know what to do. I lost $20 that day (and my temper). But at that time I was working so I made the money back yet I kept blowing my money on such stupid things (like a phone with a cracked screen I never got fixed).

      • Agent721

        Oh, that sucks! Now you know for next time.

  • Adrian

    Cool do these get double taxed? Taxed when you buy the card, then again when you spend the money on eshop?

    • Agent721


    • No.. they are like a gift card and not taxed. At least I have never been taxed on these or any points/money card.

    • JB

      Gift cards aren’t taxable, and I don’t know if it’s because it’s where I live, but I’m not charged tax in the eShop either…

      • TheAquacharger

        Where I live you’re charged tax on the purchase of a giftcard ( I even raised the dispute of not taxing a giftcard) and on the eShop it’s self. So for me I get double taxed.

        • Adrian

          That sucks 🙁

  • JB

    I need to get up on this offer! I was going to buy NES Remix today but I’ll just wait until the 22 so I can get this and a few games on download.

  • Fred

    Thank-you Mark Hern. I buy all my Wii U games digitally and then use the deluxe digital promotion to make the next game a little less expensive now I can get a discount on both ends PLUS get the Best Buy Reward Zone points. 20% off plus 4% back (double points if use their credit card) then 10% back from Nintendo (DDP) If I’ve done my math correctly, over the long run that’s 30.4% off of get a $60 for 41.76. The real question isn’t if I should buy, but how many to buy.

  • megamanultra

    i didn’t take advantage of it last week, and now I have a $5 gift certificate from best buy, so I will take another five off one next week.

  • Kei Kusanagi

    Who care nintendo beat out both gta5 and tlou for game of the year. Y would anyone get a target credit card anyway

  • Zuxs13

    I did this last week. bought one for me and another as a gift. the $50 cards for $40 is like two VC games for free. I was totally worth it.

  • Rinslowe


  • I am Error.

    Great deal. I’ve heard Target did a price match last time if you prefer them. Tack an employee discount on top of that if you or someone you know works there and boom, greater deal!

  • TrueWiiMaster

    I’m surprised they’re doing this again so soon. I just bought $100 for $80 a little while ago, so I won’t be getting any this time (I would, but I’m broke). For those of you about to stock up on eshop credit, make sure to check out the 3DS discounts this week. They have a lot of great games on sale for 30-50% off, including Cave Story and the Guild games. The Wii U has some good sales too, but I think the 3DS is really shining this week.