Jun 9th, 2013

E3 is just days away, and for the fist time in many years, Nintendo won’t have a regular press conference (which we think it’s a huge mistake). The guys at ScrewAttack take a look at some of the best and worst Nintendo Moment at E3 over the years. From “my body is ready”, to the unveiling of the Wii console, to the amazing Zelda Twilight Princess unveiling. And we also get to see some of Nintendo’s E3 mistakes, such as not naming the Wii U “Wii 2”, and Nintendo Land virtual fireworks. Enjoy! And see you at E3!

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  • Johny

    haha yea.. just saw this video earlyer today… awesome video. agree on most things.
    especially that… if last year was the last e3 for nintendo…. wasa that fireworks really the “grand” final thing and closing of e3 nintendo conferences ? that would be just … sad… really sad

  • Huzefa Javed

    I think the Nintendo Direct, social networks and local store strategy is brilliant. They tell us directly, let us find out the way we usually do (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.) and let us play the games ourselves.
    The only thing that shocks me is that Nintendo was the first to do it.

  • Mario

    We don’t know if it is going to be a mistake not doing this. Who knows? It could be a success! (If they play it right of course,)

    • Morits Lian

      They probably will.

    • Jason Wilkins

      I’m sure it will be a huge success…it’s not like most gamers have full time jobs, child care duties, and work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays…

      After all, you couldn’t pick a better premier time than 7-10 am (depending on time zone) on a Tuesday workday in the States or 11pm on a Japanese workday the night before work to premiere. Those are key timezones that are very high demand for an internet broadcast that can, unlike press conferences and television broadcasts, premiere at any time.

      • Forbsz

        Yes I just wish the time was a little different it comes on at 12 at night here in Australia and I can’t stay up I have Exams the whole next day! πŸ™

  • Morits Lian

    >we think
    No, John, it’s JUST you. If you’re gonna be that blunt, stop writing here.

    • Nintedward

      Again , at first most of us were shocked , dissapointed maybe even a little upset that Nintendo wasn’t holding a typical conference.

      BUT now I think I speak for us all when I say we are MORE excited than ever to see how Nintendo handles this shake up!!!

  • Clel

    “(which we think it’s a huge mistake)” This just reinforced my belief that John Kinsley does not read the articles on Wii U Daily (other than his, of course).

    • Dimitra Giorgiou

      Another Gay Article, John Kinsley shouldn’t even post on here! lol
      Want more news about E3? Go here:

      • ReckoningReckoner

        Gay? Go back to middle school you moron.

      • Clel

        So what exactly is homosexual about this article?

        • Laud

          Come on guys, let’s not give it anymore attention.

          Downvote and move on.

          • Clel

            Good idea.

          • peeer

            I kinda agree with Dimitra Giorgiou this time around tho. Look at the link John Kinsley is pointing at to base this article with lol. He has the balls to write “we think its a huge mistake” when its all based from stuff he writen himself before. I gotta disagree with John Kinsley this time, I always defended him before but this time he made an error.

      • [000]

        Of all the words you could have used…

    • peeer

      I think he should of writen: “(which I think it’s a huge mistake)”

      The link he based his facts from was an article of HIMSELF. lol…

  • Christopher Johnson

    at least its gonna be great this year

  • [000]

    Do you know what my opinion of the best Nintendo E3 moment was?
    Well, I’m not sure your body is ready for that. Here, have a banana instead

  • Metal_Man_v2

    I love the guys from Screw Attack, and I agree with this video a lot. Some of the best Nintendo shows from E3 were shown, like the reveal of Twilight Princess. Seriously, people were going crazy. You can actually hear somebody scream, “Oh SHIT!” during the presentation.

    I also agree with the goofs that Nintendo has made during the past couple of E3s, especially the Nintendo Land showing. Nintendo Land is actually a great game, with lots of unlockables and content, but Nintendo failed to show all of that during the presentation.

    While I do think that Nintendo using it’s own Direct broadcasts to release news is a great idea, it is sad to think about the fact that we will likely never see the epic theatrics Nintendo put on in the past at E3 ever again.

    To all the butthurt people complaining about John Kinsley’s article, he just has a different opinion than you. Welcome to the internet.


      1,000% AGREE.

    • JB

      …Though he did say “we” as if he speaks for all of Wiiudaily. Though John totally has a right to his own opinion. Gotta respect that πŸ™‚

      I understand Nintendo’s reasoning for scaling back this year, and I hope it works out, but I will miss their awesome presentations… I can’t remember if it was that same Twilight Princess reveal, but I read somewhere that some people cried. Lol

      I’m going to make a prediction: we’re not going to see anything on the next Zelda this year. I bet they come back E3 14 with a more traditional presentation and blow our socks off with the next installment. That’s if Zelda will even be ready before the end of next year.

      • Nintedward

        Yeh , there is no collective ”we” especially when Ashley wrote that splendid article about how she thought it was a good idea!

        When the news first broke ”Nintendo no E3 press conference” I admit my heart went a little bit cold and I thought ”the fuck are you doing this is a terrible idea!” but now I am genuinely excited to see if they can provide an even better experience for us through the form of Nintendo direct and other methods ! ^_^

        I’ve not been this excited for an E3…. ever. And they’re not even having a conference. If Nintendo gets us all saying WOW for an hour then it’s mission complete!

        • JB

          I know! I’m pretty excited myself! I think a lot of it (for me) has to do with the aire of the unknown surrounding Nintendo’s unorthodox presentation. We have an idea of what they’re going to show, but what else do they have up their sleeves? It’s also shaping up that we, as Nintendo fans, are going to have A LOT to choose from between now, the holiday and into 2014.

          Then it’s almost sort of a “make-it-or-break-it” E3 for the big N, but of course it only feels that way because of all the negative “doom and gloom” press surrounding the Wii U and N’s scaled back E3, which I’m excited about because it’s like them treating us πŸ™‚

          The one thing that would put the cherry on top of all this is if they made the E3 demos available to us at least during the Best Buy promotion! Sadly, I know that won’t happen! lol

        • Forbsz

          I love that they’re doing there own thing and I hope it works for them but in a sense I hope next year they do an e3 presentation for the new legend of Zelda just to hear people scream the way they did for twilight princess!

      • Metal_Man_v2

        I’m not sure if anyone cried during the Twilight Princess reveal, those people were literally going insane, though I guess it’s possible. I’m sure there was some tears shed at the orchestrated Zelda medley, whatever year that was. (2011?)

        I guess it’s possible that we could see a more traditional Nintendo presentation at E3 next year, but honestly, it looks like all 3 major companies are getting away from E3. Both Sony and Microsoft announced their new consoles outside of E3 this year, and while they plan to present more info next week, I think that they too will begin hosting there own conferences to reveal information to their fans.

        As for the “we”, there are other people around the net writing similar articles, so John is far from alone in his opinion. Many people have doubts that the Nintendo Directs will generate the same response and publicity. I think it will all work out fine though

        • JB

          I’m totally not bashing John’s opinion, as I’m aware that it echoes the sentiments of other journalists abroad. I was just pointing out as it pretains to WiiUdaily, not everyone on staff has the same opinion (@Nintedward:disqus pointed out Ashley as an example) On his linkback, I just think he should’ve said “I” since it just directed back to his article, but when I think about it, he might have just been using “we” as a blanket term since he does represent WiiU Daily.

          You actually might be right, I could totally see a future scaling back from E3, as it seems like a lot of tech compaines have been following the trend of foregoing major conferences in lieu of having their own concerning flagship products (paticularly in the mobile tech sector)

          I’m no analyst, but I think part of the reason Nintendo scaled back is the bottom line. The less the spend, the more they have in the bank, which in turn can be spent on developing and marketing and increase their year end profit margin. If there is no big splash next year from the other two, and Nintendo is successful at their scaling back this year (which I’m with you, I think they’ll do fine) Then once again, Nintendo has led the way with something, with the others following (I meant that in the least fanboyish way possible. HAHA)

          • Metal_Man_v2

            “The less the spend, the more they have in the bank, which in turn can be spent on developing and marketing and increase their year end profit margin.”

            I agree with this wholeheartedly. The video from Screw Attack showed great events at E3 from Nintendo. However, while watching the video I realized how much I had forgotten about past E3s, both good and bad. The theatrics put on at E3, like an epic orchestra playing music, is really cool for a little while, but people forget about it in the midst of games coming out and trailers. Why bother spending money putting on a show that people will forget about? Each company can show game trailers and reveal news whenever they want, there is no reason to wait around for E3 year after to year to do so. The less they spend on theatrics, and the more they spend on effective advertising and development, the better, in my opinion.

      • TheLordOfDarkness

        John Kingsley is the worst part about WiiUDaily. By generalising the consensus of all WiiUDaily as thinking Nintendo’s lack of E3 conference is a ‘big mistake’, he’s not only ignorant towards other articles on the site but he’s also discrediting other journalists and/or their viewpoint.

        I hope John or the WiiUDaily staff restrict him to only reporting evidence and facts, not opinion.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Agreed, TP is probably going to be the best E3 moment ever for a long time yet and rightly so.
      I’m probably the only person who was happy to see Nintendoland revealed, it’s a great game and I felt that, the only reason people seem to hate on it’s unveiling is because they spent so long talking about it rather than showing the A* 1st party titles we all wanted – Let’s not forget the reason the Nintendoland demo went on so long was because it had to fill the time-slot that was going to be used for Retro studio’s project which they pulled last-minute.
      I’m really quite disappointed Nintendo won’t have big conference this year, Nintendo directs are great but why use those when you have a massive conference full of people to wow like in 2004 (the reactions like that are the main reason I want a Ninty E3 conference this year as it’s the one we’re actually going to see some BIG announcements) I get them wanting to focus on games like in N directs but and get away from the corporate side of E3 but why not just cut that, and have a big stage show just for games, and do the investor stuff at a smaller side-event at E3.

      They’ve said Shiggy and Reggie will be there and they will have a small stage-show so I hope they use that to it’s full potential.
      I’m not sure why they’ve turned down the opportunity to have a big conference this year but whatever it is I hope they do have one next year.

    • sdmac200600

      “To all the butthurt people complaining about John Kinsley’s article, he just has a different opinion than you. Welcome to the internet.”

      You said that WAY NICER than what I was going to say lol

    • firstinflight

      I suspect they’ll be back to the big stage another year. This year is unique; they really don’t have a ton to announce (at least, not big-stage worthy stuff), and they are competing with the launches of two other consoles.

      Another year, when the consoles have stabilized, or when they have another console to show off, it might be a different story.

    • Forbsz

      They were meant to show Retro Studios new game at last years e3 but at the last minute Retro Studios called and said don’t show it, it’s not ready so they continued to show Fireworks…….(nintendoland)

      • Metal_Man_v2

        But it is because they had the extra time slot to fill with Nintendo Land that I feel they have no excuse for not presenting the game better. They didn’t explain how the game had extra or challenge missions to test advanced players’ skills, they didn’t show the enormous slew of collectables, unlockables, and stamps (more challenges to complete). The game looked like a new Wii Sports of sorts, which is why everyone makes a comparison between the two. Honestly, if they had shown off Nintendo Land really well, like the great game it is, I would have bought it as a standalone game. The only reason I have it though is from the deluxe Wii U, which I’m glad I got πŸ™‚

        • Forbsz

          Yeah same I wouldn’t of got Nintendo land but it came with my console but it is great fun when you have friends over my friends came over and we play It for hours! but yeah I get what you’re saying they just showed fireworks should of showed the stamps and the extras maybe they didn’t have them implemented yet hmm.

    • gamesplayswill

      I only hate their Death battles, they are pretty bias.

  • Anubis

    Umm… Just because Nintendo won’t have a major conference doesn’t mean it’s a big mistake. If anything it might turn out to be amazing! It’s like you don’t like it when a company tries new things.

    • iceazeama

      if its anything like the january direct then yeah….. if its like 2008 e3, then my wii u will be in the red for a target for a sludge hammer.

  • Super Buu

    We do not speak of the 2008 Press Conference.

    • Destructonator101

      What, did that happen?

      No, it didn’t happen, I don’t know what you are talking about.

    • theblackfrog

      what happened, was that the wii music disaster?

  • Sami Rautio

    Best was when miyamoto showed skyward sword πŸ™‚ that was cool moment when he jumps in πŸ˜€ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoLn3pk5Aik

  • Luke Wilson

    my body is ready

  • john

    Actually John Kinsley thinks it’s a mistake for Nintendo to not have a press conference, Leslie Small thinks it’s a good idea, and I don’t know which side the others fall under. Personally, with G4 dead and Spike selling out to Microsoft, I agree with Leslie Small. I think Sony might not even be shown on Spike at all.

    On the other hand though, if Microsoft DIDN’T buy out Spike, I would have loved to see a real E3 from Nintendo. I think the good, epic moments like that huge unanimous applause for the new Zelda game way outweighs the awkward badness from Wii music. I think Nintendo leaned their lesson in 2008 and they’d never do anything like that again. The Nintendo directs will probably have less awkward moments since they’re more prepared, but they’ll never give us the rush like all the journalists at the press conference jumping for joy at a new Zelda game.

    • RockGod

      They have no choice but to distance themselves from mainstream as MS came up with the awesome strategy of just buying out everything. They through Spike have effectively bought all E3 airtime, Sony won’t even be broadcast on TV… and they paid for their conference. Nintendo’s decision grows smarter with every new detail that emerges.

  • D.M.T

    Not naming the Wii U “Wii 2” is not a mistake. There’s a reason why they didnt choose Wii 2. It’s the fact that the average consumer thinks that a higher number means better or more advanced. It wouldn’t be smart to call it Wii 2 and expect it to do well against PS4. Casual gamers won’t choose the Wii 2 over PS4 because 4 sounds better than 2.

    • Jason Wilkins

      Actually, it was a mistake. Many hard core gamers (people who are savvy customers) falsely believe the system is an upgrade. The name implies no continuity and given the recent trend of adding perfipherals (kinect/move), it wouldn’t be out of the bounds of reason for a disinterested gamer to conclude it is a continuation.

      Second, Casuals HAVE NO IDEA that buying multiple consoles is a normal phenomenon. Therefore, many are likely, LIKE MY PARENTS, to conclude that they are the same thing. Using the same controllers only added to market confusion. There is a reason they label them with sequential numbers. It imbues in the public imagination that it is a new version rather than an upgrade.

      • D.M.T

        The real mistake was keeping the ‘Wii’ name. The system should have had a completely different name, not Wii 2 and not Wii U.

        But they can’t change the name anymore so there’s no point in talking about this over and over again. And btw…Xbox One is a worse name than Wii U

        • Jason Wilkins

          Unfortunately, they can NEVER change the name. Fortunately, everyone stopped making pee pee jokes.

          The Wii name is actually very powerful. For uninformed customers (most iPod owners, Wii owners), the product brand can become a generic name for the product. They think Wii rather than videogames just as people think iPod rather than mp3 player. Very easy built in product endorsements in everyday word of mouth.

          The problem is because they don’t know that consoles commonly get replaced and there are multiple generations, they may never buy another generation. They may be happy playing the same 3 fucking innings of wii sports baseball.

          That’s why Nintendo needs to convince this LARGE, yet very uninformed crowd how to finance their new console. Naming it without including a number fails to accomplish that goal. contrarily, the PS1 had a relatively uniformed player base and they knew the PS2 was a massive improvement DESPITE having little experience with how console cycles worked.

          • Destructonator101

            Pee pee jokes stopped? The just say, haha i weed on you!

            That will stop someday, I hope…

    • cueca

      So XBox ONE was clearly a good choice?

      • Destructonator101

        I’ve got an Xbox One. It has the best startup noise but crap games.

        Wait there are two of the first console? Does that mean that there was the original and the one announced in the future and meant for the past? Dafaq?!

        JK. I never have had a non nintendo product in my household.

        • RockGod

          Hey, i’m not alone… other ppl are Nintendo-Only gamers? Awesome. You have impeccable taste, and i’m loving your loyalty.

  • Nintendo4life

    Sometimes i wonder what wii u daily is thinking

  • Jason Wilkins

    Personally, I think it could help them in some ways in that it prevents direct comparisons. That said, youtube videos are no where near the publicity of press conferences and Nintendo really does need market penetration (there are hard core gamers who have no idea how the system works let alone casuals who can barely be trusted to be informed enough to plug it in. My parents who own a Wii had no idea the Wii U is a different console. Remember, casuals have never bought more than one console and informing them may be beneficial).

    Don’t know…I do know that having a demonstration premiering at the crack of dawn on a Tuesday work day in the States and on the later side of the night (11pm) on a Japanese night before a work day was a really shitty decision when your average gamer is getting much older and much more committed to reasonable sleep schedules, full time jobs, and child care.

    Just saying…their target audience (or the wallets financing their target audience) don’t have time to watch something like that at those hours. I do know one thing…if people can’t watch it when it premieres, they are probably much less likely to watch it on their own time…They really should have premiered at a reasonable time for either the Japanese market or the American market.

  • Christopher Coonan

    I thought it would be a mistake at first, but I’ve come to realize how smart it actually is. They are catering directly to the people who really want to know, while everyone watching Spike TV gets to watch Microsoft (probably continue to) make a fool of themselves. Sony, if they have proper DRM and a lower-than-$450 price point (which they probably won’t), will be the only real competitor to the WiiU.

    This will be an interesting show.

    • Jason Wilkins

      The problem is that they haven’t had a problem getting people who care to buy their console. They need to get people like me who won’t buy a Nintendo within 5 years of launch (when its dead and games are dirt cheap) to consider buying one.

      • sorry for the grammar

        spike’s tv broadcast only includes xbox one related conferences, when the ps4 conference is happening they’re going to show “dodgeball a true underdog story”, or at least that was last week, spike’s an american company, of course they gonna focus on microsoft, so there goes the “they would not reach the crowd if they haven’t a conffenrece!” nintendo and sony’s aren’t being aired anyways

        • Jason Wilkins

          E3 often times isn’t just for the consumer but is largely for the industry and their presence. Choosing to not do a show just makes the community feel like there isn’t anything worth showing..

  • Nintedward

    My favorite E3 moment was the unveiling of Twilight princess in 2004… Nothing can beat that πŸ˜‰ followed closely by the Brawl trailer…

    TP- I was about 13… With my bezzy mate and we LOVED Windwaker of course (one of the best games ever) but hoped for a traiditonal , Ocarina style return to the Franchise. That was our number 1 hope and then …… The most epic trailer of all time ran and we were like ”Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!”

  • XroyD

    “My name is Reggie, I’m about kicking ass, I’m about taking names, and we’re about making games.” Best E3 2004

  • SeroReviews

    John Kinsley again? I didn’t forget the previous catastrophic and unnecessary articles. As a reader, I deeply dislike the “we” as if he speaks for Wii U Daily. 2 days more and we will all see the “catastrophe” this guy is talking about. “Different opinion”, yeah, right. That’s not how I call it.

  • D Moness

    lol at the WE bs. That is what you think John others on wii U daily that posts better then you disagree with you. Also linking to your own article when talking about we is just egotripping.

  • Nintendude

    “Which we think is a huge mistake.”

    Well according to Ashley’s article, only you think that.

  • Mark Nie
  • Arthur Jarret

    Game enthousiasts read newssites anyway, or watch the nintendo directs.

    Non-game enthousiasts don’t care

    Most in-between those categories don’t watch the directs, but won’t watch the e3 presentations either.

    I think it won’t matter that they’re skipping a conference. Time will tell.

    • RockGod

      You’re absolutely right Arthur! They will still reach their targeted audiences, maybe even more effectively being face to face talking only about the things important to each. The BIG difference is the Truck-Load of cash Ninty saves by not having a normal conference.

  • bizzy gie

    which we think it’s a huge mistake

    First of all, it’s ‘is’ not ‘it’s’.

    Second, YOU think it’s a huge mistake. Ashley believes it could be beneficial to Nintendo since most gamers aren’t at or watching E3 anyway.

  • bizzy gie

    Can anybody link to a YouTube or HTML 5 version of this video? I have no computer so Wii U’s internet browser is it.

  • Destructonator101


    Read over your articles and try to look at them from another point of view.

    You try, which is good, but you are making some mistakes that some don’t like much at all.

  • Link

    MY BODY IS READY. LOL reggie

    • RockGod

      He really is a great spokesperson for Nintendo. The other companies don’t have anyone near the coolness of Reggie.

  • Nintendofreak

    i had forgotten about the wii music…

    • RockGod

      I have tried to forget that as well… some awkward shit there…

  • Bob Singh

    But Ashley said It was good. Make up your make your mind Wii U Daily???

  • Cerus98

    Ashley has made it clear on many occasions that each writer here has their own opinions. Usually that’s been stated after backlash towards JK and his negative hate articles. JK once again goes on an ego trip and speaks for the entire site making statements that are completely untrue using “we” when it’s just him. I’ve never once seen him respond to comments either. Typical egotistical dick with a superiority complex.

  • Silent

    Best and Worse of Wii U Daily:


    5)John Kinsley
    4)John Kinsley
    3)John Kinsley
    2)John Kinsley
    1)John Kinsley

    5 to 2) Every other writer(except John K.) in WiiUdaily.com
    1) Ashley K.

  • iceazeama

    dont even need to watch this, it was 2008. wii music?????????? come on at that point even the biggest of sheep were probably like WTF is this shit!!!!!!

  • BLACKendTiamat

    hahahaHAhAHA! oh wow! a big mistake by you was them not naming it “Wii 2?”

    THIS right here is why i can never take you serious.

  • NatT96β„’

    Wii Music=Fail.
    Everyone looked extremly dumb, luckily Reggie did not hop in that.

  • HypocritesRROD

    “John Kinsley = Xbot”… RROD.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    A good video, got Ninty’s E3 highs and lows – makes me proud, ashamed and alugh a lot at the same time (Vitality sensor!? WTF?)
    Shame they didn’t show Iwata’s introduction (don’t know what year) where he said “I play smash bros with Reggie, I kick some… you know what. Reggie… who’s your daddy?” – that guy’s a legend. They also missed the Melee announcement, I thought that should have been there. Brawl and SS also got some great reactions from the crowd but TP reveal will always take the crown.

  • Magiphart

    Really? Insulting Wind Waker? How original. I actually like Wind Waker better than Twilight Princess.

  • Magiphart

    I disagree with the person in the video.

  • ancientgamer

    any one else think its bullshit that spike tv advertises full e3 access but only airing MS crap? how is that full access? thats 1/3 access!

  • theblackfrog

    they only have to show bayonetta 2, metroid, xenoblade, mario kart, new zelda, star fox and they kicking ass again….my body is ready

  • John Paul Herrera

    Wii 2 is a horrible name. And not having a conference was not a horrible mistake. Who allows this guy to write? There are so many flaws in this.

  • Stephen Davis

    OMG I remember when they all got up there playing instruments, and the comments on youtube afterward LOL That was embarrassing! It looked like a bunch of employees dancing to the success of WII, it looked like they were mocking us (like instead of great games, we thought we would show you how we can’t play instruments to one of your favorite tunes)…oh my that hurt to watch lol πŸ˜›