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Nintendo is working hard to bring a next-generation Zelda game to the Wii U. While the real Wii U Zelda game will probably take another year or two until released, we’ll be getting a sweet HD remake of Wind Waker. We first saw Zelda on the Wii U way back at E3 in 2011, where Nintendo used a Zelda tech demo to showcase the new console. But that’s all it was: a tech demo, and we haven’t seen nor heard anything about it ever since. It’ll be interesting to see where Nintendo goes with the next Zelda game on the Wii U. In the meantime, we’ve got this awesome box art concept, done by an unknown artist (if you know the artist, do let us know in the comments section).

What would you love to see in the upcoming Zelda Wii U game? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Zelda Wii U box art concept

Zelda Wii U box art concept

Be sure to check out the amazing Zelda game concept art.

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  • Tim van Broekhoven

    Lol The Secret of Zelda



  • jay

    its ok.

  • Silent

    From now on, Im going to tell my mom to buy make up from Zelda’s Secret.

  • This looks awesome. But it will look nothing like the actual one. For starters Link is always on the cover.

    Edit: I didn’t notice it said Secret,and not Legend.

    • Tobias Naustdal

      not the first games those just had the title

  • I’m gonna make a boxart with Link’s long lost step brother on the cover.

  • Jon

    um…. this was pulled off memebase and was posted back in march…. and was probably taken from somewhere else and put on memebase but this box art was definitely made before the contest was even announced.


  • MetroidZero

    Sheik looks beautiful. Cool art.

  • William Cole

    It’s good but not what Nintendo will do. No subname, and of all people Sheik is on the front cover…

    • Agreed.

    • That artwork is from a post on tumblr, and the person who made it did it for a concept they had about making a LoZ game that focused on what happened to Zelda after she fled the Hyrule castle and spent the next 7 years in hiding with Impa until the Hero of Time [Link] returned (this is all within the OoT timeline, of course)…

  • jcnba28

    The secret of Zelda? Sounds like the title of a porno jk! I love Zelda! 🙂

  • This is so unbelievably old…

  • Dylan

    I don’t like it.

  • Luke Wilson

    FAKE AND GAY! and I’m not trollin lol

    • Ziggy

      No shit.

  • edwincarp

    The secret of Zelda. Very funny. The illustration -in itself- is fine, but it isn’t aesthetically appropriate, in my opinion. It feels like less of a symbolically simple box (with a logo or something) and more like a zoomed-in unwieldy head which takes up mostly the entire space which leaves a lot of excess. The Zelda text in the middle inevitably clashes with the picture beneath due to the nature of the picture. Naturally, you don’t want Zelda to be branded on the forehead either. A PS2 game box, maybe, but not a Wii U box. Nintendo needs quality, not a magazine – cutout – of – a – woman – style. It is a good illustration though, no question of that.

    Anyway, what would I like to see in the next Zelda game.
    Link morphing into a horse. Haha, that would be silly but cool all the same.

    New kinds of hole. I love how the N64 version had little holes like that, and you fell into them. Well, we need more kinds of holes!

    More side quests. Majoras Mask has that television soap feel to it, and the mundanities really add to the game. It has elements of an interactive soap and many good psychological elements. I think it is Human nature to be drawn to these things, so it needs to make a comeback, and it needs to be imaginative. Star Trek can be like a soap quite often, but the themes and sub-plots, plus the development of such weird characters, stops it from becoming too much of a yawn fest and much more of a curiosity. Mix that with plenty of holes and strange landscapes, and what more could you want!?

    Different currencies maybe?

    A separate character who can level-up RPG style, or a couple more RPG – ish elements?

    more weapon and item upgrades. Say 6 different swords, 6 different shields. 6 seems like a good number.

    An emergency hook shot. Early in the game, hook shots can break.. so you only use them if you really need to, or if there is a curious area.

    A sound temple.

    That will do anyway. I had this great idea a while back that could be the theme for the whole game, but I can’t remember what it was. Link driving a ferrari? Why do I think of that every time I try and remember? lol

    Oh yeah, and kid Link needs to make a return. You have to feel like everything is bigger than you, and that you’re a kid again.

  • MMM

    John Kinsley and IGN don’t ever write a pointless article like this one ever again.

  • DemonRoach

    The tampons of zelda more like.

    • H8ersBH8n

      You sick fuck…

  • Metal_Man_v2

    The “Secret” of Zelda? Non cannon title. Burn it.

    Just joking. But yeah, this picture is pretty old, but the art work is still great, albeit that stare is a little unsettling. O.o

  • Ben English

    The Secret of Zelda… Actually given how people seem to flip out at making Zelda the protagonist of a ‘Legend of Zelda’ game then maybe The Secret of Zelda could be a spin off series starring her.

    • Tobias Naustdal

      i agree as long as there is a boy and a girl, named link and zelda, there would be no messing with the “lore of zelda”. there is no writing of zelda not being able to help link. but it would be a little weird, considering a princess helping a hero. because zelda need’s to be a princess…

  • discuss

    Lack of news?

  • Sephazon

    Seems more like an adult film…

  • Joey Perez

    this is crappy artwork anime… no good

  • FlyingBoat

    kinda sick of one article a day, which isnt even news.
    day 1: yay…. fan art…. so no news today
    day 2: oh…kay… wii u being shot, can i have some news?
    day 3: yay…..more fan art….. so news?

    • Jon

      and it’s fan art that was taken from somewhere else that was posted on memebase back in march before their contest and probably earlier elsewhere

  • Ducked

    I’m sorry, but what?

  • Joshua Heckstall

    i would buy it and it would b somethin different so other ppl probaly would 2 even unknown zelda fans

  • no se pero en mi opinion seria bueno que revivieran algunas secuelas de algunos juegos como los de majora mask un juego que de por si ha dado mucho que hablar debido al misterio que deja cuando el jugador se adentra en ese mundo los misterios de los personajes en total para mi es uno de los mejoes juegos

  • Tobias Naustdal

    not to be rude to the maker, but that looks like an erotic tale xP

  • Linskarmo

    Great art. Looks a lot like Sheik to me.

  • Shamoyal ‘Jose’ Urfan ˚͜˚

    I’ve given up on wii u now. As a long time hardcore nintendo fan, it pains me to have to say that. I dont wanna wait 2 years since the release of a console to play its best games. The wii u has been an unbelievable disappointment. And no EA games? I thought wii u was specifically made with developers in mind? Other than ubisoft i havent seen anything yo get excited about and fan art like this only irks me more. Where is zelda, super mario galaxy 3, pokemon, f zero?

    • Quicksilver88

      Have you ever bought a new console in the past? It usually takes about 18 months before the really good content to appear….I admit Nintendo has been slooow out of the gate but even Nintendo hating analyst Patcher said you have to wait until a consoles 3 Holiday before you can determine it a failure or sucees. Just wait unitl E3 and this xmas and I bet there will be some good content to play.

  • rulqua

    Nintendo would never take the risk associated with creating a Zelda game without Link as the protagonist.

  • looks good

  • TheImaj

    Haven’t seen or heard anything since? Uh…did you forget about that big ass article you write on Zelda back in September?


  • would be nice and maybe the story would be about her and not link.

  • Miniman Hall

    I think I might know the person who designed that…

  • Nobody

    Yea, everyone knows that Zelda is actually a lesbian, which is why she never does Link.

    Or she is your sister, so Link is just really, really clueless as he is mute.

  • NintendoNoob

    Yeah no,I want it to be the Legend of Zelda: We actually meant the Legend of Link

  • diqus sucks

    PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! Let it be about the war before OoT where “all” the Sheikah :O that would be awesome!….playing as Sheik and/or Link’s mom lol

  • Squid

    Hmm, we would live as sheik during her time in OoC

  • gabriel

    I am sure Nintendo is concerned about better graphics, wich is a cool thing, but I hope they keep their focus on other more important things in a game than only graphics, otherwise they’re just another playstation… I am sure big N is far better than that.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Yeah…..but Nintendo never said that the next game was gonna have Zelda/Sheik as the main protagonist. So this this, like your previous Zelda “news” article is still technically a fanfic.

  • hurpderp

    good job uploading a shitty boxartcover from 4 months ago. arts by sweetcandyrain

  • The_fuzz_buzz

    This “news” was out like a few months ago…

  • error

    Link should get a pogo stick in the next zelda. He should also ski, play back gammon, make tree forts, float down a massive river on a huck finn type raft, have to make fire, ice skate, wear fancy clothes at a Gannondorf Ball and draw.

    • error

      he should also be able to get his hair styled.

      • error

        play soccer

        • error

          play frisbees with dogs,

          • error

            ride a unicycle

          • error

            go undercover as a clown,

  • William Cole

    Am I the only one who wants a badass Ganondorf to return in the next Zelda? Demise was a horrible final boss. The idea was good but the battle was too easy. I want Ganondorf. He’s legendary! The LEGEND OF ZELDA! There must be a Ganon, Link, and Zelda to be a legend! I understand that Skyward Sword is supposedly the first game in the series chronologically but still.

  • Cerus98

    I’d say old news but this isn’t even news. Same ole same ole from J.K.

  • I think this might be the original artist, at least of the drawing, maybe someone else did the cover montage? http://sweetcandyrain.deviantart.com/art/LoZ-Sheik-189109678

  • val berger

    I thing every single Zelda game of the past has had better cover artworks. of course it doesn’t look that bad, but for instance the boxart of Ocarina of time and especially Majora’s mask were truly wonderful design without even needing to use any characters. Even Wind Waker, which was by far one of the more trivial boxarts was still far more meaningful than this.

  • Nintengoth

    Looks ok, im not a fan of homemade cases really. from the new Zelda i want everything Ninty has to offer in a Zelda game 🙂 x

  • Squid

    Doesn’t zelda have brown eyes?

  • Spawn

    I’ve posted this elsewhere, but if wasn’t given much attention. The picture below could represent Link’s look when he’s on the brink of death [one heart]. I’d make a few changes however so people would be able to recognise him as Link –

    The head and the beginnings of a leg at the bottom [left] would have
    something of a Majora’s Mask look and done with a pastel effect. In addition,
    certain parts like Link’s belt, sword, hood etc. would also be highlighted. The
    more menacing the evil you face the more abstract the environment/objects/enemies
    become. It’s hard to imagine, I just know The sudden shift from normality to
    abnormality is something that would work very well.

    With all his heart pieces intact Link would be basically look he does in
    Skyward Sword [leaning towards Majora’s Mask/OoT though], but modelled with a
    pastel style with few wayward, bold coloured lines of varying thicknesses and
    colours on his tunic.

    To be more clear this visual style would be a medley of around three main
    elements. First and foremost the detailed, semi-realistic pastel/classical look
    to connect with what the audience perceives as normal. This would be directly
    juxtaposed with the surrealist style to distance them from this notion as soon
    as they interact with the world [especially when Links hurts himself in any way
    and the look of the in-game enemies as they become more and more threatening
    both with regards to their actions and type as well as the in-game environments]
    and finally a ‘particle explosion’ effect to further accentuate a totally
    different set of rules in this distant land – Termina. . These lines and
    abstract floating appendages would multiply considerably when you’re in
    danger/when there’s an evil presence and when you’re hurt. They could represent
    ‘magic’ (the power and courage that the Triforce gives Link/his life-force) and
    stress would be laid upon the effects of white and dark magic in the game, a
    whole lot more than in previous Zelda games and crucial to game-play.

    The particle explosion effect, you could say, derives from surrealism, but it
    would have motion and be slightly more extreme. Some of the villains, for
    example, would dynamically evolve by, for example, becoming larger and forming
    weapons instantaneously, dissolving their limbs and having the liquid float in
    the air, splitting into numerous enemies, changing shape in some way with more
    and more unnatural wayward lines appearing depending on how ‘consumed’ by evil
    they are as opposed to Link who shifts form when he gets hurt/nears death and
    so on.

    Everything in the in-game world would be in symbiosis with either white or
    black magic. I think that would be a pretty spectacular and original look along
    with what I’ve said already. I like the palette choice in the picture above too.
    I think a range of pastel colours and cross-hatch shading/shadows with blotches
    of black would be absolutely stunning to see. The ‘good-natured’ characters and
    tranquil areas would be far less abstract.

    One thing which would stand out in this game if it were realised in any way is
    a sense of huge scale and exploration. Katsuya Terada’s art-work for Zelda II:
    The Adventure of Link would make for some lush in-game locations and I think a
    lot them would transfer well despite the obvious change in art style.

    I’ve got the story all figured out as well as the game-play which is quite unique.


    • Spawn

      I want detail and style in the Zelda Wii U not realism. Realism is the last thing I want in a Zelda game. Give me more options and varied gameplay, but not realism. That’s not Zelda at it’s fantastical best IMO.

  • Vic Rattlehead

    looks too feminine.,,, I hope the other characters does not looks like the recent FF games…

    • Spawn

      That’s sheik i.e. Zelda i.e. a female. *facepalm* crappy art style anyway. generic manga influence.

  • Adrian

    Really great art, although I can’t tell if that is supposed to be Link.

  • Nintendofreak

    so now zelda has a line of lingerie?