Feb 26th, 2016

BBC claims Nintendo will release the NX console in

We’ve seen plenty of NX rumors of late, but this one takes the cake as the most ridiculous one. The BBC — Yes, the mighty British Broadcasting Corporation — now claims that Nintendo will release the NX console in “the middle of the year”. Which means around June or July.

BBC didn’t specify any sources for their claim, they simply said Nintendo is “expected to release its new NX gaming platform around the middle of the year”.

Most people expect the NX to release later this year in the Fall, as has been the custom with previous Nintendo consoles. Earlier this week we heard that EA has NX dev kits and we recently reported that the NX will support the Unreal Engine 4.

As for NX games, we’ve seen reports that the NX will launch with Zelda, and will launch with Super Smash Bros.

None of this is confirmed, all we can do is wait and see what Nintendo announces. The next big event they could use to make to an announcement is the Game Developer’s Conference next month. After that, it’s E3 in June.

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