Jul 28th, 2014

Bayonetta 2 is coming to Wii U this October, but Funimation has been working on the Bayonetta: Bloody Fate anime for some time now. The anime originally released in Japan last year, directed by Afro Samurai legend Fuminori Kizaki. The anime film follows Bayonetta through the events of the original game, including unraveling the mystery of her past.

For the Western release and English dubs, Hellena Taylor reprises her role as Bayonetta, while other characters from the game have their original voice actors reprise their roles in the anime as well. The anime is currently available for pre-order on Funimation’s website and will arrive in time for the launch of Bayonetta 2 on October 21.

Bayonetta 2 will be released in a special edition that includes the original Bayonetta as well.

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  • nintendogamer

    I’ve never really been interested in the Bayonetta series…

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      With you there.

    • Hinaru

      And…..that’s why we dont get 3rd party support…

  • Sdudyoy

    I’m not interested in Bayonetta, and I’m not interested in most Anime, if others can enjoy this that’s good, but I just don’t think I could.

    • uPadWatcher

      To each his own…

    • lonewolf88

      its very misleading you can watch this right now if you want just subbed this anime / movie has been out for like 2 years.

    • Nate Barrett

      Why did you post this comment? No one cares.

      • Sdudyoy

        If you don’t care just ignore my comment, I’m allowed to post my opinion in the comment section of a article.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    Hmm, why did they disable this video in sweden, cant watch it xD

    • Same for me I live in the Netherlands can’t watch it either. It has probably been blocked for the whole European Continent. That’s so lame :/

      • Alexander Kleinwechter

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA5DgpaqZ9w Here i found this, i think its the trailer that showed at comic con and on this website. Its a new trailer for sure

        • Ah thanks for that. Looks pretty sweet imo. Could be fun to watch sometime.

      • Shota

        yep echt raar

  • Frank Shelton

    Funny I guess everyone came in here to say that they arent intrusted in it or cant watch it. Well I played the first one and if you like dmc you will like this. Its actually a challenging game.

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    Wonder on What Channel it Appears. Because it’s Can’t on a Child Channel.

    • uPadWatcher

      What the hell are you talking about?

      • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

        Bayonetta is a 18+ Game Right? So if That’s so, on What Channel This Anime Will be Showed. Because It’s Can’t on a Child Channel Like Nick or Something.

        • Pablo Lavín

          It is a movie. And some channels have mature anime.

          • uPadWatcher

            TOONAMI on [adult swim] sounds like a reliable choice. They’ll probably keep the graphic violence in the film while censoring the F-bomb.

          • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog


    • Gizmo

      Toonami on adult swim maybe. They show stuff like attack on Titan and Space Dandy all the time.

  • Gizmo

    i love bayonetta. I’ll watch it as soon as I’m done with Inu X Boku SS and Baka and Test.

  • Petri

    I was kinda disappointed with this movie.
    I would suggest skipping it if you played the game already, and I would not recommend deciding on the game based on this movie.

  • InterTreble

    Pretty funny to see a lot of people saying “Wii U has no 3rd party exclusives” who claim this isn’t a good game. What a coincidence! 🙂

  • tirakellci

    Can’t wait for this. I enjoyed the game very much.