Sep 23rd, 2012

Nintendo surprised everyone during the Wii U price reveal by announced a brand new Wii U exclusive: Bayonetta 2. The action RPG is a sequel to the highly successful Bayonetta, and some fans of the original game expressed their dissatisfaction with developer Platinum Games making it a Wii U exclusive. But now Platinum Games revealed that there actually wouldn’t be any Bayonetta 2 without Nintendo’s support. Nintendo is publishing the game and helping funding it as well.

Bayonetta 2 Wii U logoNow Bayonetta 2 director Hideki Kamiya reveals that Nintendo is doing even more to hep out Bayonetta 2. Developers at Nintendo working alongside the staff at Platinum Games to help create the game. We’re previously heard from executive director Atsushi Inaba on the matter, saying that the team is glad to be working with Nintendo on Bayonetta 2, and on the new Wii U platform. He said they were “enjoying the challenge” of working on the Wii U, and that they are “putting extra thought” into how to best use the GamePad controller.

While Bayonetta 2 will be optimized for the Wii U and its unique controls, the developers have assured that the sequel will stay true to the original in terms of gameplay. You can check out the first Bayonetta 2 teaser trailer below. The game is rumored to be released some time in 2013.


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  • darkfox

    Ahhh finally some GAME news

    • Nintedward 3ds wiiu

      Don’t jinx !! or an article will pop up titles ”patches doesn’t think 3 terabytes is enough”

      • Xblade13

        What the heck would you need 3 TERABYTES for?! That’s pretty much every game ever made. I probably won’t need the 32 gigs. I still like having game boxes to show off rather than a list. If I need more, I’ll just get a SD card or 2.

        • Nintedward.

          Exactly !!!

          • TheWholeTruth


          • TheWholeTruth

            3TB is more than enough for a generation or 2.

        • Elite

          I don’t think i will need 8gb from my white wii u pwnt.

          • revolution5268

            At least is not a Sony PlayStation situation (ps3 & vita especially).

        • Xblade13

          I added it up. If you were downloading whole Wii U games, each are 25 gigs. thats about 400 retail games in 1 TERABYTE, 1200 in 3. And thats with full-sized modern games. Gamecube discs maxed at 1.5 gigs, so you could essentially get close to 3000 gamecube sized games.

          You could probably fit the Smithsonian in one of those things. 🙂

          • Basti2k4

            1000GB = 1 Terabyte
            40 x 25 Gigabyte = 1000GB

            120 x 25 Gigabtye = 3 Terabyte

            Don’t wanna disappoint you, but a 3 Terabyte hdd reaches for 120 games (if the game takes 25 Gigabyte).
            But its quite enough, if the HDD prices would drop, you can have a hdd for action games, one for jump & run and so on =)

          • RinkiGaiSou

            There’s no guarantee that the WiiU games are gonna use up all that space. Look back at Wii games such as Wii Sports where, even though the disks were 4.7 GB, the game itself was only a few hundred megabytes. I have 80+ Wii games on an external HDD, and none of them took up the full 4.7gb on the disk. Except SSBB, but that was a double layer DVD. From what I’ve read so far on WiiU games, the only game I see coming close to the disk size limit, is the next Legend of Zelda. All in all, it simply depends on how much developers want to put into their games.

          • Xblade13

            Sorry, it was getting late here. I can’t do math when I’m tired. 🙂

        • eric


      • Thatguywhoslappedyou

        “Patches says that PSvita is better then a Wii U.” I saw a turd on his front porch uhh not mine HEHEHHAAHAHHAHAGUHAHA i have a problem.

      • NightºƒCore

        I’ll probably never get a 3TB. If “never” ever comes, then I won’t be buying games in disc form any more, It’ll be downloading 4ever!

      • LogicalDude

        I remember when the same was said about computers way back. I have over 5TB of HD space and I only have about 300GB left. It’s good to make digital backups of your blu-rays/DVD’s so you don’t run the risk of getting them all scratched up. Helps resale value too.

    • darkfox

      N is taking a risk if the game was not popular enough to make enough $$ to warrent a 2nd and nintendo is paying to get this game out… Come on peeps give em some cred! Not sure how much the 1st made but if it was a ton of $$ no one would have almost let the 2nd die, just saying.

  • Neonridr

    Nintendo goes out of their way to help Platinum Games make the game a reality by partially funding development, and then all the haters out there get angry at Platinum because they won’t release it on other platforms..

    I didn’t see Sony or Microsoft stepping up to save the franchise, so their loss is Nintendo’s gain.

    • Xblade13

      I am wondering, why didn’t they? Did it not sell good or are Sony and Microsoft just dumb?

      • Isaiah

        Didn’t sell well, nearly 2 million which wasn’t bad but not as good as expected. Sega dropped it consequently.

        • Xblade13

          Well, heres hoping 2 will do better with Nintendo. Maybe, if it does good enough, it could spawn more sequels on Wii U, and we’ll get the original as a special edition or something 🙂

          • Nintenlord

            news flash:nintendo rescue mirrors edge 2 mass suicide fallows lolololol

          • theorangefish

            Man I need that game with pro controller gameplay.

      • AKA-Link77

        Lol M & S thot that since it was a good game with game play over graphics they didnt choose it. X}

    • revolution5268

      most of the haters are non nintendo gamers, you know people who are….whats the word, haters on nintendo.

      • theorangefish

        Why am I a Nintendo hater? You’re one of those people who don’t know that I have a wii, a gamecube, a ds, a super nintendo, a stoneage gameboy and a gameboy advance.

        You know there are people who think nintendo isn’t the one and only god and there are other devs with good games.

        You know people who are …… what’s the word? NO FANBOYS!

        • Cameran

          ^Uhhhhh…. epic bashing!

  • Ledreppe

    Well all those PS360 fanboys can just shutup now, cause there wouldn’t be a sequel without Nintendo. Now they must feel really silly with their outburst of Nintendo hate.

    • PSWii60

      Sadly it wont stop them. It doesn’t matter to them that Nintendo saved the game from being canceled. It doesn’t matter to them that Nintendo is both publishing and funding the game. It doesn’t matter to them that some of the developers from Nintendo are helping out.

      To these idiots, just seeing the game come out on a Nintendo console as an exclusive gets them angry. They just plain hate Nintendo no matter what Nintendo does. Its what we call, BLIND fanboys heh.

      I say, Platinum Games should become completely 2nd party to Nintendo (that will show em all haha). Wont happen but would be funny.

      • Sundown77

        I was one of the people that was unhappy with the news that Bayonetta 2 is only coming out for the WiiU, but it had nothing to do with hate for Nintendo. When the news first dropped that it was a WiiU exclusive It was the only thing I heard. We only found out AFTER the uproar that there wouldn’t have been a Bayonetta 2 if not for Nintendo. I’m happy the developers are able to bring the game to light and its a good business move for Nintendo. I’m disappointed because it is unlikely that I will be able to play it. I’m just not sold on the WiiU yet and Nintendo hasn’t done much to get me excited so far. Everyone that was not happy about the news is not just some “idiot” or “fanboy.”

        • Nintenlord

          Yea but those who send kill messages are

          • jon

            why is there people send kill messages over games and games console they really need 2 sort them self out

        • ZombieGuns

          Considering I sold my PS3 to help pay for a Wii U it only makes me feel better whenever I hear about another Wii U exclusive. What makes me feel bad is when I hear about must-play PS3 exclusives like The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls. Wal-Mart still has that 30 day return poilcy right…..because i’m going to have to “borrow” a PS3 console from them.

        • smokeycheese

          @ sundown 77.
          To be fair you are no better or worse off than before then.

        • Mommar

          I don’t understand you people. You say “I really want this game… but Nintendo hasn’t done anything to get me excited.” How about… this fuckin’ game? The one you want, that wouldn’t exist otherwise.

          It’s the same issue with every other Nintendo system. People say, “yeah, that’s cool but…” for every single third party game that’s interesting on a Nintendo console. Then they skip it and consequently third parties stop producing. Then you hate Nintendo for not having third parties. Here’s a game you wanted, you liked the first… they’ve given you a reason to be excited.

      • revolution5268

        Remember the goldeneye wii hate that it got.
        One year later it came for the other systems but got abandon for mw3, so why were they bitching over a game that they are not going to buy?

  • Shankovich

    Nintendo saved this series from a sinking company (I love Sega, just saying). They should just buy Sega so they can rescue Sonic ;_;

    • Shankovich

      I know Platinum made it, just saying. I didn’t see any other company try to do something -_-

    • darkfox

      Poor Sonic…. He does need some Nintendo love bitter rivals turned good friends. But for real I think if Sega partnered with Nintendo great thins would happen best video game companies in the world. They kept each other on their toes the 90’s were never stale. there were sooo many games now a days you can go months with no GOOD game releases. I miss thoes days. EVERY squaresoft game was classic the best consoles ever new ip and tons of games. The downfall of sonic was Sonic 3D and almost every game that came after was sooo bad. Mario works better in 3D Sonic needs to stay 2D. I would love a 3rd person Vectorman, a new toe jam and earl, Phantasy Star Online, Knights unto Dreams, and Ecco just to name a few. Make it so!

      • Kevin White

        New Vectorman — YES!

        • harley dawber

          the day vetorman 3 and shenmue 3 come out, i will be a happy man

          • ax-el

            Yes, i also vote for the release of Shenmue 3, also a continuation of Illbleed, i love this one one of the best survival horror.

          • *.*

            Shenmue! 🙂

    • relo999

      And Shenmue 3, Space channel 5 part 3, Chu Chu rocket and any other fransices started on the dreamcast.

      • Lew3107

        Obviously some people will be annoyed that this isn’t on other consoles because they don’t want to buy a Wii U, but to be fair if Nintendo were the only company to show an interest in reviving the series, then it should be exclusive to them. Had Microsoft or Sony shown a similar interest, it could’ve been exclusive to their console. However, it’s a concern that Sega couldn’t publish it, and whether or not that’s down to financial problems remains to be seen. I fear for them.
        On a related topic, it’s good to see Platinum and Nintendo working well together on Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101. Maybe we can get MadWorld 2 or Vanquish 2 on the Wii U in the future? 😀

        • Whirlwindyoshi

          I loved Mad World. It would be interesting to see the black and white style in HD with high poly models in Mad World 2.(I refuse to say “graphics” anymore)
          Vanquish 2 would also be great.

    • Xblade13

      Sonic being a Nintendo IP would be awesome and ironic. I’ve never played Bayonetta. Is it good and would I have to play it before the sequel? What type of gameplay does it have?

      • Xblade13

        Why do I get thumbs up but no answer?

        • Nintenlord

          Is like a more xtreme devil may cry

          • Xblade13

            That sounds great then.


      And at the same time their killing there own series METRIOD M ANYBODY. Isnt the irony funny

      • darkfox

        I loved Prime and M the games were different and new M did have its…isues but its still a great game, love the art style and graphics were sweet Team Ninja did good bringing it to 2.5D Loved to movies I think everyone just pictured Samus being some sort of killing machine, she is just a girl, she has feelings and emotions, and you just dont see that too often. I wounder How mario and link feel…. probaly somthing like what the F? agin princess!! Stop being so cheap and hire better security!

      • Xblade13

        Firstly, Metroid Other M wasn’t THAT bad, just had questionable story ideas (It would have been better with just Samus and no other humans). If anyone is to blame it’s Team Ninja, not Nintendo.
        The gameplay was good. Also, nobody said that Nintendo gave up on it. It hasn’t been that long since Other M came out. I’m sure one is coming to Wii U or 3DS, possibly with RETRO back on it.
        Bayonetta 2 may end up better than the original. If it is, then I will sit here and LAUGH!

        Your argument is invalid.

        • LUCIFER

          Actually team ninja had another vision but iwata kept pestring and annoying them causing the horrendous storyline. I also think the simplified button scamantics were another deal breaker. You have the evolution of all these buttons that added and improved gaming especially 3d gaming than they go to he nes style of gaming which had no business in 3d perspective. It just felt like the 3d portions i was playing were from festers quest 3d mode. Metriod m felt like it couldve been super metriod but drop the ball. Also i hate the prime series becuase its not meant to be fps leave that to cod. If anyrthing nintendo fatal frame is the one that should get the fps treatment like resident evil

          • darkfox

            ug third person is the worst thing to happen to re!

          • Collected

            The prime series especially the first was considered amazing and a lot of reviewers felt that it went in a great direction that hadn’t really been seen much in FPS or First person adventure. COD, around the time of the original MW brought into the FPS genre a number of interesting ideas, both for multiplayer and into the single player campaign. It deserved the praise and pushed the fps genre forward again. As more and more games were made from a yearly scale, the differences for each game became less (ignoring the single player plot) and the writers seemed to rely on certain shock value for story. So we have the current cultural view of how COD is perceived nowadays and what this has done to the perception of Activision.

            And no COD is not the only way of the FPS, there are many others that exist, do the FPS genre in their own fashion, and hopefully there will be many more. It may not be one of the genres that I play with regularly but I would want their to be diversity of games to play it on.

          • Shankovich

            And too bad Resident Evil isn’t an FIRST person shooter retard lol

          • Mechadestroyah

            This sounds much better than your usual hate driven comments but I feel you have created a bias against yourself. I think people on this site are more likely to give you a thumbs down even if they do agree with some of what you are saying. I can see how you have some valid points but I never got a chance to buy Other M so I didn’t play it.


            You’re both wrong, Iwata had F-all to do with other M (maybe a minor role in production but nothing major) the Story and writing were headed by series creator, Yoshio Sakamoto, so if you had problems with the story or anything he’s the one to blame. And @Xblade13, team ninja only handled the visuals and making the game, the controls and story and everything was done by Nintendo, team ninja just went along with it as a partner in the whole thing. Like I said, Sakamoto wrote Other M and everything was designed by Nintendo. – Just so you know 🙂

          • TheBoldman67

            Cod isn’t the only way of FPS, haven’t you ever played Borderlands?

        • MujuraNoKamen

          Team Ninja only handled the visuals & developing the game. The Story, controls and everything was decided by Nintendo, Team Ninja just went along with it as a partner in the whole thing. Sakamoto wrote Other M and everything was designed by Nintendo. – Just so you know 🙂

      • Nintenlord

        Well nintendoo is getting a series that wasnt doing great but nintendo gave microsoft banjo kazooie,perfect dark and killer instinct and those ips are almost death

      • AKA-Link77

        No1 likes u, get outta here Lucifag!

      • Troll patrol.

        Excuse me sir . You are travelling over the speed limit of 70 trolls per hour .
        I am going to have to issue you a trolling ticket .

        have a nice day sir . this is your last warning .

        • ZombieGuns

          It’s about time the Troll Patrol showed up. Don’t bother with warnings though..

          • Trolling patrol.

            LOL TROLL PATROL. Isn’t that funny.

      • Shankovich

        Their* . Learn how to use the three T’s please. Considering the Prime series was one of the most highly acclaimed video game trilogies of all time, your point is invalid (since Other M was made by a 3rd party). Iwata barely had a hand in Metroid, he was too busy supervising Skyward, not to mention keeping his engineering teams on track for the 3DS and Wii U when other M came out. Ninja failed, and Yoshio Sakamoto-san’s chance at directing failed (he was only a resource for the Prime series, and some of the classics).

        I could go on.

        • Collected

          Also, while metroid: other m did have bad characterization and a somewhat re-used story plot it wasn’t a terrible game; just short of being a good game due to constraints of the gameplay.

          What I refer to is the lack of use for the nunchuck attachment. If it had been included, movement, both in third and first person sequences of the game would have been enhanced, especially first person. Also if they had decided to use the motion-plus wiimote then they could have simulated the arm cannon experience and motion of the Prime games in both third person and first person. This feeling of the controller working (more realistically) as the weapon has enhanced other games that came out after it such as Red Steel 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

          This would have made it a better game in my opinion, just the ability to use both nunchuk + wiimote(motion plus) would have worked wonders. As to story I can only say there were disappointing moments and bad characterization that occurred only because Yoshio Sakamoto didn’t want to destroy the metroid series but make it more appealing to the Japanese market. A move that unfortunately isolated some populations of the western market where it already had quite a good fanbase.

      • Herox95

        Actually, Lucifer, the reason Other M wasn’t that good or didn’t do well in terms of sale was because it was completely different, it’s meant to be a follow-up to Super Metroid, but yeah, I thought it was, but then I found it was BASED on Super Metroid and it’s gameplay. So there you go.

    • PSWii60

      Or at least buy the rights to the IP. Wish Nintendo could buy the Mega Man franchise from Capcom.

    • Nintenlord

      And they should also save poor panzer dragon

  • Johny

    stupid haters raging and threating platinum games for releasing the game on nintendos console… they should ALL know the fact that it wouldnt be a sequel to release without nintendo.
    So its NOT about them NOT getting the game… its about us GETTING it.

  • Cloudkill87

    I stated this to trolls on youtube that the series wouldn’t have even existed without Nintendo, they are such hardcore Nintendo haters they simply said…

    I would have rather see the game not be released, than put on a Nintendo platform.

    Pathetic people have no idea how the world works, they should just get a job and stop using the job centre to buy their games once a month, get a job buy a WiiU and buy this game and get over it, you never know you might just evolve past the need to play hack and slash games like this and play some Zelda and be amazed!

    • Xblade13

      I’m the opposite: I want Nintendo to save as many dying franchises as they can. If they could get Mega Man, Spyro, Crash, and Sonic as well, I would be extremely happy.

      Perfect reason Sonic should go to Nintendo: Sonic Unleashed was better on Wii than PS3, and Sonic Generations is awesome for 3DS.
      Nintendo could make Bayonetta more popular, what with Nintendo having great sales numbers.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        If only Nintendo would buy back Conker and Banjo

      • Cloudkill87

        Oh don’t get me wrong this game is needed on the platform and I wan’t it to come out on the WiiU, it’s just I don’t play these sorts of games anyway as personally I don’t like them, but the way I see it is it’s a way of one track minded people opening up to new things, if they loved the game that much they would buy a WiiU and this game and play it, then hopefully think “well I have the console I might as well try this game”.

        And then realise that they can’t live without the new controller design or realise that yes this is a next gen system, it’s just they was to ignorant to realise it’s a first gen game, and that once developers can get their lazy bums in gear they could make some amazing titles on the WiiU.

  • Dawnofmorning

    Good guy Nintendo


    Okay every time I leave my OPINIONS I get downvoted by Nintendo trolls and I get sent death threats. Someone even said they wanted to decapitate me all becuase I preferred the xbox experiance smh god forbid we have differing opinions. Whats ironic is the only way to be a true gamer is by acknowleding that nintendo is the best of the three and we are obligated to buy their consoles no matter how bad or boring some of their games might be all because they supposly saved the game market smh.A true gamer respect others preferred gaming and Ifind it funny that my uncle died fighting for this countrys right to state opinions no matter what becuase its a free country yet we have nintendo nazis downvoting every differing opinion. My uncle died for ya sins he was a marine. These nazis are out of control and agaisnt this countrys human rights smh. I am a huge nintendo fanboy but yes I think the microsoft experiance cant be beat. You pay for online that prevents hackers and cheaters. Enjoy playing mario kart and such on wii u full of cheaters becuse they refuse to charge for online. If ya tried xbox ya to would relize they are better than nintendo. Funny a real gamer admits their own companies faults and problems and arent afraid to venture out.Real gamers dont obsess over one company as if you owed them your life the irony and hippocrisy is delicious

    • relo999

      I agree with you, but really a manifesto? Really?

    • Zhenya

      just leave. please for the sake of all that is holy please leave, and no idiot would come on a NINTENDO site just to express their own negative opinion about Nintendo.

      • me

        Everyone just ignoe Lucifer. Just downvote and ignore. Don’t even reply to anything he says. Eventually he will get tired and go away.

    • Lew3107

      You’re not helping your case by calling people Nazis, are you?
      And if you don’t want to be downvoted, then work on your delivery because it does sound like you’re pretty biased towards the 360. I own a 360, and I can tell you that paying for live doesn’t stop hackers. Go play GTA IV online and see how many hacked sessions there are at the airport. Play any of the older CoD games and try and find a match that isn’t in a hacked lobby.
      Every company has their merits and their flaws. You may enjoy the Microsoft experience, another may enjoy Sony’s, and another may enjoy Nintendo’s. You can’t force your opinion onto another person.

      • darkfox

        well said! you must know how to think for youself, and not listen to all the BS companies say about each other and thier fans blindly follow. I am a N fan always have and always will. I own a PS3 for MG and RE and GOW and FF. I do not see a point to owning a 360 due to the fact that I can buy all their Exclusives for the PC.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Wii U daily please block Lucifer.

        • JasperPaddlin


    • Neonridr

      Lucifer, a real gamer embraces all that the world has to offer. They aren’t close-minded and only play one system…

    • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

      You calling us Nintendo Nazi? I see more Microsoft Nazis and your one of them. Plus I like your picture, is that you? all chubby?…Your a disgrace. GTFO

    • NesToWiiU

      Fail Troll:Bashes fans,on a their own website.

      • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

        @NestoWiiU. What are talking about. Iam not trolling. Just saying. Sheesh

        • The Detonator

          he was talking about lucifer the fail noob troll

    • Xblade13

      Why are you on WII U DAILY if you prefer MICROSOFT? I don’t go on Microsoft websites to bash them. It makes no sense.

    • NoPUNintendo

      I stopped reading, right when you said your uncle died for your country. You know, maybe some of the people that comment on here, don’t live in the same country as you do? No, your uncle did not die for my sins. And what countrys human rights smh? You should go back to the article about the 5 stupid reasons not to buy the Wii U, and listen to that YouTube video of the Ultimate insult.

      • NightºƒCore

        Those darn A-mericaans…
        1. Since when has every Marine become Jesus O.o (i don’t believe in the concept that he died for my sins, but anyway).
        2. Could’ve sworn it was democracy -.- since when is invading another country and killing every moving thing in sight “Human Rights”?
        3. And why does he keep saying Sydney Morning Herald???

    • Maverick-Hunter

      Xbox live is laggy I’ve watched my friend play assasins creed on it and lose due to lag this also applies to call of duty modern warfare 3 and well pretty much any game especially left 4 dead. My point being this x box live is something that needs to be revamp because, it’s a great idea just needs some touch ups.

      Secondly dude your opinions are so lame if you look up the top 5 revolutions to gaming nintendo has 2-5 while xbox holds #1 reason and it’s not even something huge (online gameplay) it’s something that was going to happen anyway for example if we never had xbox we would still have online thanks to computers.

      Also I think it’s funny how everyone who has an xbox or a ps3 dont know crap about gaming. This is true because if you wanted a system souly for the graphics Then you would have a high performance computer not a ps3 or a 360 which FYI is pretty much half a computer

      • Nintenlord

        Sir xbox have the 1 spot in inovation for having online? Maybethe dreamcast wants his spot back

    • Nintenlord

      Im prety sure even the nazis hate you

    • Trolling patrol.

      Well, leave, speak and don’t come back or like the Big N.

    • Drawin

      A microsoft fanboy trying to talk hate talk on a Nintendo fanboy website

      Yeah, that was totally gonna go well.

    • smokeycheese

      your uncle died so that you could come onto a nintendo website and bitch about how rubbish Nintendo is and how great microsoft is…he would be so proud .

    • smokeycheese

      @ lucifer.. I know this may seem disrspectful but…your uncle died so that you could come onto a nintendo website and bitch about how rubbish Nintendo is and how great microsoft is…he would be so proud .

    • Shankovich

      Even the other trolls on this site don’t agree with you, doesn’t that tell you something?

    • NintendoGamer

      You simply don’t get it, do you?

    • MujuraNoKamen

      “Real gamers dont obsess over one company as if you owed them your life the irony and hippocrisy is delicious”
      Nor do real gamers obsess over insulting one company as if their lives depend on it, because real gamers realize that all of the big 3 have something good to offer. I like Nintendo the most, not because of nostalgia or anything but because they’re the only ones who do anything new, they don’t steal ideas like Sony and MS, they have the best line-up of exclusive franchises and their franchises have more variation than everything else out there & never resort to cashing in on annual released re-hashes.If you like Microsoft more than Nintendo, fine! just don’t bash them for things that aren’t true and don’t try and make us Ninty fans look bad because you’re being an idiot! I must say, “the irony and hippocrisy is delicious”
      Don’t bother coming back until you can at least debate properly about these things, you’re terrible troll – your arguments are so flawed, people are just laughing at the BS you come out with. GO AWAY!

    • Mechadestroyah

      I have never down voted you. You have been condescending and rude. You know you have not only expressed your opinion but also have bashed others interests. Saying something knowing it isn’t true for everyone but suggesting it is, is not a matter of opinion.

  • ZombieGuns

    Another badass Wii U exculsive after ZombieU. You can’t doubt Nintendo’s commitment to older gamers.

  • link 5

    Ah nintendo so Nobel unlike money hog companies like Microsoft or sony

  • Evil Empire


  • zombi

    nintendo+Platinum Games=BOOOOOOOOOOOM
    i think byonetta2 will be best than god of war.i hope that

    • Herox95

      Aww man, I was hoping that a God of War game would come to Nintendo’s Wii U…

  • darkfox

    I see the countdown clock till launch day I am excited and depressed at the same time (depressed cause I cant play it now) I need a flux capacitor, I’m sure I can get one off e-bay!

  • Dan

    Lucifer why u even here??? Oh no news on xbox720 and PS4???? Lol
    Sadly i’ve yet to buy a PS4 because the game there I played since playstation 1 and 2, as for 360?? Im enjoying its online multiplayer,, and my wii is gathering dust since 2009,,,, and Ive pre-ordered my Wii U!!! Yippeeeee yey,,,

    • darkfox

      dust it off and get Xenoblade and last story and LOZ SS you have missed a lot since 2009 bro

  • Dan

    I meant PS3 lolo

  • totesawks

    This is enough reason for me to buy the console alone. Bayonetta is an amazing game. Glad they are sticking to the original formula. If it ain’t broke don’t fix

  • Paul

    so happy for both companies

    the reason why microsoft or sony didnt pick the game up is because the studio isnt for sale

  • CountShaqula

    I cant believe that this actually made people angry. Its pure stupidity, because its just a video game. Its a form of entertainment, and if you get worked up that much over a game. You need help.

    Luckily these people are just a small percentage of gamers. Probably only make up 1/100th of 1 percent. The only thing that draws attention to them is their loud outrageous mouths.

    With that all said. People whining about it not being fair are idiots. If your an actual fan of the series you’ll get the game. As long as all the key people are involved who made the first one so great.

    Did I get mad when Final Fantasy a game who started on a Nintendo platform became a PS exclusive? No, because im a fan. So I got the games. How about MadWorlds follow up Anarchy Reigns coming out for the 360/PS3, and not the Wii? Nope if I like the game ill get it.

    The only series im miffed about is Crash Bandicoot. That was created to be a first party title. So thats way different than third party exclusives. Am I extremely mad about it? Nope. If he ever got a good game again i’d still-life play it.

    I know its hard for shallow idiots to understand, but if your a true fan of a series. You’ll play it. Regardless of if its on your favorite piece of plastic.

    Theres nothing wrong with having preferences, but when you are saying something is unquestionably the best. Your a dumb ass.

    • Maverick-Hunter

      I think it’s great that it’s an exclusive for the wii u now Microsoft and Sony get to feel the butt hurt when wii u gets exclusives an their machines don’t much like the wii.

  • Joesatmoes

    im probably gonna get downvoted 4 this. i respect sony and microsoft, they have good consoles and good games- we all gotta agree. even though sony rips off of nintendo most of the time, i think of them as trying to flatter nintendo through imitation. and microsoft has the best third party support of all three companies, bcuz its a quadrabajillion dollar company, so it can buy them. but nintendo, imo, is the best becuz it is full of inovative ways to play. and with the wii u, it allows players to get those innovative experience from all their awesome first party titles, AS WELL AS amzing third party support, which is as good as, if not bettr than sony’s. and unless the xbox 720 and ps4 are amazingly powerful( which is close to impossible, since theyd sell them at a loss), the 3rd party support can only snowball to be even bettr! i might get beyonnetta 2, but wether or not i do, im glad it is wii u exclusive.

    • Maverick-Hunter

      Dude what are you talking about??? Sony and Microsoft didn’t bring us anything besides clones >.> darksiders assasins creed all clones of prince of Persia call of duty is a clone that’s cloned over and over again god of war is pretty much a clone of kingdom hearts or devil may cry my point being mixing one game with another or simply cloning it doesn’t make it a good game so yes I don’t agree that they brought us “good games”

      • NintendoGamer

        I am sorry, but I disagree with you. God of War CRAPS on Devil May Cry. Call of Duty 4 was a pretty good game and how was God of War a KH clone?

  • Dmonkeyman

    Joesatmoes why did you think you’d get down voted for that comment besides the inconsistent spelling that comment was great

  • Benjaminkno

    Not much news here.

  • bg

    Nintendo helping out that’s awesome!

  • Disciplelicious

    I am a lifelong Nintendo fan and always will be, but I am not excited about this game. After reading the plot, I can’t support it. I’m more for killing demons than angels and I don’t like all the skin in the game.

    • Slackirific

      Considering neither exist. I don’t see why you’d care about killing either. It’s kind of like being against killing a dragon, griffin, or a fairy. They don’t exist. Plus the fact that its a fictional video game. I don’t see the problem.

    • Herox95

      Then get ZombiU. It has undead in it!

  • Melk

    I think you guys should publish these news more quickly…Nintendo Life published it 2 days ago.

    • Melk

      Alright, 1 day ago…

  • Dan

    Both Sony and Microsoft bleeding cash left and right,, both lost 5 BiLLiON this generation and Microsoft lost 4 billion on original xbox,,, i guess they can afford it and give us ultra spec heavy PS4 and 720,,, although ive yet to buy a PS3 :)))))

  • Xblade13

    Perfect company comparisons:
    Nintendo = Disney. Appeals to kids and adults alike. Lots of color.
    Sony = Zack Snyder movies. Very pretty, some awesome, some not so much.
    Microsoft = Michael Bay Transformers movies. Pretty explosions. Lots of guns.

    • Xblade13

      BTW, THAT’S how you troll.

      I just needed some downvotes to bring balance to my question up top getting thumbs up and no answer for a while 😛

      • Herox95

        Sure there you go.

    • D2K

      I would compare Microsoft to WWE. They ‘eat’ smaller companies with potential to become direct competitors. They are also similar in the way that they have forgotten who they are and they spend too much time trying to be everything for everyone instead of concentrating on doing one single thing well. In the process they have lost focus as to what the foundation of their being is supposed to be.

      With WWE this approach has rendered quality professional wrestling virtually non-existent, and with Microsoft this has and is taking them away from core game-play.

      • Xblade13

        I know, I was overexaggerating. I felt like being random rather than logical for a change.

  • TheUNation

    When next year comes, Nintendo & Platinum Games (advised by Sega) will be releasing their 1-2 punch with the highly anticipated sequel to Bayonetta. I’m looking forward to not only the best looking graphics… but also the fluid play control, story, and overall fun factor for an M-rated title.

  • Trev

    I hope this game does well and more mature titles come to the wiiu! ETERNAL DARKNESS 2!

    • Herox95

      How about a game similar to MotorStorm?

      • NintendoGamer


    • Neonridr

      Silicon Knights is on life support, so unless Nintendo is willing to step in and fund the development, I think the chances of seeing a sequel is slim at this point..

  • ei8bitNinty

    Platinum games are so great in Action Adventure… like Bayoneta and MGR[even though it’s release yet but i have faith this company to start a new franchise to this game]. With combined forces to Nintendo, I think it will provide greater things and greater dept to this game. It’s more than an action adventure. Wait and see… ^_^

    • ei8bitNinty

      *it’s not release yet

  • SteampunkJedi

    I’ve never played Bayonetta, but the more exclusives the better!

  • Sergio

    We should be Glad this Beautiful Japanese Game is Coming to U.S. Shores in general. I hate it when they Cencor & change so much of the game when they localize it for the U.S. or just don’t Localize it at all. There are so many good games that are only available in Japan, More people need to open they’re eyes and realize how great a lot of these games are even if they do have a different art style and a whackier sense of humor, we should be Welcoming the Added Variety and Not Shunning them because they’re different. Well, we can only hope……..Leave Luck To Heaven (;

    • Maverick-Hunter

      Yeah it’s called Tank! Tank! Tank!

  • On The Fence

    Just looked into the story did you know despite receiving decent reviews Bayonetta only sold 2 million which for a AAA title was poor resulting in the game being dropped by Sega, the games poor sales made it a risky investment Nintendo’s gambling alot of cash and time in what could be another flop.

  • NightºƒCore

    ALRIGHT, show us some gameplay already man!

  • haha

    I smell some Revengance on a nintendo console

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Man, this game looks beast, man sucks waiting for nov 18

  • Poetry

    I beloved as much as you will obtain carried out right here. The caricature is tasteful, your authored subject matter stylish. nonetheless, you command get bought an shakiness over that you want be turning in the following. sick without a doubt come further beforehand once more as precisely the same nearly very ceaselessly inside case you shield this increase.

  • banacheck

    I’m so glad i got a WiiU for Xmas to be able to play one of the best Hack “N” Slashers out there Bayonetta, i’m also glad to read Bayonetta 2 will stay true to the original (Bayonetta). Bayonetta is an excellent game and i’m sure it will do well on the WiiU, i know it’s a day one buy for me I hope Bayonetta comes the WiiU also.

  • 3DSFlo

    I am getting this and Pikmin 3!