Sep 13th, 2012

Nintendo just announced that Bayonetta 2 will be coming to the Wii U in the future, and will be exclusive to the console. Bayonetta 2 is being developed by Platinum Games, and published by Nintendo themselves. The original Bayonetta was a hack-n-slash action game released in 2009 in Japan, and 2010 in the rest of the world. The third person game follows a witch called “Bayonetta”, who can shapeshift and use both ranged and melee weapons to take out enemies. This is Japanese developer Platinum Game’s second Wii U title, the first one being “Project P-100”, which has been renamed to “The Wonderful 101”. Bayonetta 2 will be a Wii U exclusive and launch sometime in 2013.

Bayonetta 2 Wii U

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  • NintendoWizard


  • Fresnokila

    Nintendo might as well buy them ha!

    • just NINTENDO

      nintendo fans+me=yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh
      microsoft and sony,s fans=nooooooooooooooooooooooooo
      micro and sony=bwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa

  • Ash


  • Macarony64

    My first heart attack came from this

    • Nintedward

      Mine came when the video player was refusing to play the conference properly , I nearly Fus Ro Dah my pc screen (put fist through)

      • Macarony64

        Lol my cellphone pull it of i though it could not do it buw i saw it whit a bit off lagg

      • DR. spankalot

        congrats! only one dislike xD


  • macabre6

    I was overall disappointed in the press conference, but THIS and Rayman Legends is a dealmaker, I really liked the original Bayonetta, so I have to play this.

    • WaveRacer

      We obviously didn’t watch the same press conference.

  • Mikey

    Day 1 purchase for me…hell, WiiU can potentially be the snes of the 21th century

  • AZHood

    Enjoyed the first Bayonetta, and I can’t wait for Bayonetta 2.

  • Nintedward

    I personally am blown away by wiiu !!! Absoloutly amazing!!! , litteraly the best console i have ever seen .
    The Durango and ps4 have no room in my life (at least until they are cheap) .

    Wiiu will dominate !!!!

    • Shulololol

      Dito Edward…..dito… πŸ™‚

    • Nintedward

      what did i like (and don’t say there was no news!!!)

      Capcom 3 ultimate with features that are better than ps3>vita cross play.
      Bayonetta 2 exclusive
      COD running at 1080p 60fps in 2 screens at once
      NSMBU looks awesome!!! with what has been unveiled
      The price is perfect!!!
      007 legends
      Great UK/euro Nov30th release date.

      It’s the perfect games console . It does everything !!!

      The winner for me , is the ability to Use a 3ds on a wiiu!!!!
      if you have a copy of monster hunter 3 ultimate for 3ds you can link it up to wiiu (localy) and play the same game together . Unbelievable .
      It’s huge news , and i bet scribblenaughts has the same feautures!!!

      • Nintedward

        wait did I say ‘capcom 3’ instead of ‘Monster hunter 3’. ooops

        • Collected

          I thought Monster hunter 3 was already out, or is this a HD version

          • Bb


          • bearmon2010

            Pay attention:

            Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a brand new Wii U. Look at “Ultimate” in the title ? Its brand new HD game. πŸ™‚

    • TheUNation

      NINTENDOMINATION, I tell ya…

    • Mr.Chimera573

      Don’t you mean Wii will dominate U? *Shades break due to terrible joke*
      No kidding though, the Wii U is gonna be awsome!

  • Mida

    So much breaking news!

  • Robert

    This is freak in awesome!!!!

    Kinda sucks if you’re only a Microsoft or Sony fan because the first game was a multi-plat and now its a Wii U exclusive!!


    I played the first one, and it was fun. I am kinda shocked that this is an WiiU exclusive, but I am not hating on it at all, and I KNOW MANY PS360 USERS ARE GOING BE MAD IT IS ONLY COMING TO THE WiiU, hahahahaha!!!

    • Macarony64

      Is about time we got something they envy apart of the nintendo games

    • Matthewmc685

      Every where I go people are hateing the Wii U because of this exclusive. (and we only just found out) There so jely but now I can play this and thay can’t!

      • bearmon2010

        No, they can always buy 2nd console. What’s wrong with that ? They are just immature and baby. Nothing to do with jealous. They are just complaint. They need to grow up!

  • Kahhhhyle

    Huh… Well I doubt anybody could say they for saw that coming haha

  • darkmanext

    this just made the wiiu a must buy for me. Day one.going to gamestop after work to drop the whole 350 plus tax for premium.

  • Andrew

    When the bullets said fly I was like OMG is it Bayonetta? As bullets travel I came to the realization it was Bayonetta. Then is this Bayonetta or Bayonetta 2? When it was revealed that it was Bayonetta 2 and that it was a wII u exclusive I fainted.

    • Andrew

      started not said

  • Whirlwindyoshi

    Sega published the first and Nintendo swooped in and took the second, fantastic!

  • NintendoGamer

    Wait.. That means… Vanquish 2 for the Wii U??!

  • GodBody

    Pre-ordered….tree-fiddy model

  • Gamer

    Nice to see SEGA and Nintendo working hand in hand. This is niceand wonderful all in one.

    • Melk

      Uh, Nintendo and SEGA are not working together.
      Platinum is developing the game, Nintendo is publishing it (and probably giving da money)

      • Anon

        There is a Sega logo in there.

  • ax-el

    I feel this game is an exclusive not because Nintendo want it only for Wii U, i feel this game to be exclusive because PS360 can’t support it, come on, it’s only the beginning of the new console and must show us not only a great innovation, also must beats without a doubt the current generation consoles IMO.

  • The incredible sandwich

    I just got hard

  • Lamsaturn

    I wonder if we could see Bayonetta in Smash since Nintendo is publishing this? I very much so doubt it since Bayonetta wouldn’t fit in terribly well, but hey, they put in Snake. Anything can happen.

  • SteampunkJedi

    The Wonderful 101? I liked Project P-100 better. Maybe it’s because it was the name I likened the game to. I’ve never heard of Bayonetta, but it looks as if it could be quite fun. And more exclusives!

  • mario is epic

    i got 1000 gamerscore 4 bayonetta and i enjoyed every LAST BIT and I AM F*****G PUMPED F**K YEH

  • LolWatTurtles

    What most people aren’t getting is there wouldn’t even BE a sequel to Bayonetta without Nintendo. Platinum wanted to do Bayonetta 2 obviously but apparently something with the publisher, which was Sega, said no. So Nintendo took it into their hands to pay to publish it for them.

    • LolWatTurtles

      Plus I would also like to point out Microsoft and Sony obviously had the opportunity as well with Nintendo to try and publish it, maybe even get it as an exclusive for them. But Microsoft and Sony never took that opportunity to bring a sequel to a game a lot of people obviously liked. Nintendo made a fucking amazing move with this.

  • Super Sonic128

    Very impressive on Nintendos part.

  • Brandon

    I’m glad Sega is no longer publishing the game, I had the original before on PS3 (waiting for a PSN copy for the first one to rebuy it), they wouldn’t have intended on making a sequel most likely. So this is good. Love the game, although the story needs work.

  • Mr.Chimera573

    Bayonetta was great. Right when you thought it ended, there was yet ANOTHER epic boss to fight. And they do it to you TWICE! Here’s to hoping for another amazing trick-storyline and epic bosses!


    epic nerdgasm

  • Baxter

    ShE LoOkS So SeXy!!!!!!!

  • Abraham C

    Β Is there going to be a Wii U port for the first one ? with the title “Bayonetta 2” lots of Wii U owners will wonder about the first one, including me :p