Aug 6th, 2012

Back at E3 2011, one of the game showcased during a Wii U trailer by Nintendo was Battlefield 3. Which of course more or less confirmed a Battlefield 3 game in development for the Wii U. That was back then. We haven’t heard anything concrete for more than a year, other than developer DICE saying they “see potential” in the Wii U.

Battlefield 4 Wii UNow our source from EA tells us that EA and DICE did in fact start working on a Battlefield 3 Wii U version with help from EA Canada, testing out the possibilities with the GamePad controller. However, that project was shelved when EA and Nintendo had a feud regarding Origin’s integration on the Wii U. This supposedly happened in late 2011, and the team that worked on the Wii U version of BF3 was merged into the team that is currently working on Battlefield 4. Battlefield 4 was confirmed a few weeks ago and will be coming in 2013.

According to our sources, the Battlefield 4 team is now working on the Battlefield 4 Wii U version concurrently with other editions and will be a “straight port” with touchscreen controls. Most of these touchscreen controls and features are said to be available on other platforms as well (Xbox 360 SmartGlass etc.). It’s unknown whether the team is also working on next gen systems. Our source also told us that the Battlefield 4 name is not final and might change in the future.

Battlefield 4 is expected to launch in Fall 2013, with a beta release sometime in the Spring.

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  • PS360Wii

    Wow, EA really starting to suck even more. Nintendo does not give you full control of Nintendo’s network (to force everything through EA’s crappy Origin), so in return you half-ass ports, cancel games, and now pretty much confirm Battlefield 4 will be a straight port with tacked on tablet controls.

    Its like a spoiled brat not getting their way.

    • Link100

      I rather have a straight port than no port at all.

      • BluChuChu

        I’d rather have no game than a really crappy version of it. I’d be happy if Nintendo decided to just cut all ties with EA.

        • zam

          this is gonna be sic i cant wait! but it bums me out that the wii u is coming in december in europe heh but who cares right.

    • AKA-Link77

      Rated “B” for “Butthurt”.

    • Oii

      this is coming from the same guy who posted the fan fiction rumor about EA origin vs. Nintendo. haha I really enjoy reading them though, even if it’s not true, reading about video game industry drama is too juicy to resist.

    • Nintendonoob

      I KNOW!!! Like last generation of gaming systems they focused on the Ps3, Xbox, and Pc titles and they didnt make a game for the Wii. I dont care if it will have reduced graphics I believe that the Wii version would be better on the Wii because the controls are gonna be more precise. There are lots of hard-core games on the Wii! But NOOOOOOO EA focuses on the other systems because they think better graphics will be a better system… WRONG!!!! When the Wii U comes out it will have all these exclusive titles and then Phony and Microsofty fan boys will be like “oh my gawd the Wii U has all these exclusive title maybe I should switch to Nintnendo… NAH!!! *fap fap fap*)
      Like the commercial from the 90’s…
      GET N OR GET OUT!!!!!

    • loko34

      Battlefield 4 canceled. cooking Battlefield is coming.

  • Mid-core Gamer

    Well this is great news, instead of getting a old game ported we’ll get a new game ported, but I wonder if any other games from EA have been canceled do to that Origin’s integration feud on the Wii U (I’m glad that Nintendo didn’t allow it).

  • Kirbo99

    Hell yes! Definitely want to see how the Gamepad is used! 😀

  • Kirbo99

    Define “straight port”…? Does that mean no compatibility with the Pro controller?

    • jman4102

      straight port is when a game from a series is added it has nothing to do with the controller but with the games availability on the console

    • gPadWatcher

      Game Pad ONLY. Experience it!!!!

    • JamesD

      Define straight port? Uh, it’s not a gay port?

  • 3dsguy

    they could add alot more ideas than wot they can with crap fart gas sorry i mean smart glass and as for not porting battlefield 3 ur losing sales. looks like i will be buying more ubisoft games at the moment then.sort urself out ea

  • 3dsguy

    games should be ported from wii u now it has more power than the others y would i want a straight port from ps an xbox when it could be loads better if made for wii u from ground up. ur losing my respect more an more every day make an exclusive for wii u and all will be forgot.

    • Kirbo99

      Do you not realize Battlefield is more of a PC franchise than a console one? -.-

      • Neonridr

        lol, I’d love to see the sales of Battlefield 3 on PC versus the 360 or PS3 and then you can tell me it’s a PC franchise..

        • Marmor

          It’s a PC franchise because it was “born” on the PC. Crysis is another PC franchise that later got ported to the consoles. Sales have no real weight if you look at the roots.

          • gearchin

            COD was born on the pc also, sad its better hyped on consoles. BF is a pc franchise, sucks dice was bought by EA, once BF is done getting milked ea will kill off dice.

  • alex

    Mmmmmmm….I like Wii u but this look again like nintendo is geting screw again

    • Mechadestroyah

      Nintendo is getting screwed when developers don’t want to make games for their systems. I don’t understand how getting the same game as everyone else is the same as getting screwed.

    • Nintendonoob

      Nintendo is not getting screwed. I mean look at the launch title! there are tons of games for it and alot of exclusives and they made an innovative controller that you can play the game only on it. They are gonna have an amazing online with MiiVerse and Nintenedo Network. They are bringing the Wii U experience all around America so people can get familiar with the Wii U and people love it. Heh and you say that Wii U is getting screwed… looks like your getting pwned and screwed!

  • trainerblk

    Wow how. Childish a company be, just because nintendo didn’t want your cr*ppy origin to shole there system is no reason to cancel a game that people have been talking about since wii u been announced instead of being a cry baby, about nintendo. Don’t want origin, think why they don’t want it & fix the reason if it matter so much. to cancel a game becausee your not hurting nintendo but yourselves

    • tman431

      thats how buisness works hit em in the wallet and thats what ea is doing

      • trainerblk

        they hitting themselfs in the face this is the most idiotic thing i heard ea did so far (ok lets not make battlefield 3 for the wii u because nintendo don’t want are origin, instead let don’t get extra profits & make battlefield 4 on wii u next year yea that will show nintendo) don’t get me wrong i like battlefield but its no system seller

  • gPadWatcher

    Battlefield 4 for the Wii U in 2013… HELL YEAH!!! Despite the controversy of Wii U games from EA Sports, Electronic Arts have given what Nintendo gamers want– a brand new Battlefield title. Let’s hope that Frostbite 2.0 can handle the power of the U and make Epic Games’ Unreal 4 green with envy.

  • 3dsguy

    oh look a troll dislike my comment so u r saying u want ur games ported from ps an xbox ur crazy or dumb.

    • Kirbo99

      Goddamn… if you’re trying to look all professional, I suggest looking at your grammar.

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    • FaJar

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  • Nate

    The beta was already confirmed to take place in the fall of 2013, just like bf3.

    • CyanRam

      Since they mentioned that Battlefield 4 may not be it’s official name, I’m thinking it could be either a Bad Company game, or maybe a 2142 sequel?

      Oh and.. Let’s go I-STATE! 😛

      • Nate

        I took that as it could have additional words in the name like COD 4 “Modern Warfare.” It would be fucking awesome if it was actually BC3.

        Since you mention it, im actually posting this driving past jack trice right now LOL.

        • CyanRam

          Played the heck out of BC2. I’m hoping that’s what it is because it’s definitely too soon for a BF4 in my opinion..

          What a small world it is. haha. Wth is a hawkeye fan doing in cyclone country? hah jk. Lookin forward to the school year.

    • Chris

      A virus for pc is simple to get rid of, a virus for mac you have to take to a coepmtur pile, let the pile look at all of your confidential information, look at your hard drive and then they can see what you have looked at and pluse there is a virus for mac that will blow it up, it happend to my friend’s mac. It is simple to get rid of a virus off of a pc, but not a cut of shit mac

  • Thrasher 1x

    battlefield is becoming like call of duty WTF no

  • SuperShyGuy

    Well the “straight port” doesn’t raise an eyebrow.

    The similar to the 360 Smart Glass part does. It’s like they are trashing the Game Pad idea now. Trying to make look as it is nothing special. Even though 360 users will have to switch back and fourth from controller to iPad to use the same features.

  • 3dsguy

    it would be nice if ea just made a fresh game for wii u ports are all good but something new and fresh would be good

  • Maverick-Hunter

    I want a game made from scratch for the wii u and well it looks like I’ll be putting my money on whatever capcom brings to the table because, ubisoft seems to only bring point and shoot games and god knows I’m sick of those. While EA has never even made a game that hits my I gotta have it list, so honestly I can careless what EA does or cries about at this point.

  • BananaPwnz

    pissed off much EA?

    • Mass Effect fan

      EA loves to pissed off gamers.

  • Lord Carlisle

    Okay, correct me if I’m wrong, but what I gather is…

    EA got mad because Nintendo refused to run its online services through Origin (a ridiculous demand) and stopped Battlefield 3 from being on the Wii U and is blocking innovation from Battlefield 4… Not sure if I’m right, but I think I’m on track.

    GEEZ! It seems like EA has it out for Nintendo!

    • JC

      They are a bunch of cry babies, I’m glad that the big N refused to use that stupid Origin thing.

  • Paul

    loving the wii u battlefield game next year

  • Galaxy

    Is the Battlefield franchise an exclusive to whatever platform or is it on multiple platforms?

    Straight port? Can someone define that please?

    In the end is this a good thing or a bad thing?

    • Paul

      no it started of on pc at the start and over the years has been developed on the pc, xbox 360 and ps3

      it will be a port from the other consoles along with input features on the wii u tablet

      its good because i used to love shooter games but now due to glitchers and hackers ill go on for a few hours a week

  • TurtlePowa

    I think they were being lazy with the console and are trying to discover its potential now maybe…Like getting as much as they can out of it…I also think Ea is the laziest company I’ve seen in a while holy crap..They put no effort into anything and expect millions in their pockets , screw that.

  • TheBoldman67

    Actually guys strait port means that they just put it on a Wii U diskand change buttons, so it’s most likely not to use the gmepad capabilities instead, and the Wii U pro controller has the same buttons, so it will work on that too.

  • Mr. W

    Just to clear it up for everybody… Straight port is referring to the Wii U version being identical (for the most part) to the Xbox 360, PS3, or other versions of the game. Kind of like how COD is pretty much identical on the Xbox 360 and PS3. It’s disappointing because that means little to no added functionality to take advantage of the Wii U’s unique controlls. It is kind of vague though because there is no comment on if that means there will be no graphical differences between consoles (like if the Wii U is more powerfull than 360 and PS3, will they make it look better?) as well as what the touch screen controls add or maybe don’t add to the experience on both Wii U and Smart Glass.

    • Neonridr

      The only thing I could see happening is the game running in a higher resolution NATIVELY rather than being unconverted or simulated like on the PS360. But the straight port leads me to believe they will just recycle textures, models and engine settings rather than tweaking them to take advantage of the extra power… Shame because EA used to be a good company..

  • pach

    Don’t even care about this shit, the last good EA game i played was Alice and then i gave up.

  • Raul

    On this whole “straight port” controversy, it doesn’t really mean anything at all. Especially if it’s being released on the same date as all the other consoles. It’s just a multi-platform game unless Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 for the 360 and PS3 were ports of each other.

    A port is Arkham Asylum or Mass Effect 3, a multi-platform game is Battlefield 4 or Aliens: Colonial Marines.

    And I doubt DICE, the people working on Battlefield 4 aren’t gonna work on truly giving a fresh experience using the GamePad; They will try because they want $$$$$. That fresh experience can convince some people to drop $60 on a game.

  • MR.nintendo

    i wanna a battlefield for wii u and i wanna it NOW

  • PKUltima

    This a damn shame, well it doesn’t effect me because I swore never to play another shooter again, but this is going to give the impression that the Wii-U is “weak”. But I’m glad that they didn’t call off the port of ME3 on the Wii-U because I just borrowed ME2 from my friend a couple of days ago and it’s amazing.

  • tekkentagU

    and EA wonders why people don’t like them. does anyone remember when IGN ran an article a couple weeks ago that was like “we don’t know why people dislike EA, they’ve done nothing to deserve all the bad rep they’re getting”

  • Hi8us

    At this point EA isn’t gong to take advantage of the Wii U at all so why would I buy EA games. I don’t think anyone should buy any EA game. Send them a message that this garbage won’t float with the gamers.

  • GirlGamer

    MANN this is ßùll shít. I love battlefield and i Don’t like Hearing rumors about it. how bout me coming and kicking rumor makers áss. MANN battlefield Sick. i might be a girl but i am still a gamer. ONE things 4 sure is that i hate ßùll Shít

  • Daemonrunner

    “Straight port” = meh, who is surprised. EA is essentially a straight port company anyways.

    I love how this article mentions a “feud”, when in reality it went down more like this:

    Nintendo: We are looking to make our networking capabilities better for all developers and users.
    EA: We’ll run it completely with Origin
    Nintendo: No.
    EA: But we are EA and we know what we are talking about.
    Nintendo: We are Nintendo, we have been around since 1889 and I said “better for all” not “better for you”.
    EA: Please?
    Nintendo: No.
    EA: Fine all you will get is ports!
    Nintendo: My heart bleeds. Thank you for your support.
    [EA leaves]
    Nintendo: Douche.
    [3DS on table prints money]
    Nintendo: Another 3DS XL sold!

    • weegeeFTW

      Haha… Loved the last part XD
      I’ve lost respect for EA after this, they’ll suffer for this, those lazy and selfish assholes D:<

    • gearchin

      FUNNY post , thanks for the laugh.

  • Prime

    EA u mad bro?

  • Wii Uoops Sucks

    Battlefield 4 for the Wii U in 2013… HELL YEAH!!! Despite the controversy of Wii U games from EA Sports, Electronic Arts have given what Nintendo gamers want– a brand new Battlefield title. Let’s hope that Frostbite 2.0 can handle the power of the U and make Epic Games’ Unreal 4 green with envy.

  • AwayToHit

    Not much of an issue since battlefield is always abysmal outside of PC anyway.

  • Paul

    if you dont like the milatery shooter games dont them them and leve them upto the big guys and girls

  • TheBoldman67

    YES!!! Battlefield 4 ftw! I love Battlefield and is probably the best EA franchise, and this time I don’t even have to buy a PS3 to play it.

  • leo

    hmm EA…. im losing respect for you bro


    BF3 is a great game if anyone has played it on PS360. I am very disappointed that it won’t be coming to the WiiU. BUT BF4, I can deal with that for sure and will buy it for the WiiU and it will look and play great on it…

  • Ashi

    Really EA? Dont make me call Freddie Wong to break into your HQ and announce all your secret projects again. Don’t mess up

  • Joyous Killer

    Freddie Wong! ROTFL!!!!

  • Rebbeca

    Definitely don’t modify nintendo 3ds xl in midstream lol 😀
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  • ssb4

    Cool plan of getting Battlefield four for Wii U