Apr 19th, 2013

Batman Arkham Origins Logo

As the Batman Arkham series of games goes back to explore the Origins of the character, we have perhaps the most twisted and frightful villain in the Batman lore joining the cast as the main antagonist. Roman Sionis is the Black Mask, the man behind Janus Cosmetics with undeniable wealth and power. Sionis is reported as the biggest player in gangs in Gotham and for the sake of story in Batman: Arkham Origins, Sionis hires a myriad of killers to take down Batman on Christmas Eve.

According to narrative director Dooma Wendschuh, “it’s basically Batman’s worst nightmare.” Sionis originally showed up in the comics in 1985 and his twisted rage stems from his parents, whom he eventually murders. Sionis crafts the Black Mask from his father’s casket, which eventually becomes fused permanently to his face after Batman attempts to save him from a fire.

Creative director Eric Holmes weighs in on the villain’s background:

“His thing is torture. That is what gets his rocks off. And he’s really good at it.”

Batman: Arkham Origins will be available October 25th on Wii U.

[via Game Informer]


    I wonder if we be able to see the Joker fall into the chemical pit for the first time

    • If Joker is in the game, and its the same voice actor from Injustice I will cancel my pre order… He sounded so freaking stupid. It completely takes away from the game and the character. I would rather have the 1960’s version… or no Joker than have that guy do the voice again.

      • Trenton Quick

        Yeah, I agree. I hope Mark Hamill voices again!

        • Laud

          He’s too old and he’s retired.

          He said he’d only do the role again if they were making an animated movie or if they were doing ‘The Killing Joke’.

          • NkoSekirei

            yea right dude hes old enough to voice the joker and he didnt say he completely done with joker just taking a long break

          • Zombie Boy

            DC Animated ARE discussing doing The Killing Joke after the success of The Dark Knight Returns.

          • Trenton Quick

            What about the guy who voiced the LEGO Batman 2 Joker? I liked him…

      • Laud

        Yeah it’s pretty bad isn’t it?

        Oh well..

  • bizzy gie

    Is Black Mask that mysterious villian I’ve seen in Teen Titans.

    • NkoSekirei

      all i want is to play deathstroke in arkham origins enough said and hope ron pearlman voice him like he did on teen titans perfect voice for deathstroke/slade

    • Zombie Boy

      I think that’s Slade aka DeathStroke. Watch the animated film ‘Batman: Under the red hood’ to see Black Mask.

      • Guest

        Oh. Let me ask another question. Raven and Cyborg are Titans now. They were teen Titans. I don’t know why Robin was excluded from the roster (he would pwned so hard). Does this mean Beastboy and Starfire are apart of the DC Universe as well (are there adult versions of them too?) or are they only seen in Teen Titans?

        • bizzy gie

          There are adult versions of both of them. Beastboy’s real name is Garfield and Starfire’s real name is Kariad’r.

  • Ducked

    Something new is good

  • The_fuzz_buzz


  • Petri

    They should give more villains to play with on different challenge modes, like on Asylum with Joker.