Jun 3rd, 2013

Batman Arkham Origins Logo

It looks like Wii U owners aren’t done getting the shaft when it comes to DLC just yet. When it was announced that Batman: Arkham Origins will include Deathstroke DLC as a pre-order bonus, many were happy that the Wii U seemed to be getting in on the action. However, at the bottom of that announcement, a small bit of text stated: “Not available for all platforms.” Warner Bros. has confirmed that the Wii U is that platform.

The press release related to the announcement states:

“Fans who pre-order the game for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 3 system or Windows PC will receive exclusive early access to the Deathstroke pack.”

Warner Bros. Interactive has been one of the better third-party publishers when it comes to releasing games on the Wii U, so it’s disheartening to see that important DLC like this will not be made available. The real question here is what is making DLC such a problem for publishers. Has Nintendo created an eShop policy that isn’t conducive to DLC or do third party publishers feel like there’s not enough of an install base to warrant DLC?

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  • Honestly I couldn’t care less. I hate DLC. I don’t get where any company has the nerve to make you pay $60 for half a game and another $30-$60 or more for the rest of it. It’s a scam that people have been buying into for so long that game makers think it’s ok. When it’s not.

    • D.M.T

      I hate DLC too but here’s the thing you need to understand: we Nintendo fans deserve to get every DLC that other gamers are getting. Even if you won’t buy the DLC, you still need to care that we aren’t getting it because other Nintendo fans want the DLC and they deserve DLC.

      I don’t care if Wii U has a small install base, show us the same amount of love that the other gamers get or fuck off. I do not tolerate being treated differently than other gamers.

      If you’re gonna put the game on Wii U then do it right. If you dont want to give us DLC then don’t port the game to Wii U.

      • Archiq09

        DLC is good for games as Elder Scrolls, Fallout, FPS is it have more thing… but dlc have usual to be small for 10-15$ ….

        for me a dlc for 15$ it’s exemple a elder scrolls: new aventure in Skyrim nation+more weapons and armor+improvement in gameplay

      • I understand that and agree that it should be available to those who do want it. I also agree that if the Wii U isn’t going to get the same treatment as the others, then why bother releasing it on that platform at all?

        But it still doesn’t matter to or affect me personally. Simply because I hate DLC weather it’s free or not.

      • I agree 100%. I said the same thing almost word for word to the Netherrealm on twitter about Injustice not having DLC. I’m one of the gamers out there that like DLC. So treat Wii U the same as the other consoles. Don’t know why every game worth while from 3rd parties are doing this. Maybe they want to see how much we complain to measure the fan base. Don’t know but I believe in equal rights.

      • Bloop

        Hey it’s D.M.T from WNZ. Anyway yeah I agree that DLC should be on all the consoles. Personally, I dont hate DLC, I just hate how it is handled sometimes. DLC that is made AFTER the game launches is great because it’s great to have more content for a game you love. However, it is when things are pulled from the game just to be paid DLC. And to your point Wii U fans/owners should be annoyed when we don’t get the same DLC because even if you aren’t going to buy it a lot of people would and if they know they can’t get it, then they would buy it on a different console, further making publishers believe that their games won’t sell on Wii U, furthering the lack of proper support for third party games on Wii U.

      • Arthur Jarret

        They… deserve the DLC???

        Sorry, sir – but your choice of wording is quite poor in my opinion.
        The 15 million children that die of hunger every year deserve food and water.

        The wii u users WANT to have the dlc, even if they don’t buy it – to feel like their system is treated equally to systems with a huge install base, but the install base is currently too low to make the effort of porting the DLC and supplying codes specifically to work with the eshop worth it. It’ll happen to PS4 and X1 too

        • D.M.T

          Nice try but I don’t agree with you. Nintendo fans deserve the same treatment that other console gamers are getting. What makes you think a PS3 gamer should get and I shouldn’t? Don’t give me an incomplete game and expect me to buy it for 60 dollars.

          Not only do we want it but we deserve same treatment. I don’t care how small the install base is, they chose to port the game to Wii U, no one forced them so we should get DLC too or else don’t bother porting the game to Wii U. It will not happen with PS4 because developers love that console. They will give PS4 DLC even if the install base consists of half a million gamers. If they won’t give Wii U full support (game + DLC) then I won’t truly support them either.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Sorry that I’m only jumping on this bit – but… With your last statement you are posting the eternal chicken and the egg situation – which is one of the reasons we don’t have flying cars yet.

            Why fully develop something if it’s not selling yet vs. why buy something that’s not fully developed yet?

            Okay, here’s my opinion:
            PS4 and X1 – all they have at this point are promises.
            Like Nintendo and their previous efforts – many of their promised functions likely won’t work yet on day one. This includes their online stores… which will almost be empty on day one, as they have no BC with previous PSN/Live titles.

            Most likely, like Nintendo now – their procedure to handle gifting / dlc codes won’t be outlined right off the bat, which will cause a similar delay or lack of DLC.

            Problem is that – by then, main development will have focused entirely on these platforms. This’ll mean there won’t even be any day one Pre-order DLC for early releases on the two other next gen consoles. (and it’ll likely won’t be developed for the wii U either)

      • Reid Foster

        i agree completely if you want other people to buy your game then give us the real deal i hate that so many games are leaving out the wii u even though it has a great concept/idea and great potential

    • Potemkin

      And that is the reason why you won’t get the DLC’s 🙂

    • ancientgamer

      you do realize this dlc is from a preorder bonus and is therefore free right?

    • greengecko007

      There are definitely companies that abuse DLC to release unfinished games (FF 13-2) and later add on to the story. But most popular games now, like CoD, Battlefield, Skyrim, and even Mario use DLC as a way for developers to make extra money on a game that is already completed. The DLC for these games is not essential in any way to enjoy the full experience of the game.

    • TheUnBiasedGamer

      Your opinion. But this can scare away lots of potential Origins Wii U buyers.

  • They’ll be a GOTY edition later on down the line with everything included for a lower price, just like Arkham Asylum and City.

    • Instead of receiving Deathstroke, the Wii U will receive Waluigi’s DLC

      • Geoffrey Tasker

        ….I am ok with this…

  • Dimitra Giorgiou

    i just read somewhere that we will get that dlc

  • Elem187

    The install base isn’t there is my guess.

    But do they really expect me to purchase this game knowing I wont be able to get all the content? I guess I’ll rent it instead.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    it just didn;t mention the wii u that doesn’t mean it won’t have it wait for official conformation that we won’t get it. this is the injustice pre-mature whistle blowing all over again.

    • kenny Johnson

      Agreed. And it says, “will receive exclusive early access to the Deathstroke pack.” That doesn’t exclude later access on the Wii U.

    • That’s what this article is about, it was said by the publisher no DLC on Wii U. But not to say once people from the Wii U community complain enough that they might change their minds & come out with it like Injustice, which we haven’t received yet. It’s already summer Netherrealms!

  • D.M.T

    If it doesn’t get DLC then I won’t buy it. I don’t care about DLC at all but if other consoles are getting it then Wii U should get it too.

    I don’t care if the install base is small, give us DLC like the others or don’t port the game to Wii U. I have zero tolerance for things like these.

  • Gosh.Warner Bros.You are giving a DLC to Scribblenauts,but to this…Make a real decision,not to say,”We are releasing “that” for “that”.” And after some time, “We are not releasing “that” for that” on “that” platform.”

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Note that the other versions just get early access for pre ordering there is still a chance

  • Jeff

    Well. It says exclusive EARLY access. Doesn’t that USUALLY mean what it says. Perhaps it will still come around for Wii U. Whatever though…I don’t even own the game…I still like my Wii U though…

  • Petri

    What are the sources for this?
    Every retailer in my country claims pre-orders comes with the DLC.

    Dont know if this picture is photoshopped, or where they got it

    They could be wrong too, would not be the first time.
    But either way, don’t care about DLC’s that doesn’t really add to the game.

    • Sidney Majurie

      They claimed the same crap for Injustice on Wii U. I’m still waiting on my Red Sun DLC…

      • Petri

        Who did, and where?
        My preferred retailers didnt offer anything for Injustice.
        Some shady ones might offer anything for pre-order.
        One Nordic/Scandinavian retailer is offering all kinds of cr*p.

        Just about any game ever rumored.

        But still, I’ll wait and see. If they get cheap on us, I wont be buying this particular DLC.

        • Sidney Majurie

          Gamestop. Got me all hyped for preoder DLC bonus and when I went to pick up the game they just shrugged their shoulders…

          • Petri

            Gamestop here is just sad.

            Sure they’re “the largest” game store in here too.

            But their web site here doesnt really do anything, their stores are lame, they overcharge and sells used games for same price as new.

            So I dont go to our Gamestops.

            But yes, retailers word is not final.
            And I dont know where our retailers got this information, since every one of my preferred retailers claims it will include this DLC.
            I’ll just wait for official announcements.

  • There seems to be some inconsistency here. Anyone get confirmation from WB Games? Some sites have a picture of the Wii U version with the Deathstroke DLC sticker and others do not.

    This site says the DLC is coming

    I have already contacted WB Games on their facebook page and and through email expressing that I hope the rumors of the DLC are not true.

    Either way I have the game pre-ordered for Wii U so I guess we will find out what is really going on then. Hopefully before.

  • ancientgamer

    small install base or not, they are just being lazy, games dictate install base so if you just put out a half ass copy of a game dont expect many ppl to pick it up, most gamers have multiple systems, so odds are they will pick up the copy with all content over better looking copy even if it is on a last gen console

    • This small install base excuse is not going to work anymore when games come out for PS4 and XB-One and they only have a couple million units sold but new games come with all the extras.

      • ancientgamer

        its just the devs being lazy, if they are lazy on something like this, how many corners do you think they cut making the game? either way they turned this something i was going to preorder into something i will rent

  • john madsen

    doesnt surprise me at all but honestly i dont want the dlc it distroys the game

  • gamesplayswill

    Sorry Wii U, I’ll be buying the PC version… *sniffs and tears up*

    • Ultranist

      me too since physx effects are breathtaking in both arkham games 0_0

      • gamesplayswill

        Yeah, I’ll be buying a new graphics card for it so I can play on high settings! >U<

  • Talesgirl015

    Makes sense, it’s obvious Devs do not want to develop for Wii U.

    • xBoneR

      suck on my xBone bitch

    • NkoSekirei

      stfu troll u no life douche


    Why is this dlc to begin with? It should be in the game if they already making it >:|
    Hate day one dlc

  • Revolution5268

    this is some bullshit

  • Guest

    lmao gold

  • Nintendofreak

    but i wanted to be deathstroke ………:( … guess ill get watchdogs first then

  • Christopher Westcott

    I’m not supporting this game if they are going to be cheap with the DLC.

  • Veliki N


  • $39063977

    It’s simple: Nintendo ain’t paying sh*t to developers. All these add-ons/exclusives/etc are spotted by the console companies. Nintendo is plain stingy

    • Relick

      I’d rather Nintendo spend the money building the install base for their console and developing games than spend it on securing DLC that should be in the game in the first place if they can announce it this early -.-

      • $39063977

        The folks at Nintendo need to do anything in their power to place the console on par with next gen systems. missing current-gen content and entire titles on an already degraded hardware is not the way forward. to cope with next-gen developments you need to provide “motive” for developers to produce for the console. a strong “user base” is the motive, and Nintendo will not achieve that with strictly first party content (which comes by very sparingly – 1-2 good titles per year – if so). stop being a freaking nintendo troller cause u ain’t helping your own intentions that way.

        • Relick

          The folks at Microsoft and Sony need to do anything in their power to place their consoles on par with the intuitiveness of the Wii and WiiU. Missing WiiU content and entire titles on an already degraded hardware from PC is not the way forward. To cope with next-gen developments you need to provide a “motive” for developers to produce for the console. A difference between the console and a TV Box or PC is the motive, and Microsoft and Sony will not achieve that with strictly TV content and worse than PC level graphics. Stop being a freaking Microsoft and Sony troller cause you are not helping your own intentions that way.

          See what I did there? It works both ways.

          • $39063977

            > See what I did there? It works both ways.

            Not so sure it does. If you call 8Gs of ram and a state-of-the-art 8-core AMD APU degraded hardware then you are living in some weird ET dimension.

            I don’t own a single MS product and I trully hope the Wii u makes it….but i doubt it will. Best scenario is another wii rave with a bunch of hypocritic gamers who refuse to see reality and live a miserable gaming life due to not putting their egoism down and purchase a console that can actually play the games that are out there. I feel sorry for people who are starving for some TES, GTA, COD, BF, MGS, Fifa, etc. etc. gaming, yet won’t go 1 cm out of their way to purchase a console to play them on. As it looks right now the Wii u is doomed to be a first-party only console – if you are fine with that then that’s ok. I’m not. I can’t wait to play the games that are due to come out in the coming years. Can’t wait to play the games that are due on the Wii u as well. So much for calling me a troller… 😉

          • Relick

            I like TES and GTA (with friends), but I won’t be getting a Microsoft console because it looks overloaded and will probably be overpriced. I may get a PS4 but not until the price goes down a little bit.

            I am very sure the Wii U will do well because as people are not able to own 2 or 3 consoles any more due to costs and the WiiU will be the cheapest with also quite a few cross-platform titles. I think the Xbone will be the loser and the PS4 will win.

  • Sidney Majurie

    And again Nintendo gamers get shafted. And these fools wonder why their games don’t sell well on Nintendo consoles. They think we’re stupid…

  • Oompa Lompa

    I smell bullshit from devs. They are being little whining b*tches all over used game market and trying to make extra money from the public. A little wake up call devs most of the public is struggling and not giving in to your greed.

  • I thought they fixed that listing?

  • Antar Rodríguez

    its sad to see how devs just dont work it out with nintendo, same thing happened to call of duty MW and Black ops

  • Oompa Lompa

    It’s probably because microsoft is greasing there palms with there xbox live profits.

  • HypocritesRROD

    These developers and all Nintendo-haters will do and say anything to savotage Nintendo. But it doesn’t do anything. They are only hurting themselves… RROD.

  • Luke Wilson

    I would like Nintendo to speak up on this issue, I want to know who is shafting who.

  • Agent721

    This is up to Nintndo to fix. How disheartening!!!

  • tronic307

    I wanted this for Wii U, but cut-down port=no buy. I might consider it for PC, especially if I can get that Haswell-GTX 780 rig together by then. Oh, well…

  • Sam

    GOOD NEWS: Amazon has confirmed that the Wii U will get it and that the hardcover copy of the PC version will too yet the PC download will not.
    For other conformation, check here and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN!

  • Sam

    Breaking News: Wii U will get the DLC, many websites have confirmed it, the only one in English is here, and it does have the stamp on the box. WII U DAILY, PLEASE REPORT ON THIS!
    And I thought I would include this too as it is one article that includes it:

  • Arthur Jarret

    Calling it: It’ll be included on-disc for Wii U. Just because they love how ready reggies body is.

  • scarlet

    Maybe it will just be a few $ more and give us the DLC without having to purchase it sepeaately? Because I really don’t want to pay $60.00 for an awesome game and not get DLC and when the GOTY comes out, pay $60.00 AGAIN just to get some DLC.

  • Andresbuu

    NOOO all my dreams of killing is over!!! -_-

  • Dez

    DLC is crap anyway. Remember when most developers used to make expansions instead? Still, it sucks that so many devs are refusing to even give Wii U owners equal treatment. Corporate greed for you and fear to spend any money. The way publishers are acting, it is like Congress at this point, too frightened to take any risks so people are always screwed. Then again, why do they care so long as they make money and get to keep living their luxurious lives.

    • Petri

      Yes… The golden days of gaming.
      When only games that really deserved expansions got them.

  • I’m with others – if the Wii U does not get something, I hate it.

  • t3g

    Why not just include it on the disc if the content was already completed? This I don’t understand.


    Another game I won’t be getting right away (maybe in the later editions to the game).

  • Petri

    Maybe Nintendo does not allow locked content on disc?

    But still, is there official confimation, that it will not come?

  • RockGod

    I was simply blown away by Batman: Arkham City – Armored Edition. I honestly can’t imagine not supporting this game after experiencing that one.

  • lonewolf88

    no death stroke= no buy for me considering hes one of my fav DC characters.

  • Michael Jurado

    i’m still getting it just nor pre-ordering -_-

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Well, he’s multiplayer mode character anyway and I could careless about muiltiplayer, especially for singleplayer focused games.

    So it doesn’t really affect me one bit, I’m still getting the WiiU version.

  • David Gonzalez

    It better come with the DLC bonus or the sales for this game on Wii U will be disappointing.This is getting ridiculous it was the same bs with Black Ops 2. A lot of Wii U players pre ordered it and got no Nuketown or any DLC support.It’s bs since we are paying the same $60 dollars.I love my Wii U but I’m also getting a PS4 so I can avoid this kind of crap in the future.
    Wii U & Playstation 4 is the perfect combination for this generation……