Feb 20th, 2014

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive announced that the previous handheld title, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, will be receiving a deluxe edition upgrade to release on the Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The deluxe edition development is being handled by Armature Studio, which is the same group that handled the original game development for both the Nintendo 3DS and the PS Vita.

The deluxe edition will feature the same dynamic story and gameplay, but with high-definition graphics. The game will be available on April 2 digitally on the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Network, and Xbox LIVE.

Pricing for the title is currently set at $19.99 across all platforms.

  • Rukiafan Rukiachan

    Will pick up the Wii U version and hope they plop the map on the gamepad.

    • abe

      considering the 3ds and vita versions used the touch screens for all the detective stuff i would assume the wii u version will… largely ignore it as it’ll be a direct port from the 360

      • D.M.T

        How can the Wii U version be a 360 port if the game wasn’t originally made for the 360? The Wii U version will be a port from the 3DS or Vita version.

        • abe

          the Wii U version will be a port of the 360 version which itself be based on the vita version
          just like Resident evil: Revelations was was 3ds game with a host of features that could of been done on the game pad but didnt

      • WiiUPS4

        Huh! Your wrong there dude..Ready before you write next time..LOL

      • Decker Shado

        Considering the vast array of gyro/touch features in Resident Evil Revelations, that could easily translate to the Wii U, but weren’t in it as that was a 4 way port between Wii U, PC, 360 and PS3.. I’ll be the one to say unfortunately, you’re probably right.

      • abe

        majority of multi format titles are devloped fr the xbox 360 and the nported to other systems. its why there was so many issues with skyrim (an other games) on ps3

        yes this was a portable game but i’m sure this version would of been built on an 360 dev kit and ported to all the different systems. even if they use pc as a base for this port it still wont have the wii u features. as Decker pointed out none of the RE:R’s 3ds features made it to wii u versions or smart glass/ vita cross link .

        if the Wii U version was the only version i’m sure it would get the 3DS features but its not so it wont

  • Rinslowe

    Every title helps the cause…

  • Saul Rivera

    Says it’s for $19.99 on Kotaku

  • Luciano

    Please someone,it will be only digital?

    • ” The game will be available on April 2 digitally on the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Network, and Xbox LIVE.”


      • Luciano

        In this case I’m forced to buy digital.
        By the way,do I need to play any previous Batman game to understand this “Blackgate” ?

        • nop

        • RyuNoHadouken

          no…they all have lame story lines that have nothing to do with each other

        • Jessey

          No. This takes place after Arkham Origins though so you could play that if you wanted to.

      • Luciano

        Do I need to play a previous version od Batman Series to understand this story?

        • Arthur Jarret

          There’s this billionaire who runs around in a bat suit and beats up bad guys. There – you’re filled in. (Also, this game is a prequel to all other games, so no prior knowledge of the specific arkham series is required)

  • larz_1234

    This actually looks really good. I’m more interested in this than origins because this won’t be gimped. and $20 is not too bad.

  • Dominicruz

    nintendo seriously need achievements just not fun finish the game we need challenges to compete with friends! is making me play games on ps3!

    • D.M.T

      The Wii U doesn’t need fake achievements/trophies. Those achievements mean nothing in real life. Games are made for you to have fun, nothing more nothing less.

      Do I want trophies for Wii U? Yes. Does the Wii U need trophies? No.

      • Agent721

        Hogwash. Achievements are today’s high scores. Even cell phone games have them. This is yet another feature missing on the Wii U. Clearly, consumers like them, so why not have them?

        Nothing in gaming means anything in real life & achievements add to the fun, while keeping the player further engaged with the game. These have always been part of gaming, originally called High Scores, even back in the 1970s. The fact that Nintendo is the only console not to offer them is yet another missing feature on the Wii U. I still love the games, but I would love them EVEN MORE with them.

        • Decker Shado

          Here’s the problem: Not all games work well with achievements. Nintendo realizes this, and lets developers add them on their own if they feel the need. The developers are lazy cunts who only do just enough to get by, and don’t bother adding an achievement tracking system to the Wii U version of their games, despite having them on all other versions.

          Yes, some cell phone games have achievements – but not all, as they are not a forced feature. The problem at it’s heart, is that 3rd parties see Wii U as the “who gives a shit?” console. Nintendo did nothing to prevent them adding achievements, they just don’t care.

          • LordiMcKill

            Anybody who as played Deus Ex Dir. Cut will know how the achievements work in that game. If you unlock one you have the ability to share it on Miiverse.

            If all games where done like that then i’d be happy, at least then you can let the whole of Miiverse know what you’ve achieved in that game. It doesn’t matter if there’s no points system to achievements, i only see it as a method of acknowledgement to all fellow gamers.

        • Rich Garriques

          nice job on being a sheep , now go back to your xbox now , bet you’ll get a achievement for turning it on. don’t you wish that was on your wii u?

        • Jaymes Deen

          Yes I also love achievements that tell me, “Hijack 4 vehicles”, lets the world know that I was able to do it……..

      • Nintenjoe82

        Not to mention the fact that, since 2006, Nintendo games can use the same Mii which can act as a record of what games it has completed, stamps, trophies, medals etc.

        I really don’t see why people want the same atmosphere-breaking ‘achievement unlocked’ popups in all their games. That doesn’t mean I am totally satisfied with Nintendo’s efforts for online leaderboards but I would be sad if they followed the crowd and made the exact same nonsense as everyone else.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Personally, I’m glad sony made an update to turn notifications off…

      Also, synching trophies takes an hour for me now (lot of games) so comparisson is stunted a bit.

      I do like that I’m able to see which games my buddies have in common with me, so I can invite them for online sessions.

    • Rich Garriques

      you idiots that want achievements are so dense. do you need a piece of paper after you complete something in a game to feel recognition. gamers are very stupid these days , not like the gamers back in the day who completed games to unlock stuff. not go to digital store and buy them

      • Nintenjoe82

        it’s almost like when people leave the tags on expensive clothes to prove they’re not fake.

  • Nathan Ostroski

    Hope it’s not “buggy” on the Wii U version like Arkham Origins was…

    • RyuNoHadouken

      it wont be

    • D.M.T

      Arkham Origins was best on Wii U.

      • Nathan Ostroski

        Hmm…well I had so many glitches, freezes, etc. I posted a pick of what my GPU did mid-game. Check my miiverse profile: Jedipickle

        • Arthur Jarret

          True, the wii u had many bugs, glitches and freezes – but still was the best running version.

          • oontz

            Not better than PC.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Yes, it was. I tried the PC version and it ran like a turtle carrying a couch.

            … maybe I should upgrade to a pentium this year…

          • oontz

            Ha ha, yes I guess depending on what type of PC you have, the game may run poorly.

          • abe

            the other versions was largely on fire

  • Nintenjoe82

    99 sleeps til Mario Kart 8!

    • WiiUPS4

      I want mario cart 8 so bad i dream carts

  • Jc Ch

    Well this should keep my busy until MK8 is released. Here’s another good third party title, we need to support it as much as possible.

  • D.M.T

    This is the 3rd Batman game for Wii U in 17 months that the Wii U has been on the market. Seems like Batman games sell well on Nintendo systems. Good to know.

  • TaintedXGamer

    So…………they can do this But They Can’t Give DLC? seems legit

  • shadus

    Im starting to see a trend and im not sure if I like it. Seems like any AAA production for a portable worth playing is getting followed up by a HD port to the previous gen systems.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    It’s better than nothing.

  • Donaald

    That’s just weird, too bad many latinamerican countries don’t have eshop…

  • steveb944

    Couldn’t they have just given us DLC on the real Wii U game? Thanks…

  • C.S. Bailey

    Isn’t that the same price as the Season pass for AO on the consoles?

  • Agent721

    Was this a good game originally?

    • oontz

      It’s a fun game, a bit short though. Maybe they’ll add more content. It’s tough to fit the batman arkham games onto a handheld so some of the large rooms you need to clear are zoomed way out. The gameplay is similar to a 2d metroid, exploration game. Worth playing for just 19.99.

  • WiiUPS4

    Than why did it say Feb 4 2014..

  • Philip Johnsson

    I’m so fucking tired of this bullshit. When a game for a handheld console comes out you’re not supposed to make a HD remake and put it on consoles 6 months later, this will really hurt the handheld market!

    • Rich Garriques

      yeah the handheld market where 80% of the games remain on those consoles , i think not

    • abe

      reminds me when mirror of fate came out konami said they wouldnt do a port to Hd because it’s all ready HD (scaled down) and the 3D was the reason they made it… oh look Mirror of fate HD available with preorders of lord of shadows 2

    • alex toschi

      I think the handheld market is doing fine. Wii U is pretty much limping so anything to bring more games on that is helpful. As far as what it’ll do to the Vita I’m pretty sure Sony is just going to deal with the sales of that handheld as lackluster as they are and then quit the handheld business if it doesn’t get better. Which is a shame, I really want one but am waiting for their stupid memory cards to be brought down to a price that is completely anti-consumer.

      • jrob23

        exactly. idiotic prices for the memory. lower that and I will buy one. I came close a couple of times but thought better of it

        • alex toschi

          Last time I checked they are three times the price of a micro SD card of the same size. which is ridiculous.

  • YayGs

    Lame. I recently bought it on 3ds during the sale for $30.
    Even though I’d rather have the portable version of it, I would have rather only spend $20 on it plus get the 10% back with ddp. I feel like the dale should have been lower.

  • tom

    Hopefully it does not get canceled or delayed! lol