Apr 9th, 2013


Warner Bros. Interactive have announced the next title in the Batman series as Batman: Arkham Origins, which will be available for the Wii U, PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. No mention of the PS4 or Xbox 720 was made. The game will be developed by WB Games Montreal instead of Rocksteady, the developer of the first two games. The setting is several years before the previous Arkham games, making Origins a prequel.

Players will take control of a much younger Batman, who meets several of the series’ characters for the first time. In addition to the console title, a Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita title called Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is also in development. Both the handheld and console games will launch on October 25th, 2013.

[via Eurogamer]

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  • Bob Brochee

    Yay! These games have all been great so far!

  • Brandon Betlej

    Yes! Arkham city was awesome this almost made me want to start another file

  • Arsonist Monkey


  • D.M.T

    “No mention of the PS4 or Xbox 720 were mentioned”. That doesn’t make much sense but I know what you mean Ashley.

    It doesn’t surprise me that they haven’t confirmed a PS4 or Xbox 720 version yet because no one on earth owns those systems and no one knows if their launch will be a success or a failure. Wii U’s launch is considered a failure by many but it will have almost 10 million or more owners by the time this game comes out.

    I’m happy this game was confirmed for the Wii U the same day it was confirmed for current-gen consoles. I was getting tired of developers announcing a Wii U version after it was already announced for other consoles.

    Keep the games coming and Wii U owners please buy the Wii U version. This is how we can make sure that 3rd party devs continue to support the Wii U.

    • Yep, I fixed it. Thanks.

    • Zuxs13

      10 million by October? So its going to sell 7 million consoles this summer (I hopes) but damn you are optimistic.

      • Definitely Possible. If Nintendo Guarantees some of their exclusives this summer/fall that will sell the console.

        • Zuxs13

          We can hope

      • D.M.T

        I forgot the game is coming in October. But hey Wind Waker HD will be released in August of this year. How many people will buy Wii U to play Wind Waker? Or how many will buy a Wii U after Nintendo’s E3 presentation?

        I don’t know but I expect around 8 million Wii U owners by the end of 2013

        • Zuxs13

          8 million by the end of this Calender year yes. 10 million by October I doubt it. Wind waker will sell a lot but not that many. I say 5 million world wide by Oct with another 3 by the new year (unless there is a huge price cut and some crazy amazing unknown games launched)

        • You’d be lucky to have 5M.

          • Focal1

            Why dedicate your life to this? Ur wife’s mad?

          • tronic307

            Meh, so maybe Nintendo won’t quite hand Microsoft a sound beatdown THIS year. It’s looking more and more like Sony WILL, unless you really enjoy being tethered to the internet just to boot up a (non-used) game…

          • Yep. I am not brand loyal and the PS4 looks more appealing at this point.

    • How in the hell can you say how many WILL buy the thing unless Nintendo is going to buy them?

      • Well I agree he can’t say “how many exactly” will buy it, but I can guarantee that Windwaker HD will be the Most wanted game this summer for WiiU and people will buy a WiiU for it/with it as well. Personally I will not buy it, but a ton of others will buy it. Windwaker is one of the most Populair Zelda Titles ever since Zelda went 3D.
        I think only Ocarina of Time was/is more populair then Windwaker. For me personally Ocarina of Time, Twillight Princess and Skyward sword way over Windwaker though.

        • See, you can’t guarantee that either. People may reject it as they have rejected the Wii U. If many people are like me, they do not want to pay twice for the same thing on a newer system. If anything, Nintendo should give it away until they get something good.

          • tronic307

            I have purchased Street Fighter II, plus arcade sticks, in various forms, like 30 times. Besides, it’s been over a decade since the Gamecube Wind Waker; I’m pretty sure my wallet has recovered.

          • I stopped after three of four iterations.

          • dylanbob121


  • JB

    Sweet! That’s a day one purchase for me! Though one thing worries me. Will the game quality change since Rocksteady won’t be working on it?

    • Dave_Val

      Could be man, that’s the reasson I’ll wait to check more advance for this title until I take the decision to buy it the first day. Cross fingers for WB Montreal to perform a great game

  • Pachter Jr

    Don’t get too excited, there is still plenty of time to cancel it.

    • D.M.T

      People please ignore this guy. Just look at his name and you’ll see he’s just trolling.

      • I planned to just as I do my best to ignore the rest of the troll clan.

      • But he’s trolling in a fun way, we should be open for trolls who do trolling in a fun way like this, he just uses a certain man called Pachter and the cancellation of some games for WiiU, I don’t really see he is being a b***h or ***h*** or whatever.
        I see this more as a joking comment.

  • Glad we’re getting this, but it’s pushing some websites to say “No next gen consoles were mentioned” Da fuk bro? One was mentioned…

    • Revolution5268

      wii u is not next gen?!?!?!

      • Err read his last line, he clearly states “some sites say no next gen was mentioned” On which he said WTF? One was mentioned with that referring to WiiU

      • according to most articles

    • Brandon Betlej

      Seriously the Wii u is not next gen

      • Nintedward

        Seriously it is. That’s why it will have Gamepad features , Off screen play , Miiverse integration and it should have better graphics if they push the console aswell.

        You people have butchered the term ”next gen” to the point that it doesn’t even make sense anymore.

        Example. The original Xbox was about 3 times as powerfull as PS2 and came out a lot later than the PS2. But I bet you think they are in the same gen don’t you ?

        Nintendo haters are ignorant flip floppers . that is all.

        What next ? PS vita is a whole generation ahead of 3DS cus it is more powerfull ? even though 3DS has many features the Vita does not and is better ? lol , don’t make me laugh.

        • The Xbox was a new combatant and they had to deal with the GC and PS2, there were no others or newer machines coming out. The Xbox was of that generation but it was more powerful – for it’s generation. The games were more or less the same across the board. Stop making excuses for the Wii U, no one is buying Nintendo lies this time around.

          • Nintedward

            Oh right. Is that Why Halo 2 and Knights of the old republic look 2-3 times better than anything on the PS2 and had Chunky , satisfying physics that made PS2 feel like a dreamcast ? Most gamecube games destroyed PS2 graphics and peformance aswell.

            Stop contradicting yourself little kid. Xbox was 3 times more powerfull than PS2 and came out almost 2 full years after. They were in the same generation though , and the PS2 was a BETTER console with more games regardless of it being massively underpowered.
            Another example would be DS VS PSP or 3DS VS Vita or N64 VS PS1 etc etc etc.

            Wiiu is a ”next gen” console. Because NEWS FUCKING FLASH – Wireless streaming with 1/60th of a second latency DID NOT EXIST when PS3 and 360 came out.

            If wiiu launched at the same time as PS3 and 360 it would of cost Nintendo about £1800 to manufacture each one.

          • News flash: Nobody cares about wireless streaming to a SMALLER screen to play something preferred on a BIG screen! You people have to stop insisting that we like something that we have no use or interest in! The public has not bought in, so that says it all.

          • Nintedward

            The public has not bought in ? It’s still ahead of where the PS3 and 360 were though in the same time frame though isn’t it little troll ?

            And many people have and will love the Latency free streaming the Wiiu offers. It’s incredible that I can play games Like AC4 right on my gamepad in any room in my house. Something PS4 and 720 cannot do.

          • Only junior publicists worry about where it is now in comparison to some other systems at another time with bigger price points. When you TELL people what they will or better love, then you know you have problems! People love what they love and if they don’t find a use for it – they don’t buy it and the system flops.

          • david jarman

            We??? Then what about us that do? I know a lot of people who were just like you. Most of them my friends. Until I bought one which changed all their minds when they actually spent time with it. I can’t believe how bias and blind you are. You want to bring down a company that is purely passionate about gaming. Sony and Microsoft are two very greedy, very corrupt companies where gaming is just a side job.

          • Sadly, Nintendo whines and LIES, which is the main thing I don’t like about them. Why hate on Sony and MS because they are doing it right? You should hate on Nintendo never doing it right after 2000. If they are greedy, what do you call repackaging a Gamecube and calling it a Wii? I call it robbery! At least the other two don’t lie. I always say, if you have to lie, you have not real cause.

          • david jarman

            Uhm, no. Not even the same thing. Really you’re going to go with that. They’re similar, but not the same. Ps2 and ps3 lied about its capabilities and that is why I’m cautious about the ps4. Microsoft is dirty in other areas.

          • Jon

            curious to see how the wii was just a gamecube repack….. Sure the wii could run gamecube games because it’s backwards compatibility but that does not make it a repack. It is more the opposite, the Wii actually delivered a new way to playing games with motion controls. Something that is not even close to the Gamecube

          • I am curious to know why you would say that it is not. It is common knowledge that it is an overclocked GC with a new controller. You people take the lies too far. WHy do you think they did not release specs?

          • Jon

            hardware similar yet a revolutionary way introduced to gaming and newer and different technology used for the motion controls, I wouldn’t call that a clone

          • Hardware is not similar – hardware is the same but overclocked and modified for new ports. Stop man, you just prove Nintendo heads t be liars. The Wii was an overclocked GC with a new controller. Why argue over facts?

          • Focal1

            Bought more than your precious Ps3 and shitbox first when released. Oh wait, don’t know jack shit. Have fun with your 200$ sub fee to own a Xbox

          • bizzy gie

            1/67th latency to be exact which is better.

          • Steven Scott

            I bought the system months before it came out I spend 500 dollars on it and I know that I will have loads of fun with the system because it is Nintendo and they understand their loyal fans

          • That sounds about as much marketing BS as there is. Yeah, Nintendo ONLY Understands their fans or the suckers who bought the Wii, but they don’t understand gaming.

          • Nintedward

            They don’t understand gaming ?

            Nintendo IS the best company in Gaming fact. They’ve sold the most hardware and Software and have the most critically acclaimed games. Sony is a pretender Xbox is just shit. Nintendo is the real deal. deal with it.

            **MOD EDIT**

          • Nintedward, watch the insults. Personal insults against commenters will not be tolerated. Disagree all you like, but do so civilly.

          • Nintedward

            Sorry! ^_^ please forgive me , I made that cute face <–

            It won't happen again and I will edit my comment.

          • Nintendo does not understand gaming in this modern era. If they did, they would be #1. If by selling hardware you mean the Wii, I keep telling you people, novelty items do not count. The only thing the Wii was good for was making Nintendo money and clearing old GC stock!
            How can Sony be a pretender when they destroyed Nintendo on their first attempt, and second and third? See, if the Nintendo posters would promote Nintendo with the truth, I could better appreciate Nintendo and it’s efforts. You do not have to put others down in order to promote yourselves. When you lie too much, people no longer respect you. This is why I do not respect Nintendo.

          • Focal1

            But they are number 1 in many eyes, just not yours. Get a grip, get off this forum. Get a life.

          • You get off the forum and get a life first, then i’ll follow you! My words (truth) must be very powerful to make you people angry. If you had the truth on your side then you could easily expose my lies the way I do you guys.

          • dylanbob121

            This guy has many good points,hes not trolling at all

          • tronic307

            The PURSUIT of truth is a human endeavor. The UNDERSTANDING of truth is SUPERHUMAN. If truth were ever to fall into a fortunate mortal’s hands, it should be used for gain and NEVER spoken.

          • Jon

            The only time I see sony doing better than nintendo is when they released the PS1 (might I remind you that this console would NOT exist without nintendo) and PS2 however looking at the current time, it is quite the opposite. nintendo has passed them by 20% more sales than them, even more with the DS and the 3DS where the vita has been selling more dismal that the current hardware from nintendo. Only recently has the Vita picked up and the Wii U is picking up as well.

          • No, the PS would not exist without SONY – they conceived and built it, not Nintendo. You people love to just lie and distort history thinking that it will boost sales. Start telling the truth and then I would not hate on Nintendo.

          • Jon

            Sony and Nintendo were both working together to develop what was called the Super Disc in 1988 which eventually fell through business wise in 1991 and they went their own separate ways and the super disc was never used. However even though there was a dispute, Sony still released their device and called it the CD-I which was a multimedia device and the deal they had with Nintendo allowed them to create games with Nintendo Characters in them. In 1994 the Sony Playstation was finally released using a more modified technology of the CD based system which in result got other companies such as EA and namco interested and it provided to be a big success. In the end, if it wasn’t for Nintendo with the joint this project with Sony, the Idea of disc based system from Nintendo and having the financial dispute, the Sony play station may not have existed today or at least may not be what it is today, It either would not be here or would possibly be an entirely different system as the original concept and idea of the system was in fact from Nintendo.

            If you want more details about Nintendo and Sony:


          • Philips released the CD-I, not SOny. You people are sick to try and give Nintendo the credit for the PS! All they did was talk with SOny about it, but SOny built the PS on there own. So now you want us to believe that Nintendo helped to build a rival who would in turn crush them in the business? You people really take things too far.

          • Jon

            Sony was part of the manufacturing of the CD-I using the technology that Sony and Nintendo were co-working on, did you even read the article? If it wasn’t for Nintendo, the ideas of the system would not have been past on to Sony or at least not though of for a while longer.

          • No need for me to read the article as I followed this closely while it was happening. Sony and Philips co-developed the CD itself. Philips released the CD-I. Sony and Philips work together on many projects.

          • Jon

            if you followed it closely then you’d also know the involvement behind the ideas and the co-operation between the two companies.

          • Jon

            suckers that bought the wii….. the wii was successful because it brought a new way to the game world. Sales show that where they have sold like 20% more consoles than the other two companies

          • Steven Scott

            how do you describe “gaming” I think of it as someone who is controlling a sprite and that they get to interact with the environemtn around them
            so that means that every disc that was for the Wii was a game
            even if the title was bad it was still a game

          • I describe what you have described as OLD gaming.

          • Steven Scott

            What do you mean by OLD gaming
            can please explain your answer to me so that I can understand your point of view

        • Ron Saddler

          no a big graphical leap from th current gen is next gen, having new engines {unreal 4 and the new frostbite engine} on your console is next gen, controler screens arent next gen, same old mario milk isnt next gen hell having games is better

          • D.M.T

            Says who? Where in the dictionary does it say that next gen in video games means graphical leap and new engines? I dare you to give me a link that proves your point as fact.

            Wii U has a giant graphical leap over the Wii, it’s the successor of the Wii, it’s an entirely different console which means Wii U is next gen.

            Your dad is rich and you’re poor, does that mean that you’re not next gen? Think about the nonsense you just said and then read what i said.

          • Ace J

            you do know that unreal 4 can run on the wii u right? not sure about frost bite, but wii u is next gen

          • Jon

            Frostbite most likely can however knowing EA, They will make it so the Wii U is not compatible with the engine due to the bickering between the two cooperation’s and they seem to want to hurt Nintendo as much as they can.

          • tronic307

            Next gen is the 9th, no 9th gen consoles have been announced. A generation is an era of time, not some lowbrow political designation.

          • david jarman

            If that’s all you see is two feet in front of you then you are too blind to see the future.
            Translate: If all you see and think is “all it has is two screens” then you are too blind to see more possibilities and will never push gaming past visuals and virtual physics.

          • The graphics you so refer to as being a HUGE leap compared to PS3 (Just like the leap bewteen PS2 and PS3 which was massive for sure), that my friend, will not happen not even on PS4 and Nextbox, PC probably yes, but home consoles will not make such a huge leap as which was made between PS2 and PS3 or Xbox and Xbox 360 or PSP vs PSVita for that matter or even between DS vs 3DS.

            Don’t expect that will happen because it really won’t, first gen games on both PS4 and NextBox will look barely better then last gen games as we have now on PS3 and Xbox. Wii U proves it, the first launch games did not mean much compared to PS3 and Xbox 360, but then you got a few games like NFSMWU and Deus Ex: Director’s cut which is based on PC engines which was a much larger leap from PS360.

            On a side not Unreal 4 and Frostbite 3 RUN ON WIIU read it up, but for FULL use of those engines even the developers of the engine say that won’t happen until later in Gen 9, look up the video on Unreal Engine 4 on Youtube, lasts 45 minutes though, but there they explain clearly.
            Expect it as much as you want, but don’t start screaming if the “True Next Gen consoles” as the Trolls and Haters and Fanboys refer to (PS4 Nextbox) won’t be as impressive as you had hoped. Especially not in the first 1-2 years life cycle.

          • Johny

            the console generation is determined by the era/period/time the console is released…. end of story. im sick of that and other similar BS

          • DragonSilths

            Fail. Your saying SNES, N64, GC, Wii werent next gen…NEXT GEN MEANS THE NEXT SYSTEM TO COME OUT.

          • Guest

            By that logic though, PS4 is fourth gen, and Xbox 720 is third, while Wii
            u is 8th.

          • DragonSilths

            No. I didnt say a number, I simply said next gen. Next Gen and the order of the generations are 2 different things.

          • NkoSekirei

            wii u is capable of running unreal engine 4 idiot even vp made a mistake by saying it does not but it really can it was confirmed it can by head of unreal and iwata too

          • atl hawks

            1st. Generation is a term used to determine time
            2nd.Anybody can port UE4 to the wiiu and DICE was developing a battlefield game(probably 4) to the wiiu, but EA was being butthurt about ninty not wanting their shitty origin on their system

        • bizzy gie

          The 3DS allows you to have friends to socially play. The Vita does not. Everybody knows this, but I thought I should reiterate due to how hard Sony is pushing social gaming with the PS4.

      • Arvind Kannan

        Whether you would like to believe this is or not i am telling you that the wii u is next gen and extraordinarily more powerful than the ps360. They don’t even come close. Sure you may ask for proof and say that i am giving false claims, but just look at the Japanese garden tech demo and Zelda Wii U demo shown at E3 2011. those were real time graphics on early Wii U dev kits. The previous gen consoles were powerful for sure, but they are nowhere near the power of the wii u, not even close!

        • If it is next gen and more powerful than a last gen machine, then how come it can’t stand next to real next gen machines?

          • Where are these next gen machines? I wasn’t aware the PS4 was already released.

          • tronic307

            The seventh and eighth generations are only concurrent because PS360 haven’t died yet. Wii U will “stand” next to PS4 in MY entertainment system because I can AFFORD more than ONE console, unlike some POSERS we all know.

          • uPadWatcher

            Next get doesn’t mean graphics


          • In the world of VIDEO(graphics) games – it DOES. Notice how Nincompoops (Nintendo and their agents – thanks for the new word!) are the only ones who say this. You never hear it from Sony or MS. Are they doing something wrong by improving what was, or is Nintendo doing something wrong by giving the public less than what we could have?

          • Knowledgeiswhatsup, please refrain from using slurs for Nintendo. Disagree all you like, but phrases like Nintendrones and Nincompoops are meant to rile up emotions instead of encouraging civil discussion and debate. Thanks.

          • I got that from someone on here. Are you trying to say that I cannot refer to a COMPANY by any name? At least that is the most that I do, I never call people personal names unless they call me names. I never used Nintendrone by the way, I use Nintendo nuts. You know damned well that most of these people on here are far from civil. Be fair, or I might leave and your hits will go down.

          • uPadWatcher

            You better watch yourself and respect Ashley K.

          • uPadWatcher, watch the insults. Personal insults against commenters will not be tolerated. Disagree all you like, but do so civilly.

          • greengecko007

            Good to see the mods being fair 🙂

            Honestly though, I wouldn’t mind some people being banned. The trolls on this site aren’t trolls for their opinions, but because they are intentionally instigating fights. I also think that the fanboys who reply to all the trolls with comments that would make a sailor red in the face should also be banned. But that’s just my opinion.

          • I will not ban people for stating their opinion about Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, or the state of the game industry today. The comments are here for discussion. But the discussion will be carried on civilly.

            Name-calling and excessive cursing will get you banned, as BeanerSlayer and others have learned.

          • greengecko007

            Like I said, they aren’t trolls for stating their opinions. It’s starting fights, throwing around language and harassing others, like someone did to Laud(?) that makes them a troll. Is that not a reason to ban someone? Why bother asking them to stop if you don’t want to do anything about it? I understand that you may have banned some people, but that doesn’t stop the people still doing it.

          • The Laud impersonator has been banned, as has sithWiiU. The best thing for people to do is report comments like this immediately so they can be seen to quickly instead of engaging them. Like I said, I’m in the process of cleaning up the site but it’s going to take help from regular commenters as well.

          • greengecko007

            That is really good to hear! I’m glad you are taking action instead of letting these people run rampant like they have these past couple of months.

          • Might want to check out SithWiiU or whatever he is calling him/herself

      • routerbad

        “next-gen” refers to “generation of gaming” and the Wii U is the first 8th generation console.

      • david jarman

        And why is that? Give me your best explanation of why it isn’t. I don’t want opinions. I want facts. Cause all next gen systems are using current technology. So that throws hardware bullshit out the window. So please explain without sounding like a complete moron.

      • And you base that on what? Like those websites saying it is not, because of the graphics perhaps? I don’t know, but it definitely is, even in Graphics, what we have seen thusfar are ALL ports directly from PS360, unlike Deus Ex and Need for Speed Most Wanted, which is based on PC specs, and PC is ALWAYS next gen, even if PS4 and Nextbox join the club next to Nintendo’s WiiU Those consoles are still and always will be Last Gen compared to PC, this goes for Nextbox, PS4 and yes also for WiiU.

        I don’t have a super computer myself it’s about 1.5 years old, but recently hardware has been upgraded cheap, and it allready beats PS4 and Nextbox in every aspect but these consoles aren’t even in due launch late 2013 early 2014, from that perspective every console even console from generation 9 or 10 for that matter will allready be Last Gen as soon as they launch compared to PC.

      • Fantendo

        It is, Next gen is the next console in a company’s line up. i.e.

        PS1 was 5th, PS2 was 6th and PS3 was 7th

        SNES was 4th, N64 was 5th, GC was 6th and Wii was 7th

    • D.M.T

      This confirms that most gamers and journalists think that graphics is the most important thing about video games. Ignoring the fact that you can’t enjoy a good looking game with bad/terrible gameplay. Your game experience should never take a backseat to graphics.

      If Wii U is not next gen than PS2 was not a 6th gen console, more like 5th gen compared to GameCube and Xbox.

      • No, Nintendo and it’s cronies ignore the fact that everyone outside of Nintendo knows what a new generation is. Because Nintendo can’t keep up, they opt to lie and try to confuse people in order to sucker them into a purchase. It worked for the Wii, but not this time buddy!

        • tronic307

          You like to talk about lies, but nearly all of your posts contain fallacies, supposition, and opinion presented as fact.

          • It is fact when I label it as such. However, I don’t write BS so most is certified fact. You should be able to tell the difference between fact and opinion or supposition just from reading. I should not have to tell you on each post, or should I? Just about every word out of Nintendo nut’s and Nintendo’s mouth is a lie – fact!

          • bizzy gie

            Switch “Nintendo” to “my”. There. Fixed the comment for you.

          • david jarman

            Knowledgeisfarfromwhatsup’s mouth is a bias opinion-fact
            Everything you write is bs-fact
            Prideful bitch is full of himself-fact
            Just cause you say so does not make it fact-fact

          • tronic307

            It seems there’s a LOT going on in your mind that fails to translate to the REAL world. I’ll just leave it at that…

          • NkoSekirei

            everytime u post lies man u get downvoted hard core

        • Ace J

          again what the hell are you talking about?

        • jcnba28

          No it’s Sony and Microsoft who can’t keep up with Nintendo’s innovations.

          • Nintendo’s hard head (not facing reality that they are outdated) is why they fail. We tell them what they are doing wrong, they still insist that they are doing right.

          • jcnba28

            Hahaha that was hilarious, you should consider taking up comedy.

          • Johny

            they’re not doing what people tell them to for a reason… just look at YOUR OPINIONS and many others…
            Nintendo is as sucessfull and always on top just because they are NOT working by trends.. they create their own. and sony and microsoft always try to follow, because they see nintendo is doing something right… its a fact

          • Who are they following? They are leading. Nintendo is just trying to get off cheap as they have done from the start, but they fail to realize those days are over and we are living in a high-tech dependent world. Nintendo is not always on top and they have not been on top since 1994? Come on.

          • uPadWatcher

            Was Sony and Microsoft the first to have a controller with a touch screen? NO! Nintendo was the first… from the Nintendo DS series of portable consoles to the Wii U touchscreen Game Pad. Get your facts straight!

          • Come back to me when people care. Clearly a touchscreen is pointless and useless. The poor Wii U sales prove this – FACT.

          • uPadWatcher

            That’s where you’re completely wrong, screwupiswhatsup. If you think a touchscreen is pointless, you’ll be still living in a jurassic age. Think about the future.

          • Maybe you should have told Nintendo that when designing the Wii U.

          • thats true I really like the idea of the kinetic due to the reading your body movements even though they havent used it much but still the idea is awesome and wish someone would copy and make it better or even I thought about buying an xbox for that purpose of haveing it then useing the wii u gamepad and the kinetics on my pc like its already been done with both 🙂

          • Jon

            except sales are increasing for the Wii U as new titles come out, it is now 3rd in Japan, not sure about other places but it was pretty far down there for a while and now with the release of games that utilize the gamepad and hardware, it is doing better and will only get better with the new updates and releases for new games. Recent sales show this.

          • Japan is not the US. It has not moved here at all and it won’t

          • Jon

            actually it has moved with the games released though not so much because of MHU3. Lego City and NFS pushed sales up here, not as much as Europe and Japan but still increased sales.

          • Clearly speculation on your part. Where are the numbers? If sales spiked, they would release figures.

          • Guest

            There is no affirmance that the touch screen has anything to do with the sales – FACT. My fact wins. Yours is false.

          • FALSE. The fact that the Wii U, WITH touch screen is not selling (it is the system’s controller you know) let’s us know it is the touch screen as it is part of the system, a main part of it.
            It is the same when you see a girl with big breasts. She might say “you need to be with me for me, not my breasts.” You can then tell her: “Your breasts are a part of you and I want all of you.” The breasts are a part of the woman even though they stand out amongst the rest of her. That useless controller is part of the Wii U and it can be said that IT is the Wii U.

          • david jarman

            It’s not selling right now cause it mostly has horrible ports on it. Ps4 is not going to sell unless they have the games people want. There is a good margin of people who love the ps4, but don’t see a reason yet why they should buy it. Killzone was not a good enough reason. Their is a lot of mixed feelings about the ps4 and you know it. A lot of people who bought a ps3 are little bit bother that Sony hasn’t let it reach its full potential before shoving a new console in their face.

          • fireheartis1

            you do realize your using fuzzy logic right. Fuzzy logic is when you speculate what’s going to happen. Heck we all are using fuzzy logic here. The nay Sayers speak doom and gloom, and the people who like the system speak it’s going to do well, but until Nintendo actually shows their plans for the Wii U no one knows what’s going to happen. It’s all fuzzy logic, so what I’m saying to you is shut up and see what happens in the future. Let us all stop using fuzzy logic and wait to see what happens. I just learned this by the way in my Discrete Math for Information Technology class this week lol. I realized how we all are using fuzzy logic and we need to just take a chill pill and see what Nintendo does with the Wii U.

          • tronic307

            FACT – Most people these days have limited imaginations, light wallets, and can’t tell a Wii from a Wii U. I’d say it boils down to user error.

          • This is what I mean. Nintendo messes up, you blame the people instead of Nintendo. Touch screen controller and on-screen play is useless – you tell the people what they had better like! Business does not work that way. The people have cast their votes and the Wii U is out of the race.

          • tronic307

            But the race will continue as it pleases, no matter who YOU happen to root for. And if the Wii U WAS out of the race, you’d be GONE.

          • brian murphy

            your pointless and useless go crawl back in your hole and die troll

          • you shouldnt be telling someone that specially since a guy above mentioned a suicidal friend that you should not ty

          • david jarman

            Have you not noticed?? Almost everybody here cares. Man, I’m half Asian yet my eyes are more open then yours.

          • Ok…

          • david jarman

            You told somebody that nobody cares about the touch screen…that was my reply to you.

          • Colin Tosh

            Nothing to do with the touch screen. Otherwise Monster Hunter coming out wouldn’t have boosted sales. It just needs more games to get people on board. When the big hitters come out Wii U will blow out of the park and then you’ll realize your silly attempts to make it look like the thing has flopped will have been for naught.

            Fact buddy = Nintendo’s games are an extremely powerful force in this industry and Microsoft and Sony wish they had them. As long as people are buying Nintendo’s games their hardware will continue to be successful. Live with it.

            What the hardware is capable of doesn’t matter. What matters is the games and Nintendo ALWAYS deliver on this.

          • Jon

            so the 3DS and the DS prove touch screens are pointless? I’d say not.

          • I don’t care about handhelds or Nintendo’s business as a whole, I am talking home consoles. I am no stock investor or propaganda speaker.

          • tronic307

            Just how would I use my iPhone if a touchscreen is “pointless and useless”. I mean really, they taught us all fact vs. opinion in 3rd grade!

          • Levi Johansen

            and GameBoy Advance connected to GameCube, no touch-screen, but it was DUAL-screen!

          • Fantendo

            Actually, when you think about it, Nintendo and Microsoft are leading because they have a fan base and know what they want (i.e. Zelda; Mario; Halo; Gear of War) but with Sony, they don’t know what there fan base wants, that’s why they had soo many exclusives on there console, to see which games they want to play and that’s why they tired coping both with PS Move being a obvious Wii rip off, however, it didn’t succeed because they were trying to market to Nintendo’s casual gamers by trying to say “It’s more functional and the graphics are better” however, casual gamers don’t care for graphics or functionallity, those should only be marketed to Hardcore gamers. That’s why Sony kind of fucked up last generation, it doesn’t have a clear franchise to stick with if things went south (You can argue God of War tho).

            Plus your “Come back to me when people care. Clearly a touchscreen is pointless and useless. The poor Wii U sales prove this – FACT.” is kind of ignorant because I know tons of people who have a Wii U like the touchscreen.

          • This is the delusional thinking I am talking about. SONY and MS are leading, not Nintendo! MS has the exclusives and Sony has the technology. Nintendo has nothing.
            You know ‘tons’ (a guess a couple of fat girls count) of people who like the touchscreen, yet most people do not like it because most people do not want the Wii U. Poor sales shows that – FACT.

          • Fantendo

            You know, calling people (like my friend who considered suicide a few weeks ago who plays Wii U) a “fat girl” because they like Wii U and it’s controller and you don’t makes you look like a shallow asshole. I use to think you were smarter than the other trolls on this site, but apparently, I was wrong. You’re just as bad.

            And I am right about Nintendo and MS leading because in reality, Nintendo outsold the PS3 last generation (I know there having trouble with Wii U) and the X-Box 360. When you think of Nintendo you automatically think about think of Mario, Zelda or Donkey Kong. When you think MS you’ll think of Halo, Gears of War or first-person shooters. When you think of Sony, what do you think of?

          • I dont agree with that either, but keep in mind im sure he/she didnt know that your friend has considerd that. But i wish your friend well and it sounds like your a good friend so shes lucky but i dont see whats so wrong about not looking like a skeleton, I mean in my opinion thats not beauty but in all reality just because 1 or a few dont think someone is beautiful doesnt make them not because people judge not just on someons looks but race, back ground, and even if their friend has a problem with them for no apparent reason even ty

          • Mmmm… You people have hit a new low. Now you want to blame suicides on me when I am here talking about video games! On top of that, you insult your deceased friend by assuming she killed herself because of her weight. Some friend (you). You are sad to even bring that up since this is about games. If you are a lying publicist, then you need a new career.

          • david jarman

            Dude, you really need to go outside and take a break from the Internet. Not everything is a conspiracy or a cover-up.

          • JPASK

            He wasn’t, he was talking about his friend’s life who has a Wii U on which you said was “Fat Girls count”

          • fireheartis1

            All though I think your right about this person, there is some great games that people bought PS3 for. Kill Zone, God of War, and Uncharted come to mind. Heck the PS3’s sales started going up because of these games. It’s still however in 3rd place, so yes you are right Nintendo and Microsoft are in the lead. Many casual gamers still play their Wiis no matter what these so called “hardcore” gamers think. Heck I’m in-between the “casual” and “hardcore ” gamer type. It’s just sad we have these labels for gamers anyways. Why can’t we just be called gamers period, or even better a person who enjoys games. People who love to watch movies all the time aren’t called “moviers”, so why should we have to be called gamers. We should just be called people who like video games.

          • arguing with a brick wall is pointless yeah no? Just let them enjoy the wii u, we know the wii u will stop getting good third party support once ps4 and xbox 720 or w/e its called gets their footing in the market why? because the wii u would get a really waterd down version of the ports and not all developers want to put in that much time on older hardware. Or who knows maybe wii u has some hidden attribute that will make it still twinkle in the market. Its not the first console to have a screen there was another but was to expensive to why it failed but nintendo seen it was cheaper to do now so its trying it out.

          • Colin Tosh

            Xbox 720 isn’t going to get third party support because it isn’t going to sell.

            If you seriously think anyone besides a blind fanboy will buy the next Xbox you are delusional. Xbox fanboys alone are not enough to sustain any release on that system. Devs will be pulling the plug mid March when Microsoft get a backlash for their forced internet stunt.

          • tronic307

            Capitalization, speculation, punctuation.

          • Jon

            hmm…. last gen with the PS3 (77 million sold), Xbox 360 (76 Million sold) and Wii (99 million), Nintendo sold nearly 22-23 million more consoles than MS or Sony. Then we get to the handhelds, Vita, 2.2 million, 3DS 29 million, almost 30 million. And don’t give me the excuse that the Vita came out later, the vita came out within less than a year of the 3DS. So I would be a little hesitant to say that Sony and MS are leading over Nintendo. Also, recent events from the last two weeks don’t show that no one wants the Wii U, yes the sales dropped however they picked up pretty quick once new games were released so it is more the poor sales show that games are needed and with new games, sales will pick up. Especially once the summer and fall rolls around, I am sure you’ll see a pretty good spike in sales once the main games come out.

          • Only paid propagandists care about company profits and total product lines. If that is the case, then we can go in on Sony and MS’ total product lines! For the last time, the Wii was a NOVELTY item! It does not matter if it sold a billion systems, it had no staying power and it was a fad. Why do you think a Wii U is out now but the other two don’t have anything new out?

          • tronic307

            Hey, you’re the one who called Sony and Microsoft “leaders”. We were willing to let that go.

          • tronic307

            Novelty item? OK, the Wii peaked in 2009, but guess what? Nintendo made over $5,552,629,999.99 that year. With that kind of money, you could BURN $100 MILLION EVERY YEAR until Zefram Cochrane meets the Vulcans!

          • Levi Johansen

            tronic307 brought Star Trek into it.
            It’s super effective!

          • Steven Scott

            Th Wii U is out now because Nintendo wanted to get a head start in the next gen gaming market, they want to have at least a 1 whole year jump on the competition
            Now they can have multiple of games out and have lots of fixes to the system way before the other systems even come out
            Just wait and the PS4 and Xbox and they have the 1st version of their software will have no improvements

          • Riiight. A ten year head start does not matter if no one buys it or cares…

          • Steven Scott

            Obviously people are buying the Wii U why else would we get the best Lego Game to date
            and we are getting splinter cell
            the Wii U can’t get any of the “next gen games” because the devs won’t want to make them for the Wii U and not for the xbox and the PS4 later they want to wait and do it all at the same time that is the only problem that the Wii U has right now

          • tronic307

            Here’s a FACT-sheet for you:

          • That’s good, but how does that help YOUR pockets and how does that help Nintendo in market share and influence? Nintendo will need that money to survive. MS was going for market share, not profit. When you are new to the game, you need market share first, then you can get money. However, MS does not need the money.
            If this is your bottom line, then ask yourself why Nintendo keeps coming out with cheap, underperforming systems? This bottom line sheet answers that question – they provide cheap goods and services and are profit oriented only. This is why they did that scam with the Wii. Now they fool no one this time. They need full disclosure on specs. Maybe next time they might do that.

          • Oh yeah – I forgot that Nintendo does handhelds too while MS does not.

          • Colin Tosh

            His chart holds significance because in order to continue making hardware you need money.

            For Nintendo and “influence”, why exactly is Sony justifying Vita in the same way Nintendo have done with Wii U and used to do with GBA – GC connection? If they have no influence why did Microsoft and Sony decide to follow their motion sensing route? Simple. Nintendo made a lot of money and influenced them. That is what influence means. So yeah clearly Nintendo is having influence on something.

            Fact is you call Nintendo out on this but I bet the second MS or Sony said Kinect or Move was the future you suddenly opened your arms and hugged them.

            If you like them that much go to websites which post news on them instead of coming here. This is a site for Wii U fans and Wii U owners and you have admitted you are neither.

          • tronic307

            You call Sony and Microsoft leaders, yet they’ve almost NEVER been in sustained profit from video games. Sure, Nintendo has their handhelds to fall back on, but Sony and Microsoft have entire INDUSTRIES from which they MUST continually siphon funds to support their costly videogame interests.
            Microsoft and Sony have done nothing but BUY videogame market share from the very beginning, bleeding a combined $8 BILLION during the 7th generation ALONE. Granted, Microsoft HAS been in the black in recent years, largely due to the cheaper to produce Xbox360 Slim, but they’ve NEVER recouped their startup costs from the previous generation.
            Specs cost MONEY, and if Durango is competitive in that regard it will almost CERTAINLY put Microsoft in the red for YEARS. They don’t need to sell yet another Xbox; they need to sell their whole Xbox DIVISION.
            While it’s debatable whether Nintendo may jeopardize THEIR future console business by releasing modestly specced hardware, Sony and Microsoft have the clear potential to endanger the ENTIRE console video game industry with their laughably unsustainable business model, exorbitant initial cost to consumers, and near-MANDATORY subscription services. They are ‘LEADING’ the console game industry right off a cliff! No wonder mobile, tablet and digital-only gaming services such as Steam are on the rise.


          • fireheartis1

            Wrong most people don’t know the Wii U is a brand new console. They believe it’s a controller to use with the Wii. I work for Walmart and just last Saturday I had a lady ask me why the Wii U controller for Wii is so expensive. I had to explain to her that it’s a brand new console not just a controller for the Wii. It’s Nintendo’s poor advertising of the system that is causing the bad sales. People still believe it’s just a new type of controller that ads HD to the Wii. That’s just plain sad I do have to admit. I as a Nintendo fan realize how stupid of Nintendo not to explain what the Wii U is in advertising. That is Nintendo’s main mistake with this system. The touch screen had a whole lot to console gaming. As a matter of fact once I explained what the Wii U is to the lady she went ahead and bought it. Her exact words were “Wow that’s amazing so Nintendo is making a new sports game that you can see the golf ball on the touch screen”. “This sounds really neat I think my husband and kids will love this’. Then I told her that the best one is the 32GB for $349.99 and she got that one. You see it’s not that people don’t want a Wii U, it’s that people are confused on what the Wii U is. And yes I can admit this all Nintendo’s fault because of lack of advertising.

          • You guys will stop at nothing to not simply say that Nintendo messed up on the system, instead, you blame it marketing alone. How do you know it would sell even if the ads were right? People who know games knew about it and it still did not move, so why would expect a WOMAN to know about it? This story sounds like BS. If she did not know about it, why would she just buy it then? BS.

          • fireheartis1

            Your an idiot bro. I told her that Nintendo created a new HD system with a new type of controller. The controller not only has a touch screen but can be used in unison with the Wiimote. I told her Nintendo demoed at game that showed a person using a Wiimote with the GamePad on the floor, and the ball was on the GamePad. When the person swung the Wiimote the ball flew off the GamePad and onto the TV. She was excited about this because her husband loves the Golf game in Wii Sports, so he would get a kick out of it. Sorry bro but totally true and it was awesome to know I helped Nintendo sell a Wii U. Yah that’s right it’s because of the advertising. If I didn’t advertise by word of mouth she would have never know it was a new console, and still would have thought it was just a controller for the Wii. If it wasn’t for me one more Wii U would not have been sold, so put that in your pipe and smoke it punk. You actually trying to say my story is BS is what the BS is. Your just mad I helped Nintendo sell one more Wii U and you know it. Ha ha trolls will always suck and need to shut up. Maybe us Nintendo fans need to do more word of mouth then maybe more Wii Us will sell and you trolls can just cry about it to your mommy’s lol.

          • fireheartis1

            LOL it looks like you didn’t like the truth about me helping Nintendo sell one more Wii U uh bro. Because I real Nintendo fan will be happy that one more Wii U got sold. I wouldn’t believe a real gamer wouldn’t thumbs me down for telling how it is. I was all happy telling all my coworkers what I convinced this lady to do. I still say it’s just plain funny how so many people actually think it’s a controller that can add HD to the Wii. Man Nintendo screwed this one up badly. LOL no controller could ever add HD to any SD console, and why some mothers and fathers think this is just plain silly. Anyways sorry bro but I told the truth no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

          • tronic307

            Sony and Microsoft’s sole reason for entering the videogame biz:

            “My GOD, man look at all that cheddar Nintendo is rolling in. WE gotta get our mitts on some of THAT!”

            Leaders? C’mon, they’re more like Timon and Pumbaa.

          • Dude why do you keep digging this hole just stop man your not winning this argument ever. The wiiu will be around for the next 6 years so deal with it. If you don’t care for it get off this site.

          • tronic307

            No one is advocating Nintendo to you. Vote with your wallet. Maybe after losing your $299, Nintendo will be forced to rethink their whole strategy.

          • That’s right. People have voted with their wallets by not buying the Wii U, but people still tell lies and they keep saying that Nintendo will be #1. They are like New England Patriots fans. No matter how long it has been since they won a Super Bowl, they still yell that their team is the best! When last lost against the Giants, Patriots fans still said that they won the Super Bowl. This is how Nintendo fans are, they will defy reality for hype.

          • tronic307

            This is how Nintendo fans are, they will defy reality for hype.

            This is how Sony fans are, they will defy reality for hype.

            This is how Microsoft fans are, they will defy reality for hype.

            Such is fandom.
            All three sentences make sense, the difference is that Nintendo fans are FAR more likely to mind their own business, unless provoked.

          • I kinda doubt that I read lot of disdain from nintendo fanboys way before any critique has been mentioned on this website. So for credibility reasons I would say some may mind their own business but the same go’s for sony and xbox or these websites would be flooding and crash due to load of so many people from each system commenting.

          • Jon

            except you have not really given much to back up any of your statements, only the fact that Nintendo Wii U sales are low and haven’t even taken into account of the recent events from the last few weeks. You don’t take into account how sales more than double and even tripled in some places with the release of just 3 games. You claim no one cares about touchscreens however the 3DS (approx. 30 Millions sold) and the DS (153 million sold) seem to show the opposite of that.

            Sales of the Wii U were really good at the start but with nothing new coming to it for nearly 6 months, sales have dropped quite a bit. You’d expect something like this if you think about it, who’d want to buy a system at the moment with nothing new coming to it for quite some time? They’d just wait until more titles come to it, possibly wait for a price drop and/or wait for all the bugs to be worked out. With recent events, sales increased and I am pretty sure though I may be wrong, the trend will continue a newer games are released and updates are done. This trend has already showed and unless people just had a worldwide random impulse buy session it will continue.

          • NkoSekirei

            go get a fking life man enough with ur trolling dumb@$$

          • uPadWatcher

            Fuckupiswhatsup… why so serious?

          • Levi Johansen

            Most next-gen games for the next 2 years will come out for PS3 and Xbox 360 – FACT

            People who own a PS3 or Xbox 360 will therefore not buy a PS4 / Xbox 720 untill that time, especially considering the bad backwards compability – FACT

            Wii owners HAVE TO buy a Wii U to get in on the next-gen action, and will do so because of GREAT backwards compability, new, exciting and innovative controls, great multiplayer mechanics and Miiverse – FACT

            Nintendo will blow our minds with awesomeness at E3 – FACT

            Sony and Microsoft will struggle to convince a few that they NEED a need console at E3 – FACT

            It doesn’t matter what system is best, or what company is best!!

            Nintendo will outsell PS4 and Xbox 720 for 2-3 years, and we all know that whoever gains an early momentum will win the console-war of that generation. This has allways happened!

          • Nothing worse than telling lies and calling them facts.

          • Levi Johansen

            Ok, we’ll see in a 2 years time, or even at E3 this year.

            Wii U sales will rocket and PS4 and Xbox 720 will struggle to find an audience because their fans are busy playing Watch Dogs, GTA V, Splinter Cell Blacklist, AC4, Batman Arkham Origins, The Last of Us and more, on their current-gen systems.

            Wii owners will find nothing of this is released for the Wii, and no more Nintendo games either and feels compelled to buy a new console.

            Most people aren’t rich enought to buy a new console, and when they realize they don’t have to in order to get new games, then why would they?

            Can you honestly not see the logic in this?

          • tronic307

            Your brain doesn’t work properly.

          • Jon

            except they don’t fail……

          • The Wii U is selling like dog shit on a bun – that’s failing. We don’t need rah-rah comments cheerleader.

          • Levi Johansen

            but PS3 and Xbox 360 sold worse in their first few months!!

            Did they fail?

          • That is only a Nintendo crafted argument. Those systems cost a lot more than the Wii U with no future comp on the way.

          • Levi Johansen

            The argument is logical and breaks everything you’ve said – address what is wrong with my arguments, prove them wrong. Don’t just say it is fanboy-talk, I know it is fanboy-talk, but it is also completely true and you are unable to prove otherwise.

            Wii U has had ZERO advertising, bad 3rd party support, delays on the biggest games, cancelations on many others and doom articles all over the place.

            Did the PS3 and Xbox 360 have any of that?
            They were more expensive, but at the time they offered soo much more than the predecessors:
            – HD gameplay
            – BluRay/HD DVD
            – perfect online multiplayer

            Everybody was impressed, but very few were impressed by the Wii U. Yet it has had a better launch.

            The Wii U is not failing!

            How can you argue with this?

          • I can argue it because it is BS. It has FLOPPED< accept it and move on.

          • Levi Johansen

            Great argument there, you have convinced me… that you don’t even believe it has flopped yourself.

            and I who thought you were a Sony-fanboy, but you are really just a troll, kinda funny.

            That’s the best trolling I’ve encountered ever!

        • david jarman

          Get your propaganda out of here. There was no lie and no one here was confused. The confused people are [those] who don’t understand the wii u.


          • David, watch it with the insults. Disagree all you like, but insulting a commenter personally will not be allowed any longer.

          • Thanks. People need to keep in on fun and games, not act like it’s a life or death situation. I take it for many who are paid to post, it might be!

          • Starman

            Dude anytime some article has something about nintendo you always have to attack them,but yet when someone talks about the ps4 you praise it and attack the person that dosent agree.If you cant give nintendo a chance,then you will pretty much be wasting your miserable life attacking people for having honest opinions while you keep responding with your bs ones >:(

          • Oh really? Try looking back in time on this site when the PS4 was announced and get back to me with your theory.

          • Starman

            Try looking back in time on this site for how many times you have something negative to say about the wii u

          • uPadWatcher

            Stop kissing trolls’ asses, hypocrite. Why are you here hating Nintendo?

          • david jarman

            Your the one who is taken this all to heart, and waisting precious time trying to convince people that they are blinded by nintendo. You’re the one who doesn’t own the system yet acts like you know all the facts. You call people names. You change subjects when cornered. You’re always looking for negatives. You fail to realize that we love nintendo FOR THE FUN AND GAMES!

          • david jarman

            I will quit insulting, but I don’t think it’s right that people get to troll or purposely pick fights and we’re suppose to suck it up.

        • Colin Tosh

          Can’t keep up? Keep up with what? REQUIRING an internet connection to play your games? That sounds more like a step backwards to me. Games should be allowed to play freely how we want.

          I’m so glad Nintendo is behind. At least we aren’t being treated like dirt by a greedy manufacturer that moved away from gaming long ago. Games consoles are for games and that is something Microsoft seems to have forgotten.

          • The next Xbox is not even out and you are acting as if you have all of the details. Do you see how that sounds?

          • Colin Tosh

            The next Xbox will focus on multimedia. That is a given based on Microsoft’s direction these past few years. Indie developers have even said that is why they are focusing resources on PS4 and Wii U because Sony and Nintendo treat developers better. MS used gaming as a scapegoat to get into the entertainment business but be in denial if you want.

            That MS employee (Adam Orth) would not have got that personal and defensive about needing an internet connection unless they are doing it.

            If that is what “the of the future of gaming” is then it is a future I want no part of. Like I said, Nintendo have my interests in mind. Therefore I am glad they are (as you said) “outdated”. It doesn’t take a genius to work out MS direction is multimedia. Just look at their own exclusive lineup compared to Nintendo and Sony.


            They don’t care about games and they don’t care about gamers.

            Note = that was a “at the time” thing. Now Nintendo have announced more of their own exclusives and Rayman shifted. But they still have more announced then MS.

          • I am not interested in the next Xbox because of the rumors – if true. The PS4 looks like it will reign supreme and the Wii U will beg for an audience. They ONLY slim chance that Nintendo could come out on top is the Xbox rumors are true and the PS4 does something similar, which MIGHT make people (including me) go with Nintendo, IF they have the right games. Total control of content and how we play it I am not cool with. People will vote with their dollars just like they voted against the Wii U.

          • Focal1

            Yeah, go buy your Mobile CPU system! 8 cores my ass. But you wouldn’t know, cause everything in the paper is true for you!

          • uPadWatcher

            Except the problem is Sony’s PS4 is following the same path as Microsoft’s X720– No backwards compatibility. That means you won’t be playing physical PSOne, PS2, or PS3 game discs. EXPOSED!

          • So. Whenever I get a new system, I usually got rid of my old one and never look back. Those systems are too powerful to be emulated on a new system. What do you think they are – the Wii?

          • uPadWatcher

            Whenever I get a new system, I don’t get rid of the old one– except my PS3 only plays CDs, DVDs, and digital downloads.

          • Levi Johansen

            No emulation is required, they just need to make a hard-drive partition with the PS3 or Xbox 360 OS – so that it can boot up from that.

            This is how the Wii works on Wii U, no emulation, Wii is too powerful for emulation anyway!

            Even the gamecube wasn’t emulated, Wii could play it because it was made the same way with an improved OS, not a new one.

          • It’s not that simple. Hardware plays a very important part in the emulation process. It is too much to explain here, but it is not as simple as you make it, especially with the PS3 and 360! New chips vs old chips and that sort of thing come into play.
            The Wii emu on that Wii U was easy because the Wii is an old system that is a Gamecube and the Wii U CPU’s are built or based on the Wii’s. There was a diagram that showed The Wii emu on a Wii U CPU core. The Wii is a wiik system and was emulated on PC years ago. I play it on my PC because the Wii is wiik. Noticed how real systems like the PS3, 360 and even the PS2 and Dreamcast either can’t be emulated or they have a harder time at it.
            I know you are talking about emulation on consoles, but at some point in time (like now), powerful console like the 360 and PS3 can’t be emulated on a newer one because they are not extremely weaker than the newer system.

          • Levi Johansen

            OK, I guess you’re right. The CPU and stuff is built different, so some kind of emulation would be necessery.

            I know the Wii has been emulated on PC’s, but so has PS3 and Xbox 360 unless google is lying, and PS4 is quite the powerful PC.

            But it seems the server-streaming of old games requires to re-buy the games – so I think MONEY has something to do with it as well

          • Jon

            whenever I get a new system, I keep the old one unless the new one can play the games I loved on the old one. Why? because even old games are amazing. I still have an NES and still play it, Same with the SNES and the N64. The only system I got rid of was the game cube because the Wii will do everything the gamecube could so it is gone. however i still kept my Wii because it can play the gamecube games I loved.

          • Starman

            The ps4 hasent even came out yet but for some reason you know it’s gonna succed and the wii u will fail?Sony drone logic

          • tronic307

            Oh, I believe Adam Orth has PLENTY of details, and he made the next Xbox sound absolutely WACK.

        • Jeffery02

          This brings up the question “what is a generation?”. A generation is not always better. It’s just the next in line. I am the next generation after my parents, but that does not make be better or worse, just younger. Just like the Wii was the generation after GCN and the Wii U is the generation after the Wii.

          I have to agree that the Wii U is not next gen though because it is THIS gen. The PS3 and 360 are LAST gen. The PS4 and 720 will be half way to the next gen at least. The PS4 and 720 may last over a decade as well, so Nintendo could easily launch the next next generation Nintendo console half way through the generation of the PS4 and 720.

          Generations cannot be defined because they are always relative. You’re not gonna complain this much about the 6th generation iPhone being released after only 6 years since the first one, are you? Also, is it wrong that I will not create the next generation of my family even after 22 years? So to bring up fact of something that is undefinable is an oxymoron.

          You wanna argue about something, then argue about the quality of the games, not the quality of something that doesn’t matter. That’s the difference between a gamer and a troll. Don’t be that troll.

          • You can’t tell me what to argue about, that is called trying to control the dialog – for Nintendo’s angle. Stop acting as if you don’t know what a generation is. The Wii U is Nintendo’s next-generation machine, but it is not the industry’s next generation machine!
            The Wii U has improved (of course, it had to) upon the Wii, but it has not improved upon the current systems, of this generation. Besides, all of you Nintendo people have done is to argue about how much better they are than the PS3 or 360, when we still have yet to see the Wii U even match them at their best.
            A generation is an advancement in technology, not just coming out with something. When Nintendo stopped being able to compete, then they had to try and change reality to fit their inability to compete. In other words, they lie.

          • uPadWatcher

            Says the hypocrite who always one-up his bullshit comments.

          • Jeffery02

            I am sorry my friend, but I’m afraid you are the one manipulating the definition to fit your wants. You are throwing around the word “generation” incorrectly and you expect us to just accept your weird as fact?

            I mean, I’m sorry! you clearly know much more than the rest of us. Everyone! Bow down to this genius!

            If everyone in the world thought the world was still flat, would they be correct? that’s what you sound like right now.

        • Dominic Coradazzi

          A new generation is brought forth by new consoles and new ways to play
          NOT jumps in graphical prowess

          • That is your hype and BS opinion. The Wii U controller is not a new way to play by the way…

          • Levi Johansen

            May not be new in terms of technology and game developers have used similar gameplay mechanics in the past, like on smartPhones, the DS and the Wii

            this is a reason it will NOT fail, how could it? Tried and proven technology that developers are familiar with is the best way to go!

            The touchpad is nothing new either, it is the same thing – tried and proven technology and I’m excited to see what devs can do with both the Wii U and PS4!

          • More robotic, publicist responses. They are sickening. Junior publicists always say they are ‘so excited!’ Publishers are not going to do anything with the Wii U in case you have noticed.

          • Levi Johansen

            In case you haven’t noticed, they are going to alot with the Wii U.

            And I am VERY EXCITED about it!

        • Arthur Jarret

          So, you’re visiting and commenting a lot on a site that’s exclusively about a system you seem to hate by a company you don’t like.

          That seems like a great and efficient way to spend your time. Good job.

      • Nintedward

        That’s why I said a few articles ago ”Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is one of the best games I’ve ever played” And loads of trolls started attacking me about the graphics :S . I know the Graphics is basically a 3DS game in 1080p , that’s it. It doesn’t use ANY of the Wiiu’s graphical potential. BUT it is still one the best games I’ve ever played.

        Gameplay is 95% of the game. Graphics is 5%.

        • it still looks really good though…

          • Nintedward

            For sure! The boss monsters especially are stunning. The animations and overall look of them is top notch.

          • yeah, exactly! In tri, their movements were a little jerky at times, and the textures looked iffy close up. in this one, all the scales and hair look amazing.

          • Nintedward

            They really feel alive on Wiiu. Sometimes you actually feel like you are murdering a big monster. Quite satisfying 🙂

          • I always feel like that. BECAUSE I HUNT IN REAL LIFE!!!! >:D

            yknow, when you play that game, you act like a badass, but if I even saw a jaggi in real life, I’d run so hard the other way XD

          • Nintedward

            True! . You know I usualy keep my inner voice inside of me when playing most games , apart from yelling ”SHIT!!!!” or ”FUCKIN SHIT!!!!” when i’m getting stressed at certain games. But Monster Hunter actually has me screaming ”DIEEEEEEEE YOU PIECE OF CRAP” ”I’M GUNNA PUT THIS SWORD IN YOUR ASS!” hahah XD

        • Arthur Jarret

          Yup, compare it with one of the PS3’s launch window titles… like Heavenly sword – great graphics, excellent gameplay, finished in 2 hours.

          Edit: What I’m trying to say is: the Wii U has the best launch window line-up I’ve ever seen and doesn’t deserve all the bad press it’s getting. For any console I previously had I had less titles for the first 6 months after launch.

      • RyuNoHadouken

        no, Nintendo built a bargain basement HD system…thats why its not considered next gen…i love Ninty too, but I still keep it real

      • NkoSekirei

        wii u is next gen but trolls cant till gen 7 to gen 8 consoles and wii u is gen 8 and it runs on 2011 specs and this prove that wii u is getting more third party support then losing it and who in the hell cares about not getting battlefield 4 either cause EA just won the worst game company award 2 years in a roll and by the way is that DEATHSTROKE/SLADE!!!!

      • not to mention that Wii U’s graphics can be pretty fricking spectacular

    • tronic307

      The eighth gen was kicked off by the 3DS. PSWiiDS360 are seventh generation.
      3DS, Vita, Wii U, Ouya, Project Shield, PS4, Durango=8th gen.

      • word

      • Revolution5268

        people are trying to segregate 3ds and wii u as “seven gen consoles”…makes no sense.

    • Laud

      I’m surprised no one has noticed the error??

      “The setting is several yeayars before…”

  • D.M.T

    I was gonna buy Arkham City Armored Edition in the near future but I think it makes more sense to buy Arkham Origins first.

  • david jarman

    What’s a yeayars? Lol! I Kidd!

  • Robknoxious1

    This is a Pre-order for me no doubt, and I almost never pre-order anything.

  • Awesome.. Keep the games coming and it looks like I can skip the next gen from Sony and Microsoft and just have my Nintendo and a Gaming PC hooked to my TV. Since Sony is not doing backwards compatibility and the rumors say Microsoft is not either it makes no sense to invest in one of their consoles when I can take that $400 and put it into a really good video card to my already quad core HTPC connected to my TV.

    In the past it was the convenience of having a console hooked to the big screen that kept me with the XBOX or PS2 back in the day, but now that TVs have evolved into large HD monitors and with connection options like HDMI a console that doesn’t offer a migration path keeping compatibility with at least the last generation of games makes no sense to me. Since most of the games that are made for XBOX/Sony are for PC anyway I guess I will just go that route.

    • In the realm of PC things, I’m interested in what Valve is doing with the Steam box, though I’ll never give up my gaming PC.

      • I am eager to see what happens with that too. I think smart gamers would consider the same thing I am doing unless they are really into certain exclusives from one console maker or both. For me the original XBOX and the 360 were just more convenient to hook to a TV which had a larger screen and more comfortable gaming experience. Now technology has made it easy to connect PCs to TVs so I can do the same thing without their console.

      • bizzy gie

        How are you reading these comments, but missing over the ones by Knowledgeiswhatsup and sithWiiU. Can you not ban people via disqus?

        • I am taking action based on language and insults used in all posts, but I will not ban people for stating their opinions negative or not.

          • tronic307

            Basically ALL of sithWiiU’s posts are NSFW. I don’t mind a negative opinion but sithWiiU can get pretty gross!

          • I’ve taken action against him/her since most comments were laden with insults and foul language.

          • Opinions we can take… Instigating an argument, lying, or simply trolling is another thing. The object is to post that opinion like an adult which a good handful obviously cannot.

          • bizzy gie

            So Nintendrone and fanboy aren’t insults?

    • I would say the same thing except we really are just going off of rumors right now for the NextBox. If it really is just a beefed up 360 then heck no. But maybe Microsoft will come up with something truly innovative that can’t be offered on a PC. Then I’ll have to reconsider my options.

      • If it has the ability to play my existing library of XBOX360 games then I would put it on my list to get. Maybe not right away but I am happy with my 360 so far since I got a later revision not prone to the heat/RROD issues.

  • lonewolf88

    wait am i the only one who only cares to see death stroke on the picture????????

    • Nope ^^ I’m super happy that they added the second best DC Villain :3

    • Nintendofreak

      didnt notice lmfao

  • Rumor has it that Rocksteady is working on a stylized Batman prequel to be released in 2014. Let’s hope Origins delivers, otherwise I may wait. Nothing against Warner Bros. Montreal. But since the aesthetics of the game will be similar (as they are using most of the assets Rocksteady used), they will really need to deliver on the gameplay and story.

  • Marius Valasinas

    loved B.A.C.A.E on wii u. Gamepad makes the game so much more enjoyable

  • Jon Turner

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED Batman Arkham City. Now if we can just get BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM on WiiU….

    • Zombie_Andrew

      I’d love to see that but I’d rather look forward not backward 🙂

  • Good job Nintendo !

  • Cerus98

    Generations really have nothing to do with specs or power though many articles and users will say the opposite. After MS got into the console game, the big three started a trend of all three releasing a new console around the same time thereby starting the next-gen console war bullshit. In reality, generation refers to nothing more than it does when you use it to talk about people. In console terms its just a continuation of a series of consoles. NES>SNES>N64>GC>Wii>WiiU or PS1>PS2>PS3>PS4. Each one improving on the last one in some way be it hardware, games, accessibility or simply how you interact with it.

    Nintendo created the most recognizable, iconic and popular character of all time when they created Mario. Mario is what he is because he’s fun not because you can’t figure out if he’s real or computer generated. Nintendo figured out this secret of success a long time ago and they have been reaping the benefits ever since. It’s icing on the cake that their “competitors” try to half ass copy every innovation they bring as a tacked on gimmick years later.

    • routerbad

      Gaming generations go back farther than that. To the Atari 2600. The minute they released a successor console the second generation of gaming began. Nintendo came in with the third generation of gaming, and Sega forced them to release their successor to compete, XBOX came in during the 6th generation of gaming.

      • Cerus98

        You need to re-read my post. I was using Nintendo and Sonys line of consoles as examples of continuing generations, not as a complete history in gaming. However the 2600 (2nd generation in fact) wasn’t the first home console. The Odyssey came out a few years before that. While the Atari 2600 was highly successful, it’s successors were pretty big flops. It wasn’t until the NES released after the big crash that home console gaming was back on the map and bigger than ever. Sony and MS and the entire gaming world owe their success and enjoyment to Nintendo. They weren’t the first but they took gaming out of locked basements and into people’s homes.

        • routerbad

          True, I misspoke, the Atari 2600 started the second generation of gaming. I wasn’t disagreeing with your comment wholesale. Nintendo made gaming more accessible and palatable to more people, bringing the whole market out of collapse.

  • Toby

    The wii u is next gen. It came after the wii. It’s the next console. Therefore it’s next gen. You guys that say its not next gen are hilarious. Each iPhone and iPod is a called a new generation even though not much changed. Gameplay is always first over graphics.

  • Steven Scott

    The Wii U has sold more units then the 360 or the PS3 did the there 1st 3 months on the market and they will keep selling them
    Nintendo just need to learn how to market the system they know what they are doing and will not let their loyal fans down
    I bet that some people are just waiting to see what the other 2 systems are doing because they can’t spend the money on 2 systems at this time they have to choose which one they want to start off with.

  • scarlet

    Is that this month’s Game Informer?

    • Yes, it’s the cover for this month’s issue.

  • MøhÃ¥mmęd JÃ¥rmøn

    DEATHSTROKE IS THE VILLAIN!!! Aka Slade from Teen Titans!!!

  • greengecko007

    The start of more good games coming to Wii U. First this, and as we approach the summer, we’ll get news from E3.

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    I knew this was coming. Warner Bros. Interactive has been supporting the Wii U very well with Scribblenauts Unlimited, Arkham City and Injustice, so it makes sense that they would put Arkham Origins on Wii U. I loved Arkham City, so I will surely be purchasing this one.

  • uPadWatcher

    WB Games Montreal have done an outstanding job in releasing Batman: Arkham City – Armored Edition for the Wii U. Now that they’re working on Batman: Arkham Origins (including current gen consoles and PC), It’s gonna be awesome to play this game. Batman Begins this October.

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      Your comment just made me more excited for this game hahaha

  • Zombie_Andrew

    God damnit now I’m gonna be stuck on whether to get Wind Waker HD or Batman this October, damn you!!!!

    • Cadrion


  • What’s a yeayar?

  • Joel

    WB is milking Batman, again.

    • tronic307

      Tronic is BUYING Batman, again.

  • Mark Thom


  • david jarman

    To Ashley: You’re going to admit me, but not all the ones who insulted us first and keep insulting us. Why because I express myself to you early about keeping it about video games?

  • Teem Four Tress Too

    Great, im excited for whats coming.

  • Fantendo

    I’m not very excited for this game
    No Rocksteady
    No Paul Dini
    and Possibly No Mark Hamil = fearful

  • Archiq09

    cool 😀

    WiiU need a interface who says you: B3 is online/offline , B3 join your party , B3 send you a message , B3 invite you in a party…

    it’s will be a good update no?

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    Ashley it’s nice to hear from you in the comments section!

  • Death47

    Guys, Guys.

    Wii U is current Gen.

    The generation started with the launch of the 3ds and vita. As it stands today, Xbox 360 and ps3 are last gen, and the nextbox and ps4 are current generations “still in the womb” as you can put it.

    Of course, this is all an overview, and doesn’t take into account a company’s perspective that focus on their own products, and thus, for Sony and Microsoft, the Xbox 360 and Ps3 are current gen, and nextbox and ps4 are “next gen”

    Taking into account the entire industry, 360 and Ps3 are last gen…..

  • DragonSilths

    I’m very surprised that Slade is in this. If you don’t know who that is, he was the main bad guy in Teen Titans. He was Robins main enemy like Joker was to Batman. Could be pretty badass.

  • Ducked

    What is this? Christmas morning!