Jun 10th, 2012

Batman Arkham City Wii U
Batman Arkham City will be a Wii U launch title and will not only include console specific features for the GamePad, but it’ll also feature better graphics, as the above screenshots show. Eurogamer recently analyzed the Wii U hardware and found that while the new console is not that much more powerful than current gen systems, Wii U games are already looking better than on competing consoles. Batman Arkham City for example, features a better draw distance, higher resolution textures, and better effects on the Wii U compared to the PlayStation 3 version. Eurogamer’s analysis of Arkham City reveals that the Wii U edition of the game has a different lighting model with more light sources, motion blur, and new textures. Finally, the Wii U version features FXAA anti-aliasing, something that the PS3 version didn’t have. All of these small changes amount to the game generally looking better than on current generation consoles, thanks to the scalability of the Unreal Engine 3.

Eurogamer’s analysis concludes that the Wii U isn’t that much more powerful than current gen hardware, and that the upcoming consoles from Microsoft and Sony will offer much more power than the Wii U. However, it’s still unknown whether the new PS4 and Xbox 720 will be out in 2013. Right now, everything points at a 2014 release for those systems. This should give the Wii U a two year head start. Regarding the Wii U hardware, it also appears that the Wii U GamePad does take up considerable resources when used, which explains why game frame rate will drop to 30 when two GamePads are used, according to Nintendo. Head on after the break for another Batman Arkham City comparison screenshot.

Batman Arkham City Wii U 2

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  • LordFenix

    If this is true… im both happy and sad… but if its true… Nintendo should have done this 4 years ago… at least giving it some shelf time and a chance to build up some capital for another console to head off sony and microsoft… cause if what they say is true… then WiiU is only going to have a 4 year shelf life and then after that people are going to drift back to the other 2…

    • Ben

      Nintendo’s consoles always have had a 5 year life span (wii is the exception so far) And even if this system only sells 30 million units they will make a profit off from it. No matter how “great” the rumors are of the ps4 nextbox seem to be, they will not be “leaps” and “bounds” better than this (maybe if they do wait till 2014+ and use 2013+ specs there maybe but don’t count your chickens on that) If they do wait til 2014 that means the Wii U will have a 2 year head start and that’s when games start hitting their strides on a system.
      Point is don’t take this article as Gospel and don’t fall for “next-gen” rumors.

    • Slacker

      maby what this guy said is true. dut more likely the trueth is that he isent making a game on the system and don’t know what he is talking about . graphics all redy look better than their counter parts in the first year you have to understand that thay are only useing 10% of the system in 4 or 5 years we well see the full powers

  • Swic11

    This is really discouraging, Reggie said in an interview at e3 that the wii u is powerfull, but graphics don’t lie. I just hope the unreal engine engine is limited in this game and that the wii u is indeed powerful.

    • The Kid

      Why are we comparing ports from the XBOX 360. It’s like comparing Godfather XBOX to Godfather XBOX 360, or Bully PS2 to Bully XBOX 360. When you port a game from an old console that less powerful to one that more powerful it still doesn’t look much better anyways.

    • Roo

      There are several factors as to why the system may not be at it’s highest abilities as of yet. They are:

      A) The game is a port

      B) It has to have been made using a very early dev kit (ie, a weaker one)

      C) Developers need time to learn how a console works and tap into it’s full capabilities. Just compare early Xbox games with later ones.

      Since the Wii U graphics are already looking better than the PS360 versions, then just wait and see what they’ll look like in say a year or so.

      • Ozfer

        That last comment can be debated, but I do think wii U games will start looking better to bad Nintendo’s competitive console is 1 generation behind what it needed to be for a market leader.

    • Draco Breach

      I’m confused. Are we looking at the same screen shots? The Wii U screens show significant improvement over the PS3 version, and the motion blur adds a level of realism not present before.

      Admittedly, I’m not all that interested in the Arkham City, but I cannot see the justification in your comment. If you only look at the explosion, the Wii U version shows a stunning visual difference. The fireball looks cleaner and more defined. It looks a whole lot more realistic. The nearby blimp also adds a layer of complexity – especially if that’s all live render with AI control.

      I’m waiting to see what kind of fire and water effects are available, though. Nothing in the current generation handles water very well, and the Wii U has shown some promise on that front already. Fire can be hit or miss, often developers can’t adjust a single light instance that acts like multiple flickering light instances.

      • Daemonrunner

        I think it will be a fair bet that Nintendo will deliver on water effects given their history with it. Super Mario Sunshine and Pikmin had some of the best water effects I have ever seen (and those were GC title) and it continued to the Wii with Super Mario Galaxy and even Skyward Sword (even with the cel-shaded design).

        Also, the Wii U graphics demo from last years E3 (Japanese garden demo) showed off some pretty nice water effects (minus a good splash from the fish as it landed) and that was early development.

        Now Arkham City may not change that much (then again the game does look to utilize some updated effects), but Nintendo has always seemed to deliver on some of the “smaller detail” things like water that should transfer well to the HD realm.

        • yass

          who gives a sh*** about water effects?

    • Ben

      What is discouraging about this? What did you expect it to be? Avatar quality? Did you click on the original article and read it? BAC shown above was compared to the PC and the Wii U did better in many areas than even the PC (also short cuts were taken) But i look at it like this, these shot are comparing a game that has been out for 6 months and has had patches and mods made, to a game that is 6 months away from being done (possibly on a not final Dev kit) So there could be a lot of room to grow.
      The discouraging thing I see is most “gamers” dont know how to tell or see the true differences and since they can’t they will jump to the conclusion that there is no upgrade in buying a WiiU. Keep in mind this system is running at 30-60 fps at 720p (maybe 1080p) plus 480P second screen all at the same time and pushing those graphics.

      • shadowfan2z

        They never said the Wii U Game Pad was 480p.
        Iwata said during the Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct that you would see the same experience on the Game Pad as the HD TV if you switched to the Game Pad.

    • CedrictheDragon

      We need to see it running on a HD TV, screenshots don’t always give the full picture. I think the console is pretty powerful but not a powerhouse next gen PC

  • DerikGotro64

    Ill be trading in my ps3 copy for the wii u copy!

    • alienfish

      Lol. Just… lol.

    • whos asking?

      once u get 5$s for your ps3 copy there will only be 95 to go!

      • Embassey

        It will only cost 60$! 😛

        • Guest

          Most XBOX 360 games are $20 NEW.

    • Non-Specific Action Figure

      Wii U copy may be cheaper, give or take

  • alienfish

    Well, at least this confirms that WiiU isn’t less powerful. I expect the difference between WiiU performance and nextbox/ps4 will look a lot like this, especially if they somehow get year old updated ports.

  • LordFenix

    I looked around and found that it could just be a simple PORT over with of course the added gamepad tech… but the over all game could be a direct port with some tweaked graphics… if that is the case we are good…

  • uPadWatcher

    When comparing to Batman: Arkham City for PS3 and Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition for Wii U, there’s a difference. Since both games are powered by Unreal Engine 3, the Wii U version has better graphics, clarity and texture. Great work, WB Games Montreal and Burbank and Rocksteady!

    Although the U version was basically a pre-alpha test version, I’ll look forward to purchase the Armored Edition at launch along with the Wii U.

    • deSSy2724

      i wanted to say, my mistake…..

      Batman face DOES LOOKS better on PS3, NOT WII U!!

  • mariodk18

    You know what, this is powerful enough for me! I mean, how much better can graphics possibly get after this? I think we’re going to hit a plateau, BUT things like draw distance, smarter AI, higher frame rates, and other things can be improved.

    • CedrictheDragon

      Highly agree, I am getting bored with great graphics and disapointing gameplay. I think with HD games will look great

  • kanahnakah

    You know what, this is powerful enough for me! I mean, how much better can graphics possibly get after this? I think we’re going to hit a plateau, BUT things like draw distance, smarter AI, higher frame rates, and other things can be improved. I just love gameplay most.

  • Hafid

    This is really enough to Nintendo !!!
    Look at Wii = Game cube !!!
    I mean IF they make a Mario with this power …………………
    It Will be the best game of all Time !!! Just Like Mario 64 today !
    ( for me )

    • CedrictheDragon

      Gamecube was the best last gen console but Sony had the monoply sadly, it was small but powerful, same as the Wii U, I hope 🙂

  • seth

    i agree i really hope the console is much more powerful then what we’ve seen but if nintendo want’s to truly satisfy it hard-core gamers it will need the unreal engine 4 seeing how it’s so much better then unreal engine 3 but still the console looks pretty good so far

    • Embassey

      To be a “Hard-core gamer” today is not the same as it was being a “Hard-core gamer” in the 90’s-early 2000… Then, “the hard-core gamer” played games to play games, dedicating the most of his/hers spare time to do just so. Today, “the hard-core gamer” is the one with the most powerful hardware, which’s only concern is having bad graphics. The development is quite sad, actually 🙁

  • Ben

    Curious, why did you pic to show the ps3 vs Wii U screen shots and not the PC vs Wii U? Those were the more interesting ones.

    • Pwait5026

      i have the pc version and the wii u version still blows it out of the water

      • Daemonrunner

        Interesting opinion.

        I will say that there is a definite difference in the actual textures on the Wii U version over the others. But one thing that has piqued my interest is those banners on the building, which aren’t evident in ANY of the screens shots I have seen of the same scene (PC included).

        I wonder if the Wii U CPU allows the game to get a physics update in a similar fashion that the PC version got a PhysX update for Nvidia owners. That would be awesome. If that is possible on the Wii U than they need to do a re-release of Arkham Asylum as well with a similar physics boost. I played the non-PhysX enhanced version of Arkham Asylum and I can say it’s one of the few times where the entire atmosphere of the game is changed for the worst without it. The cobwebs, smoke, blowing leaves/papers, and destructible banners really added to the overall grit and realism of the game.

        I also wonder if the Wii U’s GPU, being based of the R700 series, will also include the tessellation boost that is in the DX11 version of the PC version. I know consoles don’t utilize DirectX, but AMD/ATI has been using it for years (which is why the Xbox 360 can push the character models it does), so it would be pretty sweet if those extra touches are available in the Wii U version of this game.

      • Guest

        Because the PC version is old. Wii U version is now just releasing. PC still better than WII U sorry.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      Cause, everyone knows PC will be better. Consoles aren’t made to compete against PCs. They’re made with a few years old tech to give gamers a cheaper way to play games. PCs will win, almost every time. The competition is the other consoles, so that’s why it’s being compared to the PS3

      • CedrictheDragon

        PC is the best but costs so much to keep up to date

        • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

          That’s why PC gamers only update their every few years, unless they’ve got a lot of spare change or do all their work on their PCs too. In which case, it’s a business expense

  • ahhhhh

    Man im getting this on the wiiu.

  • bob

    Guys! relax! its 720p

    • bob

      it’ll be waaaay better in 1080p

  • LordFenix

    I am not worried about the graphics… they are running on newer GPU and CPU build… my issue runs with Vram and system memory… I want games with Better AI and better Textures and larger areas… that is my only issue… the poly count can maybe go a lil higher… but Textures more or less make the game look way better…

    PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD think about gameplay…
    who cares if the game looks photo realistic if you are only playing on a Rail system or Quick time events…

    • CedrictheDragon


  • Chris

    I can see some noticeable difference in the top two images, the PS3 version looks more a little bit dull and the textures on the building in the middle of the image isn’t that great. However, the textures on the Wii U version really stands out and the motion blur really adds that extra realism to the image, also the explosion at the top o the building looks more like an explosion than the PS3 one which just looks like a ball of light coming from the building.

    Some of the lighting and shading effects look better on the Wii U version but I only see a few things tessellated like the building but its a start for one thing and it shows some of the capabilities of the hardware.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the system on day one when the system is released, I might not buy this game since I have it on PS3 but for anyone who hasn’t played the game before and is getting the Wii U, get the Wii U version =3

  • Giuseppe

    I’ don’t care about grafics. It is realistic or not, similar to the XBOX360/PS3 or not, I don’t care. Wii was not powerful as its competitors. But It selled a lot. And that console was defined a next generation, together with XBOX360 and PS3. The same thing will happen with Wii U.

  • Pwait5026

    this is a major showing of how much better the Wii U is than all current gen consoles

  • machok

    this just release game for wii u, imagine about 2-3 years ahead
    wii u graphics will be awesome

    • Guest

      Then PC blows it away even more in that time!

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    People say that these pictures of the television screenshots show that the Wii U is at least slightly more powerful than current gen consoles, but when they say that, they completely overlook the fact that they have a-whole-nother screen being run at the same time, with the same improved framerate. Even if the second screen is just 420p or whatever, having a second screen being streamed, or 2 more screens streamed, all of which are different streams too, at 30-60 fps takes a crap ton of power. PC gamers will tell you that with a single screen, you won’t need the most powerful GPU, and this can handle 3. It has to be a strong system. A really strong system. My only question with this system is, can you use only the pro controller and get a graphical boost to native or at least enhanced to a clean and consistent 1080p at or at least near 60fps?

    • Daemonrunner

      You know, I am thinking the same thing. Is the Wii U GamePad required for any developer to make a game?

      I hope it’s not, because it could really allow for a developer to push all of the graphical and CPU assets into the game to not only make it look very nice and run smooth, but could also help with AI. Or, much like the 3D on the 3DS, it’s an option that will cause a hit in visuals when using the GamePad.

      I think that was one of the reasons why so many developers ignored the Wii was Nintendo probably had some requirement to include motion controls – even if it didn’t make sense. I can’t confirm this; but given Nintendo’s business policies, it wouldn’t surprise me. I am sure graphics and lack of online also had something to do with it, but I am sure it also came down to Nintendo’s strict development policies as well. I really hope this has been remedied.

      I mean, I like the GamePad and think it will add a new level of immersion, but I also think that developers shouldn’t be required to use it either. Sometimes, it just might not make any sense, so why should players be punished because a developer just can’t find any good reason to use it?

      • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

        Yeah, they can make games that don’t use all the features so that they can push the screen. Maybe just push a Nintendo logo or something onto the gamepad screen. Something that doesn’t take much power. If it could be done using almost no power, the Miiverse would find a good home there. That would allow developers to really push the system. It’d be a good balance between gamepad focused games, and games that just want a single screen that looks great, and maybe focus on the pro controller. Nintendo really needs both I feel

  • Captain snugglebottom

    First off this looks great but if Sony and Microsoft get their consoles out of the closet they’ll be very expensive and their full potential will not be reached most like ps3.

  • Zhaf

    Nice to see wii u has better graphics.. Though i am more concerned on performance.. How the wii u could handle large games, especially open world, where many things happening at one time… Ps3 games nowadays have been suffering frame rate drop a lot.. Dark souls, dragon dogma to name a few.. I am more than happy if wii u could at least handle games without frame rate drops…

    Seeing wii u is rumored to have only 2gb ram, im a bit skeptical.. Though the cpu could maybe make up for it, i dont know, possibility is there you know.. Only time will tell..

  • Marmor

    Or let us choose if we want 720p or 1080p with a drop in frames per second.
    Games like Arkham City are playable with under 30fps as well.
    Choice of resolution is standard on PCs.

    • Daemonrunner

      The PS3/360 version runs at 30 FPS and sometimes dip down below. 60fps isn’t the be all and end all as there are plenty of games on the other consoles that only run 30fps and no one seems to mind.

      I do like that idea though – the first console with actual “Display settings” to include resolution.

  • Brandon

    So alot of u rworrued about the power if the u? Look up thestat comparisons

  • Daemonrunner

    I am glad I waited to get this game.

    I do hope that the whole armored suit thing is an optional feature (like you have a choice of Regular game and Armored game). I really like Batman’s regular suit much better than the armored suit and personally don’t want the extra power boost the suit can provide.

    Say what you will, I think it would be very nice to be able to the just the “stock” version of the game with extra GamePad features and no B.A.T. mode available.

    • Daemonrunner

      *be able to play just the “stock” version…

  • Matt

    The wiiu uses a HD6770 gpu ubi have confirmed this END OF 1.36 terraflops to 260terraflops thats a big difference trust me all this power talk is just the ghz of the cpu ect not the raw graphics power as even with ports right out the gamte the wiiu is even making them ports look much better which sort of says the wiiu is a beast considering ports even to more powerful consoles never show much of a difference and yet wiiu does makes me think the wiiu is a beast and Iwata and Myamoto are talking it down on purpose so its harder for Sony/Micro to know what the wiiu is power wise i think as Reggie said its a beast saying its tremendously powerful and Gearbox its a powerful powerful console and its defo next gen ect and Epic saying its a powerful box all points to Myamoto/Iwata being clever by not talking it up too much to catch the competition off guard.

    • Phantasy

      It uses a hd 4850 with GDDR5. Not a hd 6770.

  • PurpleShine

    The wiiu screenshots are the graphics that my ps3 shows, so this unclear fire is just a fake. Cmon, fire doesnt look blurred on a ps3, you see all the textures! So, my conclusion is that this are fake screenshots to prove that wii u has better graphics. Poor Ninttendo…

  • wuasabi

    I take pleasure in, cause I found just what I was looking for. You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  • TheBoldman67

    It’s funny because apparently the PS3 can’t handle the blimp and the yellow lighting form the city because the PC has the blimp like the Wii U.

  • MrMarston

    I do hope that the rumors about Wii U are true.
    The real concern I have now is it’s game library (in the future)..

    Most of the time, developers opt to make games out of PS360 (it took almost 2+ years for PS3 to catch up).. SO, I could care less if it has better graphics and overall performance with PS360 if I can’t play good titles out of it..

    I think I’ll have to wait and see (besides Sony & MS can’t let Nintendo takeover the business –PS4, XBOX8/720)… I sure wish it won’t have the same faith as GameCube..

  • Nintendero

    WII U: 10% graphics
    Imagine 100%

  • Avanir

    I’m glad others have nocetid this trend!! I was riding my bike the other day and it seemed there was a chipmunk every 2 or 3 feet!! I’ve never seen so many!!! and a coworker mentioned seeing many the other day .Interesting!

  • Nate

    OK, so I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find this info out. Does the new Batman Armored Edition on WiiU support stereoscopic 3d TVs??? It seems the writer of this article has left this info out… and every review I find also seems to ignore this issue. I have a 3d tv and want to play it in 3d but I was waiting for the WiiU version. Am I waiting in vain, or is there an option for this on the WiiU?

  • caleb poynter

    ok they both look the same to me if not the wiiu looks better in graphics in my opinion

  • Robert Lawson

    I can see some peoples concern, but honestly, this is a Wii U launch game (which never push a consoles true capability) and a port at that. You have to imagine that Rocksteady didn’t designate an entire development team to port the game over to max out the capabilities of the game on the WiiU. They dropped some new skins, spent some time making the gamepad features and sent it out. The fact that I’ve seen what I’ve seen of the video game gives me extremely high hopes for the console.