Jan 3rd, 2013

The Batman Arkham franchise finds its way onto a Nintendo platform for the first time with Batman Arkham City Armored Edition. Find out how this installment sizes up. And please leave your thoughts in the comments.

This version of the game is exclusive to the Wii U platform. It includes all of the DLC available on other platforms as well as new gameplay elements that take advantage of the Wii U’s GamePad. It features a solid story that is backed up by a great voice cast making you engaged with every moment. And the game puts players in situations in which they must use all of Batman’s tools, including  stealth, gadgets, and combat abilities to defeat foes.

The game suffers from a few issues as there are some odd load times and screen stutters. And while there is a lot of GamePad implementation, some of it doesn’t work so well. Also, there are tons of major villains in this game, almost too many.


Gameplay makes you feel like Batman

Great voice cast

Lots of unique GamePad implementation


Side quests can get repetitive

Odd load times

Minor video stutters

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  • Great video review! Can’t wait to see more from you.

  • Great Score. This was the first Wii U game I bought for the console and I couldn’t be more happy. Anyway, I didn’t suffer from any of those loading screens in the middle of the game. Game was smooth all the way through and load times were almost non existent. 

    • Sounds like what happened to me with Black Ops 2, hardly any loading problems and the Frame Rate stayed at 60 FPS the whole why through the game expect for only 2 areas which it dropped to 29 – 30 FPS.

      • TheBoldman67

        Weird, mine stays a 60 most of the time, and when a bunch of stuff is going on it drops to 45 and when in campaign it can drop to 30.

  • RoadyMike

    Pretty darn good review John!Better than many other big gaming sites’ reviews by far
    I hope to see more reviews soon

  • Chris Wilcox

    Completely agree with most that this is a great game and not worthy of the ‘ooh, poor frame rate’ comments discussed around the WWW – I’ve not noticed any issues so far and I’ve been playing it nearly daily since Christmas. People also seem to miss that the Wii U is using FXAA whereas the PS3/360 have no AA at all if I read the EuroGamer comparison correctly.

  • Roger Matamoros

    Great review ! The only thing is that the comments you made I find better an 8/10

  • the actual score is 8.4 (i did the math….DONT JUDGE ME!) but its close enough

    • terryfried

      better revise your maths. 10+8+9+9+8=44 divide by  5 = 8.8 hence rounded to 9

      •  yeah i thinked i did screw up, whats important is that 9/10 is a slight over statement

  • Great in-depth review!