Oct 19th, 2015


The Back to the Future franchise is turning 30 this year and given that the fictional future of the movies is set in 2015, plenty of companies are taking advantage of the cult-hit to make 2015 just a little closer to the one depicted in the movie. Nintendo is on board with that, releasing the arcade game featured in the movie on the Wii U virtual console this week.

If you’ve never seen the movie, Marty McFly finds himself in a diner surrounded by all manner of futuristic things, but tucked away in the corner is an arcade cabinet for Wild Gunman, a popular game way back in 1985. Two young kids are checking out the cabinet and McFly attempts to impress them with his amazing skills.

McFly is a crack shot at the game and now you can be too when the game debuts later this week on Wii U virtual console.

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