Nov 2nd, 2012

We’ve seen plenty of Wii U box art so far, but we’ve never really seen the rest of the box design, more importantly: how the back side looks. A poster on NeoGAF got his hands on some Ubisoft Wii U boxes that were in display at a local video game store. It turns out they weren’t just placeholders, but actually the real boxes for the games. Check out the gallery below, which for the first time gives us a glimpse on how the back side of the Wii U box is designed.

Wii U box art gallery


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  • NoPUNintendo

    Assassins’ Creed 3 is compatible with the pro controller. Heck yeah. Just in case the gamepad dies.. Or…. Is it possible to use the gamepad as the screen and use a pro controller?

    • Xadrin

      I think i’ll use the pro controller more than the gamepad, because it looks akward to hold, but idk yet because i don’t have it :p

      • jacobbaba

        i thought the same way but then i went to best buy and held the controller it is perfect size extremely comfortable and heres the dozy it weighs as much as my xbox controller

      • Bicentennial_Pidgeon

        I got to hold a gamepad for a few minutes at a Walmart. There weren’t any game demos playable, but it was INCREDIBLY light and comfortable compared to what I thought it would be.

        Literally, when I picked it up, my first thought was, “did the battery fall out or something?”

        Hard to believe, but it feels just as natural as any other controller.

        • Crapcake

          it weighed only like a few ounces thats to light

    • Reggie “My Body Is Ready” Fils-Aime

      I would like that. Wasn’t there an article saying you could play Wii games on the gamepad itself because of the built in sensor? I would think you would be able to use the gamepad as the screen for games that have local play.

    • somebody


      • Shad79

        Uplay, as in UbisoftPlay
        It’s Ubisoft’s try at an achievement system.

        • sergiosms

          actually its a digital distribution drm made by ubisoft

    • KalebTaylorX

      You might be able to because the gamepad has a sensor bar built-in & is compatible with the WiiMote-Plus but maybe lol.

    • Shad79

      ” Is it possible to use the gamepad as the screen and use a pro controller?”


    • Dan

      Somebody please answer this person!! I’m curious too!!

    • 0soul

      Thats not a bad idea

    • KhanArtist

      yea you can!

      • Grodus

        Gee, I wish… Source? You don’t have one… Do you?

  • Link

    I’m proud to have my next game in this box. Link approves.

    • The Island Of Misfit Toys

      You arn’t the real thing.

    • Cugno the Swiss

      I was expecting a blue case

      • Nintenlord

        Thats a place holder sleeve on the box of a wii game so the store can have all the wiiu games sealed

  • Starfoxguy

    Only a few more weeks. Its so close but so far away.

    • The Island Of Misfit Toys

      I don’t believe for a second that an organization like Star Fox would ever allow a human in their ranks.

      Welcome to the Island, my friend.

    • Kahhhhyle

      I might have to wait even longer. I live in Jersey where hurricane sandy hit and I still have no power so while I still plan to get it on launch day I might have to sit there and stare at the box while I wait for the power to come back…

      • NintendoMan :D

        If you have no power, then how is the internet working for you?

        • Kahhhhyle

          My brother found me a generator I can use to charge my phone for a while. And I I’m using my att data for communication with you guys lol. Their network was down for a few days and I couldn’t do anything for a while. Didn’t you notice my lack of posts lol

  • NintendoMan :D

    Awesome. I’m glad it still shows what controllers you need to play a game. i would be so mad if I got a game then realized I needed another Wiimote/Pro controller.

    • NintendoMan :D

      Oh, are we gonna get any actual console box art? I saw an empty one a my GameStop but I want to see it again.

  • Vigo the Carpathian

    I am never working again after I get my U!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kamon

      Right?! It’s the only reason I went and got a job! >:D Hehehehe…

    • tht guy

      i agree sir i agree well maybe have gets a part time job to gets more games later

      • Crapcake

        dude the wii u will be old in five to six years you want the next nintendo console

    • benatard9


    • Nintedward

      What is this work you speak of ?

      • Nintedward

        ”U play” ”U” = Achievment related ???

        What’s with the Adobe flash Player on ZombiU ??

      • Reggie “My Body Is Ready” Fils-Aime

        Work; V. N. Adj. To play games and beat your hightscore, get mega killstreaks, and conquer thousands of zombies.

        I worked so hard yesterday.

        • Nintedward

          I’m the hardest working dude in England. Thanks reggie , my pay check is ready.

      • Nintenlord

        Edward the uplay is ubisoft propietari achievments and rewards program

      • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

        Mowing the lawn, washing dishes, jumping off cliffs you know…the usual.

    • Alex

      I like to get a full time job because you may never know what will happen in the future when the taxes goes way up or something like that.

    • revolution5268

      i won’t do that if i was you….

  • smashninja22

    I thought the box itself would be blue plastic

    • sergiosms

      i would have liked for it to be blue but ah well

    • Castamere

      I think the plastic boxes themselves in the pictures are placeholders.

    • Damiao

      Oooo that would be a good looking box

    • RockD79

      I believe the 3rd parties are shipping the sleeves only. The stores are probably just using empty white Wii cases for now.

  • Armani

    Yes Tease us while the date gets closer… Nice move Nintendo nice move… Still need to sell my car for you… Anyone Interested on a Mustang 2007? xD California Edition, beleive it or not, YES! im selling it to get the Wii U! 😀

    • NintendoMan :D

      I want it but I only have $45 and no license. 🙁

    • Nintenlord

      Is for the best gasoline is overated (and overpriced)

  • Cbreid

    that’s stupid.

    • Nintendo Power (Wii U FTW)

      Your stupid

    • TheImaj

      Don’t be dumb.

    • Nintendonoob

      Well then you sir are either retarded or need a lobotomy from Dr.Nintendonoob

    • Nko Sekirei

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      • SideScreamer

        I like boobs.

    • Grodus

      Don’t talk to yourself.

  • Tobbe

    Golden pics

    • Random Anonymous Figure

      How about “PlatiinUm pics”?

  • Thrasher1X

    dat back

  • Mike

    Kinda dissapointed that they’re still going with the white cases, I was hoping they would be blue like in a lot of the promotional pictures I’ve seen.

    • Elite

      Those are placeholders. Its gamestop( i think), they always use old gamecases for some reason.

  • mrk

    I think it’s just a print in a Wii Box. The Wii U Boxes are BLUE!

    • Reggie “My Body Is Ready” Fils-Aime


    • LogicalDude

      I would certainly hope so. Makes it a lot easier to pick them out from the Wii games on the shelf.

  • TheUNation

    I am completely stunned at the back case cover on Wii U games… especially the ZombiU game. “Powered by Adobe Flash” ?

    • Castamere

      It’s a little striking that Wii Remotes and Nunchuks will be compatible, according to the cover. I’ve never heard the developers say anything about that.

      • LogicalDude

        Zapper? 😀 Seriously, it would be awesome if they put in a House Of The Dead style arcade mode after beating the game.

      • Disciplelicious

        I’m pretty sure it’s for the multiplayer. There’s a game in ZombiU where one person controls zombies and the other controls survivors. Something worth checking into, though. I don’t know about the rest of them.

  • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

    just like the back of a Wii game! Am I the only one that like the box art for a wii game?

    • Shad79

      The Wii’s boxart was a bit too… bland.

    • revolution5268

      i do to me personalty it better than the gamecube box.

  • Wii U

    Rate the Wii U.

    Like=Huge Success


    • Nintedward

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      • KalebTaylorX

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        • Nintedward

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          • Lord Carlisle

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          • mojojojo888

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      • FreeSodaPop

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      • Shad79

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      • Joswag (3ds fc: 0216-1072-9703)

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      • [007]

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      • Grove Street N****

        wow, you are from UK and you are writing a comment about this….seriously???

        • Nintedward

          Funnily enough , I am interested to see who the new most powerfull person on Earth ends up being.

          I am always interested in the US presidential election as I am with the UK’s.

          • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950


          • Nintedward

            I’m not being a nerd here. I studied politics at college and My brother has a Degree in Government and Politics , So I am always interested in it.

          • Grove Street N****

            the only thing i am afraid of is that Like is Romney for you….oO

          • Daddy yo

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      • Elite

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        • Elite

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      • Wii U

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      • Cugno the Swiss

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      • Nintendude

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      • Megaman

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  • baez

    This is similar to the wii back

  • Aenifer

    I don’t know why but i thought it would be blue. Anyway, the white box is really cool.

    • Nintedward

      What happened to all the blue boxes they were showing off ??? i much prefered those blue ones over white. I still think they are blue , the NSMBU box on the advert is blue as is Nintendo Land.

      Maybe they aren’t finalised .

      • jon

        To be honest i think its just a print out cover on a wii case because they haven’t released the games or console yet so why should they release the retail cases now? and they wouldn’t put the blue case for ads if they weren’t going to be the actual retail case, that’s false advertisement.

  • Count me in

    I have my pre order from day 1, just called my gamestop to see if there’s a midnight launch? they said they were sold out and they were not doing a midnight lauch for 13 WiiU’s…

    what only 13 per store?

  • BloodyHell

    Geez man?

    Come on THINK for once.

    The official game boxes are blue. These boxes are promotional material. I’ve seen some at my Game Stop that are black. These are basic cases with a demo-sleeve for promotion.

    I’ll say it again. The actual boxes will be BLUE. No stores have the actual boxes yet.


  • Steve Killa

    I like the blue mock ups on the internet better. Would’ve fit i=with the blue band in the front

  • zombie u

    zombieu supports the wii remote/nunchuck combo? thats awesome

  • jacobbaba

    absolutely beautiful best game case ive ever seen no joke

  • MEJM

    In the whole wide wide world there’s nobody with a better quality camera?

  • Grove Street N****

    can’t wait, i just can’t fucking wait……hard month till end of november^^

    • nintendoododo

      why Na noobs are so racist? They thumb down comments where european says that wii u comes end of november. Just die Na noobs.

      • Grove Street N****

        probably just looking on my guest name and down voting (huge San Andreas Fan), but to be honest, i can live with it xD

  • ferrera

    zombie u supports the wii remote? if thats true, id consider the game for sure!

  • Johny

    pretty nice

  • BananaPwnz

    The release date is just around the corner! But yet so far…..
    the wait is killing me

  • Lusunup

    Im hoping its not true i would like it to be blue boxed So ima say this
    Its a fake it may have just been a guy that replaced a cover and put it on the wii box and the logo is clearly not meant to be on there because it looks cut out.

  • Chris

    Aren’t the Wii U’s game cases supposed to be blue and not white like the Wii’s game cases?

  • Nintenlord

    @WIIU daily i have sometime trouble posting wen i post and press the post button nothing shows

    • Grodus

      How’d you post that?

  • DarkNite

    Wait, I thought the boxes itself were blue!! I wanted them to be blue!

  • Linskarmo

    They look good to me. The backs seem pretty much the same as the Wii games’, except the usable controllers are in the middle now instead of the top. I hope (like multiple others, apparently) that the plastic case itself is blue in the final cases (that’s also hoping these aren’t final), to be a continuation of the front design.

  • Eric wii u


  • Daddy yo

    Funny the box said powered by adobe flash. I read that the browser would not support flash only HTML 5. I wonder what is powered by flash???

    • Chris

      Well that’s the browser but it doesn’t say that an engine running on Adobe flash can’t run on the Wii U

  • SortableShelf19

    Not quite what I was expecting but I like it. =)

  • Elite

    Can’t wait to get my hands on some of those blue cases, and my white wii u.

  • J

    Are you sure this is the actual box art? I thought the boxes were suppose to be blue? I think these are indeed just placeholders, because I saw something similar at Gamestop too. Also, you can see the front of the box, and it’s white. These are also really poorly designed, I hope they’re not real.

    If Nintendo made the Wii U boxes white just like the Wii, then they are making a huge mistake. They need the boxes to be blue to differentiate from the Wii.

    • MisterKing

      I have some preview boxes at my local GameStop that are black.

      These are just demo boxes. The actual product will be Blue. No one will have the actual game boxes until they come off the assembly line, and are shipped to stores.

  • That One Guy we all Know

    pretty good.

  • nintendoododo

    vielä kolme viikkoa ja kuus päivää jäljellä, että wii u julkaistaan, Se on niin lähellä mutta silti niin kaukana.

    • Cugno the Swiss


      • WarioForever


    • Nintendude

      I’m pretty sure you know that there is google translate, but please speak English on this site so we don’t lose a few seconds of our life translating it.

      • revolution5268

        plus he speaks English so why does he do this idk.



  • ProWiiU

    So do you need a tv? Technically, you should be able to play the games that don’t require one and use the gamepad with procontroller only.

    • NintendoMan :D

      Yes, you need a TV. It’s a home console. not portable. I know you can play it without the TV being used for the game, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need one.

      • ProWiiU

        Well, all you need is to connect the power to the console. Im saying you should still be able to use just the gamepad. The tv is only for being connected to the WiiU.

    • NoPUNintendo

      Exactly what I was hoping for. I think we will be able to.

    • TheImaj

      Maybe to actually navigate to the game when you first turn on the console. We’ll soon see!

      About 343 hours left! (in the US)

      • Nintendude

        Isn’t that a company owned by Microsoft?

  • NeptunePirate

    I really hope the actual boxes are not white. I was really looking forward to the blue ones.

  • El_Zcero

    JAJAJA! ZombiiU en español!!, chido!!

    By the way, these boxes Look Nice

  • ncv144

    Like for Black deluxe wii u
    Dislike for White basic wii u
    also i think they should use black boxes.

  • Ninturd

    Oh hey look! I’m a turdkey! Just checking your weird reactions :P.

  • Grodus

    Wii U is synonymous with awesome.
    “Hey guys you wanna play some Nintendo Land on my awesome?”
    “Man that’s totally Wii U!”

  • maelgame

    we can play assassins creed3 only on gamepad?