Feb 8th, 2014

We’ve all done it: take a bottle and breath overtop of it to make a whistling sound. But not many people have arranged their sounds to reproduce popular music, and perhaps never as awesomely as below, where 5 guys recreate music from 9 classic games using nothing but bottles and windpipes.


Can you name the 9 games?

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  • nintendope

    I want an arcade machine in my house so bad

    • TheWiiviewer

      No you don’t. Trust me. I have two of them. It’s cool at first but other then having it on at parties, it’s a waste of space.

      • nintendope

        🙁 … But… But…

        • TheWiiviewer

          Mine cost me $1500 with shipping (double dragon and play choice 10) and they sit not being used for long periods of time.

          People get very jealous when they see it and I try to talk down anyone who thinks it would be fun to have in their house. It’s a waste of space if you want them for fun. If you want them just for show then think of them as art you will lose money on.

          • lonewolf

            Try with neo-geo mvs (the arcade cabinet with changable cartridges) its way more cheaper than that.

          • TheWiiviewer

            The play choice 10 had changeable games as well. You can still buy games for it. It plays old nes games.

            The best thing about it was I could play Goonies for the nes which never came out in America. It was a really good platformer.

            I know the sequel came out for the nes, but the original game only came out in America in the play choice 10.

          • Simon Stevens

            I completely heard that in your reviewing voice, brilliant 😀 your videos are top notch and I love your enthusiasm for games, keep up the great work.

        • Shota

          it’s very pricey. you must be really really really serious to get one.

      • Josie the Sketcher

        Sorry change of subject but are you THE Wiiviewr from YouTube?

        • TheWiiviewer

          Yes. 🙂

          • Josie the Sketcher

            Oh Awesome! Nice to meet you! I’m a fan of your reviews! Keep up the fantastic work.

          • TheWiiviewer

            Thanks. I like this site. They are fair to nintendo and they seem to have stories most gaming sites ignore or downplay.

          • robjackson81

            Fan of your reviews too… thanks for reading 🙂

          • TheWiiviewer

            Thanks. I will try to remember to do a shoutout to you and Josie on my live event today.

          • TheWiiviewer

            I am sorry I got so busy I forgot to give you a shoutout.

    • Squid

      Your avatar plus that comment made me laugh. Dunno why.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker
  • SP-937-215

    Wow, recycling really does make a difference.

    • Shota

      they should make a recycling commercial with this!

  • RecheDiazrivarola

    angry birds :s bottle song fail.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Pong, Tetris, Mario, Zelda, Sonic and Angry birds are all i recognize

  • Shota

    yes T-T just yes , splendid! zelda, mario and tetris part was Masterpiece. sonic was nostalgia. then pokemon part (dies) BTW is that a playboy arcade in the back?

  • zoohero

    They a from Denmark and so im i. There youtube channel i so awesome

  • DragonSilths

    Copywritten Music. Take it down all mighty GoogleTube.

  • bizzy gie

    I can do this with farts. Hold my beer…bottle.

  • steveb944

    I just want to play the Playboy game in the background. They did a great job tho.

  • Simon Stevens

    This is news?, geez, it’s good sure, but not news

    • Shota

      yeah sometimes i don’t know what they are doing. there was a news about hullbreach uncloaked indie game.

      • Simon Stevens

        Games are the sort of news articles we should be getting on here, not videos, cheap ass articles based on nothing and sales figures and chartz, won’t stop though, not until people stop and say “you know what?, this is bullshit” and simply stop clicking on the articles until it’s something worthy of being an article, I used to come on here a lot, don’t bother so much now though.

        • steve

          its a video game site calm down it was a cool video.

          • Skelterz

            Yeah but that’s only a fair point if that’s what you consider worthy of being written about and showed to people that come to this site i can understand people frustration when they come here for news about new releases or indie game news or even just seeing a new screenshot for smash bros this to me is video that belongs on youtube, These days i tend to use this site for the comment section and my nintendo news for new infor because they get everything like 2-3 days before wii u daily.

          • Simon Stevens

            Just seemed like a cheap ticket to some clicks for me.

          • Skelterz

            Personally i think stuff like this is merely filler until they pull there finger out to find out more info which isn’t hard go look at my nintendo news or nintendo life they cover everything this site covers 2-3 day in advance sometimes

          • Simon Stevens

            I think I will from now on, at least there I may be able to make comments on my opinions without being harassed by the author to explain my comments.

          • peeer

            You guys are over reacting over something so stupid… If you don’t like it fine, you can comment on your dislikes if you wish but keep it there. Quit making drama over it or the author saying they harassed you. You sound like if you want to account the author reponsible for your miss-reading of the category and/or for not knowing that there were categories at all on this site. Even if this is the internet, its not much different from your local news paper and on TV which posts/talks all kind of different stuff news or not news related.

            For me this article was cool. At least we get something to view that is not an opinion and is different from ordinary. Plus you get a neat video to share with your friends with it.

          • Simon Stevens

            Difference being you can state your opinions all you want on other sites and articles without the author sticking his nose in, that’s a line you don’t cross, that was my problem with the feller, as I’ve said before, I liked the video, just didn’t think it deserved an article and I feel I’m seeing too much of this stuff on here, and I won’t have any author talk down to me and hector me with questions about my opinion, other users, fine, an author of the article?, no chance, I’ll leave it at that.

          • peeer

            “Difference being you can state your opinions all you want on other sites and articles without the author sticking his nose in, that’s a line you don’t cross, that was my problem with the feller, as I’ve said before, I liked the video, just didn’t think it deserved an article and I feel I’m seeing too much of this stuff on here, and I won’t have any author talk down to me and hector me with questions about my opinion, other users, fine, an author of the article?, no chance, I’ll leave it at that.”

            It sound’s weird without (dots “.”) in a comment like this. You’ve kinda mixed me up, seriously…

            If you prefer other websites, what are you doing here?

            Personally if some website’s authors wouldn’t reply to some reply I find important to reply to I would complain, but you DID get a reply. How does THIS unfortunate you? o_O

          • Simon Stevens

            I never said I preferred other websites, I don’t use any other website, I like this one very much, just feel disappointed at the lack of note worthy news and articles, you can say whatever you like but like your personal views, mine won’t change either, he was a condescending prick who shouldn’t have commented on my post in the first place (in my humble opinion of course), if I wanted a reply from the author, I would have requested one, I didn’t so it’s unfortunate that I got one.

          • Simon Stevens

            I wasn’t shouting and I wasn’t angry.

    • peeer

      “IN FEATURED,UNCATEGORIZED”, I’m guessing this slipped your sight.

      Its not even classified as a news, I don’t know why you say they call this a news.

      EDIT: I agree that they definitely need to specify the category from all their articles when they publish it in front page so we know what the article is all about before clicking tho. I commented on that before, because they post all opinions and all in front page and there is no way to tell before you click the article and I was pissed lol.

      • Simon Stevens

        lol well if you was pissed it’s alright

      • NyallJodhan

        What part of the headline indicates this is news?

        • peeer

          See… Thats exactely the point of my reply to Simon Steven. The headline don’t show that it is a news it shows that it is exactely what I quoted: “IN FEATURED,UNCATEGORIZED”. It is written in that light-grey box on top of the article where you can read the name of the Author and the date the article was posted. When the article is categorized as news you would read “IN NEWS” instead. Like in this newer article from Ashley King for exemple -> http://wiiudaily.com/2014/02/nintendo-not-behind-flappy-bird-removal/

          You can also browse the website by categories if you want to see exclusively news on the website instead of articles like this one. Here the direct link to browse only news: http://wiiudaily.com/category/news/

          • NyallJodhan

            Sorry man, this was meant for Simon Steve above, not sure how it got under yours.

          • peeer

            Ah, no problem! 😉

            It gave me the occasion to specify that there is a way to browse the website by categories that I forgot to mention when I wrote that reply to Simon Stevens the other day. 🙂

    • robjackson81

      Who said it was “news”?

      We post stuff we think our readers will enjoy. This is the internet, not a traditional paper magazine. Pretty obvious by the title what you would be seeing… so if it’s not your cup of tea, why click it and rush to the comments to complain?

      Some people, man… some people…

      • Skelterz

        I agree with simon to a certain degree it depends on the person, Personally myself i would have prefered something else like i think there’s a couple of indie devs bringing a new game out not sure what its called though it would have been nice to find out about that. How do you go about posting articles for this website i’m interested in getting involved.

      • Simon Stevens

        If I was you, I’d treat your readers with some respect, and refrain from condescending to them, it’s called feedback, maybe accept it and zip your unprofessional lip?, people should be able to expect a higher standard from a website they often visit for there daily news, without the author of an article dismissing feedback just because it’s negative, I stated what I did because I would like to see better from a website I (at times) enjoy, I do not expect or respect being made out to be an idiot.

        • robjackson81

          I would not consider “This is news?” as “feedback”… I’d consider it a misunderstanding of the reason our website (and many websites) exist. There are approximately zero periodicals where 100% of the people enjoy 100% of the content. We cover a wide range of topics and it helps us satisfy a wide range of interests and preferences.

          As for the “zip your unprofessional lip” … I’ll hold off on addressing that … but I’m pretty sure nothing I said approached that level of confrontation.

          • Simon Stevens

            You breached the gap of unprofessionalism the moment you replied to a simple statement I made, as the author I believe you should simply refrain from doing so, just like me, a technician, people give me feedback for my work yet it would be wrong of me to call them up and badger them about it, it might not be in the exact same context but surely, you see my point?, also the “some people man, some people” comment could be taken as condescending to the reader, I did in fact take it as condescending, regardless of what I say, I feel you will take it your in the right, and in some ways you are right but in some ways, I am right, either way, this is a conversation that should never have started, and some advice for the future, take the criticism and accept it, don’t belittle your readers, as an author, for that alone, you have no respect or credibility from me, I’d expect better from an older gent than myself.

          • NyallJodhan

            When you come with as snarky an initial comment as you did, you can’t expect but for somebody to be anything but defensive.
            Instead of getting your blood pressure in a boil in the first place, all you had to do was scroll past the more than adequately descriptive headline.

          • Simon Stevens

            lol in hindsight it did get out of hand and I should have showed some restraint and shrugged it off myself, I see nothing wrong with venting my frustration at one too many non articles, I just think an author who writes for any website should never reply to the readers in that manor, that’s my opinion, obviously you have yours, and to be honest, I don’t care to hear them considering this happened yesterday.

          • Richard Keller

            Nothing approached that level of confrontation? “Some people, man… some people…”

            If you would have left that out, then yeah. I could see your response as not being condescending, but the above quote really blows that out of the water. Your attitude really leaves much to be desired.

            Also, I did enjoy the content. Just not your attitude towards essentially one of your customers.

      • FoxMulder900

        Well I’ve never seen it, and I think its cool. So keep up the good work!

      • Denvy

        Perhaps, but it really has nothing to do with Wii U either. Hence the “daily” in the page name. Instead of criticizing your readers maybe at least consider what they deem worthwhile reading/watching. Readers are the only reason you have an active site.

    • mojack411

      Look, I understand why people would be frustrated about this but I also understand where Rob is coming from too. Take one look at the comments section below this pyramid and you can see many people enjoyed the “article”/video. I thoroughly enjoyed it and without this article, I probably never would have found it. Also like Rob says, you can’t please 100% of the readers of a site like this. The title and description was pretty clear what the article was going to entail and if you did open it then it was just 3 minutes of your life. It’s not like it wasted an hour of your life where you could’ve been doing something productive.

      I’ve been seeing comments like these on other video game news sites a lot lately and while I understand the sentiment to a degree, at no point did these sites declare they were going to be the next Nintendo Power, Game Informer, or Euro Gamer. It’s nice enough that the writers of these sites even take time out of their real lives to write articles at all as I can’t imagine doing so is very lucrative if at all.

      • Simon Stevens

        I’m aware people enjoyed it, they had there say, I enjoyed it too, but felt it wasn’t worthy of being an article, I had my say, that should have been that, yet he was persistent in trying to make me look an idiot just because I had a negative opinion he didn’t agree with, a gentleman and a professional would simply have overlooked it and said nothing, frankly, I will not be spoken down to like a child by anybody, and I personally feel him doing that sets a terrible example for future authors in thinking that’s acceptable behaviour.

  • Skelterz

    Hmm it seems Rob like a good blow blow.

  • Wow a cool guy can give 150 likes and 150 downvotes….

  • ScrewAttack

    Just awesome.

  • RoboticLink

    Am I the only one paying more attention to the playboy machine in the background?

  • The Clockwork Being

    This was really cool to watch.

  • Guest


  • disqus_QNIAqtNpHo

    as much as i would rather hear something like o idk the release date of ssb4?:) but this video was awesome 5 stars