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Super Nintendo World opens at Universal Studios

Mar 18th - The universal capital of Nintendo geekery has officially been designated in Osaka, Japan, where Universal Studios has opened “Super Nintendo World” and future “Super Nintendo Worlds” are planned in California, Florida, and Singapore. Imagine Nintendo characters from all walks of games, running around in a real-world cartoon land that features a ridiculous number of games, ...


Nintendo Switch Lite back in stock at Amazon (with $20 Gift Card)!

Mar 18th - If you’ve been pining for a Nintendo Switch Lite but can never seem to move past the “sold out” status, you’re in luck: you can currently find the Nintendo Switch Lite in stock at Amazon with a $20 gift card. Make sure you click the “Extra Savings” option and enter code “8RLOZI4Z5INC” at checkout! The ...


Nintendo Switch Sold Out? Try the Switch Lite

Apr 22nd - To the delight of online service providers, American households are seeking household entertainment in record numbers thanks to Quarantine life Some of the company’s making out best: Amazon, Netflix, and you guessed it- Nintendo. Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch, more specifically, are the latest obsession of anyone lucky enough to own them. Unfortunately, if ...


The Best Micro SD Card for Nintendo Switch

Mar 20th - What better way to quarantine and chill then by dusting off your Nintendo Switch and downloading some of the best new games? But wait- do you have enough room to download them? The Official Switch Micro SD Card Because the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are both limited to 32GB of internal memory, buying ...


Nintendo Switch Amazon Pre-Orders Already Sold Out

Jan 13th - We hoped to tell you the Nintendo Switch was available for pre-order on Amazon, but as soon as we snapped our fingers – *snap* – just like that – the Nintendo Switch was sold out on Amazon. Just a few short minutes ago, if you were to visit the Nintendo Switch product page, you could ...