Aug 17th, 2012

We’ve seen Wii U marketing material arrive in GameStop in the US last week, and now it’s spreading worldwide. Nintendo has supplied Australian video game stores with promotional material such as posters, game boxes, accessory boxes, and more. The photos below were spotted at an Australian EB Games store, and shows box art for several of the games, including Nintendo Land, ZombiU, LEGO City Stories, Scribblenauts, and more. There’s also a Wii U fact sheet, and placeholder boxes for the Wii U Pro Controller. According to the person who took the photos, there is also box art for a Need For Speed Most Wanted Wii U game. EA has yet to reveal anything regarding Need For Speed on the new Nintendo console. Last week it was revealed that GameStop stores in the US and UK were receiving Wii U promotional material from Nintendo. Stores in Japan have had them for since earlier this Summer.

Wii U Australia

Wii U pro controller box

Via Maxi-Geek

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  • NameUcanthate

    Is that Assassins creed 3 I see… Along with all these other cool games? *gamergasm*

    • AKA-Link77

      But the boxart is wrong

      • joe

        they’re just placeholders

        • AKA-Link77

          yah i guess… its kinda like wen Gstop doesnt have the official cover/case – – so they substitute it for a custom cover.

        • Melk

          Weird thing is, the official box art design has been confirmed for weeks by now…

    • zam

      i would love to go to australlia and buy all that but i cba.

  • Lusunup

    I want the THEM ALL!!!!

    • Lixdy

      Yes I’m in Australia I want to go to an EB Games store now

      • EPICGAMER20


  • Ledreppe

    That’s not the correct Wii U box art, it’s supposed to have that yellow line and look like the GameCube games. Also the report incorrectly said ‘LEGO City Stories’, it’s now ‘LEGO City Undercover’.

    • Ravyu

      Isn’t it named differently there or something?

  • nintendoododo

    I Can’t wait!

  • afroninja

    all i want now is the release date and price

  • Raul

    Where is the Wii U box art for Need For Speed Most Wanted? 😮

    I don’t see it up there…

    Everything looks great though except they should update the box art to the now confirmed blue border with yellow trim. It would make the games really stand out and catch peoples eyes.

    • Edward Smith

      I can take a few shot of the display at my local EB games store. We have different games up including NFS most wanted and Metro last light. But it’s not the official box art.

      Is there a place in the forums to upload pictures?



    • Neonridr

      Kind of like a retro throw back to the gamecube huh? Could be cool..

      • mr. shplooblah.

        SILVER SILVER SILVER SILVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Aaron

          Or instead of silver a stainless steel version would be a must buy for me!

          • gNat

            Purple for the Ravens.

  • Angel

    old boxes?

  • Crosboyy

    So I guess nintendoland isn’t going to be a pack in after all if their selling it separate… :/ sucks

    • Crosboyy


      • Lord Carlisle

        They’re just advertising the games, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be sold separately.

      • Nintentionally

        There’s still a chance it is a pack in. Nintendo haven’t announced anything yet. It’s weird, this is a really good launch line up for a console (especially a nintendo) but all the negative hype is making me think i’m in for a disappointment.

        Here’s all I had to play with on day one with my others and I was never bored:

        NES: Mario/Duck hunt
        SNES: SFII
        N64: Mario 64, Mario Kart 64
        GC: Luigi’s mansion, monkey ball, Fifa 2002 world cup
        Wii: ZeldaTP, Red steel, Monkey ball, Rayman, Wii sports, wii play

        • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

          Mine was

          NES: I wasn’t born
          SNES: same
          N64: Don’t remember
          GC: SSMM & Tetris World
          Wii: Mario Galaxy & Wii Sport.

        • Neonridr

          Mario Kart 64 was not a launch title.. The console itself launched in September of 1996. Mario Kart 64 didn’t come along until February of 1997.

          just to clear that up.. 🙂

          • Nintentionally

            I do realise that MK64 was not out at launch. I got mine in ’97

        • Egamingway

          Mario Kart 64 wasn’t a N64 launch title. The two launch titles for the N64 for were Super Mario and Pilotwings.

        • alex

          My was:

          NES-super Mario, golgo 13
          SNES- super Mario world
          N64- Mario 64, pilot wings
          Gamecube- a sega baseball game and Spiderman
          Wii- read steal, wii sport and Zelda tp

        • EPICGAMER20

          I HATE WII PLAY

    • D2K

      It could be a blessing in disguise. The Wii U needs a killer app and perhaps the reason why NintendoLand is not a pack in game is because they have something better in mind.

    • Mac

      well you have to realise though that this is marketing material so they are more in likey advertising nintendoland its like a 90% chance that it will be backed in because the game is just demos to show what the gamepad can do

      • Britton

        I was thinking the same thing. The way they have showcased Nintendoland it wouldnt make sense if they did not bundle it. I personally wouldnt buy it separately at full price. I have no doubt it is a fun game. But it sounds more like a demo game for the gamepad.

        • goginho

          You’re right. Well said.. It would be pretty logical to come bundled with the U, since it would be the ideal introduction to major Gamepad mechanics

          • EPICGAMER20

            I SWEAR.

  • TheBoldman67


    • Master Swordsman

      well since the signs say pre-order…..

      • TheBoldman67

        No, I meant pre-orders for the SYSTEM. Now THAT, would be a dream come true. (especially since they’ve already started taking pre-orders)

        • TheBoldman67

          I meant they’ve started taking pre-orders for games.

          • Edward Smith

            They’ve been taking pre-orders for months here. Our old promo for Wii U was up before E3.

        • docthespot

          Talk to your local gamestop. I pre-ordered the new mario game at gamestop and was told I would be called to have first dibs on pre-ordering the system because of the game pre-order. $5 down for the game and the system will be $50 down upon announcing the release.

  • Christopher

    I’m going to save up my money… and buy every launch title of the Wii U on the first day XD

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      Serious?!?! like 21 game X 50$ (I know it’s depend of the Price)=1050$ 0_0
      or if you want a price between that.
      geez….. between 840 & 1260. + the console price

    • goginho


  • Kirbo99

    When did the Pro controller start to look different?

    • tman4318

      Its been the same unless you are talking abot the wii controller this is for the wiiu an entirely new system

  • Aaron

    Looks like nintendo land doesn’t come with the Wii U but at least Panorama View does!

    • Kirbo99

      Not very smart of Nintendo to not bundle the Nintendo Land with the U, imo.

      • Solphins

        Wii Sports was on the pre-order shelves before the console announced it was a bundle game.

        These are just cardboard boxes with the images of the games on them. When the game is official with the box art, prices, and cases, you will notice Nintendo Land will not be on the shelves.

    • Master Swordsman

      Maybe Nintendo Land is going to be included but in a certain bundle. sort of like you can buy wii sports separately now.

  • Pokemon Master#1

    Need for speed? Fuck yeah! I hope it’s true.

  • Nintendonoob


  • TheBoldman67

    Watch, now in 3 years we’ll get a Nintendo Land Resort.

  • face

    eb games created their own materials. not from nintendo

  • beeshnu

    We’ve had no news about the Wii U here at all!

  • Bacon

    Gotta catch them all!

    • u mad bro

      Bacon! I CHOOSE U

  • nick

    I’ve been seeing a lot of people saying they’re surprised that Nintendoland is (possibly) being sold separately, but I really wouldn’t be shocked. When I first saw it, I didn’t think it looked like a full game, more like a bunch of demos. But since playing it at the Wii U experience event in DC, I’m definitely ready to pay full retail for it. All of the “attractions” they’ve shown so far are awesome.

    • goginho

      Really? hmm.. it’s nice to hear that it would be actually worth getting at full retail since I have no chance of experiencing Nintendoland until it comes out, so I can’t judge on that yet. But if more people share their experience with N-Land and give positive feedback, then I might possibly consider picking up a copy (if it comes seperately that is). Unless of course NSMB U is a launch title, but I think I read somewhere that it won’t be ..not sure.

  • Vehdrehl

    Yep, all of this was at my local EB Games. Naturally I entered the store to preorder the Wii U along with Arkham City and AC3. I was pleasantly surprised that I could not only also preorder Smash Bros for the console, but Zelda as well. Day. MADE.

  • Nekine

    Look at the second photo of the wii u pro controller.

    At the right we can see half of the Wii u BOX !!!

  • D00d

    Yeahhh saw some stuff at an EB games here on Wednesday last week, they had a stand of games that you could pre-order. Good to see that we’ve caught up a bit 😀

  • Sikora

    Yeah, i saw those boxes at Melbourne’s huge EB games store.

  • TheBoldman67

    If they started taking pre-orders for it in America then how come there’s no ad on their site?

  • pdxmojo

    Are they SERIOUSLY going to sell Nintendo Land as a “stand alone” game and not include it in with the system. That is beyond annoying. I LOVE Nintendo, and I’ll be buying this thing day 1 for sure. However, their tactics are really starting to turn me off. And when your starting to upset even your own “die hard” fans, you should be worried.

    Just my two cents, no i’m not a sony/xbox fan boy. I Just needed to get that out there.

  • goginho

    Man everything looks mint!

  • Daniel

    Nintendoland should have come packed in with the console. If this console sells more than $299, the big N can go F themselves. Especially if Nintendoland doesn’t support online multiplayer. They’ll probably still charge regular retail price for what appears to be a fun but shallow mini-game. Wii sold for 349 which came with wiisports and stuck at the price point for 2years. Wii-U without a pack-in game shouldn’t cost over 300. Also, what people don’t realize is that they have already put a price point of $99 for these titles (& this was at JB-Hi-Fi). I am a huge Nintendo fan but I refuse to spend my hard earn when they think they can rock up late to the dance and charge full admission. So far, none of their 1st party launch titles even run at 1080p or have online multiplayer. Sorry to rant, but I’m a little bit sick and tired of Nintendo’s ruthless/arrogant approach to pricing that is not backed up by the software/hardware. They deserve a serious scare, in the same vein as the 3DS.

  • luke

    hey all,

    the box arts that the stores have been sent were printed ages ago. the amount of stores they have mean they can not just print things and have them in stores the next day.

    I suspect that come the media event next month for the launch details the box arts will be updated to reflect the actual final designs. As they were printed as the midyear sale started there.

  • Retailman

    I work in retail and can actually say that a couple of months ago we received a large flat panel tv with a wii U cabinet, it is a single fold hinged design with provisions for a display console, if I get the chance in my busy day I’ll unpack it from its shipping crate and try take a few pictures if you guys want, its nothing terribly exciting now but when I seen it arrive months ago it was as it was completely unexpected.

    No promises on the pics though because I haven’t seen it for a while now so I’ll have to look for it in storage.

  • mistarobotics

    My friend says that she’s going to trade her Wii for a 360… Big mistake, but since I really hate her I’m just going to let her go through with it (troll face)

  • Embr5800

    Awww i dont see no black ops 2

  • thenintendofan73

    the box art for where it says wii u is wrong. if you wanna see an example of one go to google images type in wii u box art. several games will have the same box art, so thats it. it should have a blue outsiding with wii u written in white.