Apr 23rd, 2013

Wii U owners waiting for the final DLC episode of “The Tyranny of King Washington” will have to be patient until May 16th. PS3 owners can grab the download tomorrow, while the Xbox 360 and PC DLC becomes available today. Below is a trailer of the final episode called “The Redemption.”

Are you still interested in the game or have you given up on the story being told? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Nintedward

    I got the first 2 DLC’s and they are fun but they are WAY too short :/ . It’s a rip off. And then there is just treasure chests all over the map. Do you expect me to go around searching for treasure chests to get my moneys worth ? at least put some proper side content into the DLC FFS.

    Not impressed… but i’ve come this far so now I feel obliged to fininish off the DLC. At £8 an episode it is a £$^&ing rip off. Should be about £10 for all 3 episodes in one.

    • NkoSekirei

      u know wat were getting dlc for monster hunter ultimate and i heard their bringing new monsters and new armor/weapon sets too

      • Johny

        yeah i HIGHLY doubt that will happen. There are tho the free DLC quests and extras that come out often.,..
        Where did you hear that from ?

        • NkoSekirei

          im hearing about it from other players and they said its coming on the next update or so

      • Lusunup

        I would freak out!(in a good way) if they added new monster and maps that are an improvement than the ones we have now maybe add the monster Pokaradon just because its a seal 😀 And Johny anything is possible in the world of capcom!

  • Nintendofreak

    i played the game and was a failure for me it focuses to much on historical event n forgets about assasinations… its more like ” founding fathers creed” than assasins creed

    • My problem with the game was Connor was completely forgettable. He focused too much on revenge against those who wronged him, rather than putting it aside for the greater good, as Ezio did. Not to mention, Haytham was a much more interesting character. There’s a reason Haytham’s dad is the focus of the next game.

      • Nintendofreak

        n plus Ezio Auditore da firenze is a better name, better voice, had davinci making stuff for him, better assasin, and loved his outfit

      • I’m the opposite I liked this third installment way better than the first 2. I only rented those never wanted to buy them. This is the only one I really liked so much to buy it. Don’t get me wrong the first 2 were great & i beat them but to me I think this one is a little more well rounded as far as story & game play.

    • Mario

      What? You have a problem with history? Let me remind you that the series take place on historical events. I likes this because not only do I play as a deadly assassin who does crazy assassinations, I also learn and understand how these historical events, what the people born in those eras did that shaped the present in which we live in now How did the world look like back then and how the people lived in those conditions.


    I just posted this DLC review on the forums, my youtube channel, and also a new forum thread about supporting the DLC we do get on the U…funny the same day there is this?

    Yeah it can be expensive for what we get…BUT when these companies makes the DLC you have to remember many that bought the game don’t buy the DLC so there is that issue of profit over sales. Yeah the main game can be $60 but more quanity of sales happen which balances the gains over work of the game. To many Joe-schmo gamers don’t realize how many hours it takes or what really goes into making code for a game and making everything work while playing that game.

    I have bought all the DLC for this game, really like the DLC and the game, and really liked the story (even though I realize they did make this game more on the story than on the killing like the others). This is the only major developer bring their DLC to the U, if we don’t support by showing good sales of the DLC on the U than other 3rd party companies will be less likely to bring anything our way.

    • Well put my friend. 🙂

  • D.M.T

    I rather wait for AC 4

  • Ducked

    DLC on Wii U? We don’t see that very often.

  • thedeciderU

    ac3 has some of the worst, most boring gameplay in years if you ask me (i have not played any others in the series). not sure about other consoles, but the wii u version chugs and struggles way too often. i don’t ever sell games, but i am considering selling this.

    • Levi Johansen

      The game is like that on all consoles, the Wii U version is slightly worse, but it really is the game engine that is messy.

      Hopefully, they will have fixed it for AC4.

      Assassins creed Brotherhood was WAAAAY better and AC4 is going to be more like the other games according to Ubisoft.

      I liked AC3 alot, but I haven’t completed it and I might never because I just don’t feel compelled to play it.

    • val berger

      I played through AC2 which I liked a bit more as it had better straight forward gameplay mechanics and I was more aware of what i got to do. I agree with you, AC3 is very bad in many terms and I always thought I’d be the only one. You don’t get introduced in proper fighting mechanics, many features are like completely needless yet overcomplex structures (brotherhood, your mansion and so on) and it seems like the studio didn’t had a clue how to get all of that content together with some new ideas under one roof in harmony. Although I gotta say that I like some of the new ideas like the ability to hop from tree to tree or maneuver huge ships which actually works better than expected. but the big picture seems like totally without a real direction. Oh damn, it feels so frustrating bad at some moments and then again, there actually are elements where you get a glimpse of what the studio tried to achieve, which sometimes even works out in some scenes. but those scenes are stuck together like a totally messed up patchwork. Ubisoft really should change their plan for new releases to 1 game every 2 years, not every year.

      • thedeciderU

        i agree with you in that there are moments where the game shines (tree jumping, the beauty of the frontier, the ship scenes) but i feel like i have to make myself play just so i didn’t throw away $60, and that’s really too bad. i bought tomb raider (xbox 360) and ac3 on the same day, and i played some of both, and was immediately sucked in to tomb raider. that game is fantastic and i couldn’t put it down until i beat it. i may even play through again.

        i like the stealth ideas in ac3 but feel it was horribly executed. the combat is boring and mindless, and like you said, on the macro level it’s kind of a mess.

        • val berger

          As I was playing games like dishonored before AC3, the stealth mechanics seemed so strange and bad to me. For example, a stealth game should never force you to follow only one path. That’s absolutely not what stealth games are about but happens with AC3 very often. You should always be able to check out a location and then be able to do it your way. Maybe Dishonored does a way too great job at this so it’s not fair. Anyway, AC3 does a horrible job most of the time. Only the sidequests that aren’t bound to the main story, like infiltrating a Fort are like that, here you have a certain freedom. And it’s exactly the same with me. Although I got the game for only 40 bucks on amazon, I feel like I should at least finish it, as I paid for it, but really feel like selling it.
          A friend of mine, who’s totally into the series and played all other games checked out AC3 for the first time on my WiiU and I guess even he didn’t really like it. But I gotta say, when he started to fight, he actually showed me, that fighting really can be one hell of a fun, if you know how it works. So now I’m trying to get better but still I think it’s ridiculous that you never ever get introduced in proper fighting mechanics. There are some fights in the beginning that are supposed to do that, but you don’t really learn fighting like you need to do it later on. My friend killed dozens of soldiers with ease and there I noticed, that not stealth, but fighting with style is the real strengh of that game. So maybe I’ll have more fun as soon as I start fighting better, then I may not have to move in the shadows anymore and just kill everything that moves against me 🙂
          Still I really wish I had bought Batman instead, now I just want to finish AC3 to finally buy Batman 😉

  • Johny

    “U” doesnt normally get DLC from 3rd party multiplat games… but when it does, its from Ubisoft” ..
    Again… Thanks ubisoft for awesome support 🙂

  • JumpMan

    THAT’S MY BIRTHDAY! asdfgdhfjkl;’asdjhfk WOOOOOO!

  • Gecko Altair