Mar 26th, 2013



Ubisoft officially unveiled a new trailer for Assassin’s Creed 4 yesterday and today we have the unveiling of a special edition that’s exclusive to Uplay. For those of you that don’t know, UPlay is Ubisoft’s online store, similar to EA’s Origin, where you can buy games online. This version will not hit retail shelves, so if you decide you want it, you’ll have to purchase it directly from Ubisoft. I have to say it’s one of the biggest special edition releases I’ve seen yet, with a statue, steelbook, canvas prints and lithographs making up the bulk of what you’ll get in addition to the game. Here’s the full list:

  • Premium Quality 55 cm Diorama of Captain Edward on the Jackdaw’s Bow
  • Exclusive SteelBook™
  • High-quality artbook
  • The official soundtrack
  • Two Lithographs in their protective envelope
  • Two canvas prints
  • All existing additional Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Unlockable In-Game Content, including single player missions, skins and weapons
  • Collector’s box
  • Physical pirate booty:
  • Parchment world map
  • An original Black Flag replica

Those interested in pre-ordering this special edition will have to do so through UPlay, but if you’re an Assassin’s Creed fan it seems more than worth it. Other smaller special editions will be available at GameStop and traditional game retailers, but this one takes the cake. Let me know what you think about this special edition in the comments below!

[via Polygon]

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  • Nintedward

    Tempted to get this or the biggest one that the shops will be offering in UK. I want the Edward Kenway figurine. I have a feeling I will like this Assassin. Probably because his name is perfect.

    Nintendo take notes – all future Zelda and 3D mario releases need to have one of these.

    • gobrowniesgo

      That would be awesome..hope they make enough though! n what games u have for the U?

      • Nintedward

        I have a massive Wiiu collection almost too much to play ^_^

        Nintendo land
        Monster Hunter Ultimate
        Ninja gaiden 3 : RE
        Mass effect 3 Special edition
        Batman Arkhum city : AE
        Blops 2
        Assassins creed 3
        Need for speed most wanted U

        Trine 2 directors cut
        Nano assault neo
        Mighty switch force
        Tank tank tank F2P ver. with a small payed DLC
        Balloon trip

        Had sonic racing , Tekken tag 2 , Darksiders 2 but sold them.

        What game do U have ? People who think wiiu has no games can suck on my list 🙂

        • GermGerm

          Was darksiders not worth it? I’m thinking about getting it…

          • Nintedward

            YES it’s worth it , But I finished it 1.5 times , and traded it in so I could get another game. If you like Zelda you will absoloutly love Darksiders 2 on wiiu. Has a bit of screen tearing , but it does on all consoles. The touchscreen features are awesome and off tv play is incuded as per.

            I give the game an 8/10. It’s 100% worth it especially at a reduced price but it does have some problems and 1 segment of the game which has you running and gunning is just stupid…

          • Barters

            Darksiders 2 is a great game…enjoyed it immensely. Once you play it through I can see why people trade it back though as I didn’t feel like doing it again. Should be able to pick it up cheap.

        • gobrowniesgo

          blops2, ac3,NFSMWU,NSMBU,MH3 and sonic racing..l had others but couldn’t bring myself to play em again. like ME3,TTT2,Batman arkham city and need more but running outta 360 games to trade! lol oh l have trine 2, f-zero,punch out!! that nano assault game,mighty switch force little inferno and pinball

          • Nintedward

            Nice! Yeah I didn’t really like Tekken tag 2. I mean there’s nothing wrong with the game and it is very good. it’s just I didn’t want to play it very much and got sick of gettin my ass kicked by Japanese guys online…

          • gobrowniesgo

            if you want u can add me..n how high is your pursuit score from cop chases in NFS? nobody on my list is close l got em beat by like

  • Easter_egg27

    There are 3 more special editions, you can see them at eurogamer

  • tooby77

    Yes 2 days before eu release

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Nice, hopefully mine will get here tomorrow. I can’t wait, this game looks epic! 🙂

      • tooby77

        Havent tried my game yet coz my gamepad is *$*$$-$-%++# it say on the backside it req the gamepad [IMG][/IMG]

        • BuckStud

          Ouch, I feel your pain. Time to Nintendo.

        • Nintedward

          Ouch ! early game no gamepad :S . I’m getting Lego city and Luigi’s mansion 2 tommorow 😀

          • tooby77

            Yes. I got it today, i am a lucker. I am playing it now with gamepad but need to press screen sometime, i cant see what but iam lucky so far by clicking the screen. 🙂 tomorrow i will send the gamepad to nintendo here in sweden, hopefully get a fixed in 2-3 weeks. 🙂

          • Dominic Coradazzi

            seriously, what happened to your gamepad?

        • MujuraNoKamen

          Ouch. I hope you can get it fixed soon.

        • Arthur Jarret

          Hey tooby, you do know your broken gamepad is a fake, right?

          That’s what you get from importing cheap china products – the D-pad and other buttons are not supposed to be set into that convex-curved part – it’s flat on the real pads.

          • tooby77

            Ohh cool, than gamestop must have fooled me on my zombieU bundle bought in sweden 30/11-12. Now i have to go to them and tell them that they have cheap shit in there bundles. Dude give me a breake. So what should i do? Take pics from every angle convincing trolls like u that i dont have a cheap china gamepad. Dude its tougher than we all think. I was drunk, threw it in the wall, on the floor, tried to split it with my knee 3 times, wife came out and asked what a fuck i did (3 in the morning) i got even more angry and gave the screen a good mike tyson hit right on the screen. I can still play with it but lcd is broke and not the touchscreen wich is the top layer, everything else works. So plz link me a page where i can see and tell gamestop that my pad is shit. Thank you

          • tooby77

            How could a china fake work with my console. Ahhh i give a shit dude, sent the pad to bergsala, nintendo sweden. Hope they call me and say its fake. Jesus dude

          • tooby77

            I know there is concave and convex d-pads but never tell a person that they have cheap china shit. I dont know why and what deside what country/bundle/colour get what. Take a look at this very respected page and tell me if they have a china shit.

          • Arthur Jarret

            What I meant is, the buttons (d-pad and abxy buttons) are inside a space that is deeper than the rest of the surface of the pad – while on real pads this looks completely different and it’s the same surface as the rest of the pad.

            I just looked at the picture a bit better, and I now note this effect is caused by one of those ugly rubber protection thingies… my mistake.

            It’s still cheap chinese production, though… so is apple and the 3DS (all made by foxconn, China)

          • tooby77

            I have a genuine 100% nintendo gamepad, and yes i can agree that those things are made of cheap things. Gamepad cover was cheap but it does what it should do and give a better grip. 🙂

    • BuckStud

      Awesome game. We just beat the main campaign. Now were trying to get 100%… Tons of fun.

    • Petri

      my retailer already informed me yesterday, that my game is ready to pick up, I hope they’re not bull****ting me.

  • DK_Hadouken

    Damn! Now I can’t get it cause I’m broke. i spent all my money on the Pikachu 3DS XL, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and various other devices. Hopefully I can save for it.

  • Ian Rahn

    Only one big 3rd party game coming to the wii u. Nintendo there out false hope. Wii u Is dead.

    • BuckStud

      Hey, you win the dumbest comment of the day award. Congratulations.

      • Just look at his avatar pic. He is like 14. Thinks he is a hard core gamer and shouldn’t even be playing the rated M games his mommy buys for him.

        • gobrowniesgo

          COD IS NOT HARDCORE!!!lol Play a real game like Unreal Tourney!!!

          • gobrowniesgo

            ▲▲▲▲that kid.not you.▲▲▲▲

          • I figured… no worries.

    • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

      Really? Do you want a list?

    • david jarman


    • Nintedward

      AC4 , Watchdogs , Rayman legends , Injustice gods among us , Project cars , Wonderfull 101 , Bayonetta 2 , Sniper Elite , Lego city , Monster Hunter , need for speed U , Resident evil revelations HD , Deus ex DC , Disney infinity , Skylanders swap force and much more .

      • All that before the big Nintendo Names which some will be announced at E3 like Smash Bros. and Mario Kart. Sorry if some think those are “kiddie games” but they sell like hot cakes and are damn fun to play no matter what age.

        • Nintedward

          I don’t give a crap what people say about the age of games . Mario kart is a hardcore game as well as being a casual game. Would like to see a Nintendo hater try to win me at MK7 lol.

          I’m 22 and I plan on playing Nintendo for the rest of my gaming life which could be up to as old as 50-60 years old lol. I still play other consoles and games to. But mainly Nintendo.

        • NkoSekirei

          dont forget retros secret game i want to see wat it is and its got me so excited

    • NkoSekirei

      ur an idiot theres plenty of third party games coming to the wii u this year and next year but it seem u cant read articles rights then u most be blind or something troll

  • gobrowniesgo

    Looks awesome..wonder how much..

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    Can’t find this anywhere on Uplay. Link please?

  • Pre-order seems nice, but if AC4 turns out like AC3, then it is a waste of money. I’m waiting for more previews before I consider preordering…

    • gobrowniesgo

      well l’m not sure if there will be more pirate games, this looks promising..

      • great deku tree

        I agree. the major problem for me with AC3 was the fact that you didn’t actually need to use the new features of the game like you only really climbed trees to get bird feathers or go out to sea to protect trade ships. in the latest AC4 trailer you can see that they are making dungeons in the jungles plus the fact that they announced that there would be a lot more assassinations in this game like the first AC sounds really good although I won’t be pre-ordering it just buy it a little while after it comes out.

  • bizzy gie

    Now I have NSMB.U. I beat the game. If I try and sell it to GameStop, I’ll get like 9 bucks. However, can I trade that game in for another full $60 game or will trading in NSMB.U only mildly discount it?

  • uPadWatcher


  • Archiq09

    special edition for Wiiu too! 😀

  • Chiwawa

    im not sure if I should get a 3dsxl or this. hmm…. the 3ds does have a shit load of awesome games coming out!!

  • C.S. Bailey

    If it’s a decent price, I’ll buy it for the Wii U and ask them, “Do you feel you have enough support for this system now?”.

  • tooby77

    No battlefield 4 on Wii U, thats sad. Article will come here later. Today maby

  • Fuzunga

    See, I would love this if it didn’t come with a statue. I don’t want that and it really drives up the price. The UK gets THREE other editions besides the standard and the Uplay, one of which comes with a steel case, art book, soundtrack, dlc, and the lithographs. THAT is something I would buy, if it were offered in my country. What the hell, Ubisoft?

  • Martin Kearney

    How much is this? I want it, but I’m afraid of the cost….

  • Paul Ramos

    Wow, this game is awesome! I’ve just seen some genuine gameplay footage (probably from the demo version of the game) here:

    It looks gorgeous!