May 15th, 2013

Ubisoft has been ramping up the advertising for Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag by setting the mood in a recent trailer, but very little gameplay was shown. This time around, we’ve got a full idea of what to expect when we’re placed in Edward Kenway’s shoes come October. The visuals look gorgeous and the ambiance of the 18th century Caribbean is certainly a fresh setting. The game will be available on October 29th. Will you be picking this up once it’s released?

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  • OMG I cannot wait! That trailer is the best they’ve released, I think.

  • Clel

    Really, Ubisoft? Platforms it is coming out on (as shown in the video on the box art):
    Wii U
    Xbox 360

    Also coming to next generation consoles and PC.

    But, all negativity aside… this game looks soooo awesome.

    • Archiq09

      Ubisoft like Wii U πŸ˜‰

    • That’s kind of not fair considering the PS4 doesn’t have it’s box art banner (or box) yet and the Xbox (Infinite/720) hasn’t been announced Maybe if they said ‘And other next generation consoles’.

      • Archiq09

        maybe but with the Wii, Ubi has make more games…

      • Clel

        I know that Ubisoft believes in the Wii U and that it is next-gen. It was just a little detail that I found silly. I still love Ubisoft very much.

        EDIT: Also, PS4 DOES have its logo out; if you look at the trailer for Watch Dogs, you see the box art for Xbox 360, Wii U, PS3, AND PS4

  • Zombie Boy

    Never been a big AC fan, but I’m looking forward to this one – Oh, to be a pirate!

  • Nintendofreak

    as long as its assasination driven n not history focused like last one im in

  • discuss

    Another one? They make these games really fast or am I mistaken?

    • Michael Jurado

      well it’s kinda easy with the whole not having to worry about story line deal you know since it “already happen” personally I’ve never been to fond of AC i mean yeah it’s cool and all but why would a I be an assassin when I can be Batman…. am i right?

      • you’re wrong

        • Michael Jurado

          whatever batman is way cooler than any assassin

          • unless he gets assassinated

          • Michael Jurado

            you are aware that batman is an assassin too right πŸ˜›

          • assassins can be assassinated :3

  • Michael Jurado

    does Monkey D. Luffy make an appearance?? if not i’m out lol

  • Kenshin0011

    ….This is not a gameplay trailer. I don’t care if it’s real time rendered, it’s still cinematic. I wanna see real GAMEPLAY. What it looks like to actually play/control the game!

    • val berger

      would be nice to have something like that with the most games. but on the other hand, AC is one of the games, that actually are all about creating a very cinematic experience, so a trailer that looks like a movie is supposed to reflect how the player feels while playing that game. Maybe it’s also because people may already have an idea of how an AC game is supposed to be played like. We’ll have to wait for the E3 for more real gameplay material πŸ™‚

    • Pamm!!

      I think the trailer shows ingame graphics, but with some kind of “spectator view”
      At least those aren’t CGI scenes…

    • Clel

      Agreed. It was an awesome trailer but it was far from a gameplay trailer.

  • ooh. The Black Chest edition comes in Wii U too!

  • GariNGB

    Gameplay trailer?

    • Chiwawaboy

      I like the game. but the video was more like a cutscene trailer. πŸ™

  • Ducked

    The only bad part is were getting the same port at the past gen versions, game still looks legit.

  • *Yawns*
    Am I the only one who finds this series very, very boring? And before you go into “Oh you don’t like a deep, enriching story”, yes I do. Red Dead Redemption, Resident Evil 1-4 (including CV), Dark Souls, Yakuza 1-4 (including Dead Souls)…yeah, try me

    • Gary

      Assassins creed is an awesome series, but to each their own, right? πŸ™‚

      Also are you inferring that the AC series doesn’t have a good story? ;o

      • I implied it had a deep story, but alas for me it was too boring to sit through. And on top of it I found the gameplay rather tedious (especially AC1).

    • Andrew Longo

      assassins creed sucks i agree, i lost 100% of my interest when i saw revelations was being released. i played ac3 and absolutely hated it, apart from the awesome opera assasination at the start, every second i played of it was pain.

      • Ravyu

        The opera part was essentially every part in AC2. Best Ubi Game Ever. I don’t think they’ll ever reach that height anymore. AC3 is just too different, in a negative way too.

    • thejam216

      I’ve only played AC3 which I bought when the Wii U first came out, so I don’t know much else about the series, but does this just look like exactly the same game as AC3 to anyone else? From what i’ve seen so far, there is absolutely nothing going for it in terms of variation that’d make me want to fork out money for another installment to this series. It kind of reminds of FIFA games, how they’re always offering apparent new features and game-changing mechanics but then the game barely changes each year :P.

  • I will support every good game
    from Ubisoft when possible. They are one of the few game publishers that are
    supporting the Wii U through good games. We will get better after the release
    of some of the Nintendo blockbusters, but I will not forget about Ubisoft allowing
    me to play great games during this hard time. ZombiU 2, Rayman Legends, Watch
    Dogs, and Assasin Creed IV, you are more than welcome to my library!

  • Gecko Altair

    I have never played AC before but i will definitely get this to support the Wii U and Ubisoft, Also the game looks great anyway.

    • Ravyu

      Buy AC2, possibly the best game last gen

  • NintendoNoob

    Please release gameplay, not cinematics. Don’t get me wrong I like cinematics but I want to see how the game plays too see if I’d want it

  • Andrew Longo

    dear ashley king, this is not a gameplay video.

  • RonnieMexico

    why showz a game datz not cumin out 4 wii u?

  • Potemkin

    Misleading title…

    Dunno where is the gameplay part Ashely mentioned…

  • ***********************SPOILER ALERT FOR AC 3********************************************
    “Defy order” I would almost say this guy is like almost a negative caracter, from the video it seems that Edward Kenway will be probably a very complicated person, especially given that his son becomes the Templar Grandmaster