Aug 23rd, 2012

Assassin’s Creed 3 was one of the first games confirmed for the Wii U, and what we’ve see so far has been excellent. However, according to Assassin’s Creed 3 game designer Steven Masters, the Wii U version will be missing some technical features that are available on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Because the developer didn’t have enough time to properly port Assassin’s Creed 3 Wii U to Nintendo’s new console, the game won’t include some of the lighting and particle effects present in other versions. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard a Wii U game missing key features due to development time constraints: Madden NFL 13 on the Wii U won’t feature the new physics engine nor some of the online game modes.

Assassin's Creed 3 Wii UAssassin’s Creed 3 was playable at GamesCom both on the PS3 and Wii U, and those who played both versions reportedly saw clear advantages on the PS3 version. However, Masters says that the Wii U version is “99% identical” to the other consoles. We’ve previously heard hints that the game would support 1080p on the Wii U, but that’s now looking unlikely. For more on the visuals in Assassin’s Creed 3, check out the latest screenshots from the game.

Assassin’s Creed 3 is one of five Ubisoft Wii U launch titles.

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  • CyanideInsanity

    Sucks to hear, but that’s what happens when you don’t have enough time to work on things.

    • Nintedward

      well , fifa 13 for wiiu has been litteraly 100% confirmed by EA to have significantly better graphics than the ps3 version and 360 version . and it has to run this level of graphics whilst asymetricaly streaming to the gamepad . so this is confirmation the wiiu is the more powerful system . there really is no excuse for ubisoft to pull this kind of trick .
      unless the game is heavily focused on gamepad functionality .
      we all know the wiiu is more powerfull than previous gen . but streaming to the gamepad could hold back the graphics .
      who knows .

      • Nintedward

        this is BS the wiiu one will surely have some advantages over the other 2 versions . whether it be framerate or resoloution or what ever .
        all i know is , fifa developer matt prior basically confirmed the wiiu to be significantly more powerfull than previous gen .
        come launch i bet its not even an issue . ‘playing catch up’ they probably not even finished working on it yet .

        • CyanideInsanity

          You don’t seem to realize what it means to port a game to another system. Its why a lot of games aren’t supporting macs. You can’t just take a game, change the coding that labels it a playstation or xbox game and make it work.

          Just because the hardware is better doesn’t mean it can magically run better than other consoles. By the sounds of things the sonic racing game will likely look the same on the wii u as other consoles, reason being ports usually don’t receive a huge graphic overhaul to save money on production costs, as well as most cases having consoles of near identical specs.

          And you can’t use fifa as an argument, as both game engines are completely different, thus requiring differing tweaks to be fully compatible with the wii u. Now the wii u port may be 100% in the end, but if its not don’t be surprised. They’ve been working on the wii u’s hardware for a year i think, as opposed to have 6 years experience with the other consoles. Different hardware can cause different effects. Hell the wii u could play a cheaply ported game worse than an xbox if there needs to be a specific tweak done. Then in which case would allow the game to run better than an xbox.

          • Nintedward

            i understand , but the wiiu will have to have some advantages , even if its just a ton of gamepad features. otherwise ubisoft are being lazy.

          • Macarony64

            actualy they can delay the title a few months maybe next year boishock took 1 year to come to ps3 and unreal anothe to get to xbox 360

        • LilLizard

          It really does not matter. But what really matters is we have the game.

          • Macarony64

            and they can allways release a patch later

      • GhettoGamer

        These nigaz be buckin constant bout WiiU vs PS3/360 when they can’t sh*t 2 bricks with there own. If you gonna back that thing then back it bro. But where the back up be, bro? You need to talk the talk to back the walk or get up out that a*s.

        • Linkamus

          You need to stop this fake ghetto gamer act. You’re a white dude, failing horribly at trying to be street. Ghetto words with nearly perfect punctuation and grammar just don’t the street style. Plus you’re being extremely offensive. Identity crisis FAIL.

          On topic, I can sacrifice some minor technical fall outs just for the game pad features alone. This wont affect game play or story, so I’m still about this on WiiU instead of my PS3.

        • Nintedward

          i gave you a thumbz down because you said ‘nigaz’ . derogative terminology is not cool . i aint a ‘craka’ i am a ‘human’ .
          when is america going to realize the word ‘niga’ isnt cool or clever . its derogative to themselves.

    • Pachter Jr

      Big effin surprise. First Madden now this. You fanboys are in denial, it’s not about “time” it’s about limitations.

      • Nintedward

        stfu patcher jr . your dad will be punched in the nuts by the wiiu’s final spec sheet . now gtfo . cough 1.5gb RAM 32mb Edram cough . go away

        • STFU

          Ahhh, who the ****** that acted like he knew **** and actually didn’t with all the wrong specs… **** *** ****…

      • Zeldazero

        Here is the point you are missing. What would you rather do if you were nintendo? Have a game delayed for a few months for some minor advantages and take the chance of the game getting bought for other consoles and not waiting to buy your version or have it out the same time or earlier than other versions with minor downgrades knowing that gamers aren’t the waiting type. Trust me the only flaw with this approach is someone “said” it had drawbacks. Drawbacks the average gamer would never have noticed or cared about. Its just a numbers game that stubborn people get all tied up in that really has no effect on how a game plays. I’m positive even with its differences it will be the best version released. If you really worry about minor differences you might as well wait for PC versions because they will always be better.

      • Dawnofmorning

        Why are you even on this site if you hate on Nintendo? -___-

      • Roedburn

        It’s already confirmed that Wii U has better graphics. It’s you who’s in denial.

      • AcesHigh

        Don’t even reply guys. He’s obviously trolling or he wouldn’t have created a “Pachter Jr.” handle to get everyone riled up. He’s just pushing buttons cuz he doesn’t have a girlfriend’s button to push…

      • AO1JMM

        Actually it is about “time”. Time for you to leave.

      • Pachter Jr.

        Guys, dont listen to this stupid fuck. Someone is trolling us all by deciding to be me again. Remember, this is not the real Pachter Jr.

      • Macarony64

        so it wasnt limmitations about the ps3 wen thq relaeased mx vs atv reflex on the ps3 ? humm makes me wonder

    • AKA-Link77

      Yah. . . and i bet some grassholes will automatically assume its because the Wii U is weak. -__-

    • Pachter Jr.

      Why dont they just put in some extra DLC for the Wii U version. I think that’ll make everyone happier.

    • Benjamin

      again, I’m not so crazy about lighting features, and shadow effects. I’m too psyched about a second peripheral, and more immersion. The real question is… “Will Wii U owners want to trade in their Nintendo for an XBox three months from now. I say “unlikely”.

      • Benjamin

        i meant 13

        • u mad bro


    • SanPharaoh

      That’s for now. The Wii U exclusives will be something of a different story. Ports and multi-plats always have issues like these…most gamers never notice.

      FYI, developers see things we don’t even look for, as they are watching the game through a different lens. I bet the testers didn’t notice, and if they did…the didn’t care.

  • nintendoododo

    i am first but please no need to applause

    • Nintendude

      Seriously, stop this, nobody likes it, and nobody cares if you’re first. We just care about what people have to say about the article. -.-

    • *Sigh*

      No one will applaud you because no one cares.
      On a serious note, that’s a shame they didn’t have enough time, but as long as all of the gameplay features are there, it’s fine by me.

      • Egamingway

        I care a little. I think it’s funny.

        • *Sigh*

          You think “I’m the first poster” is a funny sentence? What kind of weird ass sense of humor do you have?

    • SUperMetroid1234

      Guess What Your Second Go Cry me a river

    • Roedburn

      They do it for attention, if we stop commenting, they’ll stop caring that they’re first. They probably do it because they know it bugs us.

    • AKA-Link77

      youre not even first. so. . . “Curtains!”

  • Laud

    What the hell? Delay the game for a week and do it. God damn it.

    • jat

      i dont think a week is going to be enough

  • No really

    You don’t say?
    Rumours are unreliable and can’t be taken as a credible source.
    What we saw at E3 did look better than other versions, but only in texture resolutions. It still ran 720p with framerate drops exactly the same as the current consoles.

  • icanseeu

    Why should I buy a WiiU again?

    • NoPUNintendo

      I could answer that. But a better question is, why not?

    • Juan

      Nintendo still has a LOT to proove b4 i buy one too… Im not happy with it. And this news about Madden and AC3 is really dissapointing…. THE GAMES SHOULD NOT BE 100%.. they should be 150% oer 200% better… Isnt the WiiU Next gen?

      • Death

        Idiot. They’re porting these games… They already exist on the other consoles and therefore is pretty much EXACTLY the same. Those games built from the ground up for wii u will obviously vastly superior to their previous gen counterparts.

      • Egamingway

        I wish those companies would wait and make better versions of those games as well but I’m sure it’s a financial concern to: 1. spend more money working on the port and 2. to release the game at a later date. It sounds like sopme of these early ports are worth playing on the 360/PS3 vs. the Wii U despite the Wii U most likely being more powerful.

  • kütral

    Probably was a earlier demo before release date. Im sure Wii u’s ac3 will be equal to competition.

    • Anthon

      It sounds as if you’re in denial.

      • kütral

        Sounds like you are just annoying. Ubisoft has demostrate that has a lot of entusiasm on Wii u. Ill wait to te release date to tell you ir was denial or just been positive.

  • fedster

    godammit im never gonna hear the end of this from other trolls.

  • Obvious78

    Damnnn…A way more powerfull machine with less graphicle enhancements then the current gen…wauw. —.—

  • joe

    there’s a difference between missing a few lighting and shader effects at SOME points of the game and running at 1080p. ANYTHING can be coded to run at 1080p, even minecraft. I’m positive that this game will still run at 1080p, only difference is maybe at some point late in the game, we wouldn’t be able to see the breaths of the citizens when its snowing or heatwaves during the summer. other than that, this isn’t a big deal. but everyone will probably make it a big deal. either way, I’m buying a wii U and I’m buying this game for it.

    • Herox95


  • Amfortas

    “To me, the Wii U version looks the best. It also has added functionality, so that would probably be the one game I’d buy with the Wii U, would be Assassin’s Creed III.”

    Who the F**K is telling the truth??? Same sh!t, nobody knows what the graphics of the Wii u will be like because all these idiots are telling us a thousand different things.

    • Juan

      I believe the actual game developer…

    • Kyron

      I believe the person who actually saw the game in-person. If he/she says that it looks great then I’ll take their word.

      These developers can be as butt-hurt and bias as ever ((my opinion)) but until I see the game in action, sorry game designer (even if you took part in the process of the game’s development), I don’t care what you think. My eyes will still be wow’d nevertheless.

    • BluChuChu

      The ps3 and 360 versions are “technically” better. But honestly, nobody is going to be able to tell the difference, especially when you are playing the game and are focusing on the experience and GAMEPLAY. So, although this is slightly disappointing, I will still be picking up the wii U version. I’ll take extra gameplay experience over a 1% graphical difference.

  • David

    Not good, not good at all, it really does seem that graphically, the wii U wont offer anything that isn’t already available on current Gen consoles, course price hasn’t been revealed but current estimates point to it costing more than the current Gen, and as far that gamepad controller, I guess thats the unknown quantity, that is the only thing the wii U might have going for it, especially once Xbox 720 and ps4 get revealed, but I haven’t seem one game that makes that uses the gamepad in an especially novel way, the only innovation it presents so far is the asymmetrical multiplayer and I don’t think that is anywhere close to making this system a must have.
    May have to cancel my preorder, I can see this thing tanking if it is up against the ps4 and Xbox 720 next Christmas, and I think id rather buy it then, when it will be heavily reduced, no software revealed thus far excites me to the point where its a day one purchase.

    • Exynos

      Try reading. It is not because of graphical capabilities. It is because of time constraints. They want this game to be released asap on Wii U. Therefore they have less time. This game has been in the works for 3 years on Xbox and Playstation. Wii U… Not so much. People need to realize how much work developing games really is before they make ignorant comments.

  • Dorfdad

    Really sucks as this will only full the fires of OH MY GOD It doesnt even look as good as current gen games… Wii fails… They should hold the releases to make it better IMHO..

    • Juan

      I heard a rumor it got delayed, but it was a lie some idiot said on an IGN video… in the 10 seconds beofre i found out it was a joke i was relived thinking…. “Oh, they might make it better and give it more power! Thats great!”

      • Macarony64

        i dont like you, you look like pachter

  • gearchin

    great ,devs pulling the didnt have time card, imo its bull. No excuses for multimillion dollar games. Ubisoft next time spend more than 1 million on the port, and another hit to nintendo . Fanboys eat up crap like this, devs should just stay quite about features, all this does is spark flames of fanboyism.

    • Kyron

      Thank you man, for telling the truth. And whoever blames Nintendo for some news like this but pats the third-party developers on the back…you make me laugh.

  • Neutral_Gamer

    Stories like this make me less enthiusiastic about the WU, to be honest.

    If I’m going to pay more money for a newer system, and the games don’t even look as good as on 7-year old hardware, that is disappointing.

    Come on, let’s be honest. There’s no precedent for this happening. No Dreamcast ports looked WORSE than their PS or N64 versions, no Wii ports looked worse than their PS2 or Dreamcast versions, and so on. Sure the features making use of the touchscreen could make up for it, but there aren’t any gameplay features I’ve seen so far which have me drooling over the prospect of using it.

    In short, count me as one who’ll probably buy a U for 200$, but at 300$, forget it.

    • Juan

      Ill buy the wii U only after all the mario games and zeldas and metoirds and smash bros is out… and its really cheaper..

      • Nintedward

        gtfo ‘Juan’

    • TheRedSnifit

      You should keep in mind that they’re rushing it for the release date. Fallout: New Vegas was buggies than Fallout: 3 for the same reason.

    • Roedburn

      It’s only a couple of games, we’ve had much more confirmation of the Wii U being better. It’s not the system it’s the devs. So what, two games won’t look better? Again, we’ve already had tons of confirmation that Wii U is simply better than the other 2.

  • Bravyoura

    I’m not being critical but for a console that boasts how easy and cheap it is to develop for just how many times are we going to get excuses for inferior versions of games I’d rather games were delayed and look better than on time and look worse, I just hope they patch it post release.

  • Sources?

    “those who played both versions reportedly saw clear advantages on the PS3 version”

    Really, because the videos I saw showed the Wii U with more detail and better draw distance than the PS3 version.

  • Christopher

    If the gameplay is good then I’m golden.

    So what if it looks the same as the other versions, its only a launch title besides it still looks great and does have some noticeable difference from the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions but only by a bit.

  • Sethowar

    When I saw “Missing Features” I was worried we would be loosing weapons or story options – I’m okay with some missing particle effects, graphics mean very little to me 🙂

  • Jadnice

    If it is inferior then delay to complete the game. Otherwise will not get it for the Wii U. I am sure they not going to charge me 90% of the cost for 90% completed game.

  • gPadWatcher

    Those screenshots ( ) were taken from the PS3 version.

  • dutchguy

    they have at least have 1.5 months to get it 100%, but if they cant get it right, i don’t mind either

  • 2K2(Swe)

    From the sources i´ve read it`s more along the lines of
    “Assassin’s Creed III is planned to match the graphics of the PS3 and Xbox360, not exceed them. However, this is highly dependant of how much time is actually given to work on the title.”
    If that`s right it`s far from set in stone the game will go for sale without those features.

  • Kakaroto

    No way !! i won’t buy it, sorry Gohan and goten.

  • mutantmonkey

    This could spell doom for the Wii U as first impressions are so important and they need a graphical edge to lure more gamers. The general public will NOT be understanding!

    It is sad people think HD is important. Studies have shown that most people cannot actually tell the difference but rather think they can…. a placebo.

    I think Pikmin 3 could make good use of the Wii tablet controller and I’m excited about that game regardless.

    • Neutral_Gamer

      what studies have shown that? can you provide a link? thanks

  • Smurfman256

    …doesn’t this happen almost every time there is an older game ported to a new console.

    • Macarony64

      yes it happend whit bioshock on ps3

  • Dmonkeyman

    They should of spent a couple hundred thousand more and made the graphics better

  • Gamer

    I am buying the following on the Wii U :

    1) Pikmin 3
    2) project cars
    3) Aliens Colonial marines ( cause they were smart enough to give us the best version).

    I am slowly beginning not to like Ubisoft.

    • Captain Potato

      I hope we don’t get the same excuse from SEGA regarding Aliens Colonial Marines, ’cause then it’s official!

    • Wii U? More like Wii U gotta be kiddin me

      There is no solid confirmation that the Wii U version of Colonial Marines even matches the 360/PS3 version though. After the first batch of games, I wouldn’t get my hopes up…

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Its just some damn particle and lighting effects its not like its gonna be stripped down feature wise! The people who are saying that this means Wii U is in trouble are probably people who only think that graphics matter.

  • Ricardo

    I think that if a game is boring then it’s irrelevant and worthless if was made with the latest technology development but if that game is very fun and make you play for hours then even if it was made in 480i that game will worth forever.

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      YEAH! like Xenoblade! really fun even in 480i!

      • Kyron

        I second that!!!

    • Egamingway

      I would be nice though if the console that’s more powerful of the three ends up having at least graphics that are on par with the other two and not lesser. I want better graphics.

  • Captain Potato

    I’ll take late over worse for $400 Alex!

  • bob

    nintendo said from the start that the wii u would be on par with the ps3 and 360,looks like the games will be no better looking,the latest zombieu trailer looked early xbox 360 graphics,thnk ill pass.

    • Thisguywiththesheep

      Are you….stupid?

    • Roy

      Nintendo never said that stupid -.-‘

    • TheUNation

      Bob, are you THAT retarded?

    • Christopher

      So I’m guessing you are new to the whole console gaming, hu?

      Because if you look back when the PS3 and Xbox 360 launched, the games looked horrible and some of them just looked like slightly altered versions of the Xbox and PS2 games.

      Launch games aren’t going to get the whole graphics thing down due to time constraints and ZombiU actually looks better than an early xbox 360 game.

  • wiiuvsps3vs360

    Look guys i saw a game play at gamescom by gametrailers and clearly wii u rocks and is slightly better exept in lighting effects so basically it has better graphics on wii u plus its a launch title so its not the true potential

  • wiiuvsps3vs360

    also saw they should make a patch like graphics fix for wii u version of assassins creed 3. Totally getting Wii u version of ac3

    • Wii U vs. PS4 vs. Xbox 720

      This should be you’re name. The Wii U is not gonna compete with current gen.

      • wii u vs ps4 vs xbox 720

        From now on thats my new name instead of wiiuvsps3vs360

  • Captain Potato

    It’s OK! None of the 3rd party developers have finished reading “Quad-Core for Dummies” yet…it takes them a while in between sessions of Halo and Uncharted!

  • Macarony64

    dont be alarmed at least we dont have to wait a year like the ps3 owners did whit bioshock 1

  • wiiuplayer

    I hate how people are criticizing the Wii u because of this Wii u > 360 = PS3

  • Ledreppe

    Why are people saying they wont get a Wii U because of some graphical effects that the developer DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO INCLUDE, AND NOT THAT IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE ON WII U!

    • gPadWatcher

      I assume they’re using PAL Wii U. Two months ago at E3, a Ubisoft rep says Assassin’s Creed III for the Wii U (NTSC) has better graphics than the PS3 format.

      I hope Ubisoft isn’t the French version of Electronic Arts.

      • Egamingway

        My momma made french toast

  • Hi8us

    We won’t see any differences the wii U can provide graphically until developers actually start making real next gen games that take advantage of the Wii U hardware. Not now but maybe in a year or so.

  • Kyron

    Third-party developers, GET YOUR S— TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GameChanger

    Wow! It just blows my mind how so many people cry about this. It’s a port of a game on systems that developers have been working with for 7 or 8 years (possibly longer) to a system that they’ve had dev kits for maybe about 6 months to a year. Look at a launch game Genji Days of the Blade for PS3 compared to Uncharted 3. Developers are not going to get close to Wii U’s potential power until at least year 3 or 4 on the market…and it’s been like that on every game system. Name a PS2 launch game that looked like Shadow of the Colossus or a SNES year one game that looked like FFIII (VI) or Donkey Kong Country. Maybe Ubisoft didn’t have the time…I mean they are working on more launch and launch window games than any other company. A few missing effects in a couple of ports and people are all of a sudden not buying the system? I thought gameplay and gamepad integration was more important…so silly of me…my apologies to the graphic whores.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    So I’m getting pretty sick of ubisoft doing a half ass job on games, personally it’s getting to a point where I don’t give a crap what ubisoft makes and I just want first party games. Although I can’t get so mad over something as minut as a lighting effect. I guess I’m just annoyed by the constant bs of ubisoft, all because of that stupid Internet disagreement with nintendo they’ve been slacking.

    • AcesHigh

      Ummm… Ubisoft has THE most titles coming to WiiU at launch, along with 2 exclusives in ZombiU and Rayman. They are the biggest WiiU launch supporters and, by all reports so far, have one hell of a game in ZombiU and Rayman as well. They also are not a huge development house like Activision or EA so they don’t have developers and testers growing on trees. If you are a Nintendo fan, they should actually be commended for putting so many of their eggs (and faith) in the fledgling WiiU’s basket.

      I think I’ll forgive them a couple particle and lighting effects for a port…

    • Daemonmrunner

      “all because of that stupid Internet disagreement with nintendo they’ve been slacking.”

      That was EA, not Ubisoft.

  • rafael

    Im glad the majority of the market doesnt come to these forums, because every bit of information, doesnt matter how meaningless they are, get totally blown out of proportion…

    Be sensible guys, everyone knows the wiiu is more powerfull then current gen, but not very much…yes, the ps4 will be a bazilion times more powerfull but there are many other things that are important and nintendo’s focus is not to be the more powerfull console, but to appeal to the broader market with enough hardcore and casual exclusives…

    Nintendo has a safe unique place in the matket. Microsoft and Sony are the ones that need to find their styles because i dont think theres space for two consoles that offer pretty the same.

    • rafael

      correction: pretty ‘much’ the same

    • AcesHigh

      Well said

  • richman

    All those who say they wont buy the wii u because of some little graphical differences are graphic whores cause you need to remember that this is a launch title for the wii u games coming out at launch will not max out the systems performance since when did launch titles make or break systems i mean really all those who are getting worked over little lighting and particle effects are not gamers but, graphic whores cause if you care about graphics than i advise you upgrade to pc.

  • Nintyfan

    How the heck do you guys know if that even Michael Patcher himself posting on this site?

  • Niiiinteeeendoooooo

    I don’t know about you guys but I’m sticking with gameplay over graphics

    • Nintyfan

      I gave you a thumbs up, western devs focus too much on graphics and then just quickly shoving in the rest and not focusing on the actual gameplay. When you are playing with friends and family are you like looking at the graphics the whole time NO!

      Games are not movies, devs are treatin it like a movie. No typical; gamer crazily looks at the TV like 90 percent of the time at the graphics

  • richman

    I don’t know you but you are so right about everything you said that reminds of Heavenly Sword for the ps3 when that game came out at launch the graphics look like maxed out ps2 graphics but now ps3 games look way better than they were at launch and you can expect the same with wii u. oh I forgot graphic whores dont know the difference between games at launch and games 3 or 4 in the console life cycle

    • GameChanger

      Thanks for the co-sign…thumbs up to you.

  • D2K

    Anyone sick of hearing on how developers keep short-changing games on the Wii U?

    • kevin

      I agree, tired of all these people saying there is not enough games and then say the games are being shorted. Come on they only have months to port the software and then on a new system and they have a learnig curve. You will have to give them time to get up to par on the machine. Come the only reason why we need for memory and faster cpus for our pcs, is because nothing is optimized and programmers don’t worry about cpu and memory any more. But lucky on game machine they do and learn over time.

      You need to decide do yuo want games at launch or do you want top of the line games. Ubisoft probably been in with nintendo way earlier than many other 3rd party companies to get zombu to what it appears to be. The new platform is a big learning curve to learn while on a short deadline. Give it 2 years and you will see some stunning games.

      • D2K

        I think you misinterpreted the context in what I was saying. I understand that it takes time to do things right. All I’m saying is take that time and do it right then. I understand that some people want their cake and eat it too, but I’m not one of those people. I just look at things sensibly.

        The Wii U 3rd party launch line-up has more than a few games that are a year-old already. Waiting a few more months to add all the effects into the game is not going to hurt anything UNLESS my suspicions are true.

        Companies did not even start getting dev-kits until last year and it is highly-irregular to release a system so soon after it’s initial announcement. It’s only been about 16 months since the rumors of ‘Project Cafe’ first started. So I wouldn’t expect the Wii U to have a boat load of AAA titles ready for launch. However, this is a port and yo can’t have developers on one hand raving about how easy the Wii U is to develop for and on the other hand say, “we didn’t have enough time to add everything.” BS.

        What I fear is that the reason we have not heard or seen any of these 1st party titles from Nintendo for the Wii U and why 3rd party companies are putting all the half-done ports on the system is because Nintendo is rushing this system to the market. The Wii sales took a nose-dive once the novelty wore off and the casual crowd either started playing Kinect or mobile games. I think Nintendo is launching this system earlier than they wanted to and that is the foundation of a lot of these issue of gaming modes and effect being left out of the game.

        It’s not necessarily unprecedented in gaming, but it is for Nintendo. I think that first ever annual-loss last year hurt them more than they are letting on and they rushed the completion of the Wii U in a panic.

        It also could be that the Wii U is being release sooner rather then later which means companies literally have no time left. My guess is November 18th, but it could come out before then. Either way, that is only 2 months away.

        I think that Nintendo should have waited one more year to give themselves more of a cushion. They could have put some things together to keep the Wii afloat at least one more year. I’ll tell you this. If they have totally abandoned the Wii then they better allow Wii games to be played in 1080p either from the disc or digital downloads. Playing games like Super Mario Galaxy 1&2, Metroid Prime series, Zelda: Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Super Smash Bros Brawl in full 1080p will keep a lot of people busy while Wii U counterparts are being built from the ground up on Wii U hardware.

  • AcesHigh

    This is just a “time” issue folks. Not capability. All you kiddies out there crapping their Huggies should NOT use this as an indication of future game experiences.

    Being in the software development community myself, I can safely tell you (as some of the more calm and collected folks on here have already posted) that porting a title over – especially to brand new, unknown platform like the Wii U takes a boatload of time. Definitely more-so even than simply porting to a current platform. Chances are, the porting team has run into many, many snags porting content over to this brand new platform. PLUS add the fact that this ISN’T just a simple port. Some new functionality has been added to utilize the new game pad. Thus causing them to have to leave some things on the cutting room floor to make the launch date.

    So just take your Ridlin and watch your Bubble Guppies nice and quiet until November. I’m sure you’ll forget about it once you play games made from the ground up for the WiiU.

  • Andyyy_

    i dont care, is just a port! exclusive games will be awesome

  • Raul

    Is there an actual interview or source where I can read this? I’ve looked online and their seems to be no indication of this actually being true. On top of that, from what pretty much I’ve read, everyone says the Wii U version appears to be the best graphically along with video comparisons.

    Is Wii U Daily just trying to get hits?

    • vge

      Yes. They’ll most likely issue an apology later. They saw the site wasn’t getting many hits the last couple days so they needed a kick, negative info ALWAYS attracts more attention. This “news” didn’t surprise me. Add the fact there is absolutely no source, it hurts its credibility and the integrity of the site sadly.

      I’ll believe this when I hear it from an actual dev cuz from what I saw in the direct comparison vs. The PS3 version the WiiU version looked slightly sharper, more crisp (not unlike a PC version of a game) and what’s more impressive is the fact the PS3 version was a direct feed and the WiiU version was off-screen! LOL

  • D2K

    If the game is not 100% why bother releasing it then. I don’t want an unfinished product, and I’m not gonna buy an unfinished product. How ridiculous is it for a manufacturer to tell the consumer outright that our product is less-than 100% complete? It would be different if the Wii U was ‘incapable’ of producing those lighting and particle effects, but we already know that it is more than capable of doing so.

    I cannot believe Ubisoft would be stupid enough to do this. You just gave millions of people whom may have been waiting to buy the Wii U version confirmation they need not bother. Especially the core gamer crowd that blow a load off to graphics anyway. That’s why I think this story is bogus or a misinterpretation. This is the reason why Nintendo NEEDS to release the specs of the system and get it over with. That’ll put an end to the speculation once and for all.

    • Mass Effect fan

      The never gonna released the specs

    • Johny

      yup 😐 it is kindof a dick move…. why would they even say it ? …90 % of players wouldnt even notice it…. troll maybe ?

      • D2K

        Perhaps. It just doesn’t seem like a smart business move. I’m all for being honest, but this is information the public did not need to know and as you said most people wouldn’t even notice it.

        That’s why I think this was either taken out of context (like everything else Wii U related) or just plain false information.

  • disChapo

    You twisted their words.. They said they’re still trying to catch up to PS360 graphics and they should achieve that before the Wii U comes out. -_-

  • AO1JMM

    Every bit of footage I have seen so far shows the WiiU version looking much better in my opinion.

  • banana

    Last I heard was that when completed, the game will look exactly the same.
    But I hardly think that a few particle effects and lighting effects are what gamers should consider key features and we don’t know the extent of the damage.

  • marioman u

    ALL YOU HAVE TO HAVE TO IS DELAY THE GAME FOR A COUPLE OF MONTHS TO GET MORE DEVLOPING TIME(at least if the short developmen time story is true)

  • knux03

    one question doesn’t the wii u have a normal video port a part the hdmi some thing might look better on hdmi ho know im still buying it (-_-)_v peace still mass effect, zombie U

  • PiionU

    That deg said time is the reason. He is forced to say that shit because SHITENDO doesn’t want that people know the Pii U is a outdated ugly last yen pieceof shit that cannot even keep up with an old 360. The same thing with that madden game the system won’t feature that engine because it is too weak. Face it Nintendrones your god doesn’t want to live in the future or present they live in the past. PISSTENDO & their games are gay. A milked fat pumber that got kicks into HER balls (explains HER voice). A little BLONDE HOMO FAGGOT that isn’t able to speaak and so on. I really look forward to that kidtoy because it will finally destroy PISSTENDO.

    • Collected

      And you are exactly why the PS3 and Xbox360 are not leading in consoles sales, any online games that they have are filled to the brim with little “macho-man” kiddies who think swearing is cool, and M rated shooters means mature (instead of you know blood and gimmick). All you little children do is swear and rage often to unsympathetic developers and other gamers. (gamers out there for the gameplay, story, and immersion, not the bragging rights to “bestest graphics”)

      Really why are you so upset, lose in COD, can’t justify your masculinity through a gaming experience. Grow up! Justify your beliefs with coherent arguments instead of Caps-lock.

      You sorts of gamers are at best a really sad joke, and at worst a disgrace to everyone else out there that calls themselves a gamer.

    • Mass Effect fan

      Everything you say is true WII U is outdated and that is the reason Nintendo not gonna tell the specs .

      • vge

        Ive heard several not so good things regarding the system that were backed up by factual evidence but being “dated” wasn’t one of em.

        I think the real reason Nintendo isn’t releasing the specs info is cuz its not what they’re marketing. They’re marketing your gaming experience and how much fun you can have with the product (which is the essence of gaming to most, if not all true gamers). If Nintendo released an inferior product than what’s currently on the market(which could be true, albeit doubtful and is business suicide) do you really think they’d be confident enough to publicly encourage consumers to do tear-downs of the console to find out the specs themselves?

        Eh, I don’t think so. That’s like the kid who knows he has bad breathe but is confident enough to have females kiss him to find out his breathe was atrocious. Both scenarios leave the party embarrassed.

        Lets be honest with ourselves, and ADULTS about it, Nintendo is a business. And a business that has been around for decades and has been successful, they are professionals, they know what they’re doing. Assuming they’re purposely making another technically inferior machine, after they said their intentions lie elsewhere, isn’t the most intelligent decision

    • Johny

      lol are you really that desperate that you posted multiple hate comments and just tweaking it alittle ? … pathetic

    • trashz

      I can’t stand you calling Nintendo names, but the one that crosses the line is copycatendo. Face it, Phony and Microshit are the ones that copy Nintendo. So go back running to where you came from.

      Long live Nintendo!

      • EvanescentHero

        True, this guy’s a dumbass, but really? Copycatendo was crossing the line? Does the word “faggot” not qualify as crossing the line to you?

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      Why are you here MicroShit, Phony, Shitny, monkey or whatever you want to be

    • Britton

      Wow dude really? Not even YOU liked your own comment. You must really suck. I want to know what led you to this article and prompted you to write that comment. I have no desire to go to a Microsoft or Sony websites and bash the crap they put out on the market. Wanna know why? Because I am mature. Grow up buddy.

  • PiionU

    That dev said time is the reason. He is forced to say that because SHITENDO doesn’t want that people to know their Pii U is an outdated ugly last gen piece of shit that cannot handle 360 grafx. I really look forward to that kidtoy because it will finally destroy FUCKTENDO! Everything Nintendo can do is: releasing outdated+Gimmicks. PISSTENDO, CRAPTENDO, NINDIAPER, SHITENDO,COPYCATENDO,FARTENDO.

    • Lugo

      Haha, you sir, are a spectacular troll.

      • theorangefish

        @PiionU you again….
        People like you make me feel bad for owning Sony things.
        and why are you posting three times the same shit?
        Do you already have the house sized machine that is louder than your parents having…?

      • Johny

        haha xD indeed… thanks for cheering me up PiionU …i needed a good laugh =) … really one of a kind troll.. did your mom help u write that “masterpiece” of a troll, or did you stay up all night writing it

    • rafael

      Gee, another Harvard graduate…:)

  • PiionU

    That dev said time is the reason because he is forced to say that. SHITENDO doesn’t want people to know their system is an outdaated piece of shit. it is even hard to reach current gen . all of you are just dumb Nintendrones, Wiitards and 3tarDS. they can shit in a box and all of you would buy it.

  • 7Down

    Some graphical content is missing, details eh.. Isn’t this game all about ass kicking? They don’t have the time to do 100% port, too bad.

    PiionU, take your barbie doll, and shove it up your Sony fanboy ass, then go and tell your mother that she shouldn’t let angry 13 years old kid who just hit puberty, to go on the Internet.

    You act like 10 years old kid who is cranky, is it because you’re one?

    Also, WiiUdaily staff, when I post, it says waiting approval from the moderator/staff, why is it that such comment got out?

    • Collected


  • Rob

    The graphics may be lacking in the slightest, but we got the Wii U gamepad and it’s innovation, not to mention all the titles soon to come. You can’t port innovation, at least not on Nintendo’s level.

  • 7Down

    Anyways, I just can’t understand today’s people, if the developer says we don’t have enough time for the porting, then they just don’t have enough time for it, it’s not the console’s fault.

    Someone said a good point, Nintendo can’t wait for few extra months for that AC3, everyone would just buy it for PS3 and 360 right away, who would really want to wait for a version that should be looking better.

  • Alienfish

    Alright, go ahead and half-a** this one. I simply won’t buy it. Push the date by a few months and release the full version.

  • SehxualPanda

    guess i’ll be buying the PC version. Either get with the program Ubisoft, or GTFO. Besides, there’s no real Incentive in buying the Wii U version of this game. There’s nothing special integrated into the gamepad that makes me want to get it, it’s just a half-assed port from the other consoles, so no… not getting this one for the wii u.

  • u dare not speak his name

    wait a second its IN DEVELOPMENT so .am i missing something here so so wouldnt it be commonsense NOT FINISHED YET call me stupid but wouldnt that be the case AH HHHMMMMMMMMMM this is a non issue and as the game is FACT already above ps3 and x360 including colour textures and draw distence lets wipe are mouths and move on

  • Daemonmrunner

    I bet had this developer not said a word about this, no one would notice what is/was not included. I bet even knowing this news, people will not find the difference (or care). It is probably something so minor that only a super trained eye will be able to find it.

    I don’t see this as a weakness on the system at all. New architectures bring new challenges. PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 have been around for quite some time and are established. The Wii U is a whole new architecture, there is going to be some growing pains involved.

    Is it disappointing that the engine is perfect on the Wii U just yet? Sure, but we are talking about something so minor it will go unnoticed.

    Congrats Xbox 360/PS3, you have some extra particle effects and lighting for one game. I will be enjoying Rayman Legends – oh yeah, you won’t have that at all…tough break.

    • MadTitan

      The fact your comparing Wii U to PS3 and 360 is the issue. The Wii Us real competition is PS4/720. Ok Sony and Microsoft won’t have Rayman. How many games on PS4/720 won’t Nintendo get and if they do Nintendo will always have the inferior version. Unless you can’t afford a 2nd system who will by the U version of a game that’s superior on PS4/720? I hate the fact I’m getting another Nintendo system mainly for first party games yet again.

      • Kyron

        But that’s the issue too. I don’t buy a console so that I can play games that I can already play on other systems, I buy it for it’s exclusives that it offers. That’s why I bought a Wii, because I prefer SSB, Sin & Punishment, and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom over Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, or Max Payne 3.

        That’s why I’m getting a Wii U, mainly for the exclusives and high chance of new IPs, not a Devil May Cry 12. Although the Wii U may not be innovative, it sure is different and seems fun.

        btw, before you think I’m biased I’ll have you know I’m tired of this New Super Mario Bros. crap (but hey, that’s just me).

      • Zhenya

        Just because of that one time the Wii being weaker of the 3, Nintendo always gets the inferior version? That’s a bit… biased

      • Zhenya

        if i may say so

  • me

    True Nintendo fans don’t complain about graphics. So all you graphic *hores need to gtfo. Thank you have a nice day.

  • Johny

    well that kinda pisses me off -.- … wiiU isnt even out yet and this is just food for trolls… now everyone will bash and hate and cling to that information that the WiiU version is “graphicaly weaker” >.> …

  • Tom

    If you actually read the source quote it debunks the idea that the finished product will definitely be missing these graphical elements.

    “From what we were told, Assassin’s Creed III is planned to match the graphics of the PS3 and Xbox360, not exceed them. However, this is highly dependant of how much time is actually given to work on the title.”

    Sounds like it might be delayed which is no biggee for me. I’m getting so many launch titles I can wait a month or two to play AC3 the way it was intended.

    BTW: you shouldn’t use MyNintendoNews as a source. They often don’t thoroughly read their “sources’ and make sensationalist headlines to simply get more click for their blog. Just my opinion because in my experience they do it often. The headline will say one thing and you read the source and that isn’t what the source was intending at all and this case is just another example.

  • Tristan

    Why does any criticism of the Wii U always get a “thumbs down” on this site? Having inferior ports is a major problem for the Wii U, especially since it’s supposed to be a “next gen” system.

    • MadTitan

      Thank you! This isn’t even about AC3. What’s gonna happen when AC4 comes out on 4/720? Who in there right mind will buy the U version? How many people who owns a Wii and 360 or PS3 bought the Wii version of a WWE game or sports game over the other versions? Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a prime example of Wii versions being drastically worse.

      • batman

        how long will we have to wait for the 720/ps4? oh wait that’s how the wii u will be successful

    • Kyron

      Ask the developer

  • MadTitan

    Some of these comments on both sides are insane. For starters unless your getting paid from Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft why would anyone show loyalty to these companies? I’m a gamer first and it doesn’t matter what system a game comes out on. If its good its good. With that said I personally think Nintendo is making a mistake by not making a true next gen system. The fact that people are wondering if the U is more powerful than systems thats five years old is crazy. As a Nintendo fan how is this acceptable? Just this week it was reported the PS4 will have resolutions up to 4096. Nintendo is banking on a very loyal fan base and a cheaper alternative to the 4 an 720. And the cheaper alternative part is being kind. After getting an extra wii remote, nunchuck, lan adapter, motion plusx2 I’ve essentially spent just as much as PS3 or 360. How much will a 2nd Wii U controller cost? Don’t forget you’ll probably have to get a HDMI cable as well. I’m concerned as a consumer the U will fall in the same pitfalls as Wii. First party strong but very little beyond that. I could also share my share my issues with Sony and Microsoft but that’s a whole different discussion for another time. I will buy a Wii U at launch to support the industry and for Zombi U alone. I’m hoping for more 3rd party support this time around and more new titles beyond the Marios and Zeldas.

    • SuperShyGuy

      PS4 will “support” 4K the games won’t be in 4K. People are already confused I see.

      Even if the PS4 games were in 4K you would need a 4K display ($30,000 USD)

      • MadTitan

        Your confused. 30 grand is for the 80 inch. There will be smaller and more affordable versions made. Btw I suppose you assume 30 grand is out of my price range?

        • Britton

          Who gives a crap if it is or isnt out of your price range? Trying to brag or something? Do you think the console developers or TV developers are only going to cater to the arrogant rich people? Think about that man. It is out of the price range of 95 % of the people on this earth. Jack ass.

      • Britton

        Well put. What is the point of getting a system for graphics when your TV cannot display its full capabilities. I think Nintendo sees that 1080p will be around for the whole of this consoles life cycle. The thing is… I hardly care what Sony and Microsoft are doing… period. I’ll continue to wait for the next Nintendo system every time because they havent disappointed me yet. The games make the console.

        • MadTitan

          Once again is Nintendo paying you? I’m pissed that when I spend mo.ey on games like Tatsunoko vs Capcom and the main feature online is totally unplayable. Your a blind fanboy. While you only play Nintendo games i will enjoy them too. Along with my great PS3,4 and Xbox 360,720 games as well. I never said the PS4 would have games in 4096. Its the fact the system can do it. While Nintendo is just reaching 1080. Its mindless fanboy like you why Nintendo can put out systems 5 years behind and its accepted.

          • vge

            What system is 5 years behind? LOL Wii? Even tho its tech was underpowered it still was a 7th Gen console despite popular belief. The Wii was more powerful than any 6th Gen console and could do more things. Downloadable games, messaging and online (albeit it wasn’t as fleshed out as 360 or PS3) motion controls, firmware updates, Nintendo channel, I could go on and on LOL. And mind you I’ve been a long time Sony Guy from the ps1 days but I’m a videogame enthusiast first and a fan of videogames in general so facts are facts.

            Going by your logic if the Wii was “5 years too late” then it probably would’ve been too advanced in 2001 and as a result too expensive. Imagine the gamecube switched out for Wii. And the Wii switched out for the Wii U in 06, it wouldn’t have been a good business move. That machine would’ve $400-500 and 3 super expensive consoles certainly wouldn’t have helped this industry.

            In short everything happens for a reason and its truly a good thing for the industry what Nintendo has done. They’re not slacking, they just want to give gamers a different way to play.

            I remember as a kid back in like 2001 I said one day were gonna have weird futuristic controllers that really interact with the TV and will be a gameboy at the same time!
            Well, dreamcast was the precursor and the wii u is the controller I dreamed of as a kid.

            Don’t be mad dude just appreciate it for what its worth, or skip of and play the new PS3/720 I’m sure they’ll provide great experiences as well. But the negativity is unnecessary.

    • me

      You are out of your mind if you think PS4 will support 4k. You do realize they barely even utilize 1920×1080 on the PS3. It was just a rumor anyways, I don’t see it happening this generation, not unless they want to hike up the price quite a bit.

  • Xarret

    It will change the storyline or the gameplay? If not then i don’t care.

  • mark

    Not suprised this console is new and the developers didnt explorer it enough, i give it 6months to a year for full technical engines support.

  • richman

    the wii u is a next gen system just because the wii u version of AC3 is missing some lighting and particle effects all of a sudden your concern as i said before its a launch title and all this rumour about ps4 having 4k resolution is ridiculous sony expects us to jump from 1080p to 4k resolution there are games that don’t even run 1080p native plz come on bro. back to what i was saying before don’t get all worked up over this because is a launch you guys are expecting way to much.

    • MadTitan

      What makes it next gen? Next gen in comparison to the wii yes. Next gen in comparison to the PS4 or 720? No. How could it be next gen if it’s being compared to current gen tech. Please explain sir. What can it do that can’t be done now by PS3 or 360?

  • Igor

    I know you guys won’t just give up, but I’m saying it once more nevertheless. Stop trying to compare the next gen with the old one. It’s pointless, won’t make any difference in your lives, and you’ll buy it even if it stinks. The “ps4” and “720” will probably be able to pull 4k resolution from games. Stop arguing about who’s got the better graphics for god sake. Nintendo looses it by far. If you want to compare anything, wait until all consoles have been launched.

    • Collected

      they would should themselves in the foot if PS4 had 4k resolution because no one will change up a 70 inch screen that plays HD for a 30 inch screen that has 4K resolution. Even that 30 inch screen will be tremendously expensive for consumers. They won’t sell now, not when the economy’s down. Will 4k resolution TVs become more affordable in the future, yes, are Sony and Microsoft going to risk taking graphically leaps while enduring profit losses from price-high consoles, honestly no.

      I don’t think so, its only be in the last few years that PS3 and Xbox360 started making profits, for the rest of the time Microsoft and Sony have been chipping away at their accounts. But you make a good point that we should wait for them all to come out and see what hardware they possess.

      • Collected

        *they would shoot themselves in the foot

  • Drew

    If it is just the lighting i dont think it matters as much as it would if the graphics were changed.

  • safcalibur

    cant even tell that the graphics are missing anything. Its a port of a game which has been made on consoles that devs have been used to working with for the past 6 years or more.

    As a stand alone console the wii u will absolutely trounce the 360 and PS3, hell technically NIntendo couldnt make the wii u the same or worse than the 360/ps3 even if they tried!!! Tech has moved on and the wii u will be using newer tech simple as. Rumours of the increased RAM of the wii u are just the tip of the iceberg i feel….roll on september 13th, that will be the day EVERY Nintendo hater will be silenced…the real E3 is coming a few week folks, i can feel it!!!

  • joesatmoes

    this has got to b a joke. if not, fuck. but other than graphics, it bettr hav the same features as ps360pc versions. if ur gonna take out one thing u have to put in anothr.

  • batman

    check out the assassin’s creed 3 wii u gameplay video on youtube, it looks fine, the difference won’t be that big anyway, same game really. I for one am glad it’s on the launch titles list as I hate waiting. How much the console will cost will influence me if I will get the Wii U or not.

  • Poetry

    I do believe all the ideas you’ve offered for your post. They’re very convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are very short for starters. May just you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

  • Tehtriggerman

    “Do you think the console developers or TV developers are only going to cater to the arrogant rich people? Think about that man. It is out of the price range of 95 % of the people on this earth.”

    Someone is a lil jelly. 🙁

  • Seth

    What none of you realize is that the Wii- U has fucking terrible specs. Next gen consoles will be released in a year or so and the Wii will once again be the laughing stock of the gaming world. But for now. Buy a fucking PC, not a Wii-U.

  • kyuubikid213

    Let’s take a look at something really quick…
    This system just came out.  The graphics are missing one small detail that I didn’t even notice.  I still don’t notice it and I’m looking right at it!  And on top of that the game looks THIS GOOD.  We all remember what the launch 360 and PS3 titles looked like.  This is the STARTING POINT for the Wii U.  It can only get better from here.  And comparing the Wii U to the PS3 and 360 isn’t unfair because the Wii U can actually support games that the Wii couldn’t.  It’s only logical for comparisons to be made.

  • Guest

    Ive been playing AC3 on Wii U for a a few days now, and it has better graphics than 360, ps3, or my PC which has a NVidia GEForce GTX 550ti, 4gb DDR3, and a 6 core 3.0 ghz phenom II, so I’m tired of hearing this crap that’s full of assumptions yet has 0 evidence in support and even a piece of evidence to the contrary, being 1080p support.

    • Vincent DiMaio

      Dude, First of all Buy a Better Video Card and Run Assassins Creed 3 in DirectX11 in 1080P HD, the PC version wins by far, now about the whole Wii U thing… the Wii U runs better and Looks better than both the PS3 and Xbox 360, BUT the PC version is by far the best out of them all.

      •  I’m sure the PC version looks good, I have AC2 and Revelations on PC, but to me the Wii U, while not boasting the fastest CPU and a good but not PC top-standard by any means, seems to have a great color profile which makes for results like black ops 2 having such bright clear textures vs the PS3  and more.  Speaking of my graphics card, I played the entire Crysis 2 campaign in 1080p with the high res texture pack and turned up settings with this rig, so, I’m quite alright with it for now.  And, while I can’t say I’ve seen AC3 on a PC personally, I’ve seen screenshots and while using SweetFX it did look pretty gorgeous, I still cant help think that vanilla ac3 on PC wasn’t much to envy and, given not only how fluid it runs in 3d on the Wii U but that I get to use a gamepad to have a huge radar or play the entire game in the controller when i’m laying in bed, I’m quite content.  I’ve got and endless amount of other shit to get to on PC anyway, half of which I haven’t even started playing: