Jun 26th, 2017

Yesterday evening, ARMS fans were treated to a pleasant surprise: a brand-new mode!

The new mode, Arena, essentially acts like a spectator mode of sorts. Players are placed into a local or online lobby and anyone who isn’t fighting gets to spectate those who are. It’s nice and simple!

Also added in the ARMS 1.1.0 update is LAN-mode, in case you and your friends are having a party. To enable this, at the main menu, press left on the left stick and L + R. That’s all! Play LAN to your heart’s content. Meanwhile, here’s the rest of the update:

  • Kid Cobra & Byte&Bark fixes for the sliding boards
  • Fix for the ribbon-girl stage where some arms didn’t properly hit the boxes
  • Text-fix for the story-mode

[via NeoGAF, Nintendo]

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