Feb 17th, 2014

Armillo is a game from Fuzzy Wuzzy Games that is being released exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U eShop later this year. Nintendomination was kind enough to capture footage and upload it to his YouTube channel, which you can watch above. Because this footage is supposed to be watched at 60fps, you’ll need to double the speed in order to watch it, since by default YouTube only displays videos at 30fps.

The default flash YouTube player doesn’t allow for speed changes, so you’ll have to tell YouTube to use the HTML5 player by clicking here and selecting the HTML5 player as the default player. Once that is done, you should be able to speed up the above footage to twice its intended speed, getting the full 60fps feeling.

Currently there’s no release date for Armillo set, but the title is expected to hit the Nintendo Wii U eShop this year.

What do you think?

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  • val berger

    looks a bit like a better N64 game. And I don’t wanna tear the graphics down, it’s more like the overall setting.

    • val berger

      downvoted by someone who obviously hates the N64 ;D

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        You should’ve just said”OMG Can’t wait to play this!” Opinions aren’t welcomed here. ;P

    • Magnus Eriksson

      I think its more on pair with the finest games on Wii U. Over all this game looks more well done than both Pikmin3 and SMB3DW. I think this game pushes the Wii U to its full potential.

      • Stuart Thomas

        Lol, u know you know you drive those guys nuts 🙂

      • Enumerating Wishes

        I can’t help but think most of that is sarcasm lol.

      • sd

        You do realise this is going to generate 5 million wii U consoles sales once it is released. Sure fire way to save the console IMO.

    • Shota

      n64? seriously?

  • Shota

    hmm so far it looks great. i’ll just wait and see how much it costs

  • Sdudyoy

    It looks alot like Super Mario galaxy with Mini golf put in Mario’s place.

  • Donaald

    They should adjust the pace a little and make it a bit faster plus seems like the camera is a bit annoying, other than that I love the puzzle solving, I hope they add even more of that to the final game.

  • CyanideInsanity

    It looks pretty cool, kind of like a mario galaxy/super monkey ball hybrid.

    Also, for anyone who is interested in seeing more 60fps youtube, you should check out the smooth video project and their svptube app. – http://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Download – I don’t know how intensive it is, but it probably needs some decent hardware since its creating new frames in realtime from the video file.

  • jjbredesen

    This game looks great, like the atmosphere 🙂

    Since everyone are making predictions for how Wii U will do here is mine:

    2014: Q1 is not that great and Wii U will struggle DK:TF will help a bit, but i don’t think Wii U will sell well perhaps not more than 500 000 untill we get MK8 –> Q2 MK8 will not save Wii U or make it explode in sales, but it will rase the standard of sales each week, to possibly sell about 1, 5M for the summer, lets also not forget that E3 will show some new games, that will get people to buy the system. We will get to see Zelda U at E3, and i think that will get the Zelda fanbase over on the system. And since they also have Hyrule Warriors launching they will most likley jump omboard.Therefor i think by the end of summer Wii U will have sold 7,8M And Nintendo will have turned a profit. Then Smash Bros that h as a much larger fanbase than most of us think and combined with Bayonetta it should sell a couple of systems not to much, but by the end of the year Wii U should have sold close to 9M, but that is still far from good enough… Then they will start 2015 with Zelda U in feb, Star Fox or something else for April, then Metroid for late summer? and the rest of the year i have no clue. But Miyamoto’s new IP should release around then?

    I think it will continue on to 2016-2017 and then they will show a new console at E3 2018. Donno how well it will do, but i think it will have sold close to 30-40M once it is discontinued,

    Nintendo will not just dumb Wii U, because that is not how they work, you can’t use the “it makes sense” arguement on Nintendo, they will do what they want. and even if the console did not sell, they would not discontiue it, there to proud etc….

    They have made a lot of mistakes with Wii U, but it will end up like a Gamecube, and that is fine for me, the games are still great so who cares? I think we should just enjoy games, instead of argueing about numbers!!

    • sd

      Zelda U will not be ready for release until Nov 2015 at the earliest. Hyrule warriors is likely to be released no earlier than christmas this year. E3 will be focussed on games coming out in 6-12 months along with mario Kart and smash bros, which will be released Sept-Nov 2014. They only have 4 major games being released by October, unfortunately.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      “Nintendo will not just dumb Wii U, because that is not how they work,”

      I disagree. Thats excactly how they work, but they have not needed this since Virtual Boy. The continuus ball dropping witness this. I do not share your optimism either. As far as I see it Wii U will end up around 10M total sales. I kind of think that they WANT to discontinue it now, but that will be harder to do if it doesnt sell bad. Iwata does not believe in this product any more, thats 100% sure. If sales remain low thats a good excuse to discontinue it.

      • jjbredesen

        I agree, and i would like a new and better console, but i think the sales will start to climb a bit soon, and since they have games coming to Wii U that are in development, i don’t think the board would let them discontinue it before 2016, that would cost them a lot.

        I think they are frustrated yes, and they proberly want to dump Wii U, but i will make a bet now, donno what we will bet XD, but i bet that we will not see a new console before 2017.

        Problem with Virtual Boy was that it only sold 900 000 units, before being discontinued, Wii U has already been on the market longer and has sold 4X as much in the same time period. So it has sold more. There are more 3DS ambassadors in the whole world than Virtual Boys, and the 3DS ambassador systems make up close a 2M units, that means that there was sold more 3DS’s than Virtual Boys when 3DS was “doomed” and not selling. Comparing Virtual Boy to Wii U is just stupid sorry it is, Wii U sold more units in November-Desember period in Japan than VB sold in its entire life time.

        If Wii U sales where going down, they would discontinue, but they are getting higher, and i think they eventually will have ok numbers, if they dump Wii U now, they will lose the trust of a lot of consumers etc, i am sure you have heard it all before, so i will not repeat what everyone has already said, but i think you get my point.

        If Wii U stopps sellling, it will be dumped, but not before they have released Zelda U and Metroid, if they can’t save the system, its done and we will get a new console in 2017-2018, but not before, they just will not do it.

        Nintendo logic, is not normal people logic they will do stuff that does not make sense, so saying it makes sense for them to discontinue is not a valid arguement XD

        I agree with you, but i don’t see it happening.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Zelda will probably released as some sort of cross over game. Something like what was done with Smash Bros, and DKCR. Its likely we wont see a new console in the first, but thats not equivalent to a continuation with the Wii U.

          And what games are in the makings? Zelda is not that strong card we fans like to think. The last Zelda game Skyward Sword sold 3M on a console with nearly 100M in installbase. Thats 3%. Compare that to Twilight Princess sales of 7M on two consoles. On GCN it sold about 1.6M, and that was in the end of its lifetime with an installbase of 25M. The math here does not support a Wii U release anytime soon. Also Nintendo rarely does things like that, as the cross release of TP on GCN and Wii shows. If we will see a new Zelda built as a costly Zelda game, that will imply a discontinuation of Wii U and introduction of something new. Mark my words here, its pure business logic.

          If they had released the Zelda early in the cycle it could have helped to drive the console success, thats true. But this late in Wii U lifetime, with all underperforming there has been? Hardly think so. And how many of us already bought a Wii U are waiting for a Zelda? My guess is that most of us already owns a Wii U. At best a new Zelda would drive 300.000 new console buyers, and we wont see anything near as Skyward Sword sales.

          My point is to sum it up: If Zelda is announced, we will see it released on two consoles, either Wii U and a 3DS release OR a Wii U and a new console release. If its released with the 3DS it wont be the Zelda experience from OoT-SS, but something similar to ALttP-ALbW. Thats ok of course, but it wont be the 3D Zelda experience, and it wont drive sales on Wii U. If we do see a release of Zelda on Wii U and a new console, it might be the 3D experience from OoT-SS, but that will mean discontinuation of Wii U in a short time.

          Also Hyrule Warriors is not something we should view as a good sign either. I think thats bad news, and an excuse. Wii U got the Wind Waker remake and a spin off game as a “plaster på såret”. I think that points to the direction of what I have said here. This would be the typical Nintendo thing to do.

  • Josiah Parsons

    Those 60fps videos never work for me.

  • Moreck

    It looks like a charming little puzzle game

  • Simon Stevens

    Hmm, Don’t who wether should pass or buy

  • Frankie

    I have played this game. It is pretty meh, cool for a couple minutes, but nothing too fun.

  • Michael Hughes

    Needs more bandages.


    I like your game, Fuzzy Wuzzy and I’m very happy for you, but Shin’en made the best looking eshop Wii U game of all time. all time.