Jun 24th, 2013


Pencil Test Studios, the developer behind the interesting-looking Kickstarter project called Armikrog, have announced that they are now officially licensed Nintendo developers. The team posted the following message on Facebook:

“We’re getting some love from Nintendo… Pencil Test Studios is now a licensed Wii U developer.”

Their project called Armikrog is available on Kickstarter with 3 days to go and only $670,000 of the needed $900,000 funding raised. If you’re interested in checking out the unique clay-mation style of the game, head on over and check out their plans for the Wii U version of the game and perhaps consider supporting them.

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  • Aleksandar Antonijevic


  • DoEET

    We’re 75% finished with only 3 days to go! PLEDGE MADAFAKA.

    • val berger

      “only” 138.000 Dollars left! go go go, tweet it, share it, SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!

      • Nintyfan

        We can get it to 800,000!

        • val berger

          and we did! 29 hours to go and about 85.000 bucks to go!

          • Nintyfan

            The goal has been reached. That was a huge push from the backers!

          • val berger

            oh thanks for the good news, I’m glad I backed that project =)
            Now there are still 9 hours left to reach the WiiU stretch wich should be possible!

          • Nintyfan

            It has surpassed its Wii U stretch as well!

          • val berger

            yeah, noticed that, it’s really, really cool. pledging somehow made this whole thing thrilling as hell and we reached all goals, I’m really lovin it. I hope they keep their promises about the WiiU version. I personally would just like a 1:1 copy of the PC game with gamepad controls and the ability to play offscreen. I don’t necessarily need special Gamepad features, would be nice to have, but if such features aren’t planned in first place, they may not really fit naturally to the game. As long as they keep the ability to play the game off screen, they can do what they want though 🙂

    • val berger

      by the way, now that we reached the goal, here’s a little cutscene from the neverhood to celebrate and to show everyone, what to expect … MEEE BIL!
      Imagine that in HD on th television, can’t freakin wait!


  • Nintendo should dump some money into these kickstarter campaigns. They have the resources and they need the games. I think it would be good for them and the indies 🙂

    • willweinert

      Yeah, they could even bargain for exclusivity or something (though I hope this game still comes to pc so everyone can play it).

      • yeah, i dunno about that, but it’d be a cool idea 🙂

      • incoherent1

        They could definitely bargain for console exclusivity, probably on the cheap, too: take a million dollars (pocket change to Nintendo) and dump it into 5 different indies to make sure they’re Wii U exclusives on consoles (PC/OSX is fine). Sounds like money well spent if it’s possible!

    • Nicolas Dorion

      nintendo won’t pay unless its exclusive to wii u

      • Wayne Beck

        I would have to disagree. They could do Console Exclusivity or Timed Exclusivity. Personally, I think Nintendo should just start buying up a bunch of these Indies. Start training them now so they know how to make Nintendo Quality games later.

        • thedeciderU

          agreed. they need more regular game releases to appeal to the masses, with varied ips. they’ve got tons of great ones, but more quality games cannot hurt.

    • ludist210

      “Nintendo should dump some money into these kickstarter campaigns.”

      No! That completely defeats the purpose of Kickstarter.

      Crowdfunding != Publisher Funded

      • Nicolas Dorion

        because the kickstarter won’t work. Unless they receive 200,000$ in the next 63 hours wich is completly impossible, we won’t see the game. The only way is that nintendo pays for it.

        • ludist210

          “Unless they receive 200,000$ in the next 63 hours wich is completly impossible”

          y ur engrish no good?

          1. That’s not impossible. Road Redemption (the spiritual sequel to Road Rash) needed more than $60k with 24 hours to go. I checked it before I went to bed that night at 10:00 p.m. That morning (around 6:00 a.m.) it was funded and then some. The first few days and last day of a project’s campaign on Kickstarter is when the most money comes in.

          2. It’s a complete conflict of interest if Nintendo helps to fund any potential game on Kickstarter.

        • val berger

          looks like the impossible has come possible =)))

          • Nicolas Dorion

            yeah… I really am not optimist I guess… Armikrog is a spiritual successor to the Neverhood, a game almost nobody heard of and had no success, so I didnt expect them to make it. I did give 100$ tho because I really love neverhood. and sorry about my english, i english is not my first language

  • John Andalora

    Hope Nintendo is giving out more licenses like this to get more games to their console.

  • Luna Moonfang

    New game made by the guys of Earthworm Jim?
    Auto-insta-super-ultimate-day 1-buy.

  • FoxMulder900

    Thanks for posting this! I LOVED the Neverhood!

  • val berger

    just read neverhood and pledged without checking out the rest. afterwards I watched the video and so on and I’m glad I pledged ;D I really really hope for a WiiU-version of the game, although I’d like them to just make that game playable on the gamepad, instead of implementing gamepad specific features that may seem put-on the PC-Version of the game, like in The Cave …

  • Brandon Gardner

    This game looks amazing…. Nintendo needs to focus on buying a lot of these indie developers to create games especially with the lack of support from 3rd party developers…. Graphics on that game look great! Whoever said the graphics suck on the Wii U are crazy….

  • Nicolas Dorion

    I am a BIG FAN of the neverhood and I really want this game it looks awesome but unless they get 200,000$ in 3 days we wont see it. :'(

  • Mario

    Good for them!

  • Guest

    I really hope it reaches its funding goal! Just imagine how awesome this game would work on the Wii U.

  • Guest

    I really hope this game reaches its funding goal. Just imagine how awesome this game would work and play on the Wii U Gamepad!

  • Christopher Acuna

    Do it to it!

  • thedeciderU

    skullmonkeys was an awesome game on PS1

    • Arthur Jarret

      It was a mediocre platformer – but with great animation and cutscenes. Also – BEST BONUS LEVEL MUSIC EVER!!!

      Seriously – anyone reading this should youtube it.

      I remember being extremely disappointed back in the day it wasn’t another puzzle/adventure title like the Neverhood was. So odd to have a ps1-exclusive platform game as a sequel to a pc-exclusive point ‘n click adventure game…

      • thedeciderU

        true, the platforming…could have been a lot better, but the art direction was great and it was very unique. i haven’t played any of their other games.

  • spaniel

    Heck yes!!! Now give us an HD port of neverhood!!

  • Jeovany

    I disagree with everyone that think nintendo should pay for these kickstarters. I think Nintendo should focus more and getting more major publisher instead of Indies developer. Indies don’t sale consoles. Beside the point of kid stater is to see if there enough people who want the game in order to cover its cost. If there isn’t then there probably not a lot of people want the game.

  • wober2

    Only 60 hours left!!! only at 703k. I hope it makes it! I really hope nintendo makes this happen maybe even buy the franchise and pay for the development.

  • sd

    They need 950k to do a wii u version as this was in their stretch goal. 900k is for a pc version so this article is misleading.