Jun 27th, 2013


Earlier this week we told you about a unique claymation game called Armikrog that was seeking release on Wii U if the Kickstarter met a stretch goal the developers set up. The Kickstarter was fully funded last night and ended up reaching its Wii U stretch goal this morning, so the spiritual successor to The Neverhood will be seeing release on the Nintendo eShop as soon as the game is ready.

Many of you expressed excitement about Armikrog and if you ended up backing the project, you can be happy to know that you helped it reach its goal of getting on the Wii U. Are you excited by this news? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • kinghenroc187

    im very happy

  • audi lover

    Great looks good, but on other matters why is virtual console so crap recently 3megmans at same time basically same game, wrecking crew, mario bro and now ballon fight again and vegas stakes what a load ov crap where the hell is link to the past nintendo WHERE THE HELL IS IT

  • David Daub

    is there going to be a new wii u coming out next year?

    • DragonSilths

      Facepalm. GTFO. Unless you mean a Red Wii U that comes with Mario Kart 8 yah probably lol.

  • Smurfman256

    Holy shit, that was fast!

    • DragonSilths

      Nintendo probably pitched in.

      • Guest

        It completely defeats the purpose of crowd funding. The trust has always been placed in the players and fans, not publishers. They only go to publishers at the last resort.

        • Andrew Longo

          at times you can let it go though, its not like they zach braffed it. what about the people who DID back the project who would otherwise never see the game because of a few hundred thousand dollars? i was going to be so upset if armikrog never made it, considering the neverhood was such a huge part of my childhood, i still have the hard copy cd sitting on my shelf

        • DragonSilths

          And time was running out like a day left. Thats when you use a last resort aka Nintendo.

  • bizzy gie

    Wish I could see some gameplay.

    • Shawn Spitler

      They haven’t made the game yet, but these guys made Earthworm Jim – my favorite game of all time. I expect it will be decent.

      • Ford Crews

        Yes, but it’s a point and click adventure, not a platformer. I wish they had made a clay platformer, like like the old skull monkeys.

        • Arthur Jarret

          The neverhood was a better game though. Pc allowed for better graphics than the ps1 exclusive sequel. The levels of skullmonkeys were a bit boring and repetitive.

          The graphics were charming in both games – and I can still sing the bonus level music today… not to mention the great cutscenes (beans, beans – the wonderful fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot)

          Still, the neverhood had good cutscenes too, a better mood and a better story. Find it if you’ve never tried it… pc’s are fully backwards compatible, you know! (yay for dosbox and windows vm!)

          • Ford Crews

            I always assumed, skull monkeys was the way it was cause it was on the ps1, if it had been on a better platform it would have had better levels. I think they wanted an earthworm jim with killer claymation graphics, but the ps1 limited it. I was hoping this was going to be that when I first saw the trailer.

          • Andrew Longo

            the neverhood was a masterpiece. the music box scene my god, and the first time i ate those ‘fruits’ for the third time had me in stitches lol

        • Shawn Spitler

          That’s why I expect it to be decent and not amazing. But hey, decent and original beats most everything that’s out there these days. But I’m old school.

        • Madmagican

          Nothin’ wrong with a point-and-click adventure
          they can be very immersive when done right

          • Ford Crews

            No, nothing wrong, but I loved earthworm jim, till the last couple of 3d things, and would have loved to see them make a new 2d one of them.

          • Arthur Jarret

            The best 3D earthworm jim game is called ‘Sacrifice’ (He only cameos in it… kind of…)

            My favorite eartworm jim appearance is actually in Clayfighter 63 1/3rd – he looked so awesome!

            The game wasn’t that good gameplay-wise (poor framerate, sloppy hit detection – it’s worse compared to pt 2 on the SNES) – but I loved the EWJ appearance (not to mention Boogerman)

      • Superbax

        This is a spiritual successor to The Neverhood, which I loved. If you have played or seen that game, you will understand how this game will play.

  • Jack5221

    Looks cool, would like to see some more screenshots.

  • Wayne Beck

    Wow, I really didn’t expect it to make it, but I’m very happy to here that it did.

    • DragonSilths

      Bet Nintendo pitched in.

      • Andrew Longo

        if they did, nintendo are total geniuses

  • david jarman

    I want it!

  • Nothing5555

    Looks good, let’s hope it does not disappoint.

  • k1 of onewallcinema

    Very excited to see this one! I was sold at “Hey, TenNapel is making a new game & Terry Taylor is doing the soundtrack!” and then I saw all the additional voices who are going to be involved!

  • Petri

    There doesnt seem to be Wii U version in any of the pledges?

    • Weslley AlcobaƧa

      Any pledge that give you a digital copy work. You only has to say you want a Wii U version when you receive the survey.

  • Nicolas Dorion

    well, I certainly am not optimistic because knowing the succes of “neverhood” I never thought it would reach its stretch goal. I gave 100$ tho