Jun 25th, 2014


The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series is often likened to Fallout in that it deals with some of the same themes as post-apocalyptic wasteland games, but the series is set in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, which actually exists. Granted, the series takes liberties with several of the mutated animals you’ll find within the Zone, but animals are by far the least threatening things within the Exclusion Zone. Either way, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series is a satisfying series for those who like challenging games.

Now a group of former devs from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Metro: Last Light have teamed up to launch Areal, a new Kickstarter project that builds on the pedigree of the devs previous experience in order to create an all new game that will offer players yet another chance to survive in a post-apocalyptic wilderness.

Where as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. as a series took place within the Chernobyl exclusion zone and Metro: Last Light was confined to mostly underground tunnels from metro stations, Areal looks a lot more like The Last of Us in terms of what the developers are showing on the Kickstarter page. Environments are lush with vegetation and overgrown cars and buildings and some of the new powers outlined by the development team suggest a new way of interacting with the environment.

The developers are targeting all major consoles including the Wii U, so if this is something you’d like to see in the future, perhaps you’ll consider backing the team.

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  • Petri

    I wouldn’t say no to a survival horror game.
    But besides my usual concerns about kickstarters, this has few more.

  • vexedpython

    stalker was a great game. besides with the 75 dollar backing I can get a copy for both my wii u and Linux machines

  • captainpixie

    Las Vegas? Are they no longer a Ukrainian Dev team?

    • Archiq09

      The Ukrainian studio is dead in 2011 if Im remember, 🙁

  • gerb1977

    There seems to be a big concern among the internet public as the legitimacy of this project. Having said that, I hope it is real and I hope it makes it but I have my doubts on this one.

    • vexedpython

      really? can you give more info on the concern because I was thinking about backing but don’t want to walk into a trap. it sounded good on the link so whats the issue?

      • gerb1977

        Here are the concerns I’ve seen posted else where as well as a link for a site claiming it a scam


        -The majority of the footage shown is from STALKERS, as are the concept drawings.

        -They are using the Unity engine instead of their own game engine, which
        they quote is scalable, allowing for the downgrade to Wii U.

        -Vostok Games(Ex STALKER devs) appears to have confirmed on their forums
        that the people associated with the project are not STALKER and Metro
        Last Light devs

        -Estimated finish date of September 2015 and they have nothing to
        actually show for it, and for only $50,000.00 it appears a very small
        budget for where the project appears to be at.

        I cannot confirm any of this. It is hearsay to me but for those of you thinking of pledging I wanted to make sure you do your homework on this. Don’t want any of my wiiudaily fellow posters to be scammed

        • vexedpython

          thanks for the heads up. ill give it a better look through as those are some good points.

        • leo

          well said. Its a shame what these scammers are doing . Tarnishing the good name of others….

        • Anarky

          Apparently that reply from Vostok Games on the forum was removed now. This whole thing just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

  • Donaald

    Didn’t they say that the Wii U CPU is thrash and that they wouldn’t develop for it?


    • leo

      yes I also recall them hating on the CPU. Then again those guys had a shit ton of trouble on developing the ps3/xbox360 versions.

    • Nintendofreak

      well i would take the horrible wiiu cpu over a 8 core tablet cpu

      • Nicholas Gatewood

        Stupid fanboys will be stupid fanboys, apparently. But goddamn, Nintendo fanboys are the dumbest by far, and have the worst taste in hardware.

    • companyoflosers

      the wii u cpu is actually pretty strong per core. in fact if you go per core, its stronger than the ps4’s or xb1’s. the problem is it simply doesnt have enough cores to make a difference. it IS however an easier core by MILES compared to the 360 and ps3 processors in addition to also being easier than both. so by new standards, sure its not great but its better than last generation’s.

      • ufg


        • Nicholas Gatewood

          He pulled it out of his own ass.

  • Guest

    I’m really wondering what they are gonna do with 50000 bucks?! Considering how that game looks, this may not even cover the teams facility management. many 2D Indiegames have a budget over 500k. This hasn’t anything to do with efficiency anymore, it just seems strange to me.

  • Archiq09

    Stalker is a great survival game on pc … a new game by same team … YES!

  • Rich Garriques

    id definitely want this on wii u , but after they talked so much shiit i dont think i care about them and their games.

  • leo

    Guys the whole thing just seems way off…. just dig a little deeper and see what I mean. They were just using Unity3d and claiming them to be the “new engine”. It seems fishy, although they are putting a video out tomorrow explaining there not frauds. (which is kinda BS)

  • Stephen Davis

    It seems everyone changes their tune when they find that the WIIU is in more homes

  • Nosferatu Zodd

    More quality reporting by WiiU daily… Great job doing your research before giving publicity to a kickstarter scam. To make it worse, nintendolife aka your competition, posted this same shit days ago and the users debunked it in the comments section, and WiiU daily STILL didn’t catch it and posted this trash… :/

  • I don’t think it’s a scam. It seems legit. I just think that, like many Kickstarter games, the campaign’s quality could be better polished and more informative.

    Like so many, it has a high reliance on concept art and non-in-game promotional scenes, rather than a WIP demo or an extended look at some gameplay/game design. The game seems pretty simple in game concept with little originality.

    I understand that it’s supposed to be a spiritual successor to an existing game, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but still, what does it offer that other games like it doesn’t do? They don’t tell you. I don’t even think they have that much of the game’s concept even finalized yet.

    It’s not a scam, but it’s just probably a game that’s not going to result as greatly as people would hope. That’s what happen when you rely more on concept art than explaining game concept. People get excited by the sheer proposal that few ever ask just what exactly is being proposed.

    And making a proprietary engine might play some part of a specialized need for their game, but from what all I saw, to be honest, I wonder why they didn’t just use Unreal Engine 4, which not only would make their generic shooter look better, but includes full source code for the engine. Not only would it have saved time on engine development, but it would’ve given their pretty run-of-the-mill shooter game more prominence as “powered by UE4”.

    • I tell you, I could write a book on what not to do with making an indie game crowdfunding campaign.