Apr 8th, 2013


One of the unfortunate aspects of game releases that we’ve had to deal with in the last few months has been shortages, especially with Nintendo titles. The Wii U has only been available since November, but since that time I can think of three separate incidents where supply shortages of games caused a negative attitude toward Nintendo.

The first that happened was admittedly not with a Wii U game, but with the 3DS game Fire Emblem: Awakening. Nearly everyone I talked to both on the internet and among my friends who were looking for the title, couldn’t find a physical copy. GameStop was sold out and even the Walmart in my small hometown didn’t have any copies. Ultimately, I ended up buying the game on the 3DS eShop because I didn’t want to wait to play it anymore.

As the release date for Lego City: Undercover rolled around, GameStop and Amazon both listed the release date as three days after the March 18th release date, to March 21st. We told you guys this probably meant there would be a shortage, and sure enough when release date rolled around, consumers were having a hard time finding copies in stores. That seems to be somewhat rectified now, but European customers are currently going through their own crises.


Scribblenauts Unlimited was due to be released in the region back in February, but the release date for it came and went with no word from Nintendo or Warner Bros. After repeated attempts to contact both companies, customers finally got word that the Scribblenauts release was delayed at the last minute because the English hadn’t been updated for European regions. That game has still yet to be released in Europe and may not be, according to some rumors.

Now European consumers are again faced with shortages when trying to get their hands on copies of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The game was sold in bundles in Europe for those who wanted to get their hands on the Wii U for the first time, as well as some retailers offering a deal on both the Wii U and the 3DS versions together. Unfortunately, it seems most consumers have been unable to find copies anywhere, as several reports here in the comments and on our Facebook page tell us European customers are out of luck.


So what is this doing for Nintendo’s image? For the die-hard fan, absolutely nothing. It means that sales are up and that’s something that anyone who supports a company should be happy to see. But for the casual consumer who just saw a commercial for a game on TV and wants to check it out, it means frustration and ultimately disappointment. This is ultimately bad for business when Nintendo wants to expand their marketshare and attract new people who may not have considered a Nintendo console previously.

So what can be done about it? It’s hard to say right now, but it’s something Nintendo is going to have to get under control before heavy-hitters like Super Smash Bros., the new Legend of Zelda game, and the rumored Mario 3D game are released. Customers who want those games and who are unable to find them will not be as forgiving as die-hard Nintendo fans.

What do you think Nintendo can do to stop shortage situations like this from happening again? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Adrian

    I’m not an expert…and I honestly don’t know the answer to this question. But is Nintendo even responsible for the production of these titles?
    My intuition tells me that other companies would manage the production and distribution of these titles.

    • Both Fire Emblem: Awakening and Lego City: Undercover are directly under Nintendo’s umbrella. They get to decide how many copies are made and distributed. MH3U is Capcom’s property, but it is a Nintendo exclusive title.

      • blah

        BUT you also have to blame the shops for the shortages at leasr here in Europe…I pre ordered MH3U and went to my town’s shop at release day and they were even surprised that they should’ve put them out. The clerk even had to search my game in their contor…

      • Adrian

        Interesting, thanks!

  • Wayne Beck

    Unfortunate, but something tells me this is more of a miscalculation of interest in Digital Releases than anything else. Nintendo is pushing Digital Purchases pretty hard this gen and, while there has been huge support of the digital market, there are still a lot of people who are not ready to make the jump.

  • Jeffery02

    I greatly believe this has to do with Nintendo trying to push digital downloads. To each their own I suppose. I would prefer physical to digital myself. Hopefully when more Wii U’s are out there (and thus higher demand) that Nintendo will not limit us as much. Fortunately for me, I can always pre-order those big games so I should be fine. I can’t say the same for the non-Nintendo fans though.

    • AAAkabob

      I agree that they are pushing digital pretty hard. It makes you wonder how great the difference in costs (I forget the accounting term) is for the two.

      • Jeffery02

        Who knows. Take away the materials, manufacturing, shipping, and the fact that they must sell at a reduced price to stores, I beat the make bank for digital compared to physical. Why spend this money just for a store to get some of the profit when you can make it digital and get everything with almost no extra cost?

        • AAAkabob

          Exactly, makes you wonder that even with reduced retail sales, the digital revenue makes up for it and more.

        • Honestly I think Nintendo could generate a lot more interest in digital if they lowered the price by just 10%. You get it quicker, you get it for less, and once they fix the Nintendo ID issue with games, they’ll all be tied to your Nintendo Network ID.

          • Jeffery02

            This is true. I myself would still prefer the physical copy since I love to actually have a collection, but I can see that being beneficial to both Nintendo and gamers NOT like me. Lol

          • Fred

            They have lowered their price by exactly 10% it’s called the Deluxe Digital Promotion. I love it I get 10% back. Also, consider that you get club nintendo points for downloading 3rd party games and you don’t get them if you buy the disc.

          • Michael Portuesi

            Unfortunately, Deluxe Digital Promotion only applies to the Wii U deluxe (black) model. It doesn’t apply to the Basic model, or the 3DS.

            And I’d bet almost nobody knows about it. I know on my Wii U Deluxe, the only hint at all of this promotion was a small (2-inch) circle badge on the carton.

          • Fred

            I realize that it doesn’t apply to the 3DS, but this is a website and an article about the Wii U.

            You are correct, it only applies to the Deluxe model, but from what I’ve read the vast majority of Wii U owners bought the Deluxe model so I don’t think that’s a legit concern.

            As for people knowing about the program, there are probably people that don’t know about it, but I know after I registered my Wii U with club nintendo I got an email about it. My guess is most of us know about it.

          • AAAkabob

            They do already…10% digital deal remember? It’s just not as blatant as changing the actual price.

            Saw someone actually already got to this…

            All you journalist just remember we are not all dorks, some of us are just really passionate about games & tech lol

          • A.Barton

            The big problem is that Nintendo, and other hardware providers, need to be careful about insulting retail stores. I’m sure they would all love it if people downloaded it at a discounted rate, likely still making far more money than by selling a retail copy. However, Nintendo relies on retailers to move the hardware, and profit margin is tiny on systems for retailers. Stores move the units so that they can actually make money by selling software, and relations would turn sour if Nintendo tried to cut them out of that profit. The exclusive, almost hidden 10% discount is likely their way of sneaking in a lower price “under the radar” without being blamed by retail partners.

      • Robknoxious1

        I wouldn’t mind at all going with more digital purchases so the shortages wouldn’t bother me. Really if you’re going with brand new titles it’s a great way to go.

        The only time I would refuse to go digital is with older titles where I can go to a store and pay literally $40 less for a new physical copy. Example would be Batman Armored Edition on sale for $19.99 and eShop is still $59.99.

      • Teem Four Tress Too

        I agree too. Maybe nintendo just wants to promote downloadable games instead of physical copies. But that may not be a good idea because, chances are that it will please only a percentage of the fans. To put it in simple terms, nintendo promotes downloadable games, but failed to intrest the fans.

    • NkoSekirei

      i think in the long run nintendo will do fine i mean we got plenty of great games coming out this summer and later this fall and even next year but cant say the same thing will happen to ps4 annd 720 cause they ll struggle too

      • Jeffery02

        Yeah, true. I’ve also told a lot of people that Nintendo can afford for the Wii U to fail. So if Nintendo decides to cut the Wii U’s life early to release a Wii U 2.0 part way through the PS4 and 720 life cycle, they could. Even if the Wii U fails overall, Nintendo is far from failing themselves.

        • AAAkabob

          You have no idea how much hell that would unleash if they release a second console early on. I for one would be pissed that my $350 5-7 year investment was cut short by 2-4 years

          • Jeffery02

            1) No one ever said that the Wii U is going to last 5-7 years. 2) The PS4 and 720 may last for 10-15 years. And 3) Nintendo could also finally have the NNIDs working the way they should and then just let you trade-in a Wii U to get a Wii U 2.0 with ALL of your stuff.

            I mean what if the Wii U 2.0 isn’t even a system upgrade? What if it’s a new GamePad and maybe a USB extension of some kind? They could also release a new model with more internal storage space. They still have not used the GamePads extension port either, so there’s that as well. Also, you don’t hear people complaining that the 3DS only lasted a year before the 3DS XL launched and this is the kind of “upgrade” scale that I have in mind. It would be like getting P.O.ed that you didn’t get that limited edition console just because you already had one.

            I’m not trying to sound defensive by the why. My only point is that Nintendo has plenty of options to make the Wii U better and I hope they take every single one that they can. Let’s say that the Wii U lasts 3 years and then my theoretical Wii U 2.0 comes out for another 4 years before an actual new Nintendo console shows up. I don’t see that being a problem at all actually.

          • AAAkabob

            To be honest I did hear people complaining about the 3DS XL lol both journalists and friends alike. Also, people were enraged when the 3DS dropped the MSRP from $250 to $160(?) and felt entitled to some kind of compensation.
            This would just repeat itself if the Wii U got an upgrade. We ( current Wii U owners) would feel cheated.

            That’s like saying the people at Sony announcing the PS5 2 years after the PS4 and calming them down by telling them no one said it would last 5 years. In fact, most of my friends are saying they plan on sticking to their current gen console and not even thinking about the PS4 or the 720.

          • Jeffery02

            Yes, the 3DS price drop was enraging, but at least Nintendo got over that hump and gave us a bunch of free games. As for the 3DS XL though, you must have been reading articles that I didn’t. I heard a lot of complaints about it, but those complaints mostly consisted of “Why does the 3DS XL not have Circle Pad Pro built in?”. My idea for the Wii U would not have this kind of complaint.

            Also, the PS3, 360, and many portable devices had new models with more storage space pre-installed every other month it seemed like with minimal complaints. As far as system itself, that’s the only upgrade I’m talking about.

            Now what if the Wii U GamePad was upgraded. Let’s say it actually has some independent hardware that would let you take small little games and such with you on the go? What if it had a larger battery and was capable of storing your NNID for when you went to a friends house? What if you could use the extension port and the extra space in the battery compartment to allow you to essentially make the old GamePads into the new one? Just like there was a Wii Motion Plus upgrade that was both in the new Wii Remotes Plus and an add-on for already existing Wii Remotes. If you can utilize 2 GamePads down the road anyway, why not let you get a better GamePad as the 2nd one with an optional upgrade for the first one? It’s something Nintendo can faze into, you know?

      • brianc6234

        The Wii U wil pretty much be dead once the PS4 comes out. It almost is now.

        • Only a few are true gamers

          Not really once zelda and other games come out and depending on price i don’t see Wii U dying at all. The price that is given on the ps4 will deside it’s fate and if the ps4 is priced at 600 dollars not many people are going to pay and even 400 is too much

      • hmmm no one should have voted you down for your post but I agree with you it should do fine long as they keep games comeing but im still hopeing for an Icewind Dale 3 on the wii u or least a remake of 2 or 1 in 1080p with dlc and yes the ps4 and 720 will definitly struggle. Is any console yet offering players to make mods and its free but opitional tip for their efforts? That would release some stress off developers and allow a game to last longer with people makeing their own fixes with mods and additional content, like i mean just download it and put it on the hard drive in the right folder like with pc you know. Obivously this mainly targets certain game types not all due to problems that can arise, I know right now wii u will give businesses its stuff at a price or free to certain places but i mean like real open source. Because of ideas like that games that came out 10 yrs ago or longer are still even played today with new mods and fixes

    • Richard Yates

      You not got kids then jeff? Cause digital downloads are a bloody blessing matey! 😛

      • Jeffery02

        No, just much younger siblings. But I do understand your point. There are still cons about digital though. Takes huge amounts of memory, can be deleted, cannot sell back, and in many cases digital downloads are not even legally yours. Your “leasing” them. Even with kids being able to get into my stuff, I still have to go physical.

  • uPadWatcher

    Top 10 Nintendo eShop Games for Wii U for April 8, 2013–

    10. New Super Mario Bros. U – Nintendo
    9. Need for Speed: Most Wanted U – Electronic Arts
    8. Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed – Sega
    7. The Cave – Sega
    6. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – Capcom
    5. BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien – Gaijin Games
    4. Nintendo Land – Nintendo
    3. LEGO City: Undercover – Nintendo/WB Games
    2. Toki Tori 2 – Two Tribes
    1. Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream – Nintendo

    Source: Nintendo Network

    • Jeffery02

      A $0.30 game is first? What a surprise! 😛 Seriously though, this is not a bad list of games. My only regret is that I don’t have some of them.

    • Zuxs13

      Yeah the eShop games are always in stock. But too many people including myself still prefer retail purchase, at least for the NEW games.

      Love eShop for indie and classics.

    • Fred

      How is Nintendo Land number 4? Didn’t most people buy the Deluxe? Which comes with the disc

      • uPadWatcher

        I assume that a few of them have owned by the Basic Set and an external hard drive.

  • The Clockwork Being

    The trolls are going to hound on this one. They will rush in. But anyways they are trying to push Digital Purchase.

  • What no comments? usually everyone on this site has something to say if there is a article about some kind of hope for the Wii U. I know this is Wii U site so thats suppose to be loyal. I just cant do it anymore, there is just negative info after more negative info on any site about Wii U. Can we hear from the Wii U daily crew what do you think is going to happen can we get your opinion on whats going on and do you guys have any way to get any info directly from Nintendo? Im sitting here looking at my nintendo Wii U, was the first one in line at my gamestop and waited forever to get it being very loyal, now I see games getting cancelled and 1st party push backs. This has to effect this site dramatically if Wii U fails then this site fails because its dedicated to just that. I see articles on Ducktails and even Mikey Magic Illusions come on don’t get me wrong those games were good but, those games don’t mean jack for all the core dedicated gamers out there. Where are the answers of this terrible situation at hand people. Any predictions, how do you daily crew members feel about whats going on? I need allot of encouragement from somewhere for me to have a reason to keep my Wii U and remain loyal I just see don’t see any. Im coming to the only place I know thats dedicated for the system to see if there is any encouragement or light from the professionals. I know there is no answers if Nintendo doesn’t comment I just don’t know what to do anymore after nearly -$600. later of purchasing and buying the few launch games. Wow allot have commented since I have been writing this, lets see what they have to say.

    • The shortage is most likely as others have said, with Nintendo putting a greater emphasis on digital. They’re making more and more retail 3DS games available on the eShop hoping to encourage people to buy them. That’s great for the 3DS since the removable storage for it costs like $~15, but the Wii U comes with a puny 32GB hard drive.

      The Lego City: Undercover download was 19GB alone, so that means you can download a max total of two Wii U games before your deluxe hard drive is full. Which means you’re going to have to spend $~100 on another hard drive to attach to the Wii U.

      Overall, Nintendo knows what they’re doing with games. They’re coming and they’re going to be great. But supply shortages and the lack of games right now are really hurting adoption from casual consumers.

      • Zuxs13

        There is also that “you must use it before you understand it” mentality with the Wii U. Many people i know were so confused by my Wii U , but when they started using it for netflix and TVii, and playing games on the game pad, they all got it.
        Supply of games can hinder sales, but if people really want the game, rarely does, not being in stock, prevent them from getting it. there are so man retailers and retail sites out there that have games, I haven’t had one issue finding any Wii U retail games ( i get most all of mine from Best Buy )

        • This is all very true. A friend’s mother had no idea that the Wii U was a separate console at all. She thought it was a tablet attachment for the original Wii. Nintendo really should have used a different naming scheme when original peripherals were called Wii-motes and Wii Fit, etc.

      • i don’t know why anyone would purchase the 32GB wiiU. I went with the Basic, and attached a 500GB WD MyBook that i had lying around. The fact that you can add any third party USB HD is awesome sauce for me. I hear PS4 is doing this as well.

        • I bought the deluxe mainly because I preferred the black version of the console to the white one. All of my other electronics are black so I figured why not. If I fill up my 32GB of space, I will be doing the same thing you did.

        • Adrian

          The White Wii U was a rip off, that’s why people bought the Black one. Extra accessories, storage space, and a game for just 50 more bucks (plus that digital promotion that I know next to nothing about)? Plus black generally looks better with entertainment set upts.
          Also, I don’t download current gen console games, so I’m not worried about getting a new hard drive.

          • Let’s be honest Nintendo Land, wasn’t that great of a game . . . and if you really had to back it up, you could purchase from the hundreds of that title discounted at clearance prices at the Gamestop. The cradle, was a lil piece of plastic that holds your gamepad off the ground. it’s cheap, ineffective most of the time, and doesn’t charge the device at all. [sarcasm] Although, it just has a nice spot to put the cord. [/sarcasm]

            The black one does look better, and i suppose paying the extra $50 to have a sleek black look is better than buying $8.00 worth of Krylon and spray-painting it yourself. +you keep your new system looking fresh and vibrant. i get it. The 10% off or what have you is so cumbersome to use at the small increments at a time, that it’s more frustrating than useful. it’s almost like one of those rebates the company just doesn’t pay.

            To be fair, at $400 the system as a whole (basic & deluxe) should have come with USB 3.0, and a direct connection through CAT6 networking cables; rather than a old-school usb 2.0, and an accessory that will allow you to use CAT6 at usb 2.0 speeds. We should have been able to at least play dvds on this device which takes disks. AND . . . i was expecting a lot more in terms of game development. I was also expecting the UI to move a lot faster, and the system to freeze much less often. Here’s what we want from wiiU: http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/12/04/10-things-we-want-from-wii-u

            I mean, c’mon Nintendo, you aren’t putting out one of these systems every year . . . what are these guys doing on their off seasons? But, i didn’t mean to be so harsh. i just expected the “deluxe edition” to be more deluxe. I am very happy that you can add your own hard drive.

          • Adrian

            It’s worth it just for the game. Nintendoland, while not a good single player game, is GREAT for groups of people. I had alot of fun with it with my friends and fam.
            The cradle has its use for watching netflix on the gamepad while I eat dinner at the table (I do this all the time) . The charging cradle is the only thing I use to charge and hold my gamepad when it is idle.
            The system stand..I don’t use because it doesn’t work with my set up.
            And the extra HD space so I don’t have to worry about getting an external HD unless I go download crazy (which I won’t) is great. Way more than a 50 dollar value. EVERYBODY has acknowledged this. I actually find it strange that you don’t.
            Are you one of those people who get repulsed by following mainstream..to the point where you reject all things that are mainstream even if they are obviously correct?

          • i think you are better off using the $50 to get a game you will enjoy much more than Nintendo land. i don’t watch Netflix on the Gamepad. and both of the memory options have much less memory than i thought was needed. i planned from the get go to purchase games over Nintendo’s eshop (and have only purchased disc games that i could get considerably cheaper elsewhere). I don’t think it’s fair to say everyone has acknowledged something, when you are replying to at least one person who has not acknowledged this point of yours. i will admit that people do buy because of color. and i do like black better. but i made my own bundle by snagging the Black Ops 2 at Best Buy when it was $29.00. BO2 FTW over Nintendoland every day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

          • Adrian

            OK I’ll revise. …EVERY OPINION I’ve read comparing the two indicates that the basic bundle is useless when compared to the Deluxe version. Well, every opinion except yours :).

          • ooh – i guess you burned me. it doesn’t matter. if everyone you know likes black, or if everyone you talk to has the same opinion. if you like your deluxe model. rock it! but seriously, i’d invest in some friends that have more diverse opinions.

          • Adrian

            I didn’t say everyone I know likes black. I don’t think the color is the real value of the deluxe version. And I’m not talking about people I knows opinion. I’m talking about opinions in forums and articles mostly.

    • Adrian

      I am guessing you are part of the younger “instant gratification” crowd. I’m very happy with my Wii U, even though I only have ZombiU at the moment. But I’ve never been the type to need to play every new game as it comes out. I wait it out, and only purchase very appealing select titles.
      I have alot of confidence in the Wii U, and I don’t regret my purchase at all. Even if I probably won’t be getting another Wii U game for at least half a year.

      • Nope I’m 36 that’s the point I have been loyal for yr & yr but Nintendo keeps stiff arming us loyal fans tired of it since GC days time for Nintendo to grow up like us core gamers that have been supporting them have. Ur just a casual gamer ur fine with just waiting out for nothing like usual. I’m just fed up. Been loyal since colleco vision & one othe the original donkey kong home release, so don’t come at me with that I know my gaming & I definitely know my hostory with every console there is.

        • Adrian

          Fair enough. I’m no casual gamer, I just generally only buy games that have a couple hundred of hours of playtime in em. Short games don’t appeal to me.

  • LopsidedPasta

    This is a no brainer. Of course it hurts Nintendo.

  • HSN1

    I know that we will be seeing great games at E3, but I also know that I’m really thinking about getting a PS4 because of all the awesome games that are planned to be released on it. Games are system sellers, not the systems themselves.

    We remember what happened to the Jaguar, don’t we? (Hint: 64 BITS EMMAGERD)

    • Jeffery02

      For E3, we all know what Sony and Microsoft will show. The details we are unsure of but the overall presentation I think is pretty predictable. Nintendo is the only company that I have no idea what they will show. It can either be terrible, completely amazing, or anywhere inbetween. I know that the other companies may have some great stuff and I know Nintendo is not guaranteed to do better, but good or bad, they are the one that I am most looking forward to. DON’T LET ME DOWN NINTENDO! XD

      • HSN1

        They did say a new Mario game and a new Mario Kart game are going to be present, so that makes it already a decent one. I wonder if we will seetrailers for games currently in development, like SSB or that new Zelda, or Metroid, even if it’s not confirmed that that last one is in the works

        • dylanbob121

          I would prefer a starfox game

      • sithWiiU

        You’re kidding, right? Here’s Nintendo’s E3 presentation (some variations may occur):
        3D Mario,
        Wii U Fit
        Mark Kart U
        Zelda U,other 80s franchise emergence with U at end,
        Yoshi Yarn,
        one. Maybe 2 unexpected games.

        Ta da. You’re welcome. Nintendo is always predictable.

        • Jeffery02

          Yes, it is true that these games will be there. But these are all only Wii U games and most likely not even all. But what if Nintendo announces something for the Wii U? Have any idea what that could be? Not to mention the 3DS. This list that you gave is the bare minimum and if Nintendo wants to steal Sony’s and Microsoft’s spotlight, they are going to have to do more. My point is that Nintendo could do the bare minimum, but they also have many more options that could anywhere. This is why I said that they can be good or bad at E3. What you gave is the bad, now what does the good consist of? More 3rd party games? New Wii U announcement like 2nd GamePad option or new accessory for the GamePad expansion port? New 3DS announcement like a new model or system update? New MiiVerse announcement or NNID fix? Take your pick. And I’m sure that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • we all know nintendo is trying to push digital content….. but is that an excuse? you have to have some games to push digital for that to be the strategy! we just found out we lost EA for good, even though it was not a good game we lost aliens colonial marines, they could have done like duex to make it better with all the time they had, we are getting 2yr old ports no battlefield 4, prob no call of duty either. it was said this system went HD to change all this not make it worse, it feels like anakin turning into vader all over again. nothing but lies lies and more lies from nintendo. history is repeating once again like usual. nintendo with the weakest system, playstation with all 3rd party support, xbox coming out late but will probably sell very good in the us.. not in japan. what a circle. nintendo does it all the time they have way more than enough money to make a big time system why do they give us a plastic toy system every time… they need a better strategy if thats what digital gaming is supposed to be for them. heck ill even feel better if that april fools joke was real with the super wii u at least it meant they were trying to do something about the situation and make a stronger system.

  • I’ve always loved Nintendo. And i have to say my experience with my WiiU is a love hate relationship. I bought into this system harder and faster than anyone i know. I sold my xbox 360, with kinect and all of about 25 games – thinking this “next-gen” console was going to be the future of my gaming experiences. I’m finding it slow to react, freezing often – when i don’t want to see freezing at all, and a lack of third party development, as well as a lack of Nintendo actual development.

    i have several games for the system so far: (Darksiders II, Batman: Arkam Asylum, ZombiU, New Super Mario Bros. U, Assasin’s Creed 3, Black Ops 2, The Cave, Chasing Aurora, Trine 2: The director’s Cut, Switch Force, Balloon Fight, F-Zero, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out)

    What is painful to watch is the updates come slowly, and not make the system any faster, and the list of games get pushed back, exclusives go to other systems, and the lack of great games on the horizon. I’m concerned . . . very concerned.

    The key to a great gaming system is to have AWESOME GAMES. Lot’s and lot’s of AWESOME GAMES. And to some extent, I think that I have been shelling out to experience everything that Nintendo has to offer on this system. I still have plans to buy Scribblenauts, Pikman 3, and Rayman Legends (when/if it ever comes out). But i’m very concerned as far as the games on the horizon. Have you seen the list of future games? Where is Smash Brothers 2, or Legend of Zelda? Where are obvious titles like Metroid and Megaman? But also, where are the new and interestingly brilliant games that utilize the gamepad? Where is the sharing, and the purchase another gamepad so that you can use two AWESOME GAMEPADs on one system? I’m waiting. And i’m excited. But that excitement dwindles, because i can’t convince my friends to buy into this system. Even more concerting, I don’t know if i’m going to be able to stick it out for the long haul with Nintendo.

    I thought i could buy a WiiU and not buy a PS4 . . . but the more i see the difference in the class of games, i’m thinking i may have to purchase a PS4 to get games like Tomb Raider – 2013, & The Elder Scrolls Online. Why Nintendo doesn’t go for games that everyone wants to play on all the systems is beyond me.

    Also DLC is either absolutely free (like in Batman: Arkham City), which is WONDERFUL, or nonexistent – like in BO2.

    I wish Nintendo would step up their game and act like they are a gaming system that kicks ass and takes names. I mean put in the work. Don’t sell me a $400 system that isn’t optimized. Realize that i could have bought a pc, or various other systems for that amt. Also, i’m buying into your system. Make it worth my time.

    Or seriously, i . . . and many others – will seek their gaming experiences elsewhere. And next time around, i’ll think really hard about buying a Nintendo product.

    • NostalgicChaos

      the same thing that happened with the DS and 3DS as well. Later on, things always improve, and all of the good things and games you mentioned are all coming to the Wii U within time. They haven’t even started with the “Mega” games yet. Once Mario Kart and all of those games start to come out it will all be worth it and I think we’re going to have a great E3 this year for Nintendo. The truth is, we all knew what we were getting into when we bought a Wii U. I’m also talking to myself here. I already knew the game line up was poor, but I bought a Wii U because I knew the future of the system is going to be great. Nintendo has never disappointed, so why would they now?

      I will buy a PS4 when it comes out as well, but by the time the PS4 comes out, the Wii U would already be the system it was meant to be.

      The PS4 for me will just be a bonus. Once Smash Bros and Mario Kart etc… comes out, that will be it for me. Those two games alone will keep me for a few years. We all know that these great games are going to come to the Wii U sooner or later, so no one has anything to worry about.


      To me, you sound like a very whinny person.

      • Well, there’s an intelligent comment. Thank you, I’m glad I don’t really care what you think, especially when you aren’t making a point at all. Did you even read all the words? Did you understand the concepts?

  • Chiwawa

    its not that big of a deal. just give nintendo some time to work things out. 🙂

  • Frankie

    Fire Emblem was because two EB Games in Canada sold the game early and Nintendo was upset about it. Lego City was a shipment delay, again not Nintendo’s fault. Monster Hunter I believe is their fault. They did not think it would be as big as it was. It was not a bad move because they were playing it safe, not taking a chance. Luigi Mansion is having a little bit of a shortage but that is because most people with a 3DS want the game. The shortage is a good thing. It says Nintendo products are selling. The average consumer would not get turned off by a shortage. People are dumb and look at a shortage as it being a hot product whether it is or not.

    • sithWiiU

      Fire Embelm’s botched release was total BS. I went to GS and Target, excied for it, only to find out Nintendo screwed up. So Canada made a mistake? Okay, but why punish the rest of us? I also know for a fact that FE was not the only major games released before the actual date; did thos companies of those games punish the rest of us? No. Nintendo missed up on that, plain and simple and they have no excuse what so ever for that. Regarding Lego City, Scribblenauts, and MH U, I don’t care. I only have a 3DS; i wonn’t WASTE money on a Wii U.

      • annamarieharrington43

        So why do you call us Nintendrone’s if you have a Nintendo console too? You say it rehashes it’s franchises when you buy them and the machine they are put on, admit it, you’re just as dumb and dense as the people you make fun of.

    • audi lover

      No shortage is a good thing

  • lonewolf88

    again i keep trying to tell people ugh…. read this


    and what nintendo is doing is like jeffery said but he only got like a quarter is sell digital…
    and if they do it right like sales like steam does they will succed in eshop easily

  • PS4/WiiU

    I also wasn’t able to get luigi’s mansion dark moon for about a week now (i tried like 20 shops already)

  • lonewolf88

    i like how they post this but they don’t post how in europe the Eshops sales have gone way up…. instead they post negative tipical troll site..

  • Aiddon

    I also can’t help but notice a lot of these droughts are due to 3rd parties not stepping their goddamned game up and bothering to put product out.

    • Linskarmo

      Rather how I feel. Hopefully after some 1st party games 3rd party support will increase.

      • Aiddon

        exactly, I’m not going to blame Nintendo for the ineptitude of 3rd parties.

    • ThunderGod_Cid

      That IS part of the problem….however I also see it as the retailers themselves don’t have confidence in Nintendo either.

      If they don’t they don’t think a product is going to sell, then they won’t order very many copies or sometimes they won’t order any at all.

      IMO It’s those factors that contribute to most of these “shortages”.

      • Aiddon

        don’t have confidence in Nintendo because of lack of 3rd party titles. Which again is NOT Nintendo’s fault.

        • how could this not be nintendo’s fault? if you made a magic box that plays games, and you didn’t go talk to people who designed games to make some for your magic box . . . and ppl got mad because you said your magic box was going to be some rad magic. I think you are partly to blame. you have to network. talk to ppl. persuade them to build exclusives. seek out games that are on other systems and bring them to your platform. you know, meetings, and schmoozing and the like.

          • Aiddon

            So it’s Nintendo’s fault for not pampering 3rd parties? And don’t tell me that’s not what 3rd parties want, because it is. What they want is preferential treatment, they want to be treated special and despite Nintendo being supportive, they are also not going to bend over backwards to their detriment. If anything Nintendo is far, FAR too generous with 3rd parties. They trusted them to put out product for the Wii U, and they didn’t make good on it. So, NO, it is NOT Nintendo’s fault for 3rd parties taking an opportunity and blowing it. And if that’s how the 3rd parties are going to behave (like with the 3DS launch) then screw em.

          • Just walking away from third party developers because you’ve got your pride – that’s hard road for Nintendo to go down. This console was supposed to cajole third party developers, and bring a robust gaming experience to the Nintendo franchise through the experience on the WiiU console and gamepad.

            And they have so much potential – everyone says so. But if they do walk away from third party development, like you want them to do – then they have to start making all kinds of different games; THEY HAVE TO DEVELOP, hard and fast and with lots of progress – & not just the 2 dimensional, fluffy, happy feel good games that their good at selling for $49.99.

            They need to be everything to everyone. It means they have to get good at making all the games that third party developers are making, and we both know they can’t do that. At least, Not right now. it really makes too much sense to play well with the others.

          • Aiddon

            …no, it’s just that when 3rd parties act like spoiled brats, why the HELL should Nintendo try and reason with them? It seems that they expect Nintendo to bend over backwards and do EVERYTHING for them and then blame Nintendo for mistakes THEY made. Nintendo is basically at the mercy of a bunch of assholes who stamp their feet whenever they realize that they have to put actual EFFORT into making titles succeed on Nintendo systems just like every other system.

  • Nintendo doesn’t control how many games get pressed for retailers. Publishers aren’t pressing discs because they want as less risk as possible on the WiiU since the install base is so low.

  • DemonRoach

    Nintendo is back on track to publishing ONLY baby games, games for 5-11 year olds. Sad, but they lied to us all.

    • dylanbob121

      you do make a point…smart troll…BUT nintendo id not pushing only baby games!Just wait.

  • Cerus98

    I think Nintendos bottom line is in no danger. They have oodles of cash to weather several generations of Sony and MS style mistakes. With the recent revealation that the next Xbox won’t be BC and is copying the PS4s move to x86 and jaguar, Nintendo will only reap the benefits even further. Consumers really don’t want to fork over wads of cash while simultaneously being forced to keep their last gen consoles hooked up. I sure as heck don’t.

    It’s really getting rediculous. I have five consoles set up already. If I buy the PS4 and Nextbox I’ll have 7. Where does it end? I’d like to believe the move to x86 will mean future consoles won’t lose BC but I doubt it. There’s too much money to be made with digital downloads, re-releases and remakes for old games to go current gen.

    Nintendo knows what it’s doing, anyone with any unbiased sense can see that. I’ve bought several extra $60 controllers for my PS3 and 360 and now they’ll be worthless for the next systems along with any other accessories. Way too much money down the toilet.

  • Bill Bong
  • plsburydoughboy

    Wii U has supply problems in the UK and Australia, but outside of that, they now have digital distribution of these games vs the Wii. So I wonder, have they deliberately deemphasized retail assuming consumers can buy them digitally now?

    Of course, bringing up digital complicates things, since most companies tracking sales aren’t able to account for that. If we go by retail, it may seem that they’re in trouble, but we will have to wait for their next quarterly report to find out.

  • Zorbo85

    LMFAO wake up you Nintendo Slurpers the wii u has been an epic failure!!!!
    From the hillarious launch line up,a mario rehash with HD graphics as the big launch game,pikmin 3 dealyed,ubisoft turning their backs and owning nintendo,EA turning their backs,stupid 350 bucks price tag for 6 year old tech and most of all it was released way to early!!!!!
    If nintendo do not have a huge E3 and upstage sony and microsofts new next gen consoles then its game over for the gimmickU!!!

    • dylanbob121

      really?get off this website.you don’t belong here.good trolls make good arguments and you…just leave

  • Eadfadf

    The 3D one was announced its not a rumor

  • Superstick98

    This doesn’t bother me at all. Although for others I’m sure It can be very frustrating to not find a copy in the store. And digital isn’t always the best way either. Some games take forever to download. And depending on the speed maybe even a whole day. For anyone who hasn’t gotten copies of whatever they’re looking for I wish you luck. Maybe It just depends on what store you go to. I’ve went to GameStop nearly three times in one week and all three times I’ve seen the Wii U and 3ds ver of monster hunter 3 ultimate, luigi’s mansion, and lego city still there.

  • CaesarGood

    DO Y’ALL NOT SEE THIS EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS RIGGED UP AND ORCHASTRATED..THEY DO THIS KIND OF SHIT ON PUROSE…think about it, what is really going on for this to happen all the damn time..are they not aware that the game has a set release date wtf are they doin lookin at the calendar more than they work tryin to see if they will miss the date??? This doesn’t just apply to game shortages or whatever its every damn thing…They obviously don’t won’t Nintendo to be #1 and they obviosly don’t care other wise they would made more sense and better decisions…

  • audi lover

    As ive said before nintendo has never been great at release in uk/europe its always been seen a third territory to them since the days of the NES, I waited years in some cases to get games and even hardware, we just dont facter in to the companys grand plan that much, its a shame but true I dnt need to hear about translations taking time and all that crap, I do have a wiiu and im having a fantastic time playing but its always been a waiting game with nintendo and im happy to wait

  • audi lover

    The other problem with shortages is monster hunter is now selling for as much as 60 pound on amazon from some retailers, which is shocking since the preorder price was 40 pound, thats a disgusting mark up

  • brian

    “Is Nintendo’s ill-timed shortage of several games hurting the company more than helping it?”

    Absolutely the worst question ever.

  • Richard Yates

    Its 2013 people do realise u can download shit now right?