Feb 26th, 2014


Developer Zordix has announced that it will be bringing its jet ski racing game Aqua Moto Racing Utopia to the Wii U. The game features completely new water tech to make the tracks more realistic, as well as the ability to compete in both local and internet multiplayer matches. Matti Larsson, CEO of Zordix spoke highly of the Wii U in the team’s press announcement, stating:

We aim to bring that easy going and flowing control scheme from Aqua Moto Racing 3D for the Nintendo 3DS to a larger stage on the Nintendo Wii U. We feel that this game deserves the best possible tech and in the Wii U we get the chance to excel. A budget several times larger than earlier games in the series has amongst other things enabled us to work on some new and revolutionizing water tech to really w(h)et your appetite for the game!

Aside from the new water tech, the team promises to bring new environments from their previously released title, Aqua Moto Racing 3D, which was a Nintendo 3DS release. Currently the team has not announced a release date for this new title.

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  • jjbredesen

    Dam, this looks nice but it makes me want Wave Race to return!


    • D.M.T

      Fuck yeah!!! Wave Race needs to return. 1080 Snowboarding too!

      • Nintendofreak

        especially 1080

      • jjbredesen

        Yeah! and F-zero to!

    • Arthur Jarret

      Drat, I came here to post: Zorpix made a game?
      But you already said it…

      darn you, I will have my REVENGE!

      • jjbredesen

        oh no i am going to get beaten up in a comment section O_O

        • Arthur Jarret

          Nah man, I’m a pacifist. I’ll just nag you for you wii u username and then beat you to a pulp in Injustice, Tekken and eventually smash bros.

  • WarioForever

    Many games are coming for Wii U, and that’s the beginning of the success.

    • That guy who hates Spike

      Many games came for Vita last year.
      Has it begun success yet?

      • Actually VITA isn’t doing _”that”_ badly these days. Granted a large part of Vita’s success has been the integration with the PS4.

      • nin-10-doughfan

        nope, not at all!><

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    This picture looks good

  • person

    So now we have an indie game just like F-Zero coming, and an indie game just like Wave Race!. All we need now is one like 1080 Snowboarding and the calling for these older Nintendo racing games will be (sort of) fulfilled.

  • starwars360

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! We got Wave Race and F-Zero alike coming. Yes I agreed with person mention should bring back memorable from 1080 Snowboarding. 🙂

  • linkzero65


  • The 3ds version wasn’t well received. But the ios game got good reviews. I don’t want Nintendo to waste resources on a Waverace game so its nice to get the option to buy a third party game of this type.

  • Capt. Smoker

    Hm, the picture looks nice, look forward to seeing more about it

  • CCM


  • SmashFinale

    Misread it as “developer Zorpix”

  • That guy who hates Spike

    As if we don’t have enough racing games for Wii U.
    Sonic and All Stars
    Need for Speed
    Mario Kart 8
    FAST Racing
    The 90s Arcade Racer

    • Superstick98

      You can never have enough racing games…

    • Sdudyoy

      It’s better than the tonnes of Platforming games coming to Wii U.

    • Joey

      Don’t forget Project Cars coming out Q3 2014.

  • Superstick98

    I’m gonna buy it. I love water. And racing. And water in racing games. ._.

  • MetroidZero

    Oh! Looks like an instant buy for me!

  • Git Hoskins


    • jjbredesen


      • Arthur Jarret

        Yes. I see your point there. But aren’t you being just a tad square?

  • mikeybruises

    Would love to see Wave Race. I think it was on of the best racing ever.

  • Sam

    Well, it’s not Wave Race, but…

  • Sdudyoy

    Honestly I have no idea what this is, but I enjoy racing games, so I could enjoy this.

  • I truly loved waverace, and if this is pretty similair they have my vote and I will buy it, one of the very few racing games I love next to Rock ‘n Roll Racing.

  • ETeach

    I’ve been wanting to play this since Wave Race on the Gamecube. I just didn’t know it wasn’t going to be Waverace WiiU XD

  • ScrewAttack

    Basically Waverace, Smooth move, third party/indie! Is that an actual screenshot attached? Looks pretty.

  • Archiq09

    a f-zero like
    a Waverace like
    next, 1080 like? 😀

    • Rinslowe

      That’s three “likes”
      Lets confirm that “positive”

    • oontz

      Oh man I would LOVE a new 1080 game… L O V E!!! By far the best snowboarding game.

  • I like it already!

  • Rinslowe

    Us Nintendo fans are are hard bunch to please sometimes.

    Of course it would be splendid to see Wave Race return. Lets take this one as a win win in any case. I’m down for some water racing action…

    • oontz

      Look like wave race!! Let’s hope it plays like it!

  • lonewolf88


  • Peter Rogers


  • linxz

    nice. bring it on and we’ll support it