Jul 3rd, 2013


Since the end of E3, Eiji Aonuma has been very active in the press, speaking about the next Legend of Zelda game, as well as the current upcoming release of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. One of the questions that people always focus on when discussing Zelda with Aonuma is whether or not the series will ever contain a multi-player element. His answer is a complicated one.

“Actually, multi-play has been a high hurdle for me, something that’s plagued me for a long time. We did come out with Four Swords but I don’t think that offered a whole lot of surprises for the user. I still believe there’s one Link; the one-Link philosophy works for Zelda. But there are other ways to incorporate kind of a multiplayer experience.”

It’s easy to understand Aonuma’s apprehension surrounding adding multiplayer to such a long-standing single player title, but it’s interesting to see that he is considering ways to incorporate it properly where it’s more than just the gimmick that Four Swords was. One possible way resembles the way Dark Souls multiplayer currently works, where each individual Link can communicate through something known as a Tingle bottle, using the Miiverse.

In Wind Waker there’s this vast kind of sea world that you’re traveling in, and there are lots of Links exploring this space. Through the Tingle bottle, that’s where that communication happens with those other Links. They may not physically appear in that space, but you know of their presence through the messages that they leave.

The concept of leaving messages for players in games is a novel one, as its the primary method of communication for Dark Souls players. Using an object in the game, players can leave a series of phrases on the ground at intervals, letting players know of upcoming traps, dangers, or secrets hidden behind walls. You can even leave false messages to trick players. This is all balanced by a rating system that sounds very familiar to the concept Aonuma is discussing here.

If you’d like to read the rest of Aonuma’s interview with Wired on the Legend of Zelda series, you can check it out here.

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  • THCaleb

    Local co-op would please me. Skyward sword controls for one player on the tv, while another player uses the gamepad.
    Make it available via a ” master quest ” after playing through the story, a la Ocarina of time/Skyward sword.

  • Satoru Iwata

    Please understand, that Zelda will have no multiplayer. We thought about this for some time and thought, that is what the fans want. I’m very sorry, but Nintendo does what Nintendo wants. By all means though, please buy our products! If you take advantage of your 10% off sale test, you will get a free Mario eraser! While you will receive no multiplayer, you can use this eraser to wipe away the thought of this news and continue to enjoy our fun, but old formula.

    Thank you, and always support Nintendo.

    • iceazeama

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      • WolfgangAmadeusMozart


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      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I think he’s just having fun and not taking it as serious as you are. Even I found this humoring and didn’t even take it that serious. Besides, it’s not like he’s coming on harsh like knowledgeiswhatsup.

        People do it all the time. If they’re bothering you that much, then probably a good idea to just ignore them and not comment at all, or they’ll just continue to do it.

        Either way, it’s not killing anyone.

        • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

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        • Weraru

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      • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

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        • Weraru

          All he’s doing is saying they never does what the fans want. They do it all the time; make awesome games.

          • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

            That’s the joke ! Nintendo cares a lot about its fans, but not all of their decisions are pleasing the consumers. cough “region lock” cough

    • Shawn Spitler

      People can vote this down all day, but it’s freaking hilarious.

  • Laud

    They should do duel battles, each player uses a wii mote with motion plus to sword fight the other player with swords and stuff.

    (Online of course)

  • Mark Thom


  • Magnus Eriksson

    Online RPG game in the world of Hyrule playing as different races would be amazing. Playing as Gorons, Hylians, Gerudo pirates/thieves, Zoras, kokiris etc.

    • iceazeama

      im just going to thumb this down without reading it troll. thats what a fan boy would do.

    • The Clockwork Being

      Magnus thats great it could take place during the Hyrule civil war period since any story can be made out of that.

    • bakedapplepie

      Ya i could see this working, pretty cool idea but it should be entirely its own game.

      • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

        Do you mean a spin-off ?

        • Satoru Iwata

          Interesting idea….a spin off! We shall call it, “The Legend of Tingle. I am confident that our fans will support this and eat it up. Thank you for your invaluable insight. Miyamoto-san will be notified right away as soon as I finish my sake and onigiri. Expect slow development times and will apologize in advance for the long and predictable delays. One upside to this is, that the longer the spin off is in development, the less you will see of Tingle.

          Thank you for supporting Nintendo and it’s quality products.

          P.S. Itadakimasu!

          • Arthur Jarret

            You forgot tingle’s rosy rupee land.
            It was an awesome game.
            Shame on you for forgetting it Iwata – my approval rating of you is now down to 73%

          • Satoru Iwata

            Please understand, that EA’s approval rating, is far lower and makes me better in comparison. Thank you for your kind words, and always support Nintendo’s top quality products.

          • Arthur Jarret

            I will. I won’t support your low quality product.

            I made a petition for you to kill every developer of Pokemon TV channel with your bare hands – and make a video game based on your experience.

            I now have 1 signature already! Please note!

          • SuperSmashMan2

            Can I please just have a Zelda game, I don’t even care if it comes out on PS4.

          • Shigeru Miyamoto

            Yes, thank you for the message Satoru-Sempai. We will start development on this new project immediately. It will take a while to develop and a lot of effort to put in so we will have to cancel “The Legend of Zelda: a Link Between Worlds”, the upcoming Zelda for Wii U and Smash bros. for Wii U and 3ds.

            Thank you all for the support.

          • Satoru Iwata

            I very much agree. While we’re at it, also cancel Wind Waker HD, as there isn’t any real point in remaking a game that has kid link. We don’t need another kid link game, we at Nintendo, already think like kid. It would explain my backwards logic.

            It’s great to see you back, Miyamoto-san from your surgery. This time, less smiling, and more development time!

            To our wonderful fans out there, please understand, and be patient as development help is minimal here at Nintendo. Thank you for supporting Nintendo and please continue to buy our glorious products, before Miyamoto-san has to start collecting unemployment checks. Sayonara!

          • Shigeru Miyamoto

            Great idea to cancel Wind Waker HD! This will make less time making the good games like Pikmin 3!

            Much Thanks everyone, thank you for your support as a continuing customer of Nintendo.

          • Satoru Iwata

            We will also canceled Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze to free up development costs. In its place, we decided to allow Retro Studios to develop instead, Metroid X. We can’t give any more details at the moment as it’s only in the early development stages, but stay tuned for more details.

            Thank you for supporting Nintendo and its top quality products.

          • Shigeru Miyamoto

            Great Idea Satoru! We all know that Metroid is what everyone wanted from Retro studios. This time we are going to take it as a more Bayonetta style game, LOADS OF CROTCH SHOTS, TIGHT CLOTHES, BIG BOOBS. Oh god I have been watching too much hentai. (Also Bayonetta 2 must be canceled for more development needed in these games.)

            Stay tuned everyone for our latest Nintendo Direct!

          • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

            Enough with the cancellations already !

          • Shigeru Miyamoto

            No, too bad! Just for saying that I cancel Pokemon X and Y!

          • Satoru Iwata

            Also Super Princess Peach U. Not that anyone would wanna play that game anyway. Please understand!

    • Dampf

      Only as a spinoff

    • Dampf

      I fully agree with Aonuma. I don’t like the idea of a multiplayer focused Zelda (do you really want a Zelda 3D W├Ârld?), it should be a singleplayer one Link experience. But Miiverse really adds some great multiplayer, I’m looking forward to it.

      But your idea could be great spinoff, though

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Of course Link or Zelda wouldnt be playable charachter. It would only mean that Hyrule is the setting, with all its mythos and tales. It could deepen the experience alot.

      • sdmac200600

        I’d rather not have my zelda’s but multiplayer focused.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      If Nintendo were to make an MMO rpg game, they may as well come up with new characters and make it into a new IP. Taking the Zelda franchise and completely changing the very foundation of the game and making it into something different does not sound like a good idea, and it’s certainly not creative at all.

      It would be like trying to change Mario into a shooter…

      • ChubbiestLamb6

        It wouldn’t have to be a “Zelda game” proper, it would just be in the same world. It wouldn’t play like your standard zelda adventure style, but it would be part of the expanded universe. we could see what life was like for everyday individuals in the world. its like a giant online animal crossing where your character lives in castle town. or harvest moon meets minecraft and you are a goron. idk.

        the point is it wouldnt be a bunch of Links running around, it would be a totally different style of game that just adds to the lore of the universe. Remember that “Secret of Zelda” mock-up box art? It would be like if they actually made that, and it was the same story as from OoT but we see it all from Zelda’s perspective, and maybe it plays like a 3d platformer akin to Prince of Persia.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          And that’s what’s wrong with it. Making a completely different game but reusing the same world from a pre-existing franchise is not only lazy, but it would conflict with the main series canon.

          Zelda doesn’t have much lore, so if they decided to make up an astronomical amount of lore just to make it an RPG, then there would be more significance in this one game than all the others combined, which wouldn’t be a good idea since this would be a spin off.

          Bottom line, if Nintendo makes an MMO, they’ll make a completely new IP to do it with, not just reuse Zelda.

          • ChubbiestLamb6

            So what do you think of games like Paper Mario (typically platformer changed to RPG), or Halo Wars (FPS to RTS)?
            Are these games lazy because they take place in the same universe as other games that feature different gameplay mechanics?

            And in what way would adding more information have to contradict canon? There actually are characters living in Castle Town, no? So how is it contradictory just to see what they were up to when Link was busy saving the land?

            Zelda doesn’t have much lore? I’m not trying to be presumptuous, but that statement almost makes me think you’re just joking. If the grand implied history and references to previous games wasn’t enough for you, they even released the Hyrule Historia just months ago that fully catalogs the lore of the universe. There’s a creation myth and everything.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Yes, games like that are lazy. It is a good example of a company trying to make a new game sell on name alone.

            Zelda has lore, I’m not denying that. But the amount of lore content in the series is easily dwarfed by RPGs like The Elder Scrolls, World of Warcraft, Kingdoms of Amalur, Dragon Age, etc. In order to bring Zelda up to quality RPG standards, which includes an immersive world with it’s own massive amount of lore, the developers would have to dump a considerable amount of lore content into this spin off idea.

            Do you not see the problem with dumping tons of new canon content in a spin off of the series? Let me spell it out for you, it creates problems because not everyone plays spin off games, because they are by definition, not connected to the main series canon. If a ton of new canon content is untouched by players, and like you said, later alluded to in subsequent titles, it would most definitely cause confusion among players who chose to not play the spin off game, which again, are supposed to be optional.

            Also, Hyrule Historia does not fully catalog the lore of the universe, in fact, many die hard fans, including myself, consider it to be a joke. The book doesn’t explain even the most obvious connections in the series. For example, players noticed that the harp Zelda has in Skyward Sword looks like Shiek’s harp from OoT. Players assumed it was the same instrument. The only thing Hyrule Historia has on the subject, is that it asks “could they be the same?”, essentially confirming nothing.

          • ChubbiestLamb6

            Sorry, I guess what I meant to ask was: Do you think that those types of games–even if we take for granted that they are irrefutably lazy–are necessarily BAD games? Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is easily one of my top 3 favorite games ever. Everything from the story and dialogue writing to the gameplay mechanics was just excellent. Should every aspect of making a game be difficult just for it to qualify as a potentially worthy game? And in many cases, yes, using an existing IP can help to move units, but that isn’t always a bad thing. Many more people are willing to try out a new Mario sports game over some random new one because they know a certain amount about how it will probably play based on the fact it’s Mario. It gives them the confidence they need to try a new game and see that there is actually a lot there to enjoy, even if all the same gameplay would have been there if the game had different characters, etc.

            I don’t deny that there could be some potential for confusion by adding supplementary content, but what I was scrutinizing was your claim about contradictions arising just because of additional content. And I feel you may be overestimating the level of confusion that would arise. If they really went crazy and had something happen in this theoretical MMO that permanently swapped everyone’s gender or turned everyone to Zoras and then that persisted into the next proper console Zelda game with no mention of how it happened, yeah definitely. But in reality, people skip installments of games all the time and still keep up. You can play Fable 1 and then 3 without 2, for example. And heck, Zelda isn’t even presented chronologically in the first place so there are naturally holes that people have to reconcile. Plus, I doubt the lives of the townspeople would have any bearing on the future of the Zelda universe that wasn’t already actualized by the end of whatever game they are the counterpart of. For example, if this MMO is set in the time of Twilight Princess, assuming the townspeople actually did anything relevant to the plot, it would already have been seen in Twilight Princess. It wouldn’t be the case that, in the MMO version of the story, some random villager is able to go strike down Ganondorf or anything.

            So I guess in short what I am saying is: Sure, there are ways that such an idea CAN be done wrong, but you can screw up anything if you try, and I don’t think that the issues you bring up are nearly as hard to avoid/as likely to occur as you are suggesting.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            You are saying that although a game can be lazily made, it can still be good, and I would wholeheartedly agree with that. Games like Paper Mario aren’t necessarily bad, although Halo Wars was, it’s just that the developers chose instead to give the game a paint job using familiar characters, rather than taking the time to come up with all new characters and worlds. They also use the familiar characters in an attempt to make the game sell better than it normally would. Therefore they took the easy, and lazy way out, not the “bad” way out.

            I can’t say that I enjoyed any of the Paper Mario games, I found them highly forgettable in terms of RPGs, but that doesn’t mean that other people didn’t enjoy them. But games like Paper Mario would be completely new and different games if it weren’t for the developers reusing characters. Nothing about Paper Mario makes it a Mario game other than the characters.

            I also agree that “contradict” was probably a bad word choice on my part, in referring to how the canon could be unknowingly altered, but you seem to have figured out what I mean by adding tons of new content in a spin off.

          • DragonSilths

            Halo Wars was junk. Cut Scenes were great, but really hard to fuck up CGI lol.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Exactly what I mean. I enjoy real time strategy games well enough, but Halo Wars was really barebones. Gamespot called it simplistic and short, and gave it a rather mediocre score, which is saying a lot considering how everyone thinks they’re biased in favor of Sony and Microsoft.


            Games like that are lazily made and otherwise new games that are an attempt to cash in on the pre-existing fanbase of a series rather than starting fresh with a new IP.

          • DragonSilths

            My issue with Halo Wars was 1 simple thing. EVERY LEVEL WAS THE SAME DAMN THING. Spend half an hour building up your forces then attack….then do it all over again…and again….and again…

          • Squid

            Nintendo said previously that they make gameplay ideas and find what fits that most. Paper Mario was most likely going to be Mario RPG 2 but they had some yarn book sort of thing going on with Yoshi’s Story (and I love it)

      • sd

        Yes but using the zelda name would push the sales for a new MMO. Also the goal could be to rescue zelda or maybe zelda is recruiting an army for an upcoming battle so you need to go to zelda school to learn new skills.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          “Yes but using the zelda name would push the sales for a new MMO.”

          Yeah, that’s called trying to sell a game based on name alone.

          • sd

            Definately, but you would hope and assume they would make it really good if they used the zelda name. (either that or it would be a big disapointment)

      • Andreas Sunde

        Dude. Pokemon MMO. What else do you need?

        • Metal_Man_v2

          I’d be fine with that, because Pokemon is already a very established RPG. There wouldn’t be massive changes to the series that made it into a otherwise completely different game like Zelda.

          • Squid

            Hey that’s a pretty good idea. But to turn that into a MMO? How would trainers battle? Request and just go to another screen?

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Something like that. Pokemon already has online player versus player anyways. Having an online MMO overworld, and a player versus player lobby seems logical.

    • Mochlum

      I actually think that would be cool, at least as an app for the Wii U. (Though I would also like the idea of a Metroid MMO, or a Kid Icarus one. Would be hard to pull off but would be cool.)

    • DragonSilths

      Only if its not called The Legend Of Zelda. If its a spin off that has nothing to do with the Canon then that’s fine.

    • AlCaPwn

      I know Magnus has a bad rep here, but this i a great idea. Those 14 ppl who disliked this post are idiots, and probally didnt even bother to read the post.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Should take place in the period before the great flood (where the hero did not appear and the gods flooded the land).

      It could take a page from majora’s mask’s book. Allowing for roll-mechanics to get around when you’re a goron, fast swimming if you’re a zora – limited flight if you’re a deku shrub, boar-riding & spear wielding if you’re a moblin.

      It should be a PvP experience (where you choose the side of Ganon or Hyrule before starting)

      I don’t even need a story – I just want to get my Goron v.s Moblin on!

    • Squid

      Yeah but Zelda and Link wouldn’t appear, them being main characters will be hard to keep them as NPCs

    • ….

    • Johny

      cool idea. would work. not gonna happen.

  • Javy G

    In my opinion, I really don’t care for multiplayer in a Zelda game. I feel it will only slow the game down or prevent it from being a free-to-roam-world, giving it more of a set path which takes away from the storyline and the Zelda we love.

    • Fred

      Why not have Link work on one set of things while zelda/sheik works on a different set of things in different places on the map. Link can look at the TV and Zelda can use the gamepad. If one of the players gets behind then can play by themselves to catch up or the other person can do side quests while they catch up. Then the 2 people can be solving different puzzles at different times, but they can also help each other and have fun together.

      With this you could still do single player just have that people switch back and forth between Link and Zelda

      • Jim

        Holy crap that’s a great idea. I hope someone important sees this.

        • Fred

          Thanks, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that thinks this. This is the kind of thing that would only be do-able on the Wii U so in my opinion they should be doing this kind of thing as it may help sell the system too.

  • The Clockwork Being

    TBH i dont know whats wrong with the comments down there most of them made me say WTF. Plus people are disliking good comments like crazy

    • iceazeama

      its from me, i was here alone, when im here alone i make deals.

  • iceazeama

    dont think they can make it work in zelda game as good as secret of mana.

    • Luffy

      if they do a multiplayer a la secret of mana…. man that would be epic!

      • iceazeama

        game is too awesome.

  • DereX

    If God of War can do multiplayer…so can Zelda.

  • Weeping angels

    I’m sick of all this Zelda crap! When are they gonna talk about cod, or anything that doesn’t suck?

    • Lusunup

      do you hear yourself ?!? Slap for this generations moran!

      • iceazeama

        hes joking hahahaha!!!!!! its troll bate.

        • Weeping angels

          Finally, some one who actually realized that. I’m a nintedo fanboy my self, but I still think its pretty funny to see a fanboy flip out.

          • Lusunup

            *shrugs shoulders* I never considered myself a fanboy I love both Nintendo and Sony :/ and I didn’t freak out I just said you need a slap in the face :>

          • Weeping angels

            Some people did freak out in my other posts. Lol

      • Mochlum

        It is called sarcasm.

  • Silent

    This reminds me, they could use Luigi’s Mansion online multiplayer style with a link to the past. You know, beating every enemy in the room and then going on to the next room. Add a chat like Animal Crossing’s and Im sold.

  • Brandon Gardner

    Playing with the fairy with wii remote will be multi player lol

    • DereX

      Typical Nintendo.

    • [000]

      Similar to Mario Galaxy 2’s multiplayer.

  • CEObrainz

    I can see this working very well if done right. In the example below I’ll use Skyward Sword Characters to make it easier.

    The player as Link is accompanied by say three other people (Zelda, Groose and Pipit). Each person being better at different fighting styles such as magic, ranged, melee.

    The story of the game would be designed to implement these characters therefore dungeons will be tailored to switching between characters (In single Player Mode) to clear certain dungeons and certain items can be only used by certain characters (e.g Only Zelda can use Din’s Fire, Nayru’s Love and Farore’s Wind), that’s not to say that it won’t effect other characters. An example of this would be Zelda using all her magic meter to protect the whole party with Nayru’s love rather than using a small portion of the bar to just protect herself.

    Also items such as a bow would only be used by the person who opened the chest containing it. then for the other characters to use the item, the party would need to go back to some soft of blacksmith with the weapon so that it can be “recreated” for the others. This in itself adds more strategy requiring trading of items and equipment. Using the upgrade system of Skyward Sword would also help make the whole thing more RPGish.

    The AI for the game would need to be top notch though and act as the player would expect them to. Of course the game-pad could also be used to issue commands or strategy types.

    Online can come in the form of Co-Op where players each play as a character and help the person playing Link to complete his/her story mode. The can also be a battle related mode where the goal is simply to beat the other opponent in arena styled areas.

    For this idea to truly work though, I think it would be best if the map is insanely huge and requires lot’s of tactical thinking.

    Oh and multiple Eponas!

    • Fred

      Why not have Link work on one set of things while zelda/sheik works on a different set of things in different places on the map. Link can look at the TV and Zelda can use the gamepad. If one of the players gets behind then can play by themselves to catch up or the other person can do side quests while they catch up. Then the 2 people can be solving different puzzles at different times, but they can also help each other and have fun together.

      • CEObrainz

        That could be an added feature or more so in the way of having character specific temples or areas. Meaning that the players wouldn’t need to be within the same vicinity. But as I said before, a huge map would be best to make it work.

  • Chavier

    It would be cool if its like a battle kind of thing… team vs team, swords and junk.. shooting arrows at eachother.. those are my favorite type of multiplayer

  • Fred

    Everyone talks poorly of 4 swords, but I loved both of them (Both the GBA version and 4 Swords Adventures on GameCube)

    • WiiUltra

      I agree with you, I enjoyed the game even though at first I was hesitant to play it. Also, I don’t think it’s a gimmick at all.

      • Fred

        I’m hoping they at least do it (put these 2 games in the Virtual Console) offering a 3 player option (1 on the tv and 2 on the gamepads remember the Wii U has that capacity), but I’d prefer them to do up to 4 player using the gamepad(s) and 3DSs if that is a possible feat (and I don’t know if it is or not)

    • Ryan

      totally agree, four swords was superb fun. Really great linking up the GBA to the gamecube. With this wireless modern tech, I dont know why games like this were never made for Wii.

      Four swords will probably never arrive on the VC, unless there is an on screen window for players who dont have the WiiU gamepad.

      • Fred

        I’m hoping they at least do it offering a 3 player option (1 on the tv and 2 on the gamepads remember the Wii U has that capacity), but I’d prefer them to do up to 4 player using the gamepad(s) and 3DSs if that is a possible feat (and I don’t know if it is or not)

  • Minz1

    1 Player As Link, 1 As Ganondorf, some kind of battle mode? You know, Link could go through Hyrule to geto Ganondorf, and Ganondorf can use the Gamepad to put traps for Link, then, when Link reaches Ganondorf, Ganondorf can use the Gamepad to fire dark magic and use the buttons for Melee. Obviously Link would win. Sometimes.

  • Dampf

    I would hate a multiplayer focused Zelda. Good, that he knows that. Miiverse is a great addition

  • Metal_Man_v2

    I’m very surprised that there is no mention of Phantom Hourglass our Spirit Tracks multiplayer in this article. The multiplayer wasn’t exactly well established, but it was enjoyable and showed that multiplayer does have a place in the series. Nintendo could make Zelda multiplayer if they really wanted to, but I don’t think that they do.

  • ElCharlo

    the feature i never use on ZombiU

  • Robert Butters

    O god, he is using a macbook. Nintendo is doomed!!

    • that guy

      he should get a PC running windows 8 to give money to their competition? great idea! (hope you caught the sarcasm)

    • Linskarmo

      Honestly man, Macs are great for day-to-day operations. Everyone has their own preference.

  • 00EpicGamer00

    I’m not sure how I feel about multiplayer in Zelda. They would have to make sure that the “multiplayer” was heavily worked on and fits right into the story, without losing the feel you get from playing Zelda. I personally don’t think Zelda NEEDS multiplayer, I think it’s just fine the way it is, but the whole miiverse message thing in wind waker HD is a good first step, I suppose.
    Honestly, the only multiplayer idea that I can think of is something like “Spyro Dawn of the Dragon” you know, 2 player co-op. Even then Nintendo would still have to be careful. So I think Nintendo should just stick with single-player Zelda.

  • Madmagican

    As long as the multiplayer options are fully thought out and I have the option to turn them off or on I’ll be happy
    Despite how strange Zelda is with a multiplayer aspect (Four Swords)

  • Pebbicle

    I read it as “Aonuma says Zelda multi-platform is a lofty goal, but possible”

    Kinda scared me for a moment ;_;

  • Gabrielsen

    Im not positive to Zelda multiplayer, but if they had to make it I would love to see something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eZIwb_PpF8

  • Mochlum

    I think it would be kind of cool to have some other hylians, gorons or zoras who accompanied you on your quest, and could be played by other people.

    (also an online Four Swords with voice chat and similar graphics to Link Between Worlds would be cool)

  • Steven Mahl
    • bizzy gie

      I’m not wasting my time with a lost cause.

  • Flamingoathere

    I don’t think the series needs it anyways. Especially not if it just turns out like Assassin’s Creed or Uncharted where the multiplayer were just there for the sake of being multiplayer.

  • DragonSilths

    My idea for (Kinda A Multiplayer Style) would be a new mode that lets you create your own dungeons/puzzle rooms and send them to people via Miiverse to beat.

  • DVE

    If done right multiplayer in Zelda could be one of the greatest games of all time but, us true Zelda fans prefer it to be single player!

  • Linskarmo

    I think if there would be real time multiplayer then a series of dedicated modes would be fun. Otherwise I’m not sure how multiplayer could work in a Zelda game, other than in the way Wind Waker HD uses it.

  • Logan Waltz

    sounds like zombi u

  • Paul Bell

    Here is my recommendation, take all the “multi-verse”/past-3D Links, and put them all in a game together, with in addition of a Female link. Tie them into a story where they all have to come together in a same time frame, using time travel, to battle Ganon and Ganondorf. I think this could really bring a different look to the game, while adding something new and sticking to tradition. They have used time travel before in Ocarina of Time, so it wouldn’t be far fetched to see the sages using this powers to defeat a great evil.

  • companyoflosers

    if they did a multiplayer, id like to see a dual mode or maybe deathmatch or team deathmatch. i know it doesn’t seem very zelda-ish but it could still be cool!

  • Starfoxguy

    What about something like GOW Ascension. We could create our own character and every time we win a match the character levels up. The Master Sword can be the most powerful weapon.

  • Smashninja22

    No, just NO. This bullshit about slapping multiplayer onto action games has to stop. The multiplayer never holds your attention for long and decreases the quality of the campaign

    • CyanideInsanity

      That’s because nobody seems to have found a way to do it ‘properly’. Honestly I wouldn’t mind if they could do it right. Of course it shouldn’t impact the single player experience negatively, that’s a common issue.

      Just because it hasn’t been the best before doesn’t mean it can’t be. Innovation often does start with an idea that can’t be correctly executed the first time around. Though I do think that they shouldn’t just tack something on if its bad.

  • Einar

    SPOILERS: Then, a new player finds a bottle: “The King dies……”

  • oontz

    This is my worst fear coming to life!! Zelda should be a single player experience with a multiplayer component.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Why not have both?

    A single player zelda with a seperate multiplayer (online) mode that uses the mechanics learned in single player zelda.

    A little like nintendo did with Four swords – they included it as a
    seperate, optional title (or mode) on link to the past on GBA.

    I’m thinking of online Horse-racing, bomb-bowling, PvP swordfighting, boss
    rush time trial, puzzle races (using remixed dungeon rooms).

    Keeping it single-player focused would be best – but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t add multiplayer at all.

  • Squid

    I wouldn’t really want an Multiplayer Zelda, but I’m all up for a Multiplayer Metroid Prime hunters. Or Kid Icarus? I had loads of fun with Light Vs Dark. Or what about Pikmin?

  • Jon

    I really don’t want multiplay in Zelda…. unless it is outside of the main quest because really, It is Link on the quest, not link and all his friends. I believe Multiplay will just take away from the main point of the game.

  • Will.F. Martinez

    I’m up for changes but on this one…. ONE Link ONE player is good enough for me no need to complicate the series even more. but an MMO in the world of hyrule sounds amazing