Jun 19th, 2013

windwaker hd

While fans eagerly lined up to play the newly remastered Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD game at E3 this year, many more fans were disappointed there was no news concerning a fresh Zelda installment for Wii U. Series producer Eiji Aonuma has given a small hint about the next series however, as he says the development team is using Wind Waker HD as a test bed for the brand-new Zelda game. In addition to adding Miiverse support to Wind Waker HD, Aonuma says these social aspects will make an apperance in Zelda for Wii U as well.

“Wind Waker HD is kind of a testing ground for us. With Wind Waker we were able to accomplish, for the first time, to create a seamless experience. You traveled a great sea… also [we are adding] the Miiverse communication of playing with others virtually. So we’re going to take things like this and add to those so the Wii U [new Zelda] experience should be one that is satisfying to players.”

It’s interesting to see Aonuma admit that a game that was originally released on Gamecube will be having some effect on a brand new title currently in development. What sort of social features would you like to see in the new Legend of Zelda game? Remember, Miiverse has been used in some highly creative ways, such as Capcom including Miiverse posts on some of the monsters when you die in Resident Evil: Revelations.

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  • Zombie_Andrew

    Large explorable areas and Miiverse integration! Yes please, maybe Miiverse integration is what he means by not playing alone instead of multiplayer?

    • Lord Carlisle

      Actually, Aonuma himself said that Miiverse was what he meant when he talked about multiplayer.

  • QuizmasterBos

    I hope they put an emphasis on ‘explorable’. I felt the more recent Legend of Zelda games became a little too straightforward. Skyward Sword especially. There wasn’t really anything interesting in most areas and that’s not what exploring is all about. You’re supposed to go: “Hey, what’s that little building in the distance? Better check that out.” Darksiders II did that and even Xenoblade Chronicles. I hope Nintendo borrows from that and makes the game fun with secrets again. Like A Link to the Past did.

    • Lusunup

      I totally agree the new skyward sword story line wasn’t a good plot the game itself didn’t give me a “woah!” that I was looking for as a gamer and it was too straight forward unlike LOZ:TP Which I admit almost made me cry ;D

      • Pikachief

        I felt the same way, except switch TP and Skyward Sword lol 😛

    • Zombie Boy

      I’ve heard that they were going to give it more of an open world feel, like Skyrim.

      • Pikachief

        He did say he was inspired by Skyrim and also that would go perfectly with him saying “You traveled a great sea” as one of the seamless experiences he wants to take over into the new Zelda game. It sounds like the next zelda is going to have a huge open world feel.

        • Zombie Boy

          It’d be great if they implemented an open world feel, as personally, I feel that the Wii U is lacking somewhat in that department. A lot of our games are quite linear, and something that makes you want to spend time exploring would be welcomed. Sure, we have games like Batman Arkham City, but they don’t really make me want to explore much further than the main story quests. Personally I’d love something that I can invest some real time to, that makes me WANT to explore.

          • Baum 「ツリー」

            I think it would even be enough if they made the world itself like Twilight Princess’ Hyrule field and remove the little loading scenes. I really LOVED to ride Epona through all the different areas :3

        • Kaihaku

          I agree. I think that the series needs to return to its roots and take the open world approach pioneered by the original Legend of Zelda. I still love the series but it is becoming increasing linear…I miss the days when you could tackle dungeons out of order or try crazy challenges like seeing how far you could get without picking up a sword (the answer is surprisingly far in the original).

          • Pikachief

            Yea all the way to ganon! You need the sword to damage him 😛

      • bizzy gie

        For a long time, I confused Skyward with Skyrim.

    • Nintedward

      I know I might be part of a minority , but I loved SS’s Metroid prime like re-exploration gameplay. I thought it was a nice change to the series. Like you see something with a hookshot in a certain area and you have to remember to come back to it later…

      I dunno , everyone has their own Opinion but I honestly think Skyward sword is 10/10 masterpiece.

      • Luke Fon Fabre

        Agreed I loved Skyward Sword.

      • Kaihaku

        I am also one of the minority who thought Skyward Sword was brilliant. I wouldn’t quite rate it a 10/10, probably more of a 9/10 for me, but I thought it was an excellent game and a worthy anniversary tribute to the series.

        • Nintedward

          I can’t really fault the game in any way. The use of Wii motion plus was just mind blowing, I loved the Art style , music, just everything about it.

          It does so many things right imo , that you’re really nitpicking when taking points away from it. It wasn’t meant to have a Hyrule field and it was supposed to be a new approach!

          • Kaihaku

            I loved the motion controls, the art style, the music… I also loved the overworld – I didn’t miss Hyrule field in the slightest.

            What I didn’t love about it?

            Personally, I didn’t appreciate how some elements of Skyward Sword randomly ventured into science fiction. Lanyru Desert in particular, while having fantastic gameplay, felt really out of place to me. Fi talking like a computer also really bugged me, having an intelligent sword was interesting but it steps out of the fantasy realm to have it talk like GLaDOS. If those elements didn’t bother you, more power to you…but I couldn’t get over them and I really hope that the series doesn’t keep on mismashing genres. Some stream technology fits but robots, computers, and artificial intelligences are stretching it for me. I was also disappointed by the inhabitants Skyloft, the interactions with them start off great but then it becomes a side-note; I was really hoping for something more like Majora’s Mask with the villagers having stronger relationships and offering different interactions over the course of the game.

      • TULFich

        I´m actually playing for the first time TLoZ:SS and yep is a great game, while it can be a little straight on gameplay unlike twilight princess, I like how nintendo tried to envolve you into side exploration douring your way to the next area, works great for me, as I like to know more about some characters (at least once) as I advance instead of just leaving them ignored for the rest of the gameplay. Artstyle works great, beautiful music, and the real sensation of using the WiiMote as it was meant to be it doesn´t make me wanna go back. the only little things I found 2 annoying things on my playtime were that there wasn´t that much population on Skyloft, like in Hyrule´s castle in TP and feels a bit empty but still those few NPCs are really charming, and that I can´t run and wave my sword as a fucking maniac at the same time, again like in TP. But SS is a masterpiece, a great turn around to the series and a worth 10 of score as for the part I´m playing. 😀

    • Joyous Killer

      A Zelda game wouldn’t be Zelda without at least a little trackbacking. Skyward Sword did it for me by going back and exploring areas, maybe, sometimes totally different than before. Like when the Dragon flooded Faron Woods for Example.

    • Ken Seymour

      I definitely agree, I just hope by elements he doesn’t mean graphic design..Just give us a something similar or better than the tech demo…

      • Luke Fon Fabre

        Yea I hope they make the Art design Unique to a Zelda Game, wouldn’t want it to be too realistic or too cartoonly, but to create a perfect blend of both to create a new unique Zelda Design. But anyway I am happy with all of their Zelda art designs over all regardless of what the art style was like each and every Zelda game has been fun for me.

    • Kaihaku

      I agree that Skyward Sword was linear but, personally, I loved exploring it. That said I really do hope that the next Legend of Zelda takes a note from the first game in the series and goes open world.

  • iceazeama

    add side stuff and make more exploration!!!! the new zelda games lacked that and thats what is so awesome about zelda. TP and SS just felt go to this level and then next level right away. where OOT and MM had like the graveyard, the well, pirate fortress those arrow mimi games, racing mini games. they need that fun stuff again. WW had the endless exploration and secrets, that kind of stuff needs to come back instead of the level to level kind of thing.

    • giggi

      How did you play Twilight Princess oO

      There were many hidden grottos similar to Majora’s Mask’s ones and I remember at least two, that were also quite big. I wouldn’t compare the game to Skyward Sword in terms of exploration, side quests and minigames.

  • Baum 「ツリー」

    I guess he means stuff like an open-world (the Great Sea) and the new item menu/menues on the gamepad (wich looks AWESOME :3 ).

    I personally wouldn’t mind if they re-use the sailing elements for traveling to another country than Hyrule.

  • AlCaPwn

    i would love too see a truly open world zelda, maybe some sort of online multiplayer aswell.

    • Kaihaku

      It would be great if the series would return to its roots and bring back the kind of open world gameplay that the original Legend of Zelda on the NES pioneered. Since then the games have just become increasingly linear, it’s been generations since you could tackle dungeons out of order.

      • AlCaPwn

        haha yea, good times, but id like something kinda like skyrim, but with that unique zelda twist, oh but not the skyrim graphics, those would look way weird for zelda xD

  • everyone

    This game is going to be worth the wait. Glad they are putting years into this.

    • majora :D

      FINALLY somebody understands that more time spent in deveopment means a better game

      • Saleh Sbeiti

        Not always.

        • Rick van der Linde

          Duke Nukem.. 😛

          • majora :D

            yeah, i know, but on the other hand, ocarina of time

          • everyone

            Imagine if they had that time with Majoras Mask.

          • majora :D

            *wets panties*

          • everyone

            Duke Nukem was a dif situation. They picked up a game in progress and pushed it out too fast after tramsfering to a different developer. What the end product received was only a polished incomplete game that resembled something found at the bottom of a landfill. On a better note, I still like to play Duke Nukem 3D on pc.

        • majora :D

          But most of time

          • Kaihaku

            Nintendo and Valve seem to be the ones who deliver on delays.

  • Super Buu

    My wish is that they bring the hero mode and the upgradable items from Skyward Sword.

    • Joyous Killer

      Yea, Hero mode was nice. They new we would replay the game, so might as well make it harder. And there was something so awesome about gathering materials to upgrade your items!

    • everyone

      My wish is for you to release Gotenks and Piccolo!!

      Also agree with that though. Upgradable items would be awesome.

  • Luke Wilson

    anything but the art design or sailing

  • Lord Carlisle

    I always wanted a dungeon that revolved around sailing. Say, for example, the dungeon is a massive underground lake, with some land here and there, but for the most part, you’ll be sailing a boat. And the boss fight, instead of taking place in one room, could occur over the entire dungeon area. Imagine sailing around the entire lake, weaving in and out of patches of land that you’d previously explored, desperately trying to escape some beast.

    • Kaihaku

      Up until the boss fight you were describing several Dragon Quest dungeons that I’ve played through. Of course boss fights don’t interact with the environment in the same way in that style of game.

  • DemonRoach

    I just want huge awesome dungeons like twilight princess, and less of the wierd things in skyward sword.

    • Silent

      I have to agree with you for once. Just give us the twilight princess style.

  • Hairee Pothead

    Another Skyward Sword since it used wind waker elements like cel shading and replace Hyrule field with different over world.

  • me

    the thing about nintendo is that, whatever changes they make their fans can expect an AMAZING gaming experience with all the previous things they loved, but with at least one new unique thing about the new title. Even their remakes have brand new, never before seen features (miiverse bottle for this situation)

  • ancientgamer

    as long as the art style doesn’t carry over, im good, was always a bit to cartoonish for me

  • Tony Vo

    I wonder if they’ll add the motion control option for to this game…most likely not… but it’d be nice. Skyward Sword was just great

    • Zombie_Andrew

      Noooo, no motion control 🙁

    • Kaihaku

      I hope that it’s at least an option.

  • Baconfat23

    Why do I keep thinking that this new Zelda is going to be a Wind Waker sequel/in that timeline. He said he was going for a different art-style, which is what Wind Waker did, and now he says he will use elements from Wind Waker.

    • giggi

      I don’t think, that there will be more in Wind Waker’s timeline. I mean…it has already a direct sequel (Phantom Hourglass) and if you want to you could call WW, PH and Spirit Tracks a trilogy, because even ST builds up on Wind Waker’s ending.

    • Kaihaku

      I’m hoping that they’re turning their attention to the “third” timeline, the one that A Link to the Past and the original Legend of Zelda fall in.

  • WarioForever

    I hope they use some elements from TP.

  • 210stuna

    Needs more Master Quest