Sep 17th, 2013


Eiji Aonuma, the series producer for The Legend of Zelda series has stated that the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title A Link Between Worlds will feature brand new gameplay that’s never before been seen in previous Zelda games. Players both old and new to the series will be very surprised, according to him.

“The 3D effects are this title’s biggest addition in terms of the hardware’s performance and features. However, we have also introduced gameplay that never existed on previous Zelda games. Players who have become used to the series and who are expecting things to work a certain way will probably be very surprised, so I hope that they look forward to this.”

This is good news for players who might be tired of the current Legend of Zelda formula or eager to see the game mixed up a bit from what it usually has in terms of gameplay. Are you excited about this news? Let us know in the comments below.

  • AAAkabob

    Looking forward to it.

  • CEObrainz

    I need this game, with the orchestrated A Link to the Past arrangements, this is looking to be a very good title.

  • Zeldatrek

    Just bring the Cuccoo attack and breaking pots in houses please.

  • Daniel3

    Metroid…zeldavania… maybe?

    Well if its about the Items it’s been said that they will be sold in stores and that Rupees will be very very important. (

    So maybe dungeon treasure chests will contain money instead of weapons which may also mean that the temples may not be compleated in an specific order, specially if they share the same “key item” needs and/or if its not so obvious “which item is for which dungeon” = maybe they will get rid of this “item-dungeon-boss-co-dependence”?

    If anything I believe it will mean “less linearity” ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Pikachief

      That sounds terrible to me. That would make all of the dungeon’s puzzles = sword and 2D link puzzles ๐Ÿ™ Also, I’d be tempted just to hunt for a ton of money and then just go and beat all the dungeons in a row without worrying about finding stuff. And from seeing gameplay videos the dungeon that they’ve shown looks like its very, very, heavily dependent on one item anyways, so I don’t think they’re going that way ๐Ÿ˜›

      • todd haley

        what will most likely happen is that if you start a dungeon half way through you might realize “oh shit i need the bow to finish the dungeon” then you go buy it and proceed. allows for non linearity but still makes the items very important to the dungeons. there might even be dungeons that you need more than one key item. im actually quite excited for this idea

  • Sdudyoy

    I can’t wait for this game! although I prefer the 3D Zelda games this will hold me off tell Zelda Wii U.

  • Wiiluigi

    Like many others. I can not wait til this comes out. This has been an exciting year for 3DS. Just two months shy of release. Need this game now!

  • devmiles

    โ€œThe 3D effects are this titleโ€™s biggest addition in terms of the hardwareโ€™s performance and features” that’s why i can’t believe that 2Ds shit… these games are being developed for 3d stereoscopic gameplay and then create a console that denies that whole fact, super fucking lame and only meant to make money. Anyway i’m buying that game and play it the proper way, in 3 D

    • Lord Carlisle

      Or maybe the 2DS is for kids whose parents don’t want to buy them a 3DS because they’re too young to play in 3D, or because it’s too expensive.

    • Baum ใ€Œใƒ„ใƒชใƒผใ€

      3D effects as in “multiple levels in ONE dungeon room…rewatch the trailers and you’ll see how dumb your comment was -.-

    • oregano

      2ds was a great move. Even the games that are built around 3d are by no means unplayable. I turn 3d off a lot. its great but it makes me dizzy.

    • Linskarmo

      To each his own. Some people have different takes on the 3D effect. I’ve heard many complaints of 3D headaches, and I imagine some would like cheaper hardware that didn’t include the 3D.

  • Jon

    I just thought of something……. This game relies a lot of the 3D effect so what about people who actually buy a 2DS……. lol

  • Merrfn

    Isn’t it “never seen before” not “never before seen”? (๏ผ›ไธ€_ไธ€)

  • Ducked

    I think Wii U daily needs to hire some 3DS Writers, 3DS news is like once a month thing :l

    • Pikachief

      I’LL DO IT! ๐Ÿ˜€

      lol ๐Ÿ™

      • Ducked

        Haha, they probably should look into hiring you, as well as other Wii U Daily members.

    • Tecpedz94

      I know im disappointed while they specifically said they will focus more on the Wiiu news which is acceptable they still should update the 3ds new more often

      • Ducked

        Agreed, they could put a lot more effort in this. I know they can’t do it all, which is why they need to hire 3DS writers.

    • Ace J

      • Ducked

        I looked at it, don’t like the way they do the articles as much.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Good, I hope this actually a big improvement rather than some slight game-play tweak being branded as revolutionary.

  • October: Pokemon X or Y for me.
    November: Zelda: a Link Between Worlds.
    December: Bravely by default.
    Looks like my 3DS won’t be getting a break anytime soon. At the moment busy on Etrian Odyssey IV. I wonder what they have done to it making them so boldly state it’s something we’ve never seen before. They probably aren’t talking about the wall art version of link ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Madmagican

    If it works well within the Zelda games I’ll welcome it with open arms
    Only time will tell.