Apr 24th, 2013

With E3 coming up soon, we’re interested to know what projects you’re looking forward to most. We know that Nintendo has been working on a record number of projects this year, as the Nintendo Direct announcements earlier in the year told us about the Wind Waker HD remake, as well as upcoming games like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart.

The latest Nintendo Direct confirmed that Pikmin 3 would be coming August 4th, so we expect to see some new content from Nintendo for that game as well. With so many different games coming our way, we want to know which is your favorite? What are you looking forward to most?

Let us know by voting in the poll below and if your favorite isn’t on the list, let us know in the comments.

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  • Michael

    I’ve never been more excited/anticipating a game as much as I am for the new Monolith X game!!!!

    • Michael

      Though Smash Bros comes in close 2nd, online play with miiverse is going to be so much fun!

      • Chiwawaboi

        holy crap, what if it was headset compatible! trash talking your friends, AND beating the snot out of them?! its legit.

        • The Clockwork Being

          Well the gamepad has a head set jack so maybe

          • Lusunup


          • The Clockwork Being

            No at what

      • bizzy gie

        Don’t even know what Monolith is. Smash Bros. is number one for me.

        • METHical reality

          Monolith = Xenoblade chronicles

          • bizzy gie

            Is the game good?

          • NkoSekirei

            yes it is best rpg game ever

          • The Clockwork Being

            Plus Monolith is owned by Nintendo

          • Michael Hancock

            Ummm…yeah, you could say that.

          • ICHI

            Depends if you like J-RPGs. To me its one of the best games I’ve ever played but i came to it late and spent the whole time wondering what they would have done if it was on WiiU hardware, looks like I wont have to wait too long to find out :-). Watch the feb nintendo direct theres a few seconds of X, Massive mechs, Dinosaurs and magic! What more could you want πŸ˜›

        • ThunderGod_Cid

          Monolithsoft made:

          Baiten Kaitos I & II(GC)
          Xenosaga Ep 1 – 3(PS2)

          When they were still part of Squaresoft:

          Chrono Trigger
          Chrono Cross

          • Michael Hancock

            How this information eludes everyone is beyond me, Thundergod.

          • ThunderGod_Cid

            I know right.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Im playing Chrono Trigger (SNES) for my first time now. Amazingly fun!

    • dylanbob121

      omg me too~!

  • Miguel Angel Barrueta HernΓ‘nde


    • greengecko007

      The Wii U may be in a rough patch now, but DANG! You know the good games are coming when you can’t even decide what you want the most! I voted Smash Bros. but really I’m excited for all of them! (well, not really Rayman…)

      • Fred

        How are you not excited for Rayman?

        • The_fuzz_buzz

          We are, but it doesn’t have the awesome felling of a first party Nintendo game πŸ™‚

          • Fred

            I can certainly understand that

        • D.M.T

          We were excited for it before it got delayed. I love Ubisoft but come on…you can’t do that to Wii U owners.

          • Fred

            I understand that I felt bitter at first, but then I decided I’m not going to punish myself and my family (by not buying and enjoying a fun game) because they were jerks

          • Takarashi282

            I agree. I bet that most of the actual fans bought a Wii U in order to get the game. They didn’t think it through well at all.

          • mikel334u2

            I know the delay was bad and all, but people who bought a Wii U ARE going to get the game, and who really cares if it comes out for other systems? Think of it like Ubisoft delayed the Wii U version to add more content and functionality to make an overall better game, which is true.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Why are no one reflecting upon the fact that both Batman and Deus Ex where released on others consoles before, but Ubi doesnt want to take that turn on other consoles?

          • ICHI

            My brother bought one based on Rayman and pikmin. Hes not too happy with his wii u at the min, Though that free Rayman trial mode thing is out today so he should get a lot happier very quickly lol

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Sorry to break your illusions. It is not Ubisoft who is badguys here. Its Nintendo that couldnt sell enough consoles to justify an exclusive release. Bad management from Nintendo is what to blame. They had ONE supporter and blew it, that is really sad and should tell you what Nintendo really are.

          • D.M.T

            Nintendo is not the bad guy here. Ubisoft promised all of us that the game would be released on February 26th and then they delayed the game just 1 week before release. I don’t care that Rayman is not exclusive, they should have just released it in February. You didn’t break my “illusions” because i don’t agree with one single thing you said.

        • greengecko007

          I’m not really into platformer games, so it doesn’t appeal to me, especially when compared to the other games on this list. Its significance kind of gets dwarfed in my opinion.

          • Michael Hancock

            Well put.

        • Michael Hancock

          Ummm…it’s cell shaded, the humor seems to appeal to 5 year olds, oh yeah… AND IT’S NOT XENOBLADE 2!

          • Fred

            Who cares if it’s cell shaded? It’s a fun game that’s all I care about. However, I can certainly understand your excitement for Xenoblade 2

    • Chiwawaboi

      you have to admit though, smash bros U will be entirely different, but wind waker is just another remake.

    • Lusunup

      I was torn between Xenoblade or smash πŸ™ but zelda is just a remake in hd that was a no brainer for me.

    • SideScreamer

      Where the fuck is Pikmin?!

      • Squid

        Calm down… Pikmin has a release. Rayman does too. Don’t know why that’s there.

    • Waluigi Moonshine!!!

  • ps4ultimania

    i chose mario kart was hard between that and zelda looking foward to them all tho

  • Arvind Kannan

    3D Mario hands down! am disappointed thats not even an option.
    We can easily guess what the other games would have as a main theme. But no one even has a clue what the next 3D mario will be like. its been 17 years since 3D mario started and we have only 4 of those. the quality of those games speak for themselves.

    • Rage Train

      Well if you count 3d land we have 5

    • Adrian

      Is Mario 64 a 3D Mario? (honestly asking).

      • Chiwawaboi

        yes. the first 3D mario to be exact.

        • Adrian

          So what are all the 3d Mario games? Mario 64, Mario Galaxy, Mario Galaxy 2, (I think some portable 3D Mario title), and 3d Land? I don’t play portable, but I enjoyed Mario 64 many times, and just went through and got everything in mario galaxy a month ago. Good games.

          • Cerus98

            You forgot Mario Sunshine, also a 3D game. By 3D they mean non side-scrolling where you have three dimensional characters, worlds etc.

    • AJ Chioino

      i hope the lands are more adventurous than galaxy or 3d land were. hoping from small planet to small planet got boring after while. and 3d land…. each level was tiny. SM64 and Sunshine had it right

  • i buy all and more deus ex splinter cell , ac black flag and the wonderfull 101

  • Nintenjoe82

    I chose Mario Kart but all of the games excite me. I don’t know about Wind Waker. I have it on my GC and have never wanted to slog through all that sailing again so not sure if a remake will change much. Bayonetta 2 might be brilliant but I’ll need to see more of anything except MK which I know I will like.

    MK will basically ruin my chances of playing all the games in that list because nobody will let me play anything else once it arrives.

    • greengecko007

      I’m hoping we get to see the unfinished dungeons in Wind Waker HD. When A Link to the Past was remade for GBA, it had an extra dungeon post game. I can’t imagine Wind Waker HD taking so long if they weren’t adding more content to it.

  • Mario Kart for me then Zelda then Mario 3D

  • Fred

    Really? only 6 votes for Rayman Legends!!! Am I the only one that loves that demo?

    • people want it but they ask for what we are looking most forward too I guess people are less looking forward to rayman but a lot to the other titles.

  • Zombie Boy

    Resident Evil Revelations, Project CARS, X, the new Zelda (not The Wind Waker, but the NEW one)…

    • Zombie Boy

      Oh and if Nintendo want a lot of Wii U sales, give us a Pokemon game and you’ll see the 3DS crowd start clamouring for one!

      • AJ Chioino

        pokemon X and Y in Oct.

        • Zombie Boy

          Is that for Wii U or 3DS?

          • darkstar18

            3DS but i think they really should make a WII U version called Pokemon z or something

          • Zombie Boy

            Exactly. Imagine how many Wii U’s would be sold if they made a Wii U exclusive Pokemon game!

          • Tecpedz94

            Nah the pokemon franchise will only remain on portable console like the 3ds but it be amazing if gamefreak/ nitendo can make a cool RPG adventure game on the WIiU with beautiful scenery graphics and vast landscapes to explore.!!!

  • Jon

    I’m gonna have to say smash, as much as I love Zelda and that it is my favorite game series, Wind Waker is still a remake that I have beaten and know the story, a remake that I am looking forward to yes but… smash takes the cake. New title, great multiplayer and tons of fun that I can just play over and over with friends πŸ™‚

  • Buduski

    Going crazy waiting for the new Super Smash Bros. character roster!!!

  • Daniel Schwarz

    but honestly more excited for pikmin 3 than any of these

    • Sdudyoy


      • dylanbob121

        I dont want to sound like a troll but pikmin has always bored me -_- Im still gonna get it but I dont have THAT high expectations

        • Sdudyoy

          You don’t sound like a troll you sound like you have an opinion, and that’s not a bad thing.

        • Daniel Schwarz

          I’m a Pikmin fan, and I just have a feeling that this will be the definitive entry in the series so far.

        • val berger

          Pikmin’s the Joypad-friendly version of strategy games. Not everyone has to be into every genre. It may be Miyamoto’s goal to reach out for everyone when creating a game, but I agree that Pikmin surely is more specialized that Mario or Zelda are. Can’t blame you for not liking it as much, still it’s gonna bring some great gameplay mechanics.

    • val berger


  • Raif

    Wind Waker HD through and through:)

  • Bloop

    Where is the 3D Mario. That’s my most anticipated Wii U Game!

  • Out of those I chose “X”, but Kart and WW HD are close. I think Rayman will turn out excellent, it’s just hard to stay excited after the delays.

    • Chiwawaboi

      what about smash bros?

      • I liked Melee, and I’m looking forward to the new one, but not as much as those other ones.

  • Michael Ngo

    Where is Mario 3D?

    • Nintedward

      IKR ? And Pikmin 3 and Wonderfull 101. I think they deserve to be up there. Rayman legends gets a spot but Pikmin 3 does not ? bwaaa.

  • Nintedward

    Monolith softs X for me. Followed closely by Smash , Mario Kart , Windwaker remake.

    3D mario would be up there aswell πŸ™‚

  • Out of this list currently Mario Kart Wii U. Other than that the New Zelda title projected for 2014 release

  • Johny

    Super smash game…. obviously…and then close after Bayonetta 2.
    In my opinion games that we know arent coming out for several years shouldnt be on this list… (like smash bros) πŸ™‚ i dont know… it would give a more proper picture… because OF COURSE the majority is most excited for Zelda Wii U and Smash bros. etc… what i’m interested in is, what games are people excited for that come like.. this year or whatever πŸ™‚

  • AJ Chioino

    smash for sure. didnt like brawl too much but i have high hopes for the next one, considering miiverse and online competition. cant wait to turn you all into little gleaming stars ;P

  • My most anticipated game is whatever isnt announced yet. And if that doesnt pan out…

  • Adrian

    What would be amazing:

    ZombiU2 (likely)
    Xenoblade sequal (almost definitely)
    Final Fantasy XV (not likely)
    A Console Pokemon RPG (not likely)

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      YES ZOMBIU2!

  • RetroSquid

    I don’t understand why Pikmin 3 isn’t in that list… :S

  • XelaFury

    I’m mostly excited for SSBU. I’ve been very hyped for this since Iwata announced that they would reveal the first screenshots of the game at E3, and something I really hope for this is that they also reveal the official name once and for all.

    I also hope we get our first look at Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, Bayonetta 2 & Wind Waker HD gameplay and an official release date for The Wonderful 101.

  • Ducked

    The one thing the Wii U is missing is Kingdom Hearts.

    • Chiwawaboi

      IKR?! Im REALLY looking forward to kingdom hearts on wii u!!! …..only time will tell though..

    • Guhtere

      I think KH3 should go multiplat. But then if it does and I have a PS4 by then I won’t be able to decide which system to get it for, but I still think everyone should be able to play Kingdom Hearts no matter what system they prefer.

      • Ducked

        I think it should come to Wii U. I don’t think there put KH3 on handhelds, but it wouldn’t make sense for them to release 4 Kingdom Hearts games on 3 different nintendo systems just for them to buy a PS4. I think it should be on both PS4 and Wii U.

        • Guhtere

          Yeah. It would only be fair since a lot of Nintendo fans have gotten to know KH and gets their story by playing the other games. Even in 3D they explained the story of every game in the “Flashbacks” section.

          • Ducked


  • LinksCafe

    Although it has yet to be confirmed (or denied), I’m still holding out for GTA V on Wii U.

    • Tom Hoskins

      I hope so too, GTA chinatown wars was brilliant on the ds, the gamepad could be so well integrated for a wii u version!

      • LinksCafe

        Exactly. I loved Chinatown Wars. I honestly wouldn’t understand the logic behind skipping GTA V on Wii U. I think playing it with the GamePad would be supremely satisfying. Fingers crossed.

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Mario Kart is the only game I can actually play with my wife. I tried many other but it failed.

    • Zuxs13

      Same here, mine loves Mario Kart, although It’s not even a challenge for me.

    • Robknoxious1

      Ever try the Kirby games with her?

    • Javy G

      The games I can play with my wife are Mario Kart 64 and Mario Party series that came out for 64! We play these on Virtual Console versions. Why do women love Mario Kart?!

  • Desend

    I’m fairly surprised there isn’t more people wanting Xeno

    • Michael Hancock

      I know, right? What kind of alternate reality do we live in? Xeno pounds all of these. Hell, Xenoblade 1 pounds all of these!

  • jjmesa14

    I’m suprised that 3D Mario isn’t on the list. I’m probably excited for Super Smash Bros. the most but 3D Mario is a close second.

  • Nathaniel Lopez

    lol, I think my avatar says it all.

  • Nintendofreak

    i want ww n x but i choosed x since its a new game not a remake

  • Tecpedz94

    I voted zelda but i actually still anticipate the others just as much excluding rayman legends it seems fun but i never played it before so dont know what to expect. Bayonetta same thing never played it but it actually looks cool.

  • Erik

    Oh gee… I wish you can pick multiple choices… But if i were to put them in order it would go as this:

    1. Smash Bros U
    2. Bayonetta 2
    3. Mario Kart
    4. Yoshi Yarn (if its a title thats coming up soon this year or so i heard but just merely just made up)

    Just those 4 I’ll be looking forward to and I can wait πŸ™‚ If not, I can give Nintendo some time to get some done and not to rush on it πŸ™‚

  • Robknoxious1

    I chose the Project X. That’s a guaranteed purchase for me. Wind Waker HD depends on the price point. I’m not dropping $59 on it – not saying its not worth it – just not to me. Rayman Legends would still be my second choice despite the delay debacle.

  • Zuxs13

    I anticipate All of them except Rayman Legends, and I dont really play Smash Bros. I would have to say Project X because it seems like it will offer the newest experience on a Nintendo system along with Bayonetta 2.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Hmm so much good stuff announced… boy this is tough but I’m gonna say Xenoblade. Smash bros is a close second out of all the games announced but it’s so far away and we’ve not seen or heard anything solid enough to get the hype going in full force for me just yet. In a year or so (or maybe at E3) I’ll be seriously pumped for the game and to be honest it’s so far away I don’t want to get to attached yet, the wait will kill me! the last couple of months before Brawl almost gave me mental breakdown πŸ˜€

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Can we have a poll/article on what unannounced games we all want – New IP, Metroid, Starfox, F-Zero, Eternal Darkness 2, new Zelda etc

      • Magnus Eriksson


  • Cerus98

    Pikmin 3 for me. Why are it and many others missing from the list?

  • Reese Dietrich

    Why is there no “Zelda U 2014” ???

  • Reese Dietrich

    Guess I will vote Smash Bros

  • D.M.T

    I voted for Bayonetta 2 because i’m curious to know what Nintendo and Platinum Games are doing with the game. I wanna know if it will be better than the last one

  • Mickey Mouse

    My preference is:

    Mario Kart U
    Smash Bros. U
    Rayman Legends

  • DemonRoach

    Xenoblade. Wii U needs some rpgs badly. Sidescrolling platformers are going to break this system.

    • Adrian

      Yes, All I want is some effing RPGs.

  • Steve

    An original Zelda for Wii U and Mario Galaxy for Wii U. Also want SSB for Wii U

  • Plain and Simple X. no need to look any further then that for me, the list has great games all of them, but X is it for me, ever since I played the first one I have just been jumping for the next one. Spent over 350 hours so far in the first and I still haven’t found everything there is to find and to do, so easily X is BY FAR my most anticipated title for WiiU.

  • I vote for new IP!

    • MetroidZero

      I vote you banned!

    • The Clockwork Being

      Well Miyamoto is making a new IP but we know so little about so i dont get why you would want to vote for that…

  • Jac_Da_Ripper

    I CANT CHOOSE!!!!!

  • JumpMan

    definitely Zelda, mostly because it’s the only one i havent played, other than LttP, but Smash Bros comes in right below it! cant wait!

  • Fred

    Where’s Wonderful 101?

  • Dave_Val

    Bayonetta 2, the first game was awesome, this sequel should be much better

  • LinksCafe

    I think Wind Waker U will really impress. I really hope Nintendo tosses in those two missing dungeons from the original. That would be sweet.

  • swic11

    played it already, but i am too excited for windwaker hd goodness

  • DragonSilths

    Retro Studios game of course!!!

  • MetroidZero


  • METHical reality

    NO I WANT TO VOTE FOR ALL OF THEM COME ON DON’T BE MEAN ALL OF THEM .. my bad joke aside .. Mario Kart is my number one in the list .. all the games in the list is just pure awesome .. except maybe Rayman is an ok game

    • Silent

      SBBU= #1

  • Moshugaani

    Quite the hard choice! I voted for Smash Bros. because it’s long overdue, but the other multiplayer must-have Mario Kart is pretty high on my list.
    There was quite a few titles missing from this poll.

  • Moshugaani

    At the end, there is a many good games coming!
    I’m so excited for E3!!

  • Kyle Crozier

    While I can’t wait for Bayonetta 2 and Zelda, I’m actually looking most forward to the indie titles like Shovel Knight and Cloudberry Kingdom.

  • Genesect4ssb4

    ssb is the clear winner here, beating out MK and “X”

  • Silent

    Smash bros all the way.

  • LopsidedPasta

    The online had better be XBL quality for SSB, MK, and Xenoblade. Otherwise Nintendo done goofed.

  • Guhtere

    They have Wind Waker HD but no Pikmin 3?

  • Jeffrey Debris

    Why are Mario Kart and the new 3D Mario not listed? And Pikmin 3? It’s still not out after all and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since it got announced as a “launch window” game.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    I’m about some “X” and Bayonetta 2.

  • The Unknown Legacy

    at first i was like SUPER SMASH but then i was like OMG ZELDA but i also remembered i already have it on gamecube so i was like what’s xenoblade? searched it up and now i remain confused and conflicted on what to choose ._.

  • Silver Fox

    None of these. i want Project Cars, 3D Mario, Pikmin 3, yoshi !

  • chrusto

    I waiting for all of them πŸ˜€

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    I fucking hate to choose… although I need to get over that ‘cuz I’m poor
    …fine, Smash Bros is my pick only because WWHD is a remake and not a new title

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    … by the way, where’s 3D mario, Pikmin 3, and new Zelda?

    • KosmoCrisis

      Trying to keep this initial poll list relatively compact. We could list every single upcoming game, but this is difficult enough. Which would you choose:
      3D Mario?
      Pikmin 3?
      or new Zelda?

  • majora :D

    xenoblade or smash? xenoblade or smash? xenoblade or smash? …if they put shulk in smash, i’d have an orgasm

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Project X for sure

  • david jarman

    I WANT THE WONDERFUL 101!!!!!!…but I voted Wind waker HD!
    I wanted to vote for them all to be honest.

  • djf

    WOW ow about his dumb siteputs on yarn Yoshi, super Mario 3D, Zelda U, Mario kart 8,

    • Cerus98

      Lay off the crack man. We speak English here.

  • Igor

    Xenoblade got all that? SERIOUS? Can’t believe in it. Bought the game hopping it to be a hell lot better. Got so disappointed that I don’t wanna hear of it for a long time… Forced myself to play 30 hours just to be damm sure that I could later talk as bad as possible of this terrible game. Story is ok, not one of the best I’ve seen so far, but manageable. But in therms of graphics and gameplay, holly mother of god, it was a complete fail. Really expected to see almost every vote pointing towards smash bros.

  • $41809923

    i like mario kart and xeno game

  • dodge2461

    No 3D Mario?

  • thisguy

    Im really excited for smash bros but its sort of a tie with rayman legends. guess i’ll be getting both! and yeah, im not gonna get all butthurt and not buy rayman just because its delayed and on other platforms.

  • Iceman


  • ConCity Soldier

    X all day!!

  • Bananapwnz

    The new Mario 3d game!!!!!!!1

  • Desmond Lum

    I give up on trying to choose……

  • discuss

    From this list SSB. But I’d like to hear some news about Zelda.

  • We will probably see a new Zelda game before Smash Brothers. It would make Smash much better to include the new Link version as well as possible new bosses and stages.

  • I think the interest for Rayman Legends reflects Ubisoft’s bad decision to wait to release. By the time they finally do release it, sales will be drastically effected compared to if they would have just released it on time. blah:( Xeno all the way. Almost finished with Xenoblade Chronicles right now and it has to be the best RPG I have played in MANY years.

  • HyruleHero

    I had to go withe the Xenoblade sequel because it looks so damn cool and especially since it will have online multiplayer

  • HyruleHero

    I wish I could vote for all of them. Well not so much Rayman Legends.

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    Hey, you forgot the Yoshi game and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. I of course voted for Xenoblade 2, but still, there are some important titles that could’ve been up there. Heck, even the Deus Ex game. Well, I guess it’s nice seeing these polls anyways, but not surprisingly smash is crushing the competition

  • FYI MiiVerse on the internet is live

    • ICHI

      HOLY SHIT!!!!! why aren’t people reporting on this, I’m in!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

      • I got the news from Nintendo’s Facebook posts. Seems I scouped many Nintendo news/blog sites.

  • Michael Hancock

    How Rayman could be in any sort of competition with Xenoblade 2 is beyond me. Frankly, I could not care less about Rayman nor do I care how long it gets delayed. To speak of these two games in the same breath, is blasphemy.

  • RJSaud

    No wonder why 3rd Party don’t want to port their games to Wii U. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place belong to nintendo..

  • Pikachief

    Looks like Nintendo wont be at E3 after all!

    • They will be there but they are not doing a big whole on stage press conference. Smaller events with demos and information.

      ” In the past we invited reporters, investors and analysts, industry partners, such as software publishers, and distributors who attended E3 to our large-scale presentations. We also used them as a communication tool in which we broadcast our presentations on the Internet to reach out to video game fans around the globe. I believe that many are expecting us to host a similar event this year.

      First, we decided not to host a large-scale presentation targeted at everyone in the international audience where we announce new information as we did in the past.

      Instead, at the E3 show this year, we are planning to host a few smaller events that are specifically focused on our software lineup for the U.S. market. There will be one closed event for American distributors, and we will hold another closed hands-on experience event, for mainly the Western gaming media. Also, I did not speak at last year’s presentation, and I am not planning to speak at these events at the E3 show this year either. Apart from these exclusive events for visitors, we are continuing to investigate ways to deliver information about our games directly to our home audience around the time of E3. We will share more information about them once they have officially been decided.

      During the E3 period, we will utilize our direct communication tools, such as Nintendo Direct, to deliver information to our Japanese audience, including those who are at this financial briefing, mainly focusing on the software that we are going to launch in Japan, and we will take the same approach outside Japan for the overseas fans as well.”

      -Nintendo President Satoru Iwata

      • ICHI

        So just before or just after we’re going to get a Nintendo Direct or 3

        • Sounds like it. I cannot say I totally agree with this but I think Iwata feels there are much better channels to get the word out instead of standing on stage giving a big speech. I also think he appreciates more intimate interaction with smaller groups where people can actually get their hands on with the new products instead of standing on stage saying “WOW look at the pretty graphics” that I think Sony and Microsoft will probably do in their presentations.

          • ICHI

            Yeah well in a way I agree as trying to show stuff off in the past has backfired on Nintendo. Skyward sword looked total crap in their first reveal and the motion controls didn’t work due to the room being filled with other IR devices. And though I do feel that I don’t need to see the bits investors are interested in, and it means we would get less of a stop start approach to their presentations, it’s going to make me wonder what exactly I’m missing πŸ˜›

    • Rob Lucci

      For a Nintendo site I’m surprise they haven’t put this up yet.

      • Cerus98

        They’re usually several days late if they post actual news at all. A lot of recent stuff missing from here and their sister site PS4 Daily. All the missing stuff over there is negative stuff, good stuff missing here. Obvious bias.

  • Elem187

    Why isn’t the the next 3D Mario and Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem listed here? I’m most excited about SMTxFE and xenoblade (RPG’s > everything else)

  • My vote was with the Monolith X game, whatever it ends up being called. I haven’t played any of their games, but the Gundam/Transformer and giant monster battles in the teaser trailer pretty much sealed the deal for me.

  • ICHI

    My God I want Dragons Dogma and it’s expansion to be released on Wii U, come on capcom, gimme some more RPG loving πŸ™‚

  • Magnus Eriksson

    I voted Mario Kart because that is most game for the money. It holds for hundreds of hours while Zelda usually holds for around fifty hours. But apart from that I will definitly get Windwaker. And ofcourse will I pick up SSBU also.

  • val berger

    there should be a ‘nothing of the above’ entry. I personally am not really into anything listed here but really looking forward the upcoming Super Mario and Zelda game (the true one that I haven’t played before. Sure, soe of those games hiere are nice, but most anicipated they aren’t. At least not by me πŸ™‚

  • Squid

    Zelda and smash bros, hard choice…

  • David Tims

    Rayman had so much more hype before the delay.

  • howling_wolf1334:[

    Wind Waker, Smash Bros and Mario Kart…

  • Fuzunga

    Super Mario. The new 3D one that’s supposed to come out this year.

  • howling_wolf1334:[

    Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart & Wind Waker.

  • Daniel Stevenson

    Bayonetta 2 people low votes why!

  • Goken

    Was gonna go with Project X and then I saw Smash Bros.