Aug 18th, 2012

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is all but confirmed for the Wii U. It was first unveiled by a Nintendo Gamer magazine exclusive before E3, and even developer Treyarch has stated that they’re looking forward to the Wii U (although they prefer the Wii U Pro controller). Now yet another proof of a Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U version has popped up on the Internet: an Activision Q&A (quality assurance) tester posted his resume on LinkedIn, where he revealed that he has been testing Black Ops 2 for the Wii U and other consoles.

Officially, Activision has yet to announce Black Ops 2 for the Wii U, but at this points, it’s only a matter of time before they do. Even the old Wii console received the last few Call of Duty games, including the original Black Ops and last year’s Modern Warfare 3. Last month, it was speculated whether Activision and other third parties forced Nintendo to offer the standard, Pro controller for first person shooters like Black Ops 2.

Black Ops 2 Wii U


  • LazerK

    Meh.I could care less about CoD

    • LazerK

      However,seeing how popular it is(*shivers*)if it comes to the Wii U,it might just up the console’s sales somewhat,which is good

      • deSSy2724

        I prefer BF3… but, yes… i agree with “LazerK”

        • LazerK

          BF is indeed much better than CoD

    • LazerK

      I agree cutie ;*

    • Pachter Jr

      For all you NFBs who hate COD, the new leapfrog 2 is now available.

      • vge

        For all Pachter Jr.’s out there the option of leaving your immaturity and negativity to yourself is available.

      • Adam Fox

        I’d rather play with the Leapfrog 2 than Call of Doody….

        • Alienfish

          I wouldn’t go that far…

      • Josh

        To any Pachter Jr, the option of leaving the Nintendo fans alone in hopes of a better future is available. The other options is that you act like a child and well, you do immature stuff.

      • NameUcanthate

        fuck off you troll. honestly. this is a nintendo site for NFB. Duh. just stop commenting.

        • mo

          Shut up fart boy

      • MujuraNoKamen

        not just Nintendo fans hate COD you know. perosnally i like CoD (but i hate how milked it is) and I know PS3 fans who complain about all the time. And hating CoD doesn’t make us immature Nintendo fans have the joy of playing real hardcore games like Zelda and metroid. Come back when you do know something about gaming.

      • Sethlaw225

        FAIL….LMAO there getting more stupid as we get close to the U release as i stated a month ago.

      • Obi Wan Cumboneme

        Lol!!! That made my day.

    • Grammar Nazi

      Oh, God dammit. You COULDN’T care less. If you COULD care less, you would actually care.

      • me

        how do you know he doesn’t care? To stay on topic, the game perhaps is overrated but it’s popular, so that can only be good for the system.

      • Alienfish

        He obviously cares enough to make a comment. That phrase can actually go both ways. People who think in extremes (black and white, no gray area) will generally go the route of ‘couldn’t care less’ while others realize that they do, in fact, care a little bit and ‘could care less’.

      • LazerK

        I used the correct term then.If I didn’t care at all,would I have taken my time to comment on this news?Silly Grammar Nazi

    • 007 1/2

      it is still a good game

    • dfbwii

      boohoo if u dont care about cod y did u look at this news add lol

      • Alienfish.

        Why do so many people dislike COD ? oh yeah. its not made by nintendo.

        • u mad bro

          I like Call of Duty but i rather play Zelda over CoD anyday.

        • Collected

          Comes out every year and is always over hyped by the gaming media. Some people want to hear more about other games coming around the same time as a COD release but COD always takes the limelight.

        • Alienfish

          Yeah, and why do so many people like Alienfish? Because it tastes so good on rye. Notice the poor grammar and punctuation. This person is a bad copycat.

    • LEE

      the correct phrasing is “couldn’t care less” .. if you could care less that means you have some kind of affection for it, if you couldn’t care less there is no possibility of caring for it.

  • Omotayostorm

    This is cool it can take advantage of wii u sweet graphics extra screen and shooting accessory I forgot what it was called

    • mr. shplooblah.

      Wii U Zappah! whatevs… Zapper Zappah… same thing.

  • Nintyfan

    Overrated shooters… it’s about time the gaming industry makes something more innovative than a game of Call of Duty. If I really wanted to play a Sci-fi FPS I’d go with Halo. Either way Halo isn’t all that innovative either so…yeah

    I mean CoD always sells, so it would only help the Wii U hardcore fans.Let;s see where this news goes.

    • Wils81

      As a Grammar Nazi, I cringed at your comment.

    • XDLugia

      “Halo isn’t all that innovative”
      Halo is one of the most important games of its genre (together with Doom and Goldeneye007).
      Halo is very unique, like Smash Bros. is unique for the fighting genre.

      • gNat

        I prefere Cod. halo has the stupidest controls

  • Shankovich

    Have fun moderating all the cursing kids Nintendo lol. At least this will hel p sell consoles :D, which should help introduce new hardcore people to Nintendo

  • Firebro

    I hate cod but whatever thats cool

  • Bacon

    I am really looking forward to see blops 2 on wii u πŸ˜€

    • loko34

      Wii-U is low…. lol.

  • Phrog

    Awesome! I hate CoD but this is still kool!

  • BlueJellyfish

    I dont want to use Wii U pro controller, I would waay rather use gamepad or the Wiimote. I mean, whats that point of using the pro controller? You as might as well play on the Xbox or PS3.

    • Nintendude

      The point of the pro controller is for non-innovative shooters like Cod.

      • Master Swordsman

        and how do you get your avatars to show up?

      • gNat

        Call of Duty is the biggest inovator of all fps There would be no right stick move, left stick look controls.

        • ninjabake

          You haven’t played many fps before CoD huh? Halo had dual analog control on a console shooter in 2001 and it wasn’t “innovative” then so CoD implementing it in their games doesn’t make it innovative now.

    • Master Swordsman

      I’ll use it ,but I’m just hoping that you won’t have to connect it to a Wiimote.

    • JC

      I agree with you, I don’t know why people don’t like the game pad? The game pad has it all!!!

      • 007 1/2


  • venomjamaica

    We all knew this is coming. I will wait for it and might get it. I love a good competitor game and believe me this is very competitive. Alot of you guys bashing it and i can bet that you all play it and love it. The ones that is really bashing it is the ones that are sucked lol.

    I live in jamaica and when i go online and listen to the whole heap of americans on it, am surprise. So come on…… we are all glad it;s coming to the wii u. I will enjoy this just hope they include the camera in it so that i can see the expression when i knife someone…… lol

    Get N or get OUT!!!!!

  • Wils81

    I’m starting to get the hint that the people that hate CoD hasn’t played a single one of them. They’re pretty good, but definitely overrated. At the moment, Black Ops 2 looks very promising.

    • SuperShyGuy

      I think it is more of the behavior of the fans of CoD that turn people against the game itself

      • Wils81

        Yep, definitely. CoD fanboys are the worst. It’s ironic how they go apeshit over graphics when they don’t realize CoD’s graphics engine is clearly lacking.

      • LordFenix

        supershyguy if that was true then HALO should be the #1 most hated game in the world…. cause Online and local tournaments… Halo players are some of the biggest ass holes i have ever met…. the COD tournaments normally run smooth and my only issue online is u either have the LOUD breathing guy that wont kill the mic even though he dont talk… MR. i want to be a DJ… or the 8year old screaming kid… and normally u only get 1 of them in each game… everyone else has their own Team chat or DONT TALK… most online matches in COD are team based work as a team damn it…. with that said… yes i own most of the CODs… but mainly for story…. online play only if i get bored… or i know some people that do talk to their team…

      • LyingTuna

        Totally. I have friends who love the series and are cool about it, but most people I know mock me for playing smash bros all the time.

      • NoPUNintendo

        I liked Call of Duty at first. But after playing online, and hearing kids scream and cuss. I couldn’t take it. One guy went as far as to even find out my facebook to start some drama fight or whatever. It’s just a game I say. But nay, so far I’ve only meet a dozen or two CoD fans that are mature. I’m not saying all of them are immature. Just to many kids.

        • gNat

          Im 13 and i play cod. when we say stuff we are just entertaining ourselves and trying to be funny

          • Mr.Chimera573

            Not to be mean, but most people find that annoying.

  • SlashBull99

    And it will look better than Xbox and PS version, Nintendo is getting it done!

    • vge

      It wont look THAT much better if at all. Lets be honest with ourselves, its a port and a port of CoD no less. Remember how CoD2 looked on the 360 @ launch? It looked like an original Xbox or gamecube game. The devs are still getting used to the new technology so it’ll take some time to see big differences. But the look of the game isn’t as important as how fun it is and chances are it’ll be a fun game, is it worth $65? Well that’s all up to you.

      • LordFenix

        VGE… im sure it wont be a BIG improvement… but the Wii-U does have better shaders and GPU working in its favor… so it will at least make the port look better on its own… and im sure it will perform better than 360 and ps3 version just because its running on a newer machine…

        • ninjabake

          Very true. CoD BLOPS wasn’t the best looking 360 game (bad textures, jagged edges) so it’ll be nice to see ANY improvement from the series.

    • 007 1/2

      1080p is still 1080p, no matter what tricks activision and treyarch have up their sleeve.

  • No One

    I don’t see why he likes the pro better. It’s the gamepad without the screen, why not use the full thing?

  • Kamon

    We don’t need this ish! t(-_-t)

    • vge

      Love it or hate it, CoD is highly successful and has millions of pol playing it. Having it on the console will only help Nintendo. You don’t have to get it if you don’t want it but the option of having it is definitely a plus for the Wii U all together.

    • mo

      WTF are you 10?

      • vge

        12 troll

        • vge

          Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That being said, be original n use ur OWN screen name, posing isn’t cool unless ur a rapper (Drake)

  • Nintendude

    I kinda like Cod, it’s alright but it is way too overrated. I only play it for competitive online play.

    • gNat

      storyline mode is good for the mw series and the original 3 cod games. the cold war wasnt really a war so cod should have done vietnam or the korea war

  • XDLugia

    If the Wii U version also has Zombies then I’ll take it. If it isn’t, then the Xbox will help me, because Zombies is awesome!!

    • TheBoldman67

      I’m sure it’ll have Zombies, the original Black Ops on Wii had Zombies (even if it was only one map) and plus CoD games are always just ports of each other so there won’t be many differences (exept better graphics and controls of course)

  • t_vo

    Why isn’t anyone mentioning playing these fps games with a wii-mote and nunchuk? It should at least be an option. It’s the next best way to playing them without a mouse and blows dual-anologue out of the water. If wii would have had the HD visuals when it came out along with the 360 and PS3, it would have been the machine of choice since all the COD games would have rocked with the wii-mote. My opinion anyways.

    • ninjabake

      Agreed. The Wiimote & nunchuck is the closest to a mouse on a PC as far as realism and accuracy. Having that option for CoD DEFINITELY enhances the experience for me. To this day I still play World @ war on wii online more than I do my Black Ops on 360. Both are fun games but I love the Wii remote&nunchuck combo for shooters. I really hope they put that in there if they do I just might put W@W down and pick up BLOPS2 if they leave the option out, I’ll skip the game alltogether.

      I feel as tho with CoD I don’t need a new one every year if its not a significant difference from 1 game to the next (same applies with my sports titles) so we shall see, good point u brought up tho

    • 007 1/2

      i have nothing against the wiimote. i just find it harder to use. i know it is more realistic, but i just prefer the classic controller.

      • gNat

        exactlly the wiimoteAnd nunchuck are more realistic but if there is the option for online than more people will play w/ the pro controller because its easier

  • lick1nob

    I can just imagine the people at treyarch believing that when they announce this for the Wii U it’s just gonna blow people away, but they are still keeping it under wraps because they at least wanna have one surprise for their game.

  • LordiMcKill

    Being in the small (very small) grey area of being both a COD and BF fan, I think Black Ops 2 and COD in general can find it place on the Wii U quite nicely.

    I can only begin to imagine what Treyarch can do with the Gamepad like vehicle control and gun mounts. And Zombies, don’t get me started on what it could do with Zombies.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Personally I’ll stick to contra it’s a much better shooter but non the less Cod does have great sales so yes everyone is right this will help the wii u sales. As for me, meh I could care less about CoD.

  • AKA-Link77

    Oh … i thought it was already Confirmed. X }

    • 007 1/2

      yeah me too.

  • Mc88

    Never played CoD before…but I would like to see Battlefield at least on Wii U.

  • Adam Fox

    Call of Duty is waaaaay over-rated, and as much as I hate the franchise, I know it will help the sales of the Wii U, I just hope there doesn’t come a flood of FPS that copy Call of Duty….let it come out and leave it for awhile, don’t need a bunch of FPS coming out….I can’t even begin to count the number of FPS on Xbox360 and PS3

    • ninjabake

      I’m with you on that one! LOL the whole fps fad was simply other companies (even ones better known for their Japanese games like square n capcom) trying to cash in on CoD and Halo’s success, kinda similar to when we saw many 3d platformers in the 5th Gen after Mario 64 (tho I don’t believe it was as flooded as the fps of today) but it was simply a fad and the rule of the fad is: eventually it dies out.

      So give it a few years and we’ll see a lot less of them. I’m pretty sure the days of the fps being the dominating, over-saturated genre is nearing its end. Something else will take over, or, maybe we’ll just simply have more diversity in the videogame medium? Who knows LOL but quirky games like project p-100 look promising.

      Trust me, your not alone being tired of seeing generic fps/tps a getting hyped up while other non shooters get no shine but that’s how the business side works they’ll hype up what they believe will sell. I enjoy CoD and I don’t think its the problem, its the carbon copy bland filler fps that ruin it. IN MY OPINION

  • mr. shplooblah.

    i was looking forward to this, only for zombies. now that ZombiU is coming out… well ya know. i don’t want to be like all the other middle schoolahs!

  • Curtis Smith

    Think is going to be so Asome

  • beeshnu

    Now my friends can’t complain when they come over to my house!
    Yes Nintendo does have (a good version of) Cod

    • 007 1/2

      i heard the zombiU multiplayer wasnt that good. in the article that said there might be a ZombiU 2, they said they would be focusing on the multiplayer more.


    id love a cobo of nunchuck and wiimote with the game pad in cradle in front of you as a second tactile screen plus voice chat etc real time class change chat and options and a map etc all on screen and interactive with wii remote and voice then the core aim and shoot and play remains wii remote and nunchuck giving a amazing core industry leading hard core fps gaming mode

  • 7Down

    Even though I’ve got bad xp from CoD on Wii, I’m very interested about BO2, but even if it is good or bad, it will be the last CoD I buy for sure, Bo and MW3 were disappointments to me already, sure they are decent games, but so many problems, hopefully Bo2 will be better.

  • mo

    fps games ard awsome and people who dont like them are pussys who cry when someone swears or they have the hand eye co ordination of steven hawkings

    • 007 1/2

      i agree and its stephen hawking.

    • CoD hater

      And people who play Call of Duty like it so much cuz they don’t have the mental capacity to play a real game.

  • bob

    trouble is that the cod series is for18 and others,and most folk who buy nintendo are 10 to 13 year olds,so it wont sell many copies.

    • rego

      What the hell are you talking about? There are way more 13 year olds playing cod than adults.

    • sonic bandicoot the plumber

      CoD is for 18+? So it’s rated AO right? Its an adults only game right? So when I go and hop on Xbox live right now I wont hear a bunch of screaming and cussing 10 and 13 yr old kids online will I? Of course not LOL CoD is for men not kids, right Guy?

      No? Hmmm …. well for starters most people who buy Nintendo products are adults whether it’s for them or their children but that’s with mostly any product seeing as tho kids don’t have as easy access to cash as working adults. 2ndly Activision purposely got the games rating changed from T to M for a reason: gimmick

      And by gimmick I mean it will attract new gamers who think their game is made for adults and will attract kids to it who think they’re more of an adult for playing it. Both gamers get the games for the same reason. It was a trick, and it worked. Now not all people think that about CoD(I personally enjoy the game because its FUN nothing more nothing less) but there is a decent amount of KIDS who will save up to buy this game no matter th

      As for it not selling on Wii U, go and check CoD reflex, World @ war, Black Ops, n MW3 on wii sales it held its own so there’s no reason to believe more Nintendo gamers wont buy it.

    • Mateus Palamecia

      Just because a game is rated M for mature does not mean that no one under the age of 17 is going to be buying it. Actually, I have to roll my eyes at a lot of kids nowadays. Their views on video games have been skewed.

      So many kids are just interested in doing what’s popular. They care so much about looking cool. They always want to do what the older crowd is doing. They seem to think that playing CoD makes them badass or something. I work at a game store, and sometimes, I have to make recommendations for people. I’ve had a few kids come in who would reject every game I showed them that wasn’t rated M. They’d say “Oh, that’s only rated T for teen” and ignore it. It’s like they think that anything that isn’t rated M is for babies. I was THIS CLOSE to melting all the CoD game boxes, molding them into a giant hammer, and smacking them with it.

      I ask this question several times a day to parents with kids who are buying games: “This game is rated M for mature for… [blood and gore, language, sexual content, nudity, blah blah blah]. Is it okay with you that he plays this?” 95% of the time, they’re like “Yeah, I don’t care.” CoD isn’t that bad, but every day, some kid wants to buy Grand Theft Auto, Duke Nukem, God of War… their parents just don’t care.

      So chances are, age isn’t going to be stopping these kids from buying CoD.

      • Lord Carlisle

        I know how you feel. That’s pretty much what today’s youth (and I’m part of today’s youth) does. They want to do what’s cool or what most people do. I remember at my cousin’s house he commented that Nintendo games were for kids. And he’s ELEVEN. I told him that just because a game has blood and guns doesn’t mean it’s “hardcore”, but NO, he seems to think it is. And he plays GTA, COD, and all that crap. You’re right, COD isn’t that bad, but when my mom saw that game (grandtheftauto), she got my brothers and I out of the room. She came in when my brother was beating a woman with a bat.

        So, you’re right, most parents don’t care. Heck, I hate how kids are nowadays. I don’t curse, yet all my peers seem to, and think it makes them sound cool. And I’ve played Minecraft on my brother’s Xbox (ONLY reason I’d ever play that thing) and heard ten to thirteen-year-olds dropping all the worst curses, INCLUDING MY COUSIN. I hate it when family act like idiots. (Yeah, I’ve got a lot of beef with the console wars in my family, if you’ve read some of my past comments)

        Anyway, yeah, age won’t stop them. Except the rarity that are mine(mom doesn’t let little bro play COD), most wouldn’t.

        • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

          My first 18+ game I did remember was Perfect Dark…but only a vague souvenir. My parents was strict of the ESRB rating (excepting I CAN play SSBM, or certain T game. no guns or anything)

          • vge

            Perfect Dark was rated M(17+) not AO(18+) you can still legally be a child and buy it. But I see what your saying.

        • Zero

          I’m just like you, I am surrounded by material, shallow, and obnoxious youth. Then again, I’m only 13. It is not that I’m a social outcast, (I actually have good relationships with my classmates) its just that I don’t feel the need to follow stupid trends (like playing certain games, listening to certain music or excessively cursing while talking) I sometimes realize the people my age usually are immature and obnoxious. Either way I’m most likely not going to buy CoD, yet I find it nice to have more 3rd party support, especially from Activision’s CoD, which will likely attract many gamers.

          May the gaming evolution continue.

      • Lord Carlisle

        Oh, and by the way…

        “I was THIS CLOSE to melthing all the CoD game boxes, molding them into a giant hammer, and smacking them with it.”

        If I were you, I wouldn’t give away which Gamestop I work at. πŸ˜‰

  • MujuraNoKamen

    I thought it had already been confirmed, must have been wrong but, yeah, like you said CoD was released for Wii so a Wii U version is almost certain. Let’s just hope that it’s released along with the 360, PC and PS3 versions otherwise people will get those versions first, hurting BO2U’s sales.

  • PiionU

    Nooo such a great series has to ignore that kiddie toy. But I shouldn’t worry that thing won’t be strong enough to run that game. The ps3 is far more advanced than the kiddii U and is able to run it at 1080p not that fake bullshit of the pii u. All Nintendo E3 materials ran on a ps3 or a 360. But again kids to 4 yrs and 80 years old people will have their fun.

    • Lord Carlisle

      The sheer unintelligence and idioticy of your comment doesn’t help your case. All it does is make Nintendo seem superior.

    • 007 1/2

      nintendo is the revolution sony and microsoft are the copycats.

    • sonic bandicoot the plumber

      Cut it out kid. Either grow up or just stop posting. I’m not bothered that your comment bashed Nintendo I’m bothered at your sheer ignorance and obvious juvenile mindset.

    • LibertyZero

      PiionU, guess you had trouble beating Whispy Woods on Kirby? Or did all your shots miss when fighting the Parasite Queen on Metroid Prime? Did Bowser toss your Mario into the Bomb and got a key out of you instead? No wonder you’re raging on Nintendo. Noob.

  • R00bot

    I can see the miiverse screen now; only the COD icon on the screen, surrounded by millions and millions of miis.

    I wonder if Nintendo thought about overcrowding in the miiverse…

  • Nintentionally

    Why would Activision tell Nintendo to make a controller with the exact same buttons and sticks as their previous classic controller and exact same buttons as the wii u gamepad?

    I will be annoyed if they drop wiimote and nunchuk support. Much better than Dual Analog. But probably no as annoyed as I will be if the drop wii classic controller support.

  • CoD hater

    CoD stinks like fish, cuz it’s cod. Ooh, that’s a terrible pun.

    • vge

      grow some balls

  • Zhenya

    I still don’t think Activision or Trayarch “forced” Nintendo to add a Classic controller to the Wii U I just think they didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes they did with the Wii

    • 7Down

      I don’t own one, never even used one, but it does seem clear that Nintendo is just thinking ways to get some of those players from PS3 and Xbox 360.

      They’ve been using the dual analogs longer, it might not be so easy to adjust to the Wiimote & Nunchuck or to the Gamepad.

      Still there is a chance that Activision has been telling Nintendo what to do, but then again, Nintendo and Activision don’t seem to get along all that well, I’m looking at those Black Ops breaking Wii rumors.

      But in the end, why does it matter, they’re going to release this kind of controller and that’s it.

  • PhoenixUp

    Every game should include a cookie-cutter shaped like a gun or a soldier. Itd be a rather symbolic inclusion, and it might add some value to the actual purchase.

  • Benjamin

    Better with the ‘Pro Controller’?!?
    I want that screen to be a second peripheral when I’m walking around corners. I want the option to zoom without my TV. My map, radar and camera spike better be able to be there at all times.
    If not, then it’s an EA FAIL!!