Apr 3rd, 2016

Another game industry analyst thinks the NX will launch in 2016

We’ve heard lots of rumors about the upcoming Nintendo NX console over the past few months. And one persistent rumor has been that the console will launch in 2016.

Most analysts and market research firms believe that the NX will launch this year. The latest company to throw in their two cents into the debate is market research firm Technavio, who also believe that Nintendo will release their new home console this year.

“Nintendo is set to launch their next-generation gaming consoles in 2016, which will drive the growth of the market in 2017” reads the report by Techavio’s game industry analyst Soumya Mutsuddi.

While most believe the NX will launch in 2016, there is one analyst who doesn’t believe in it: Michael Pachter thinks the NX will launch in 2017 instead.

Would you prefer the NX to launch this year or next year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!


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