Jan 21st, 2013

It’s tin foil hat time, folks! GameFly just listed Animal Crossing: New Leaf as a Wii U title, available here with a release date of TBD. Whether this  means Nintendo is actually planning a cross-platform release for the village simulation remains to be seen, but it wouldn’t be too far-fetched. When Animal Crossing: City Folk released on the Wii, people who played Animal Crossing: Wild World on their Nintendo DS could transfer their save files from the DS to the Wii to continue their town on the Wii version of the game.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been available in Japan as a 3DS title for several months with no release date in sight for North America or Europe. It’s been speculated that the 3DS game would release in Q2 2013, but that might be delayed if Nintendo is also working a Wii U version of the game for all three regions. Satoru Iwata was recently surprised at how well New Leaf was doing in Japan, so it’s not too far of a stretch to say that New Leaf could be a system seller for some people.

What about you? If this turns out to be true, will you be picking it up?

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  • [000]

    I hope this is true. It would surely give the Wii U a good boost in sales.

  • Ben Thompson

    Also, it would link in with the rumours of 3DS getting a form of Miiverse to link with the Wii U. I certainly hope it’s true since I’ve got both devices and it’d be great to see them linked together.

  • spyridus

    I just pray they make some significant changes to the game itself.  Every version they have released has been a complete recycled version of the previous.

    • That’s my problem with the series as well. Even the same bugs make the roll-over, which Western devs would get eaten alive for doing.

    • Well there is a lot different about this version:
      1. You can swim in the ocean this time.
      2. The characters have taller bodies and actual necks, honest to god necks!
      3. You can place benches, street lights and so on around your town.
      4. You are the Mayor for a change 
      5. Graphics have vastly improved 

      • spyridus

        You are right, however, there are always minor additions to the newer versions but basically, it’s always the same game over and over.  They’ve barely updated furniture collections, clothing, characters, fossils, art, bugs/fish, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE AC but with every release, I’m finding I’m getting bored quicker because we’ve all done it before. 

        • They’ve added a tremendous more, so this won’t be a stupid reboot. More furniture customization, more furniture alone, they rebooted the island and added even more to it, they added mini games that you can constantly do, they added more flowers and fruits as far as Im aware of, more fish and bugs, I think more fossils(?), and more clothing to fit new character styles.

          • spyridus

            Reading your comment got me uber excited!

  • William Cole

     It’s either a mistake on Gamefly’s part or Nintendo has been keeping quite about a global release because they were planning this for Wii U.

  • I think I’ll pass on the title, I have the ds version, but only reason I got it back then was because my gf back then wanted to play Animal Crossing with me, was a fun game for a short bit but it couldn’t keep me busy to long. I doubt a WiiU or 3DS version would keep me busy very long either, nevertheless it’s a very populair game, and honestly WiiU needs it. So bring it on imo 🙂

  • william maxwell

    im not a animal crossing fan can anyone give me any good reasons to get it? i never played it.
    also whats it about?

    • X3Charlie

      Strangely addicting is all I got to say right now.

    • Well, the previous games are about expanding your house, making friends with the animal neighbors, and buying the collectables and furniture, completing things like the museum, and paying off your debt for your house to make it better. Kinda like a mix between The Sims and Harvest Moon? It’s really it’s own game. It’s a good game to spend some time on little by little, a chill game.

    • Cole Holbrook

      Everything they said plus the fact that you really have to play it to know. Even if you aren’t into collecting, the characters are really funny. Everyday is something new! If you start playing, you WILL be addicted. 🙂 (not 100%)

  • Jeffery02

    I never really played Animal Crossing past the GCN, but since the Wii U and the 3DS have much better online, and maybe even the option of 3DS Wii U connectivity, then I may get this for the current gen. I didn’t enjoy the game enough to justify getting the DS and Wii versions, especially since I didn’t have any friends you had the game. Since I can friend people on the MiiVerse though, I can see town hopping being much easier. 🙂

  • Letha1Rage

    They listed lbp karting for vita one time too the 3ds version on there doesnt even say new leaf I say its almost defenitly a mistake

  • It’s obviously not true because Gamefly HASNT posted New Leaf as a 3DS title. They just screwed up.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    seems legit

  • Actually I’d like to get it on my 3DS first, then if this is true about it coming to the Wii U I might go for it as well ^^ 

    I love me some Animals Crossing… the road… to get to the other side because… you know… Animal Crossing….

  • I really hope this doesn’t happen. I own both the wii-u and 3DS, and buying the game isn’t a problem, but it’s going to end up like Wild World and City Folk again. While I actually enjoy playing Animal Crossing the traditional way.. on a console, I wanted to try New Leaf with the handheld. I feel as though they would be ‘lazy’ for not making a brand new Animal Crossing game for the Wii-U. Sure it’d take a lot more years for it to be developed, but the first time they ported a handheld-exclusive game to a console, people preferred the original than the other. (IMO, I liked City Folk more. Wild World bored me.) Linking both games would be okay, but why would you need/want to do that? I’m sure people would prefer New Leaf on the 3DS anyway since Street Pass will be a lot more efficient.

    • Elem187

      So because you don’t want to purchase it, you want to deny me the opportunity to play it because I refuse to buy a handheld?

      Nobody is forcing you to purchase it. My wife would love to play this game on the Wii U

  • Mickey Mouse

    I’ve got a 3DS and a Wii U, but I don’t know if I could buy both versions. If it offered some really compelling cross-platform play or something then I would consider it more carefully.

  • I am sorry but this game looks way to childish to me. I think the graphics woudl really ruin it for me. I dont need good graphics but something better than this. I hope nintendo isn’t banking on this being one of their huge titles,

    • It’s been a huge title since the GameCube. And if you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it, or hate on it for that matter, because not all games are tailored to everybody. And I don’t see why Nintendo won’t be “banking on this” because there is plenty a large fan base for the Animal Crossing series.

      • Cole Holbrook

        You remind me of my dad. He thinks any game that doesn’t look like real life has bad graphics. :/ Also, incase you haven’t been giving any attention what-so-ever, Animal Crossing is a GIGANTIC title for Nintendo. Check the sales for it in Japan. It has over 2 million. And that is in a very short amount of time. The 3DS sales sky rocketed. Although I DO know people who don’t like it. But the graphics are really one of the best parts!

        • Cole Holbrook

          And the 2 million was just physical copies (I think)

          • Jay

            oh its just the beginning the title might end up selling 10M.

            I admit I don’t like Animal Crossing much but I ain’t stupid either.

        • Elem187

          I don’t understand peoples thinking… They want video games to look as close to real life as possible, yet we use video games as an escape from real life.

          So, when you get a game that looks like real life, what are you escaping from again? Are people that unhappy with their real life that they want to recreate it virtually more appealing?

          Eventually games will be photo-realistic and it will be a fad for awhile but then it will disappear and people will clamour for games as far from reality as possible.

    • Jay

      its a lot bigger than “mature” titles so yeah, you’re in the minority. This game shits on Resident Evil and “t3H ZOMGBies!” mature titles.

  • $41809923


  •  I hope this isn’t true. I own both platforms, but I’d much rather have this game portable.

    • Elem187

      Nobody is forcing you to purchase the console version. Why would you want someone who wants a console version not to have it just because you don’t personally want to purchase a console version?

  • X3Charlie

    Nah. It’s just a mistake. I can’t wait too get ACNL on my 3DS and then I can’t wait for the Wii U version a few years down the line.

    • Cole Holbrook

      I don’t think so either. If I have been waiting for this game for soooo long because they wanted to release it with a Wii U version, I will be angry. Not that I am rejecting the possibility of ACNL being a system seller. If it was released for Wii U sales would go way up. I can see Japan going crazy. Also, I think the portable version is probably better. This is a game I like to play FOREVER. To play it forever I need it available all the time. that is not always the case with a home console…

  • BluBerri Patch

    one can only assume (since they don’t have new leaf listed under 3ds at all) that they just posted it wrong. Even though I would love for this to be true. I think they just made a mistake

  • its true but its not new leaf its a diffent game that comes in 2015 should of kept hush about this all im ssaying (wont be back to reply to ur messages so ye see ya)

    • Tim van Broekhoven


  • Tim van Broekhoven

    I never really played animal crossing, is it a good game? It looks really kiddy to me…

    • Elem187

      I’m also curious about it.. My wife likes playing those town simulator games on facebook. Perhaps she would like this game?

      • Tim van Broekhoven

        haha! Well, I don’t think AC is like a facebook game… XD

  • Seth S. Scott

    I would literally buy both BUT I bet that its just a mistake on GameFly’s end. They havent been working on a Wii U version and I doubt they would just port it to the Wii U. Just release it for the 3ds already though!  

    • Elem187

      Looks like Gamefly took it down.

  • jcnba28

    Who wants a new Metroid Prime on the Wii U? Like this page 🙂


    • Elem187

      I think its a given that it will come, no need for petitions or liking facebook pages… Do you really think Nintendo wont release their best franchises on a new console?

      • jcnba28

        I do expect a new metroid to come but I want a new game from the Prime series.

  • red.shadow_88

    Would be awesome if it’d be a cross-platform game (3DS and Wii U).
    Also the built-in microphone and camera in the gamepad is just perfect for chatting. 😉

  • TrueWiiMaster

    I hope, and think it’s likely, that this is fake.  I want an Animal Crossing made specifically for the Wii U when it comes, taking full advantage of Miiverse and the Wii U’s more robust online, and the Gamepad and HD graphics.

  • TheFarmboy

    I think this was a botch-up on Gameflys part. Of course I would want to see an Animal Crossing game on the WiiU, but I’ve still yet to play New Leaf when it comes out in Canada.

  • Hazael de la Torre

    If they do this, the 3DS must have miiverse first…

    Because if you use miiverse in the wii u, how are you suposed to see them in the 3DS??


    I don’t know why but every time I played animal crossing on the DS I got a headache…And I’v never had any problems with ACCF on Wii, So I guess I would like a WiiU version to be released as well as a 3DS version just to make sure I don’t get the handheld headaches again. Plus I kinda thought ACCF was an over-all better game.

  • Fuck that. I aimed my holiday budget at getting a 3DS instead of a WiiU because of this game, so hearing this would be the middle finger of my life.

    •  http://www.gamefly.com/Rent-Animal-Crossing-New-Leaf/5002996/  IT WAS AN ERROR

  • http://www.gamefly.com/Rent-Animal-Crossing-New-Leaf/5002996/
    it was an error on gamefly that has been sense FIXED stop panicing

  • kelseykayy

    Even if it was just only a error it still would be cool 🙂

  • I would buy a Wii U for this game.

  • GamrGrl

    This is highly unlikely, unless of course they plan on releasing NEXT year……. that would suck! Personally I prefer Animal Crossing as a portable title, I dunno why, but I just liked it a little better  🙂 Hopefully Nintendo will have even more innovation planned for ACWiiU, LOL whenever that’s coming.

  • 00EpicGamer00

    Even if Animal crossing new leaf isn’t going to be released for the Wii U, I guess that’s okay, cause eventually the Wii U will get an animal crossing game…eventually. But I hope it will be released for Wii U.

  •  This sounds really interesting but i don’t know if it is actually real…

  • This is really exciting.I can’t wait till i get it!

  • If this turns out to be true, I would love to buy it for my Wii U. I like the idea of playing it on my big screen! 😀 But 3DS is too. But if it comes out for Wii U, it could only help in sales!

  • LinkFan

    It’s only on 3ds

  • Amanda Steagall

    Absolutely would be buying it as soon as it is released! I loved playing City Folk on Wii and this will be even better! Not to mention the possibilities with the Wii U Gamepad! 

  • fatma ..

    I just want it for the 3DS !…