Jun 27th, 2013

If you haven’t had enough of bird-flinging in Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio on every device you own save your toaster, come August you’ll be able to purchase the games yet again for your Wii U. According to the developer the game features 30 episodes and also includes some exclusive new levels.

Off TV play and of course, touch screen controls are supported. I suppose of all the consoles the Angry Birds Trilogy makes the most sense on the Wii U with its touch pad, but Angry Birds is so 2010.

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  • Ony


  • thedeciderU

    this is not a game announcement haha

  • gimpcell

    I never played the Android version on any of my phones in the past years. I guess I will buy it for Wii U.

    • Game Master

      Me to, I don’t have a iPad on a I Phone, so I’m looking forward to this

  • Majora’s Mask

    omg rovio is so fucking cheap ab should be an app only

  • Lev M

    once they started charging for angry, people stop playing it

  • felony211662

    I refuse to even waste memory on my phone for ab let alone my Wii u. I’d rather play zen pinball demos

  • dfoz3

    I love angry birds but I don’t know how they justify charging $40 for something I paid at most $3 for all of the combined apps. I won’t be buying this unless it is $10 or less.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      I think its ridiculous. I really dont understand the plan behind Nintendos strategy.

      • jonen

        nintendo does not develop or publish angry birds.

        • Both of them are saying this like Nintendo is the primary source of this?? I don’t get it.. 3rd Party company wants to release their game on Nintendo and it is Nintendo’s fault despite the same game being on all the other platforms. But when it is released there they attack the developer of the game not the company that makes the console. Hypocrites is what they are.

      • Didn’t know Nintendo Made Angry Birds?? They are not going to turn away Rovio games because maybe someone would like to play this. They did make it for the other consoles so why not Nintendo? Maybe some still enjoy the game enough to buy it.

      • Sidney Majurie

        Sometimes I try and give you the benefit of doubt but when you say thinbs like this… how can you not be a troll?

    • For $10 I would pick it up as my wife still likes to play it but any more than that she can keep playing it on her Kindle Fire.

      • Bob Charlie

        Yay, Kindle Fire!

    • Levi Johansen

      I will buy both the Wii version and the Wii U version, regardless of the price.

      My cousins have the Wii, so I’ll give them that version and keep the Wii U version for myself.

      I love Angry Birds, I don’t know why – the gameplay is so simple, but still very challenging. The music and atmosphere might be a part of the reason I love it so much though…

      I think it will be around $20, and it said there was a bunch of bonus stages: “Bonus: 40 hours of gameplay”. That would suggest quite a few extra levels.

      These extra levels will probably come as an update to all the other versions though… it is unlikely they will be exclusive.

  • Denvy

    Didn’t buy a console to play phone apps. This is a huge waste of money. More power to them if they can convince people to buy it though.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      People will buy it, but only because we lack the games that should be on Wii U. I think Nintendo paints themselves in a corner here. The signals they send out isnt very good…

      • Denvy

        But seriously, who doesn’t have the game already? That they paid 3 bucks for, haha. You’re right, some will buy it. Makes no sense to me though. We do lack games, but I’m having a ball with the 4 games I have. Whatever happened to the days of replaying games people have? On the NES I played the same games endlessly.

        • gimpcell

          Do not forget trading or borrowing with friends. I still do it with my childhood friends.

  • TheBrainJemin

    If Rovio was smart, they would sell this game with Angry birds Star Wars, Space, and Bad Piggies, and make an Nintendo exclusive game with Nintendo themed levels, with new birds and items. Also they would add online scoreboards, friend sharing, and possibly a new multi-player mode, whether it be co-op or competitive, or both, and have online player with that. And finally, they would include special trailers, artwork, and other stuff from the creators. THEN it would be somewhat acceptable for console release. But no, they went the cheap way and made a bland HD port. Charming.

    • Brian

      What about a 3D version with the gamepad being a sling shot??

      • TheBrainJemin

        Also a good idea gone to waste.

      • mikel334u2

        Seems more appropriate on the 3DS…

  • NorinEclypse

    This is a good opportunity for the Wii U to potentially attract more indie/3rd party developers if they see such a game succeed. I, for one, am glad that Rovio is showing support for the Wii U

  • Jon

    if it is more than $15 I won’t be getting it, I’ll just play it for free on facebook.

  • Starfoxguy

    Angry Birds is so out of date. I can’t think of any of my friends that still play it. It’s time for something new Rovio.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Its time for something new Nintendo…

      • Rovio makes Angry Birds… Or are you saying Nintendo should tell Rovio to go jump off a bridge??

        • Magnus Eriksson

          No, not at all. 🙂

          • Then I fail to see how your comment towards Nintendo makes any sense. How can Nintendo make something new with another company’s video game that they want to release. The way I see it Nintendo has at least a couple new games coming soon. One they sponsored and is a sequel but still new for Nintendo and that is Bayonetta 2. The other is a new IP from one of their developers and that is X. I am sure there is more but it seems to be way more than other top game publishers are doing new.

  • Mark Thom


  • Joey Perez

    Meh played it on my phone yrs ago … Could be fun four 5 bucks or less … Anyone in here 18 or older playing black ops 2???

    • Agent721

      Agent721 on the Wii u…

    • gimpcell

      It is fun to play on Wii U. If I am ever back on look for Luis_Gimpy. I’m getting an itch to play again, makes one feel like a crackhead.

  • Joel

    And not a single fuck was given that day.

    • gimpcell

      I wouldn’t give a fuck if I had any fucks left. Talking about it is really making me twitch. I do not want to go back, not yet.

  • Eddie Garland


  • andrewjcole

    Why Rio? There’s Star Wars and Space!

  • wober2

    why you give this? I want bad piggies!

    • wober2

      I had a strange brain fart that activision was publishing this game… weird.

  • kinghenroc187

    nintendo is working on big titles so there will be a drought but when you see games coming out 2 or 3 years straight showing the wiil u’s power everyone will forget that this ever happen and ninty will will win our hearts again give it time and support they need it for the big games they have to be working on at least 60 major titles and about 100 third party including exclusives theres no games because there are working on more then one game besides the ones that has bin shown..

  • Nintendude

    …Do people still play Angry Birds?

    • Matt Lambourne

      I think my mum does. That and solitaire.

  • If it’s “cheep” enough to get with my Deluxe Digital Promotion money I figure, eh what the heck?

  • Madmagican

    oh boy….*sigh* why?

  • bizzy gie

    It would be awesome if they changed the game up a little for Wii U. Instead of sidescrolling, they should put the slingshot on the GamePad. We fling back and the birds fly forward off the GamePad on to the TV.

    Just a thought.

    • Linskarmo

      That would be interesting indeed. If Rovio made a new game for Wii U I’d want it, but I already have Angry Birds.

  • Nintyfan

    The past versions of Angry Birds on consoles sold a lot, in fact it sold over 1 million+ copies. It may help a little here.

  • Johny

    who gives a crap.
    maybe if its <10$ on e-shop

  • david jarman

    I couldn’t care less for this game, but where does it state it will be $40?
    I don’t understand why some people are worried, or why some people are attacking Nintendo for some other company’s product.
    This sounds to me like an Eshop game and probably is.
    And for those trolling.
    Angry bird trilogy is on the ps3 and Xbox 360 sold for $30.

    • Game Master

      Right, we don’t even know the price yet, it could be less

    • dfoz3

      It doesn’t state anywhere specifically. I was basing my price estimate on what they charged when they released it on the 360 and ps3. The model so far has been to charge full retail price for games that have already received hefty discounts on those systems. Call it an educated guess.

    • dfoz3

      I did just check amazon and they have the wii version listed at 39.99 and wii u version at 49.99. If that’s the case then Rovio is out of their minds. Hopefully those are placeholder prices.

      • david jarman

        They usually are place holders. I hope they do something different and a different experience.

  • Agent721

    Up until Journey & The walking dead game, the best selling PSN. game for years was angry birds… this will sell well.

  • Ducked

    More than $30 would be crazy. They should retail it at $20 for physical copy…

  • CaveGiant

    Good to hear. Anything helps.

  • brian murphy

    long as its been since i heard them making a wii u version they coulda thrown in angry birds starwars only thing that makes you wanna buy this version is wii u gamepads touch screen support

  • Dell Goodman

    There is good and bad to this.
    Good is that we’re seeing more mobile apps getting onto consoles, this will help bring in more mobile based game designers to branch out more and give the Wii U a bigger library.
    The bad is, that it is Angry Birds, the most over sold, and most milked franchise off to date.

    I’m open for some Gameloft games to hit the console (without their free-to-play options). As well as other apps to run on the Wii U.

    The one down side is that the tablet doesn’t have a camera on the back off it, making use of the whole 3DS reality games a miss on the Wii U.

    • Potemkin

      You forgot CoD, Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution….

  • therealruben1

    And i thought microsoft was trying to rip us off

  • FlyingBoat

    gosh cant we just get more actual games? rather than old games that you can get for free on android phones, that are years old, and everyone’s sick of? and i garantee they wont be free.

  • Ernesto Avilez

    WOW, Angry Birds on WiiU, i can see that with the gamepad. Now just imagine Minecraft on WiiU O_O