Mar 27th, 2014


Today’s Super Smash Bros. screenshot should have Star Fox fans excited, as developer Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that Andross is an assist trophy in the new game. Here’s Sakurai’s post on Miiverse is rather hilarious:

Pic of the day. Oh, Uncle Andross. He really isn’t very considerate.

While it does’t get us any closer to getting a real Star Fox game, it’s nice to see his nemesis return in the form of an assist trophy. What do you think of this one?

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  • WarioForever

    Ok, like in Brawl. Now, is there something new, or completely different? ( then I explode)

  • CEObrainz

    I want to see what the next 100-man smash looks like, including the new cpu/characters that will replace the alloys from brawl.

  • helpo
  • Thomas Vienna

    Wow, that looks nothing like the Andross I knew from way back on the N64. What happened to him?

    • Kyle

      its the Andross from SNES

      • Thomas Vienna

        Oh, I see.

        • FutureFox

          Its hard to imagine, but that original 3D rendering was groundbreaking. Such a cool boss fight.

  • steveb944

    Great. Now I want to play Star Fox

  • Mario

    Oh Sakurai! Andross isn’t your uncle! He’s Oikonny’s!

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    I think Star Fox fans would be more excited if Ninty would just announce a new Star Fox game. Make it happen already Nintendo.

    • jjbredesen

      I think out of Metroid, Star Fox and F-Zero, SF is the game that will be made first, they have some teams that we don’t know what are working on so i hope we will get it as a game in Summer 2015.

      Hoping for a Assault style game, i was a big fan of the direction of the artstyle it took, and that they tried to do 3rd person shooting.

      The story sucked and the 3rd person controlls sucked, and so did the landmaster, but if they could make game in the same dark style, with Mass Effect style cover system, and lots of different weapons a great mulitplayer and lots of maps it would be fantastic.

      And more ARWING stages!

      • darkcreap

        Did you try Starfox 64? It was great. I haven’t played Assault. I missed the Gamecube generation…

    • darkcreap

      Yes, please!!! I loved Starfox 64. I would like to play Assault.

  • Christian Schoff

    I’m glad they’re using this Andross. Making him a monkey in SF64 was weird to me.

  • Greg Lanciotti

    what is an assist trophy?

    • Starfoxguy

      The user grabs it and damages all other players.

      • Greg Lanciotti


  • Starfoxguy

    I have been waiting for something Starfox related in Smash for so long.