Aug 1st, 2014


Michel Ancel, the legendary creator of the Rayman franchise, has left Ubisoft Montepellier in order to form his own studio with just 13 people on board. The team plans on revealing the project they’re working on soon, but despite the formation of a new studio and his departure to manage that studio, Ubisoft says Ancel is still directing select projects with the company.

Ubisoft says that Ancel will split his time working with his new studio, Wild Sheep Studio, as well as managing projects at Ubisoft that require his attention. One of those is Beyond Good & Evil 2, a sequel to the 2003 cult hit. We saw no mention of Beyond Good & Evil 2 at E3 and beyond a few pieces of concept art teased here and there, things have been relatively quiet. Here’s Ubisoft’s official statement on the game:

It’s still far too early to give many details about this new title, but what we can say is that while Michel and the team at Ubisoft Montpellier are working with the core tenets of BG&E, they’re developing something that aspires to push past the boundaries of a proverbial sequel and leverages next-gen technologies to deliver a truly surprising, innovative and exceptional game. The entire team is excited about the direction this extremely ambitious project is taking, and we’ll have more to share later, as it progresses.

It’s nice to see than the game’s development is still underway with Ancel at the helm, but the biggest question is whether or not it will be released for Wii U. No platforms have been officially announced for the game, but given Ubisoft’s tenuous support for the Wii U so far, we’re starting to doubt whether we’ll see this one on Wii U.

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  • Noah

    How will this affect Rayman?

    • charlieanni

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      My guess we’ll be getting the Mighty No.9 treatment

    • Rinslowe

      He’s unaffected…

      • Noah

        You think Michael will still work on Rayman games?

        • Rinslowe

          Actually to be serious, your guess is as good as mine. Seeing as though he’s left Ubisoft and the IP is probably theirs. Maybe not.
          With himself and 13 others working on Beyond Good and Evil 2 I’d say not any time soon.
          Does it really matter though? I mean he could well do a mighty no 9 on Rayman and create a new IP – Reymen…?

  • EvanMMeyer

    We saw no mention of Beyond Good & Evil 2 at E3 and beyond a few pieces of concept art teased here and there, things have been relatively quiet. Here’s Ubisoft’s official statement on the game:

  • The Clockwork Being

    This silence about Beyond Good and Evil really sucks. So far we only had teasers shown to us. I just really hope it stays true to the original but statement made by Ubisoft worries me:

    ”In an interview with Next-Gen, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot stated that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be made more accessible to the new generation of gamers, in an effort to make sure the sequel does not suffer the same commercial failure the original did.Guillemot clarified that statement later on, saying that they do not intend to make the game more casual game oriented.”

    Yeah they don’t want to make a casual game but hopefully they don’t reinvent it like Resident Evil was reinvented to appeal to a new audience.

  • Mr Ninty

    i would really like a new BG&E, but ubisoft is going downhill since the year-on-year milking of AC, PoP was bad, Ghost recon Future soldier was worse, watchdogs isn’t as good as promised. some games did well but the quality isn’t as good as it was

    • rpurple

      I loved prince ot persia series. I think around the time of Ac2 and after theyve just gotten worse!!!!

  • Nintendofreak

    Next gen technology hmmmmmmmmmm. … 1080p 60 fps ahhh wait more like 45 fps

    • Nah, 8th gen games are either 30fps or 60fps. The bigger change is the resolution…although 720p or 900p isnt much of a big deal.

  • PS4WiiURocks

    Ubi…Sorry i’ll pass

    • Daniel Gonzalez


      • PS4WiiURocks

        Nah Pass! 🙂


    If this dude don’t shut up about Beyond Good and Evil 2….
    This dude is aggravating the hell out of me!
    He’s been such a tease with that game. It’s like he knows people want it yet he shows nothing.
    Don’t want to hear nothing about BGE2 until he shows some goddamn gameplay footage!!

  • Rinslowe

    Ancel and 13 people is good enough….
    Hopefully Beyond Good and Evil 2 doesn’t take too long.

  • Merry_Blind

    Good for him. He will be able to truly make what games he wants how he wants them instead of following the orders.