Sep 22nd, 2012

The Nintendo Wii U has sold out of pre-orders across the US. Yesterday, the biggest game retailer in the world, GameStop, announced that Wii U demand has been “off the charts”. Even Nintendo has said that Wii U demand has been “extremely strong”. But not everyone is impressed by the success of the Wii U so far.

Analyst Colin Sebastian over at R.W. Baird believes it’s all a calculated move by Nintendo to “generate a perception” that the Wii U is in demand. He believes that these sellouts across retail stores isn’t necessarily a negative thing, but says that it’s either neutral or slightly positive.

He also believes that Nintendo will start manufacturing the Wii U later this month, at 1.5 million units per month. This is on par with what Michael Pachter recently predicted.

Despite being unimpressed by the fact that the Wii U has sold out already, Sebastian does make one important point: the launch will be very important for Nintendo in terms of having enough units, but not too many. He said:

“You want a combination of as many units as possible, that are also perceived to be in short supply, but you don’t want to under supply the market so people go out and by something else.”

Wii U supply and demandNintendo is likely trying to create more buzz by limiting the amount of consoles available — that’s nothing new, gaming and consumer electronics companies have been doing that for decades. However, should the Wii U be in very short supply, consumers who wished to get one might just buy another console or spend their money on something else entirely. It’s a delicate balance, something Nintendo has plenty of experience with since it launched the Wii back in 2006.

Overall, despite the sellouts and high demand for the Wii U, these analysts still appear to be very cautious, some even wonder if the Wii U can build enough buzz.

We have no idea how many Wii U units Nintendo had allocated to retailers for pre-orders. There have been rumors that it’s in the 3-400,000 range, but it’s unlikely we’ll ever know. At this point, it probably wouldn’t hurt if Nintendo started promising retailers some more inventory for pre-orders.

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      I know im going to get flagged spam by nintendo fanboy trolls but i told ya mr patcher was right and well heres the evidence ladies and gentlemen. Mr atcher respectfully has beensaying nintedodropthe ball and are weak ancient over priced tech but well yoh see even analyst are agreeig with him so you know something wrong with the fanboys. Listen ya have to use logic and reasoning skills stop being a blind fanboy and admit nintendo has drop theball and made mistakes. Im huge nintendo fanboy but after they betrayed the hardcore gamers i felt abused and dirty i couldnt trust nintendo i felt like taking a shower i couldnt believe they cheated on me. So i got a divorce and started dating microsoft and they kniw how to treat a lady right. Microsoft has been outselling the wii right now you know why its becuase they treat the customers with repect and intellagants unlike the other two competitiors.

      • Bejsindjjwnn

        Your spelling annoys me….

        • AKA-Link77

          Y do u talk out of your ass?

          • PACMAN


          • AKA-Link77

            *Article Reply*
            I actually said this a while ago wen pre orders first sold out: i was thinking “dang already sold out? Ima have to wait…” Then i thot that if other ppl r waiting then they might be impatiant and jump out of the wait-line for Wii U™ and possibly buy something else. 🙁
            So again:
            “Nin better send stock soon or they might miss that one great customer.”

          • TheWholeTruth

            Sure, when Nintendo is sold out, it’s a big meh.
            But when Apple is sold out, everyone going crazy.


            At least they are making 1.5 million instead of just 0.5 Million PS3 and 0.25 Million Xbox 360 (August Launch).

            Again, the PS3 originally was too expensive, at 500$ and 600$, but they quickly changed it’s pricing to 500$ and 400$ in 3 months and 6 month with bigger hdds. Some people paid 1200$ to get one… Kind of pointless, especially considering that when a console is console is launched, their isn’t much great games released.

            The PS2 had a huge line up, PS3 didn’t, the good games came later during the year.

            PS2, PS Vita and Wii U all had (will have) a lot of games at launched.
            Some will complain that the Vita doesn’t have a lot of games, it does, but there hasn’t been a lot of new released since. Well, of course it didn’t, it launched in spring and there’s really never anything good that’s being released during the summer time, with a few exceptions this year.

            Most release comes during the holidays, and N/A and Europe will be the first to get their hands on the Wii U. There’s a lot of enhanced games on the Wii U. I’m still waiting for more exclusive Wii U games such as Zombiu, zombies aren’t really my thing, cuz I love a challenge, and zombies are just the minimal effort in the AI department.

            Zombiu looks refreshing from other mindless zombie games out there. I’m interested to see what it can do as well as other games and what they can offer.

        • ZombieGuns

          IF YOU STOP FEEDING THE TROLLS THEY WILL GO AWAY. This isn’t rocket science people.

          • Nintedward.

            This mother fu%^er has got a rocket up his ass . Rocket science is exactly what this is .

          • MEJM

            Yeah, but it makes you wonder why this dude is even wasting his time on this website. I guess trolling is some people’s hobby.

          • TheWholeTruth

            I don’t know, maybe their paid post this BS..
            If not… Get a life. Trolls.

      • Nintendude

        So, I’m guessing your probably getting the $500+ PS4?

        • TheWholeTruth

          I probably will be getting both Wii U 350$ and PS4 at 500$.

        • TheWholeTruth

          Is there anything wrong with having multiple consoles?

          Both Nintendo and PlayStation make great consoles and games.

          And unless you didn’t know, the price of the PS3 was droped to 400$ and 500$ after 3 month and it’s first year. Just like how the 3DS dropped from 250$ to 170$ after a couple of months.

          So, I wouldn’t talk too much, you’re statement is a bit arrogant.
          No offence.

        • TheWholeTruth

          Besides, he’s an Xbox / Microsoft fanboy.
          He’s arrogant and blind himself, let him pay for his Xbox Live just so that he can access free-to-access apps such as Facebook and Netflix.

          Netflix does cost 8$/month, but on Xbox, you have to pay 60$ for Live PLUS the 8$/month.

          Why would I want to pay to access something I can access anywhere else for free?

          Lucifer is an Xbox troll, don’t let him get to you Nintendude.
          He needs to realize that the reason people don’t like Xbox is because Microsoft is treating their fans like crap.

          I loved the original Xbox, but the 360 is useless and a complete cash gimmick.

          Buy a kinect for 150$. Oh, we are sorry, it’s not accurate enough, buy this New kinect for PC with USB 3.0 for just another 250$!

      • sidistic0N3

        “I know im going to get flagged spam by nintendo fanboy trolls….”

        So says the Nintendo troll of Wii U Daily. You realize this is a pro Nintendo site right? I just don’t get people like you. Do you have nothing better to do with your life. For someone who claims to dislike Nintendo, you seem to spend every waking moment of your life following Nintendo news. Lame.

        Your grammar, spelling, and sentence structure is abysmal. But that is typical of anti-Nintendo trolls 😀

        • Noteak

          Amen, to the person above me. (sidisticON3)

        • TheWholeTruth

          I second this comment.

          What a complete waste of time.

      • Nintedward.

        You weren’t sleeping with all 3 ?? The wii is a bit of a kiddy fiddler , but it’s the most sweet and entertaining one , just like Micheal Jackson .

        • Nintedward.

          Point of comment = the wii has 10 times the exclusives that the 360 has , lol in terms of quality and variety . The ps3 has some damn good games .

          you know the 360’s best selling game is Kinnect adventures ??? So the xbox has been cheating on you aswell , fool .

          • RinkiGaiSou

            Not to mention that the XBOX Live CSA and Enforcement teams don’t really give a shit about customer satisfaction despite the fact that their subscriber base guarantees these morons a paycheck every week. Apparently the term “you get what you pay for” doesn’t compute with them. It’s a big part of why I’ll never go back. It’s just too bad the rest of those sheep will keep blindly throwing money at them and buying into the crap that these so-called “Analysts”(likely XBL nerds themselves) spew every time new hardware or games are released by competing companies. 90% of the time they’re just talking out of their asses. It’s a bad joke if you ask me. A tired old story that nobody in their right mind cares about. I’d say we’re smart enough to be able to choose what we want to play. We like what we like regardless of whether it’s “popular” or “successful” Analysts be damned. I think I’ve rambled on long enough. Apologies if I’ve wasted everyone’s time. Just had to throw my two cents in.

          • Nintedward.

            You are damn right RinkiGaiSou . Fu%k the xbox 360 and fu%k microsoft .
            I just wish F

          • TheWholeTruth

            It’s better to have an underwhelming hype and end up being great rather than having something that’s overly hyped and having people disappointed in the product.

            Most people aren’t fool, you can’t rehash the same stuff over and over again and expect the same enthusiasm.

            Just look at Apple, they make extremely good products, but it doesn’t really do anything more or different. They have better games, but most of them can be found on other tablets, it doesn’t change significantly enough for me to buy a new version each year. A lot of people are saying it’s over hyped when analyst claims it’s not. A Nintendo console comes once every 6 years, always has, always will be. And the difference between a Wii and a Wii U is much more significant.

            It’s all about it can do, not what they are.

      • Nintenlord

        Respect microsoft? A company that dosnt even give there demos for free?

        • Nintenlord

          Also microsoft games cost more than ps3 games atleast wen you buy a ps3 game you get the full game but on xbox 360 you need to buy a xbox live gold

          • FrustratedAssassin

            No, you don’t. You get the full game either way. You just can’t access the online functionality. I wish I had bought a PS3 instead of my stupid 360 *sigh*.

          • Nintenlord

            Well frustrated assasin if you have to buy something else to get in game features then then is not complete in my book

          • TheWholeTruth


            Don’t worry, just buy a Wii U and forget the rest.

      • NesToWiiU

        Congratulations, you have successfully become more of a troll then the phony nooby fanboy.Have a drink,you’ll need it realizing you bought all that Microballs stuff when you could of gotten a cheap Wii U.

      • rego

        Actually, the wii overall has outsold the xbox and ps3.

        • LUCIFER

          Not as of now. Right now according to video game charts the xbkx is outselling the sony and nintendo. If you add it up than yes wii won but look at it this way wii won becuase they sold cheap and was a weak hardware while xbox sold very good considering the price range and the powerful grqphics and online experiance it offered. Btw graphics are a big selling point and graphics are everything allow me to explain. Nes outsold the atari,master system and commadore becuse the graphics were asthmatically more pleasing snes outsild becuase the graphics and sonys fx were miles ahead. Even back than bits equeled graphics so graphic wars were always a deterimental selling focal point and nintendo were king at that time. But now theyre not and ya hardcore fanboys turned ito casuals who think graphics arent impotant well i beg to differ. In any advance society artistic expression equted with a high sense of coulture and tradition. High graphics offer more freedom of artistic expressions. If technological advancements dont inspire a sense of intricate awe ask yourself this without graphical progression you wouldnt have enjoyed the artistically inspirational art style that is kirbys epic yarn nope you never sense that renewed sense of evolutionary progression of expressionism and artistic evolutionary progression that any advance coulture have a sense of enlightenment so please dont disrespect us “graphic who**” who want more unique ways of artistic expression you uncoultured uncivilized dult.

          • dojo

            u talk to much like your acually going to get your point through save you breath loser we don”t wanna smell the putred smell of retardedness come out of your mouth blabbering idiot u have no room to talk u don”t own a succsessful buisness do you? no so shut up mentally ill person i bet youll be the first to hit 200 dislikes

          • Nintedward.

            wii sports = 80 million copies , mario kart wii = 35 million copies , NSMBwii = 25 million copies

            Kinnect adventures = 18 million copies .

            What you talkin bout willace ?? The fact of the matter is , the wii sold the most harware this/last generation , and had the highest selling games .

            So lets not go there .

          • Smitty

            You could also argue that limitations force developers to get creative with their art direction and style eg windwaker, madworld etc. These games looked fantastic on my hd tv because of their art direction and not the grunt or lack of from under the wiis hood. Creating a new gaming experience allows for a bigger leap in artistic expression in my eyes, giving people new ways to interact will always trump a few more polygons and smoothing effects, its just not that impressive anymore (especially when you consider my pc was pushing graphics and resolutions better than the next gen consoles years ago…)

          • Nintedward.

            ”were asthmatically more pleasing” the NES didn’t have asthma or a breathing disorder or some sh7t .

            You are a really clever guy , who knows how to spell and punctuate and all that , but you think it’s funny replaceing words like Aesthetically with ”Asthmatically”

            The hell is wrong wid you ?

          • frank

            Wow. Big improvement in your use of the english language since that post all the way up there ^

          • 16der

            dude, will you plz go get a life besides trolling?

          • Death

            Gamecube was more powerful than the ps2, yet ps2 is the best selling console to date.

          • LazerK

            I hope you know the difference between graphics and art style.Kirby’s Epic Yarn had a unique art style,with everything looking like it was made with nothing but anything you can get from an arts and crafts store
            A cartoonish art style doesn’t mean bad graphics or bad game neither.TF2 is the perfect example
            Why don’t you graphics whores get it through your tiny brains that graphics for a game DON’T FRIGGIN MATTER.A game can have the best up-to-date graphics,but if the game itself is terrible,the gameplay is bad and not worth playing,what good are the graphics?Its like going to a restaurant that looks amazing,but the food tastes like shit
            Now gtfo you stupid Xbox fanboy troll.Take your pathetic excuse for a gamer logic and bad grammar elsewhere

          • Guhtere

            The reason the Xbox/Ps3 are outselling the Wii now is because the Wii U is coming out and everyone who wanted a Wii already has one.

          • TheWholeTruth

            Well, of course they want to sell more Xbox, because they’re dropping the price at dirt cheap.

            But then they’ll still screw you over with Online suckriptions, for something that is free everywhere else, and over price accessories that can only be bought by Microsoft, because Xbox does not support any third party accessories like Wii and PlayStation does.

            The other day, I saw a bundle of an Xbox controller, with a remote for movies and an HDMI cable for 90$. On the box it said there was a 40% rebate.
            I can hardly image what was the original cost of them…

            Compare that with a PS3 controller at 45$, plus a Blu Ray remote for 20$-25$ and a High Speed HDMI for 10$. Makes to the highest total being 80$.
            I don’t see where there’s a 40% savings when it’s still 10% more expensive than elsewhere.

            I even bought the combo God of War (3D) + a controller for 40$.
            I sold the collection online for 20$ (since I had it), reducing the cost to 20$.

            Face it, most people who bought an Xbox utterly regrets buying one, unless they were a huge fan of the first one, the first one was a good console at that time, but now…

            Microsoft refuses to let any other third party manufacturer to make accessories for Xbox because they want to make more money.
            Nintendo does allow third party manufacturer to make wii accessories.

          • TheWholeTruth

            The Wii sold more because it was fun.

            The Xbox sold because you had a “friend” twisting your arm, bringing you to the store and forcing you to buy one.

            It also sold more thanks to the RRODs failure.

            Of course they’ll sell you more when you have to buy it 2-3 times and get a “decent” model after it’s 5th year on the market.

            After 6-8 years, it’s already time to change consoles.

            Then Xbox will be the last to come on the market of the next gen and they’ll have the pretension that the generation lasted longer.
            But it’s pointless if your console has to be replaced 5 times during that amount of time.

            They fooled people once, but people are more clever than that, they won’t male the same mistakes twice, everyone is switching and leaving the Xbox.

            And for the record.
            According to Microsoft, the highest number of subscribers of Xbox Live Gold was during a singular month and had 25 million people during the month of August.
            Again, that’s the month they started to hand out free 1 month trials.
            And according to VGchartz, there’s supposed to be 67 million people who bought an Xbox 360. Where are thoses buyers? Are they in isolated regions where High Speed Internet is not available? Or is it people people bought multiple times the same console in order to get one that works? Or maybe they just don’t feel the need to pay for Xbox Live because it’s not worthwhile.

            Regardless, as of 2012 at E3, Sony had 80% of all their PS3 connected to the Internet. That makes a total amount of 52 Million, twice the amount of Xbox Live with their free month trials.

            Compare the numbers. I’m not even trying to sell a PS3 to my friends, I just let other people convince them of buying an Xbox 360.
            Then when they regret buying one, I can easily convince them to switch consoles to either a PS3 or a Wii U. Why is it so easy to convince them?

            Because both Sony and Nintendo are honest companies that actually care about the gamer. Microsoft is just plain greedy.

          • Andre

            Wow, you’re not very well informed. Now as far a graphics between Nintendo, Commodore 64 and Atari, yes NES could easily have outsold both on graphics alone. But honestly speaking, most (not all) of the Master System’s games had better graphics and coloring than NES. If you flip-flop Nintendo’s console and Sega’s console time wise, the earlier console would have been more successful, as both had the potential to revive the console gaming industry. Here is a great example, look at Ninja Gaiden for the NES, and then the Master System Version (they are different games), the Sega MS version was brighter, ran smoother, and was way less glitchy. Both are still great, but it you compare the two, Sega would win there.

      • Gamer

        Iowa must have a very bad school system. Microsoft really, RROD.

      • dojo

        ok first go back to the first grade and learn how to put spaces moron you know nothing obviously cuz you support pachter and he knows nothing either anyone else see the coralation

      • me

        Seriously, why are you here Lucifer? You obviously are not a fan of Nintendo.
        All you do is make negative comments. What is the point of you being here? I’m sure you can find something better to do with your time.

        And as for all of these so called ‘analysts’ they can stfu as well. They don’t know how many units were shipped to the stores to begin with. Anyone of us can make predictions and statements like that. Why do people pay these fools? Especially that Pachter nobody.

      • ToadTheBarbarian

        First time I gave a Troll a thumbs up. I can’t deny it, this was funny!

      • revolution5268

        you are a drone in the Nintendo community, why are you even here?

      • dojo

        ohh and btw freak if you were aever a nintendo fan u wouldnt have left loser dont ever EVER call yourself a fanboy EVER

      • dark

        who upvoted you?

      • unmannedrobot



        Seriously? It is because the Wii is getting old, mate, and I’d watch what you say, but even you know that the Wii U will someday outsell the outdated current generation of consoles, because for Nintendo, it’s not quite ‘next-gen’, but when the Xbox 720 and PS4 are released, it will truely be next generation!

        • darthreven


      • Chris Bingham

        Sooo… How are the Vita sales doing?

      • goginho

        Wow. I’m really sorry for your unfortunate little “situation” with Nintendo, looks like it has really affected your life. But like I said before, get some help, maybe therapy or something’ll do you wonders (I hope).

      • Smokey cheese

        You witter on about respect,intelligence,logic and reason.yet you post retarded dribble,intentionally trying to irritate people that feel passionate about a company. I fail to see how NIntendo let down hardcore gamers intentionally.NIntendo has always produced AAA titles. The Wii third party support was less than brilliant. Microsoft are not exactly perfect are they.I own a PS3 and have no complaints with the system or its games out put. Lucifer you seem to be on some sort of crusade to malign NIntendo,if that is the case then try and do it with a bit more logic and respect and then maybe you will not come across as some sort of Nintendo hating moron.

      • alex

        I agree with you on Nintendo make mistake but to say M$ is a beater videogame company you are crazy…the Wii u is not a super console but is good enough and innovated for us…plus the xbox died so fast and the new 720 all ready having problems with CPU malfunction and is not aout yet? That maybe will not see the day light untill 2014 if the problems continue and you say they are beater? if Nintendo fail I will jump to my secon system wich is Sony but never to MS not even in PC windows 8 suck they are traying to copy apple so for me MS fuck the video games industries and can go to hell look at there craoy windows phone too

      • DR. spankalot

        did you know ms took away your rights? if you read the last upgrade on your xbox, you agree on not being able to sue ms if they get hacked and you lose your bank number.

        Microsoft is a scoundrel and a petty thief.

      • Nko Sekirei

        wat did i say about u talking how attractive patcher is go take it to another room sir

      • SUperMetroid1234

        Why has he not been down-voted into oblivion yet?

      • 0soul

        Spell “know” right then we’ll talk.

      • Morley94

        Have fun paying for online play that’s free on every other console dickhole

    • somebody

      dont think so because everybody is waiting for crhistmas and in that date everybody has their money for buy their gifts(wiiu)

    • somebody


      • JumpMan

        run on sentence! sorry, i just don’t understand them.

        • somebody

          my english is not perfect sorry


      I started a flame war i started a flame war

  • Jetty

    Just to be sure, does everybody realize Nintendo pays these people to create press?

    • Ronny Lee 19881

      Proof? Why would Nintendo pay analysts to bash their ability to launch a console?

      • Jetty

        I have to believe this. It’s better than saying many analysts make more money than me, get to talk about video games all day, but sound like they are concussion victims.

        • ECM

          ^^This is funny.

          (And yes, they are concussion victims: their heads hit their asses so hard and that, combined with the oxygen deprivation from their heads being lodged there, causes serious brain damage.)

          • Reply to ECM

            That kinda made me fart my butt off… I mean laugh…

      • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

        You’re too defensive dude, he’s not bashing. He’s spreading word about the console and saying that they have to be careful, and they do. The economy isn’t what it used to be. It’s hard to say how many consoles they need to make to create their shortage and still have enough to build a buzz and get some money coming in. That’s where analysts come in. They look at all the information they have available to predict what a company needs to do to do well and they keep us all informed on what they’re thinking. This guy said something about the Wii U, that’s good. That’s one more time the Wii U has been in the news. He hasn’t said anything negative about the system, just that Nintendo has to be careful with manufacturing. And Nintendo would be happy to have this in the news, cause it’s not bashing and it’s another chance people have to hear the name Wii U. That’s good for business.

        • Jetty

          I’m not being defensive, just be observant. No publicity is bad publicity. We agree on Pachter’s latest article. Mr. Colin has a previous article stating not enough hype being built. Nintendo is holding back, as Pachter stated. Now that Nintendo is building hype, taking his advice basically, Colin Sebastian has flip flopped like a “concussion victim”. I understand they have got to adjust to sources and information. Seeing a 360 just makes me question bribery, or forgetfulness. I doubt the latter.

          • Jetty

            *beING* observant. That’s what I get for mocking concussions.

          • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

            I was referring to the other guy who was saying they were bashing Nintendo. They aren’t bashing. Just doing what they’re paid to do, give info on the Wii U, and basically what they said is that the pre-orders aren’t enough to decide whether it’s going to be a huge success or not. Sorry for the misunderstanding

        • Jetty

          No problem at all. Everything is taken out of context online.

  • Doug

    im impressed. MY BODY IS REGGIE for teh Wii U

  • The incredible sandwich

    Can they just shut up.

  • Benjaminkno

    It’s Nintendo! They will always be successful. They’ll be around even after I die! (30)

    • Gary Moscheles

      exactly. when was their last system flop?

      and on top of that, what SHOULD the Wii U be priced at? 250? that’d be insane. not only is the controller expensive to make, but the specs are basically saying it’s the best VG system so far. 300 is a damn fine deal.

      • ECM

        Virtual Boy a good 17 years ago.

        • Benjaminkno

          Which wasn’t terrible, just an extreme headache. I’m not sure why such disdain for Nintendo… they’ve done so much for the industry and made it what it is today

          • Gary Moscheles

            yes. i’m a little sick of this apparent hate conspiracy against nintendo. it seems like no matter what they do, others accuse it of being a bad/stupid idea.

        • frank

          Yeah the virtual is currently (let’s hope it stays) nintendos only failed console for MANY reasons. Whenever I think about it, I always think of how it was just weird and almost too different, and how it didn’t really have a successor or counterpart. I guess it will always be part of nintendos history with 3D gaming, so that’s kind of good.

          • Death

            Actually Gamcube is considered a failure in terms of sales.

    • PACMAN

      This is true nintendo’s been around longer than any other gaming company. Which means they are very great business men and will not possibly ever go out of business. There will always be people who like nintendo. Nintendo even started games that families can play. Nintendo forever!!!

      • Death

        Enough said.

        • Death

          Oh crap I thought you meant Nintendo was the OLDEST gaming company.. Ignore my previous comment…

          • DR. spankalot

            you do know that atari no longer exist?

          • Benjaminkno

            Atari still makes games

    • :O

      Why will you die at the age of 30? That’s terribe! I’ma haveta bury you in my drawer!

      • Nintenlord

        I think he meant he is 30 and that he is still very young to die at 30

  • Kahhhhyle

    Well to be honest it is kinda meaningless. Though I doubt Nintendo did it on purpose lol

  • Johny

    go nintendo =) show em

  • Ronny Lee 19881

    Sounds like the rantings of a lunatic… Why would Nintendo hold back? They said this launch is going to be different than Wii’s launch, said they would be ready. These “Analysts ” sound like a bunch of conspirator nuts Lol

    • Yup

      True, nuts, they are.

  • SortableShelf19


    • PACMAN

      why would you thumbs down a Sigh?

  • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

    I swear that if I hear one more analyst. Then I will punch them in the face. Just to show how wrong they are about Nintendo

    • zonda777

      Violence… solves nothing.

      • UMad?

        I know, but it at least shuts them up.

        • TheWholeTruth

          Want to reply?
          Go tell everyone how awesome the Wii U is.

          Then, when it’s massively selling, they’ll regret thoses words, and may even loose their jobs for extremely inaccurate predictions. (Or at least change jobs into something they would actually be good at.)

          They’ll blame the economy, I would say it’s karma.

          You can’t expect to do bad things and not have negative repercussions.

    • Nko Sekirei

      i feel like beating up trolls cause their so annoying and also feed the greedy douchebags to the sharks that buy multi deluxe edition wii u s to sell for a quick buck and rob the people a chance who are trying to get the deluxe edition wii u

  • Trev

    I agree the shortage is probably deliberate but I don’t think this is a new tactic in the industry. How ever that doesn’t stop my excitement and hope that this the wiiu will be the best Nintendo console and will have good third party support!! It would be interesting to know how Lon after the wii wa announced how long it took for pre orders to sell out assuming it did.

  • Nintenlord

    This make finacial sence and i bet nintendo will have game on the store day 1 to meet those persons that want the console but not have reservet

  • Paul

    dosent bother me this just aslong as i can pick up my order on release date or a midnight if hmv do one in my town center

  • NintendronesLOL


    • Nintenlord

      Hahahaahahahaahahaahahahah *breah* hahahahaahahahaahahahaaha * breath hahahahaahahahahahaha

    • zonda777

      Wii U with GamePad included for $299.99 vs. Old PS3 + Expensive Vita with small screen for $499.99. Yeah… the PS3 and the Vita can do the exact same thing, right? -_-

    • Nintendude

      Lol did you not read the article yesterday?

    • NesToWiiU

      Hey blonde chick,do you want to try to download a Microsoft on ebay?It only cost 399$!(No offense to suprisingly smart blonde chicks.)

    • darthreven

      Wrong vita is crap and is not worth 250 and 3ds is beating vita 10 to 1….enough said…facts are facts…troll

      • Paul

        the vita has one or two games only as the rest can be bought on a iphone and android device

        the ps3 and vita dont come bundled like the wii u does so developers know that when people buy a wii u you get it all unlike the psvita and ps3

    • Guhtere

      I would rather spend $350 on the original idea with better games and a big screen than the $500 rip-off with a small screen with 2 games and a small-ass screen.

    • Nko Sekirei

      wat an idiot gtfo dude wii u is far more powerful then ps3,vita and 360 and ur comment is invalid cause ur facts is false and ur a sony s b itch whore

    • Aaron

      lmao, The vita costs $250 with the $300 ps3 that is 500 dollars the Wii U costs 300 taht is 200 dollars saved and the developers can’t rely on the fact that you can use the vita because nobody has the vita

    • TheWholeTruth

      Key word: Games.

      Yes, Vita/PS3 can POTENTIALLY do what the Wii U can do, but not all games are compatible like the Wii U has.

      So far, they’ve announced it for LBP2 and PS All Stars Battle Royale, but other games like Batman and Assassin’s Creed 3, the touchscreen functions are only on the Wii U, as far as I know.

      Plus, the Wii U can uses functions that can play your games onto the controller’s screen. With the Remote Play, you are limited to the number of games you can do that with, they’ve recently updated Remote Play to have GoW 1&2 HD and Ico/SoC HD, 2 packages of former PS2 games……..
      Not really what I expect.

      You see, I’m a PlayStation fan, and even I have accurate information and I am able to acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of a consoles.

      Remote Play on the Vita is weak, unless you hack it, then you could play Battlefield 3. Besides that, Wii U does what Remote Play does but “Universally” not for just “specific games”.
      The Cross-Controller (PS3/Vita) feature does looks more promising. But the Wii U has much more games compatible and they are pushing it.

      And also, the price, a PS3/Vita cost 500$ at least, the Wii U cost 300$.

  • Neonridr

    Do these guys even have business degrees? I mean come on! The darn thing is sold out, oh but I don’t know if it’s going to do well… That statement is just ridiculous…

    • darkfox

      I love the Big N but it all depends on how MANY sysyems nintendo GAVE each store for pre-orders the PS3 sold out day one but each store had 5-10 systems availiable for pre-order. I do not belive the numbers for the Wii U were this low however. Its Nintendo all will be well. My body is ALWAYS ready.

      • Nko Sekirei

        these guys dont know wat their talking about every store across america are sold out on basic and deluxe edition wii u s and its breaking records on preorders and sells but i think nintendo will bring more basic and deluxe edition wii u s so people that havent got one could get one at launch day or on black friday

  • Josh

    What do they want now? A freaking cookie? Be thankful it isn’t the PS3’s launch all over again.

    • revolution5268

      not patcher thats for sure.

  • Bruno

    2/3 ‘featured’ page stories here are about game analysts right now. Does anyone honestly care about this? For some reason, the writers here care a great deal about it. I’m just curious if I’m the only one here who would prefer to see LESS information about Pachter, et al.? As a subscriber to the blog, I’m just a little tired of reading the same story over and over. Nintendo has been making consoles and games for a long time, certainly longer than their modern competitors. Your readers (certainly I) might prefer to read more about the console and the games than the analysts who LOVE to write predictions that proverbially ‘make the headline’.

  • smallNdeadly

    I have never been a big nintendo fan. However I’m switching over because they r the only ones that seem to realize that we would like something new. Wii was a good idea butt not for me cuz I’m on my feet 12 hrs a day and was just to tired to play it lol. Microsoft lost me and my friends when in just 3 of us we experienced 15 red ring of deaths. That’s ridiculous. I did have the cube and enjoyed it so I’m going nintendo. I’m not anyone’s fanboy I get the system that fits me and right now its the Wii U

  • Chris

    This guy is an idiot. He’s unimpressed with a complete sellout, what did he want??

    • Maverick-Hunter

      Yeah complete sell out without even advertising to the general public.

      • Chris

        Nintendo should be advertising now, this is a mistake not to do that.

    • Nko Sekirei

      i think he wants to be b itch slap by a stripper

  • Allon

    They will not be going to buy another system!Most likely whoever is buying the Wii U (including me) is buying it for more reasons then you others can comprehend!All I read is fanboy this and weak that!It be 5 years in Oct. for me staying Xbox Live Gold!So please don’t call me a fanboy!If I am a fanboy of anything!Is gaming all in general!New ways to game is always a plus!Nintendo’s exclusives was thin as all hell and didn’t have no good 3rd parties to back them up!O.K.!!!So now they understanding and putting they on Nintendo flavor to it and this what they came up with!Well….I have my 32gb reserved I will be picking mines up at midnight release!I am a true gamer!You got all these beautiful women in front of you offering you different experiences and you only going to choose one!FOOLS!

    • Andre

      I agree with you. Truthfully, if you are a gamer, you shouldn’t put any console above any other console. Yes, each has their short comings, and most of the time, they make up for that with giving us some truly wonderful gaming experiences. Truth is, yes, it sucks to have to pay for Xbox Live Gold to play online. But I never pay $60 for gold, I think I paid like $20 the last time for a year. Either way, it’s nice for Sony and Nintendo to have free online play, but what if they both adopt a pay to play rule as well, would people turn there backs on them then? I wouldn’t. Heck, I’m almost expecting something like that to take place soon. Especially with the Ouya also coming out next year and their games costing next to nothing to purchase (though most of their games will be Indie Developed, which doesn’t make it a bad thing), Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony will all have to come up with a way to lower the cost of games and not lose revenue. So, it might be paid online subscriptions, or just special services that can only be used if you pay for them in their consoles market place.

      I never understood console bashing anyway. It doesn’t actually stop people from buying and playing the systems they like, it’s just pointless arguing. I am hoping for the Wii U to do well though, as it has a lot of potential to tap into.

  • Kaetsu

    Nothing’s going to stop people from playing amazing nintendo games

  • NoPUNintendo

    I don’t care what analysts think. I got my preorder of the Wii U. I’m going to play it and have fun. Just because they think “hurr durr its not good enough” doesn’t mean I have to stop whatever it is I’m doing, start believing them over my own wants, and cancel my preorder of the Wii U.

  • Nintyfan

    Analysts seem to always be unimpressed with everything anyway. LOL!

    iPhone 5 launches:1st thing from analysts iPhone 5 will fail, guess what 2 million preorders in 24 hours! 2x as mych as 4S Record!

    So really is doesn’t matter, what matters is us consumers.

    • Paul

      the iso map is a failure on apples part though and the design of the phone hasnt changed since the first iphone was released

  • D2K

    At this point the Benny Hill theme song needs to immediately kick in whenever an “analyst” fixes their mouth to say anything about Nintendo. It’s gotten ‘that’ ridiculous.

    • Nintyfan

      LOL, or more emotional “Imagine” by John Lennon

  • Michael

    Guys, the analysts didn’t even say anything negative. I want Nintendo to succeed in this more than the next person, but the fact that Wii U is selling out doesn’t really mean much. It’s definitely not a bad thing, but it could mean that Nintendo just isn’t producing very many of them.

    It’s a good marketing strategy though. You don’t produce enough to meet demands and articles say your product is sold out. People want what they can’t have and it increases demand. Nintendo did this with Wii and it worked. They know what they’re doing.

  • richman

    IMO these analyst are saying all these things because they didn’t expect the Wii U to sell out so fast its been a week since the Wii U price and release date was announced and already it sold out everywhere I did not get the chance to pre-order mine because of money issue but I hope that after everyone got their wii u that there are still left for those that didn’t get to pre-order because we don’t want the same situation as the wii.

  • Enigmatic

    We still do not have exact numbers of the preorders. I do not know a single person that is interested in the Wii U, so I am skeptical.

    • Gamer

      You know that exbox only doeswell in the us right and some parts of england. Nintendo is king and sony is prince.

    • Allon

      I can respect that!If you not interested!You not interested!

    • revolution5268

      i can understand that, my body is not ready for the wii u yet.

    • NoPUNintendo

      You know me. You’ve always known me.

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      I have a friend who will have a Wii U, but in 1 year.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    What’s it going to take to impress analyst? Big demand, all sold out, and people still don’t have their wii u’s. Like they say it won’t do well when it obviously is.

  • Naterman

    I am in favor of the wii u but lucifer has a point. In today’s modern era, graphics are pretty important although I buy things cuz they’re fun not for graphics. Nintendo clearly noticed this and improved they’re graphics AND made super duper fun games to go along with it. Nintendo has always left competition in the dust due to they’re creativity and innovation. The wii u is a clear example with its GamePad. Sony and Microsoft are gonna have to really work hard just to get even with Nintendo and even then Nintendo tops it because they were the original ones who invented it. If you want quality at its finest and fun with better than average graphics, go Nintendo. If u want to waste money on graphics and overpriced consoles full of crap, go Sony. If u want online play (for a fee), go Microsoft. Sorry but Nintendo outshines them even on the sunniest days lol.

    • Naterman

      Oh and for the record I preordered my basic wii u with Nintendo land because they sold out on deluxe. Obviously the wii u was a big hit because it sold out in less than a week.

  • Mchelski

    I understand why analysts are cautions, we are talking about people who are aware that we cannot predict the future, of course, my wish is that Wii U will be a huge success, but without enough data (how many wii us were allowed to pre-order) is quite hard to expect anything at all. Nintendo will have a hard time, like MS and Sony to sell as much as they did before, but I think that Wii U price is reasonable. I won’t talk about ps4 or 720 yet since I know nothing about them and I don’t think they will cost over 500$ too.

  • lunchbox

    While I am one of the many many people who pre-ordered their wii u (I got the deluxe set), I am quite curious as to how many are going to be available to the general public in stores. I really hope they have enough supply to satisfy everyone who did not decide to pre-order and wanted to grab there’s on release day unlike the wii which didn’t have enough in stores to meet the massive demand. I do agree with the analyst in some respects, and disagree with others. I don’t think Nintendo will undersupply stores and I don’t think the price point is too high. I think it will be another success for Nintendo and will make the analysts eat their words.

  • SteampunkJedi

    While I don’t know much about business, I’m pretty sure the Wii U is in demand. They don’t fake sold out preorders. Perhaps Nintendo did limit Wii U units for preordering to exaggerate the demand though, I don’t know. All I know is I desperately want one.

  • got my pre order

    I own a ps3, a racing sim chair setup and a 3d setup, I’m buying the wii u because its going to be the best system out right now, I’m sick of my ps3 not having enough horsepower under the hood, project cars is going to be sic, f1 should be available too, I’m hoping the thing supports my racing rig and its g27 wheel set.

    I had a gaming computer but got tired of constant upgrades, I don’t have an xbox360 and don’t care because it don’t support my setup and I refuse to pay for online gaming when i have to pay for internet.

    the wii u has the potential and the right timing to take in us hard core gamers and give us the new system of today and tomorrow and give me the 2_3 years to decide what console I buy next, I’ve always been a sony guy and I won’t support systems that charge me to play online.


  • Carlos Hugo

    So… if Nintendo Wii U is selling well, it’s a trap put by Nintendo to make people to believe that the Wii U is selling well?

    • darthreven

      Thumbed you down because you are wrong again….thanks

  • Lexseven

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the internet had no Trolls.

    Imagine a world where all Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft fans got along! 😀

    But apparently that’s not gonna happen any time soon.

    • darkfox

      they should make a smash bros type game and have all three consoles go at it… but I guess that would be unfair for MS since all they have is that guy from Halo. Then we can all release our rage by beating the crap out of the other companies mascots! It will never happen but I like that idea. I think I saw an E3 add back in 2005 or 6 that was kina like this idea.


    Hi To all my friends I just wanted to say



    I’M OUT

    • 0soul

      Holy shit you comments make the other fags look intelligent. No need to cap rage either. Watdafuq is wigga anyways lol.

    • TheWholeTruth


  • WaveRacer

    Honestly the Wii U hasn’t created enough buzz. The media barely knows about it, there aren’t even commercials for it and it’s launching in 2 months. The iPhone 5 created more buzz that the Wii U and it’s sad.

    Despite pre orders selling out across NA, who do you think is really buying the console? Somebody who actually knows what it is! The fact that almost nobody knows what it is or what it does is sad.

    Nintendo needs to get their shit together

    /rant. Go ahead and thumb me down but it’s just the truth.

    • darkfox

      its sold out I think the buzz is there the internet is where most get their info NOT TV. Last console cycle tv but people spend all their time on facebook and the internet then they do tv, heck I watch TV off the internet its cheaper! My point being ITS SOLD OUT

  • MujuraNoKamen

    I hope Nintendo aren’t limiting the supply of Wii Us so as they can give us the false impression that it is selling out in massive numbers. They better produce enough to satisfy demand otherwise there’s the risk of people giving up and buying other things instead. But on the other hand, they do have to limit the production of Wii U (to a point) otherwise they’ll overproduce it and they’ll make a loss as well as giving us the impression that no one wants a Wii U. I also think the analysts are being a little unfair saying that it’s unimpressive that they’ve sold out. We simply wont know how impressive the sales are until they confirm how many have actually been pre-ordered.

    • Nko Sekirei

      they ll probably bring more out at the release date or for black friday

  • The-fuzz-buzz

    @Sony/@Microsoft fans……..

    Jealous much???? :}D>

    • TheWholeTruth

      No, I’m glad Nintendo is generating this amount of buzz.

      I’ve always love Nintendo since I was a Kid when the first NES came out, and SNES and N64.

      For some reason, I changed to the PS2 and loved it so far.

      Now, I’ll be getting a Wii U to place alongside my PS3.

  • Pikmaster

    You have a PS3?
    Kidding. But these idiots are just…well…

  • Paul

    ill be cancelling my hmv wii u pre order as the system is lacking in other features

    not forgetting hmv and other store outlets dont no what acceseries, games are coming and for games like blackops 2 its going to cost £86

  • millz

    what features is it lacking?

    full 1080p hd graphics @ 60fps. yes

    fully intergrated online capabilities. yes

    achievement system (for those who care) yes.

    different control inputs, gamepad, gamepad pro, Wii motion plus, classic control pad.

    oh and I can play black ops 2 while my mrs plays uncharted on ps3 at same time without buying a nee tv. awesome job Nintendo.

    got black Wii u with zombiu preorderd come on November 30th.