Dec 8th, 2016

Super Mario Run officially launches next week on iPhones and iPads, and some analysts are very optimistic. The guys over at Sensor Tower project that that the game will generate $71 million in revenue during its first month.

Of that, Apple will take 30% as usual, leaving Nintendo will around $50 million in revenue for the mobile game. That’s if things go according to Sensor Tower’s estimates.

The numbers do seem a bit optimistic. We’re sure that a Super Mario game will be popular on mobile, but a $10 price of entry might be too steep for the average mobile gamer, who is used to getting games for free (with micro-transactions) or for a few dollars at the most.

Even the highest grossing paid games on iOS generally don’t go above $5, and the highest grossing games in general tend to be free to play, supported with micro-transactions (such as Pokemon Go).

It’ll be interesting to see how Super Mario Run does on mobile and if a popular brand like Mario will convince gamers to fork up 10 bucks.

Do you think the game is overpriced at $10? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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