Apr 15th, 2013

Wii U Premium

Wedbush Morgan and EEDAR have released their projected sales for console hardware for this month ahead of NPD reportings and it shows the Wii U holding strong at around 55k consoles sold this month. That beats out the Vita and the PS2, but still lags behind even the Wii. Remember these are just analysts predictions, as full numbers won’t be released until the end of the month. It’s also worth nothing that no console saw a positive tick in sales compared month-to-month, meaning the whole industry is in a decline for this month. Full sales predictions are below:

  • 360 – 290,000 (-22%) / 330,000 (-11%)
  • PS3 – 260,000 (-22) / 270,000 (-19%)
  • 3DS – 190,000 (-16%) / 190,000 (-16%)
  • DS – 85,000 (-20%) / 100,000 (-5%)
  • Wii – 85,000 (-51%) / 80,000 (-54%)
  • Wii U – 55,000 (n/a) / 65,000 (n/a)
  • Vita – 42,500 (-80%) / 45,000 (n/a)
  • PSP – 10,000 (-67%) / n/a (n/a)
  • PS2 – 100 (-99%) / n/a (n/a)
  • Total – 1,017,600 (-30%) / 1,080,000 (-26%)

Pachter said about the numbers:

“Last month… the only key hardware device to underperform our expectations was the Wii U, and its fortunes appear unlikely to improve for several months, even if Nintendo decides to drop price, as there are an insufficient number of core titles that are generating interest in the console.

“We think that core gamers are far more likely to turn their attention to the PS4 (due in the holiday season) and the next Xbox, which we believe will be unveiled before E3 and have a launch alongside that of the PS4, and believe that the long-term appeal of the Wii U will be severely limited by the perception that the PS4 and next Xbox will be much more powerful with greater online integration and multimedia functionality. Should the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft be price competitive, we think that Wii U sales may continue to stagnate.”

Pachter doesn’t mention the Nintendo E3 line-up which includes heavy hitting titles like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros, as well as other surprises. We expect the Wii U will probably do better than Pachter is letting on, but Nintendo does have an uphill battle on their hands.

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  • ChiwawaBoi

    screw him. I dont want to hear anything else about him, unless he’s being fired.

    • ejownz6

      Guy said he doesn’t understand Final Fantasy and has no interest in playing any of them.

      He only likes ‘hardcore’ FPS type games.

      • Kirzan

        Yet he only plays casual family games. He has said it countless times in the past (when I watched GT… dear god…). He only tries to come out as a fan of the hardcore FPS genre to appeal to the mass. He knows MMO gamers barely give a shit about consoles, even less about their success. “Hardcore FPS” gamers, however, tend to jump to conclusions and tend to have the ” ‘merica, fuck yeah!” attitude.

        It’s all about appealing to the stupidest mass. Now, I know a lot more awesome, smart hardcore FPS players. But jump on the console version of Call of Duty or Battlefield and turn up voice chat. 1 game’s enough to prove my point.

        • david jarman

          He IS, and will only BE a mainstream gamer. He only plays the popular games.

          • I think he is just a follower and focuses on the popular games because he has no vision about gaming at all and should not be analyzing the market at all.

      • ChiwawaBoi

        yeah. typical ‘hardcore gamer.’
        what a load of bull.

      • Lophs

        No he doesn’t. He stated in the past example of the draw of hardcore market, of himself postponing sleep to play Civilization 3. Now that’s a hardcore game, steep learning curve, tons of hours, requiring its own GUI.

  • Obviously Wii U isn’t selling very good right now. But trust me,Link and Luigi are coming to save the day!!

    • dylanbob121

      too bad you didnt mention yoshi…but,ya know’

      • zerooooo

        I dont think there will be any hype for yarn yoshi, do you agree. Certainly not making an impact like the next zelda and ssb will make.

        • I’m hyped

          • Squid


        • ejownz6

          I want to play the Yoshi game, but I think they should release games like that at a slightly discounted rate. Maybe 35-40 instead of 55-60 price range.

          Those games have to have a lower budget, which is fine, but charge less for it if that’s the case.

          Otherwise I’ll wait and buy it once the price drops.

          • Revolution5268

            I agree and disagree with your comment, first nintendo games are never Low budget games, If they were then the games would never be good games to begin with. Sec, I hate paying $60 for a “HD” game. I though this BS would stop but i was wrong, heck who buys a 16 bit game at $60 at this time?


        He should change ‘Link and Luigi’ to [insert Nintendo franchise here] It’s all good 🙂

    • NatT96™

      This can not work all the time. They will save it short term.Im just scared that if thats what they will throw at there fans and regular consumers, the console will not gain 3rd party support. I will scoop these games up, I am sadly wanting more to be represented at E3 this year, I love these games, but this is why articles like this even appear. I am even buying these games, but at the same time I might feel ashamed if this is all Nintendo can bring to the plate.

      Just my opinion.

  • Do you all have nothing better to post than crap ‘news’ like this?

    • You’ll be thumbed down by a swarm of butthurt peeps,for typing that.

    • zerooooo

      I actually agree with you, wiiU daily news has been pretty shitty for awhile. Mentioning late news and unimportant stuff.

    • JB

      I’m totally not trolling, because I love Nintendo and my Wii U, but It wouldn’t be much of a news site if all they posted was whatever good news that they could find and none of the bad stuff (regardless of how we all feel about Patcher and the ton of negative news out there). It was a report on how the Wii U is selling. Ashley did sprinkle in the fact that Patcher neglected to mention E3 and the upcoming games that will for sure move more systems, so it was a good news/bad news sort of article.

    • sdmac200600

      Everything on this site doesn’t have to be good news. If it’s pertaining to the Wii U, expect it to be put on here -_-

  • Billy_Perry

    I hate to say it, but I sort of agree with his last point about the Wii U in comparison to its competition. The Wii U will be a Gamecube generation, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it won’t kill off Nintendo as a company, I just hope they learn from this and improve for their next console.

    • Only a few are true gamers

      I disagree with that..It sounds as if you want wii u to fail or am i wrong…Just saying

      • Billy_Perry

        I don’t want it to fail, I just feel that it will. I love Nintendo, I tend to have a Nintendo console combined with a gaming PC as my set up. But when you look at the facts, it does appear as if it will not do very well at all.

        • Only a few are true gamers

          I don’t see that happening once ps4 and 720 comes out 349 dollars will look like a good deal than the 600 dollars that they will charge for the other 2

          • uPadWatcher

            Actually, the X720 comes out $399.99 while the PS4 comes out $599.99.

          • Actually neither Sony nor Microsoft have announced a price. Nice try

          • Only a few are true gamers

            You have to remember trolls like Upadtroll are talking out of there butt

          • Only a few are true gamers

            And i care why? Most people will still by a Wii U compared to that price but keep trying man your trolling skills are just not that good sorry

        • bizzy gie

          Clearly you don’t understand the facts. In 4 months, the Wii U managed to move 2.6 million consoles. When the PS3 first launched, it moved 2.4 million consoles in 4 months. When the Xbox 360 launched, it moved 2 million in 4 months. Now lets look look at the some more facts. The Wii U has NO adverstisement, launch games that you can get on any other console, most people don’t know it exists let alone fully understand what it is, most people don’t have as much disposable income as they did in 2005-2006, and consoles have smartphones and tablets to compete with now. The Wii U outsold the PS3 and Xbox 360 in their launch windows with much worse conditions and look how much the PS360 sold now. The Wii U will NOT fail.

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    Pachter is such a bipolar idiot! First he says the Wii U will sell very good, it starts lagging, then he says Wii U will fail, last week he said that games will help the Wii U and if Nintendo cuts the price, it could sell modestly good and now he says that a price cut won’t help???!!!! This guy knows no more than you and I do about the Wii U (or any console’s) future……..

    • dylanbob121

      bipolar… that’s new…lol but really he has no clue on what nintendo has in store.

  • Saleh Sbeiti

    nintendo should take all the DS incarnations and Wii off store shelves. So people that dont know what the Wii U is and want one wont get the Wii instead. And the DS seriously needs to leave now. The 3DS will benefit greatly from that.

  • NintendoNoob


  • JB

    Middle of the pack isn’t bad for a system that cost more than the top selling systems and doesn’t exactly have very many AAA titles. I think Nintendo’s fortunes will change once more of the must have titles start rolling out. Paticularly from the 1st and 2nd party camps! Even if the Wii U flops (which I don’t believe for one second) Nintendo will keep rolling on… I mean they have control of three of the top 5 spots for crying out loud.

    On a side note: PS2’s are still selling?? Lol

    • Lord Carlisle

      Err… what’s a second party game?

      • JB

        A game like Bayonetta 2 or the Wonderful 101. Games that are developed by independently owned studios via development contracts from the platform holder.

        Or a company that’s a leg of the main company that develops titles exclusively for the platform. Like what Retro Studios is for Nintendo now and what Rare was for Nintendo back in the N64 days.

        • Lord Carlisle

          Thanks. I fully understand the concepts of first and third party games, but I’ve never actually heard of second party.

          • Revolution5268

            Pokemon is a perfect example of second party. Kirby and the golden sun games as well.

        • Ace J

          thank you for explaining what 2nd party is. i always wondered what it was and i kinda had an idea but you pretty much cleared it up for me

  • BieberBlows

    If Nintendo is smart they will drop the Wii U’s price by at least $50, release a bunch of games, and step up the marketing when the PS4 and Nextbox launch. If Nintendo does this they will crush Sony and Microsoft.

    • ThunderGod_Cid

      It really doesn’t make any sense to do a price drop, the temporary retail price drops in Europe (and parts of Japan) didn’t give the system a sales boost. The release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate(EU), Dragon Quest X(JP) and Game & Wario(JP) did.

      The way I see it, the WiiU is priced just fine, it IS a next gen console. It doesn’t make any sense to a price new next-gen console to compete with two last-gen consoles.

      If the rumored price points for the PS4($420-$520) and the XBox720 ($500 and/or $300+contract) is true, it makes even less sense to drop the price any lower than what it is now, because that’s their true competition.

      And based off Nintendo’s January Nintendo Direct video, they DO have alot of AAA 1st & 2nd party games lined up. It’s just that outside of Wind Waker HD, we don’t know when the hell those games are coming out. But that’s why we’re waiting so patiently for E3 and the inevitable Nintendo press conference that follows a month later.

      • disqus_sgtob6da3X

        I think Nintendo has more games coming. Remember when the hack miiverse incident came. A lot of those games that were listed Nintendo has announced.
        New Mario Wii U, Mario Kart, Yoshi, etc
        And then we have the first miiverse picture that was post and by looking at it, it seems a lot of those game have be confirmed. But we haven’t heard of Donkey Kong and Mertiod. And you know Nintendo they’re always full of surprises. I won’t count the wii U out yet. And if a price cut was made to 250 then it will just be the same price as the Wii when it has improved.



        • ThunderGod_Cid

          Yeah, but the BIG difference between the Wii’s $250 price point and the WiiU’s $300-$350 price point is the manufacturing cost.

          They’re already losing money on the WiiU at the $300-$350 price point because it costs more to manufacture each unit than what they’re selling it for, not to mention the cost of the R&D. The only time they make a profit is when a WiiU game is sold.

          The Wii’s $250 price tag covered it’s manufacturing costs + it’s R&D and then some. And unlike the WiiU, Nintendo made a solid profit on every Wii unit sold.

          So like I said: it makes no sense to sell a Next-Gen console lower than a Last-Gen console. That would be like selling the PS3 for $50 just because the PS2 is a $100.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Why does this website even talk about him..To me it sounds like they agree with him in seeing the wii u fail…Shame on you WiiUdaily

    • Silent

      At least Ashley is Talking about it this time. I think J. Kinsley is extremely bad at delivering bad news.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Everyone lets pray for the familys that were hurt in boston today one 8 year old died in the bombing

  • “analyst”


    Unfortunately Pachter is right. Until Ninty get a solid line of new games out, I can’t blame most gamers from holding off a Wii U purchase. As much as I love MH3U, I really could do with another great new game.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Still waiting on Pikmin 3. I’m starting to think that when it finally comes out, it will feel outdated compared to other 2013 titles.


        Not many games are like Pikmin. I doubt their will be anything out this year that can be compared to it.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          True, there aren’t many console games of the strategy genre, and fewer games that are similar to Pikmin. But what I mostly meant was that by the time it comes out this summer (or later) it may already feel like a year old game. Not sure if that makes sense the way I said that…


            I do get what you mean, just have to wait to see what it has to offer.

    • lonewolf88

      injustice out today there another game you can but if you want theres also lego city which everyone says is really good ill probably get nfs tho before i get it..

    • You’re_An_Idiot

      Stop calling it Ninty, dumbass fucktard.


        You’re_An_Idiot by name and an idoit by nature.

        Ninty, Ninty, Ninty, Ninty, Ninty, Ninty, Ninty, Ninty you slant headed c**t!

  • Krzysztof Bobkowski

    Rubbish. I bet that at the end of 2013 Wii U will be the best selling console on the market. Think about it. Most of the big Nintendo titles will be already released. With all promised AAA titles you could play all your favourite games + all Nintendo’s exclusives for practically half price.

  • Pikachief

    This guy gets paid for this? I’ll do him one better: The Wii U will have a weaker month! You know, probably because there are even less games being released for Wii U this month than last month! (at least big name titles).

    Just kidding, idk how Patcher knows these things. He’s obviously a wizard.

  • david jarman

    He’s hot then he’s cold, he’s yes then he’s no.

  • The Wii U is not selling because people want tech. And it is boring to know that Nintendo makes low tech on purpose to make things cheap. I think we all wish they could be powerful and a contender, competing in modern market as they once did in the past. NOW YOUR NOT PLAYING WITH POWER. No one wants this cheap shit. The gimics gone. And their hold over people is weakening.

    • Cerus98

      The Wii says hi. PS3 and 360 were NO competition.

      Outta your ass assumptions like “people want tech” don’t give you any credibility.

  • bizzy gie

    This is so incredibly off topic, but I’ve searching for hours with no luck. Believe me. If I had ANY other option, I would choose that. This a LAST resort. There’s this song I heard playing in a McDonald’s earlier today. It’s this semi fast tempo that’s played on a piano that sort of goes like dun nun nun dun nun nun dun nun nun dun nun nun dun nun dun nun dun nun nun then drops an octive and repeats.

    There are lyrics, but they’re faint and it’s hard to make sense of the words. Does anyone have any clue as to what I’m talking about? I’d extremely appreciate the help. I have to find this song.

    • Bat outta Hell?

    • Is it only a piano playing? Are there guitars, etc… Is it a newish song? (You should be able to tell if it’s a new or old song.)

      • bizzy gie

        I don’t know the age. It’s from this century. I don’t know if it has guitar or not. It gets played in movies a lot and on the radio. Let me try another confusing set of onomonopias. dee doo doo dee doo doo dee doo doo dee doo doo Dee Doo Dee Doo (drops an octive) dee doo doo dee doo doo…

    • NyallJodhan

      I share your pain, one song had me like that for years. My advice: get back to that McDonald’s and find out their source of music.
      goddamnit, I just realised I still haven’t tracked down my song!

  • Ducked

    In the US, we have a thing called Black Friday. The Wii U will have a nice bundle, and PS4 and Nextbox will have no bundle at full price. I bet you Wii U will out sell both. Its not the games, its ADVERTISING.

  • Kyle Zawacki

    Haha, good. Let it die.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Please pray for those that were hurt in boston today

  • Lophs

    Those exclusives Nintendo titles can’t come fast enough. I understand that the US is most important console market financially and by influence, having the most customers and developers per capita no contest, but I would also like the European and Japanese figures.

  • howling_wolf1334:[

    This guy is nuts…

  • Holyfire

    We all know, Patcher knows nothing. Forget about him. WiiU sales will pick up with the 1st party titles if nothing else. PS4/720 will not be competitively priced, period. The sheer procesding tech and other features…. WiiU will be in far better swing come 2013 holidays

  • NatT96™

    This can not work all the time. 1st party games will save it short term. Im just scared that if thats what they will throw at there fans and regular consumers, the console will not gain 3rd party support. I will scoop these games up, I am sadly wanting more to be represented at E3 this year, I love these games, but this is why articles like this even appear. I am even buying these games, but at the same time I might feel ashamed if this is all Nintendo can bring to the plate.

    Just my opinion.

  • John Madsen

    i dont want to here anything about him unless he is being fired into the sun on a rocket that says i suck on the side

  • More nintendo is doomed post lol ill bet money if the ps4 and xbox 720 have terrible 1st 6 months you still won’t see these types of post about them. I’m not going to say consoles aren’t selling but new consoles always start off slow especially those more aimed at the hardcore audiences. The wii kicked off great cause it was new and unique, tablets are all been done before so its a slower build up to get people to catch on. E3, wiiu fit and word of mouth willbring it up to higher sales. The soccer moms and hardcore will all be happy soon

    • Evang3los

      I agree completely. People need to understand that ps4 and xbox are not going to sell well. The reason I say that is that ps3 and 360 still have a long life ahead of them, and why would I buy a new system just for graphics when the same game is released for my 360 or ps3 with dumbed down graphics, but same gameplay. Also, the graphics are going to disappoint people who have this imagination that it’s going to be a huge leap.look at high end pc’s right now and you’ll see what’s to come

      • We will see that certain things look better but the difference isn’t huge like it was from ps2 to ps3. I’ve pretty much given up on the next gen besides the wiiu and pc

  • DragonSilths

    And here I sit with my poor broken Wii U…Blue Light Of Death…Costing me $194.25 to get it fixed from Nintendo…Sigh…

    • NyallJodhan

      ummm…I thought they come with a warranty? Why would you have to pay to get your Wii U fixed?

      • Petri

        Maybe bricked it by shutting down while updating?
        Does warranty cover those?

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Once again I will ask where is Nintendo’s advertising? Lego City, Monster Hunter and NFS are out. Deus Ex, Pikmin 3, Resident Evil and more are out soon. Those who whined about the “lack” of good games before can’t now and the system updates are coming very shortly. People say they’re holding off adverts until the system is “complete” and people can buy it with no issues well that time is now, games are out and the OS is going to be fixed soon. The more time Nintendo sit on it the more people lose faith in Wii U, the lower it’s sales are going to be, the more ground they’re losing to the upcoming consoles. whereas if they advertise now, more people will know about the console, the more will buy it and they’ll take attention (and customers’ money) away from PS4/NextBox.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Can I also ask what Wii U sales were in March? Normally at the end of the month we’re bombarded with articles saying “it only sold 50k units, here’s the total figures for all consoles” around mid-march articles were saying Wii U sales were up 300% in some areas after the launch of Monster Hunter and according to some stores top 10s Lego City smashed MHU’s sales but the total figures were never disclosed. So I’m guessing Wii U had a very strong month yet it would seems nay-sayers are burying good Wii U statistics and churning out negative articles for attention instead.
      Where’s the damn figures and why has no one posted them here?

      • sonicfan1373

        NPD has not released them yet. Numbers for March usually take longer to compile because it is the end-fiscal-year numbers and most NDP analysts use that as an opportunity to analyze market data for the entire fiscal year. Also the NPD results pertain to the US and while according to retailers the US sales did jump significantly they did not rise 300% (I believe that jump happened in the UK thanks to Monster Hunter 3).

        • MujuraNoKamen

          I think it was France where they jumped 300%, here in the UK it was 125% when MHU launched.
          Thanks for the info, it’s weird that you’ve said this I’ve been asking this question for a while now and this morning a friend said Wii U had a bad March and I was like how? Lego and MH did amazing no way was it still doing 50k units. Now I can tell him that was fanboy BS or poor speculation as the real statistics haven’t broken yet. Thanks again.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Wii U is starting to make me feel like i wasted my money

  • Analyze this: Wii U has sold more in first 4 months than the last gen did. A SLOW START is only normal when the rig is still fresh and people are catching up later. Seen that before. What’s the big fuzz?!

    • PS. Compare the sales of 3DS in the beginning and now. As a manufacturer Nintendo still sells alltogether more than the rest = NO PROBLEM.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    the problem is the wii u being over looked because people are being told they are buying a 250 dollar controller for their wii and nintendo isn’t doing anything to correct the situation. heck just putting a 2 instead of the stupid U would have changed everything.

  • sonicfan1373

    I honestly do not see Mr. Patcher as a credible analyst. I remember when he said that the 3DS would be wiped off the maps due to Vita and that no price cut will help (just do a google search and you will find that article) and he made countless other wrong predictions; the ones that were correct were either obvious or just wild guesses (like his Guitar Hero prediction which he made a while back).

    The above numbers do not really make any sense. The NPD data from February indicated that the Wii U sold 66 million. In March, Nintendo released a few important titles that made it to the top ten charts and retailers in the US and Europe reported that there was a sales jump in the number of Wii U units sold. So I do not understand how March’s sales numbers in US would be smaller than February’s sales numbers when more games have been released and retailers have stated that sales have jumped. Also, why are the sales of the Wii U more disappointing to him than Vita sales (he says the Wii U is the only key piece of hardware to underperfrom, yet Vita sales are lower; also he is making the same mistake he made with the Vita and 3DS by saying that the PS4 and Next-gen Xbox will outsell Wii U because of power).

    I know that Mr. Patcher is an analyst and he “supposedly” analyzes data objectively but I honestly do not see any sense behind his predictions nor his statement to explain the predicted numbers. Also, his recent statement of not understanding the Japanese game market and his reluctance to take any interest in that market does not support his argument that he is a logical, competent, and objective analyst.

  • Sabrina Müller

    wii better than wii u

    3ds worse than xbox360, ps3
    thats absolute bullshit

  • Seth S. Scott

    Sales Predictions?? For March?? …those sales have already happened.

  • TheFinger

    Assasin’s Creed 3
    Mass Effect 3
    Batman Arkham City
    Call of Duty: Black ops 2
    Injustice: Gods Among Us
    Resident Evil: Revelations
    Darksiders II
    Rayman Legends

  • DemonRoach

    Where is my Crap U OS Update.

  • Jeovany

    I hate to admit but he’s right. Nintendo had a year to get attention for the wii u and they blew it. Yes they are announcing game at E3 but that mean were not getting games for the wii u until Christmas or next year. By then everyone will buy Sony or Microsoft next gen consoles. Think about it. I don’t care what games are on the wii u I’m going to buy the console that most of my friends buy.Thats going to be the PS4

  • Adanze Nnyagu

    Ugh some ppl are so stupid I go to school one day and I hear this guy say the Wii U sucks his explanation? Well because it just plays wii games on the Wii U and I’m like dang what a idiot

  • adamm

    Considering the far higher price of the Wii U, the lack of a market for secondhand Wii U games, and the amount of accessories Wii U owners often get, those numbers aren’t bad at all compared to the other consoles; Nintendo probably makes off with a bit more cash after selling 90,000 units than Microsoft makes off selling 300,000 units.