Apr 11th, 2012 publishUpdated   Apr 12th, 2012, 8:28 pm

nintendo wii uAccording to analysts from Japanese Macquarie Capital Securities, investors should avoid buying into into Nintendo stock until after E3 2012. According to the Macquarie, the uncertainty around the Wii U and Nintendo as a company contribute to a unfavorable investment option. The analysts appear to be worried that the Wii U might not be a huge success, and they list the following reasons of concern for the Wii U:

  1. The Wii U hardware doesn’t appear to be much more powerful than current generation systems, which means it has “no edge in attracting current core users”.
  2. Competition from Apple and its iPad might undermine the Wii U and its tablet controller.
  3. The Wii U will have only a 1 year advantage over the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720, which are rumored to launch i 2013.
  4. Activision has no plans of supporting the Wii U with a release of Call of Duty on the platform (according to the analyst).

Nintendo’s share price has fallen drastically over the past few years, with the Wii selling less and less units and becoming more and more obsolete. Clearly much is at stake for Nintendo with the Wii U, but it’s hard to judge a new console at this stage. We haven’t seen any games running on the new system besides some trailers and a few Nintendo first party titles.

It appears that E3 2012 is becoming the most important event for Nintendo in recent years, where stakes will be high and where many will be paying attention to Nintendo to see what else the Wii U has to offer.

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  • mkdhdh

    well this sucks… but i dont think it’s going to fail i am still optimistic

  • alienfish

    More gloom and doom predictions from analysts for Nintendo. As long as the console launches with a good game that people want, it will sell well. Just as with the 3DS, WiiU will provide a dedicated video game experience. The amount of people interested in a dedicated video game experience is astounding and is enough of a reason to have faith in Nintendo’s next console as long as the price is right and the games are there.

    • mkdhdh

      and those games are there. GHOST RECON ONLINE. lego city stories (for the kids (and me cough cough) darksiders 2 ninja gaiden 3 and assassins creed 3. the list goes on:p need i say more?

  • Maybe I’m weird, but no CoD sounds great. In fact, no Activision sounds great. I don’t play any games they publish anyway.

    • mkdhdh

      lol youre right actualy. sure my friend is going to be bummed out when i trick him into buying a wiiU then to find out that cod isnt coming. but he will finaly play something else! like ghost recon batman arkam city dirt and other shooters and games because he’s addicted just like me and hell i dont even like cod anymore but still i play it 🙂 i need another shooter :p

    • dudes0998

      wat about guitar hero

      • Well Activision has cancelled that series, and there’s still Rock Band which isn’t an Activision game.

  • dudes0998

    i don’t like cod that much either after waw passed it just got boring, still was hoping that it would come on and gives us the zombie maps they left out in black ops. that’s the only reason I like cod for the zombie mode!!

    • mkdhdh

      i liked blops to but waw was an awesome game. but the only thing stupid is that on blops the best maps of the game were dlc just like now with mw3 i’m so bored with it because the maps suck and the good maps are probably still coming now so i hate it ;p

      • alienfish

        I’m with you on that one. Activision is putting even more greed on top of their greed and making all the good stuff paid DLC. But as the tenth rule of acquisition clearly states: greed is eternal.

        • mkdhdh

          activision has been greedy ever since tony hawk’s pro skater was a succes even now they are re-releasing a HD version of it just to make some more money by spending so little money because its the same game

          and guitar hero is just the same just keep releasing games to make money

          it really sucks that call of duty is published by activision it would have been better if it were someone else (i hope)

  • Yoshiwhirlwind

    Smart investors would be buying into Nintendo right now. Nintendo knows what they are doing.

  • Mecha Streisand

    I think this list from these analysts is hilarious, mostly due to the fact they specifically say Activision not bringing COD to the platform is like some sort of detriment.

    Mario Kart Wii = 31 million units sold

    New SMB = 25 million units sold

    Super Mario Galaxy = 10 million units sold

    And that’s just a few titles, the top ten games for the Wii totals out to about 200 million units sold, and six of those titles are made by Nintendo. Just based on their own games, Nintendo could succeed with the Wii U.

    Super Mario Bros 3, for the NES, sold 18 million copies. Nintendo’s been doing this a long time, so they and the Wii U should be just fine.

    • mkdhdh

      i agree. i mean most people ‘ll buy wiiU for those exclusives like mariokart supersmashbrothers zelda and pikmin because you cant get them anywhere else. the only thing the wiiU needs is some 3rd party exclusives like a assassins creed only for wiiU or something like that then the fans of those series will probably buy one to but nintendo does fine on there own even without 3rd party exclusives

      • alienfish

        What’s funny about that is that they tried letting 3rd parties take care of the 3DS right away, but then it started failing so then came Super Mario to save the day!

        • mkdhdh

          hahaha that’s right yeah the 3DS only started sellin when mariokart 7 and marioland came out. i mean there are a couple of good 3rd party games for wiiU like the submarine game i dont know what its called i played it once and it was pretty fun ;p but nintendo needs 1st party exclusives to sell the system and 3rd party to keep it alive. but 1 thing 3DS and wiiU sales are going to go up if they release something like pokemon battle revolution. i bought that game (not knowing you needed pokemon diamond or pearl for real good pokemon) and i had fun with it (because i loved pokemon stadium) but then i realized that i needed a DS :p and if they release a game like that it’s going to sell because i bought a DSI a few months later ;p thats just logic and wow i was on a rant :p

  • random WII U LOVER

    it sold when mario kart and mario 3d land because well IT WAS THE FRICKEN HOLIDAYS I SOLD MY 3DS AND CONTINUED THE RIP OFF SYCLE i didnt like the 3ds but i a huge nintendo fan so doent dis me off

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